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  1. If it hasnt been patched by tonight, I may actually risk it and pop onto our Valguero server to see this for myself.
  2. Am just spitballing here but I thought maybe it would be down to requiring less effort to programme the event into multiple maps ? As disappointing as it is, I would assume it could be a compromise to get the event onto all of the maps ? Better this way than limiting it to just The island and Scorched say ? Still gutted that the dodorex/wyvern are only spawnable on the Island/Scorched.
  3. I'll have a word with the server admin...
  4. Ah cool. Sorry am just pre-coffee atm, just wanted to make sure. I was thinking gigas too. Just for the giggles I would love to see overspawning of thylas (theoretically speaking of course) and then fly through the redwoods. Would be chaos.
  5. I never said they were good just could have been worse. Of course over spawns are bad, I can only imagine what that does to server stability and performance.
  6. Yep. Look on the brightside. Could have been worse, could have been microraptors over spawning.
  7. Kill one raptor, two more take their place. Hail hyraptor !
  8. I should have done more testing before logging off but hey ho. Would my observations of the event being active with all the goodies on all maps but with the dodorex only spawning on The Island and the Dodowyvern only on Scorched, be right ?
  9. Am pretty sure I had spooky piles spawning on the Center during my testing.
  10. Yeah I saw that too and am confused too. I tested on Ragnarok and I could not get either the dodorex or dodowyvern to spawn at midnight. Ran a few cycles too. This is on single player mind you so it could be different on various servers
  11. If this is indeed the case (which it appears to be from my single player tests), its a bit disappointing that they only spawn on those two maps.
  12. In someways I like the fact that there isnt much detail. Keeps the suspense and surprise up ! But it would be nice to have know if this event is for all maps (it hasnt been in the past) and which maps the dodorex or wyverns spawn on etc
  13. So much time wasted trying to work out if the chat broke or the xbox filter struck again.
  14. Could be the xbox filter. Its amazing just what that filter picks up and doesnt allow. I cant even abbreviate words like 'minute' or 'shinehorn'.
  15. But if the dodowyvern is a summonable temporary tame, it might not come with the zombie wyverns...
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