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  1. Apparently itll release on console sometime in July. https://invisioncommunity.co.uk/ark-survival-evolved-valguero-map-expansion-info-and-new-trailer/
  2. Cant wait. Looking forward to exploring a new map.
  3. Ah well since you showed me yours, I'll show you mines. A clip I took from the last time our Ab server was on rotation, using the exact same setup as I am using now. Hope it works. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/angrysaltire/video/75982497
  4. Huh. How do you share a clip like that ? I am not too fussed about killing high levels, drakes seems to respawn fast enough and the eggs spawn so frequently too.
  5. Multiple reasons really. It would take an insane amount of time to wait down there with cryo sickness to deploy all 18 dinos down there. TBF if I did that I could have glided down on my drake in about 30 seconds. I just didnt fancy going down there on my drake and uncryo everything down there. I mean I could have done it but I judged it was safer and less stressful this way. Also I like the walk down. I used to raid the nests solo just on a drake but that too was too dangerous too. Too easy to get caught by a pack of angry drakes or make a mistake and end up falling into the river. This way I can nick eggs in the trench on drake back and lead all aggroed drakes to my squad who shred any and all wild drakes. I can nick multiple eggs in a fraction of the time that it would take to use a drake to grab an egg and leave render distance.
  6. I take it this happened on the Extinction map and not one of the other maps ? Were you too high up or did you stray too far past the warning beacons round the edge of the Extinction map ? You should get a warning about your implant becoming unstable and it starts to killl you ?
  7. So when should they upload it ? Tbh I dont know much about SteamDB so it might not mean its nearly ready. But this suggests it is. Its probably coincidence it was uploaded around the time of E3. Am speaking theoretically here but maybe WC had no idea if what ever Digiorno is would be ready for E3 and decided not to go. I would imagine you need to book well in advance as a company to attend these things.
  8. Aberration Got on last night and continued with my preparations for entering the drake trench. I uncryoed all 17 of my megalosaurus's and leveled and saddled them. Did the same with my spino. Hoped onto my spino and had 12 megas on follow and recryoed 5 megas to reduce what I was dragging down, and started the descent through the blue, purple and then into the red zone. Its always a bit nerve wracking doing this, theres always a chance a megalo does something stupid and runs of a cliff. Kept the squad on passive at all times to reduce the likelihood of this happening, unless I was confident of where I was and I needed to deal with powerful aggressive dino. I ran into basilisks twice, but neither of them knew what hit them when I whistled neutral. Got to the end of the red zone without a hitch and started down the cavern to the trench entrance. Made it to the trenches and found my way down to my desired trench, the main one behind the elemental waterfall. Deployed my rock drake so I could start raiding the nests and so i had a way out of here. The spino was used for ease of access and to act as a passive anchor for the megalosaurus. Started raiding the nests while I waited for the cryosickness to wear off so I could deploy the final 5 megalosaurus. Annoyingly the megas do prefer their secondary attack but they eventually do switch to their primary attack and they are in such numbers that this doesnt really matter. It wasn't to bad a haul either as I wasnt really planning on grabbing too many eggs, 3 150, 2 160 and 1 170 eggs. Stayed down until I had to change out of my tek armour and into my hazard suit. Now I have the squad down in the trench, all I need to do when I want a few drake eggs is to grab a drake and glide all the way down from the fertile zone to the trench. I can now farm eggs without the fear of becoming swamped by angry drakes.
  9. Maybe E3 has a no pizza rule.
  10. Yeah I kinda forget that exists too, maybe I just associate it with being a PvP item. The ingredients list doesnt look to bad actually. Thanks for reminding me about that, might give that a try at somepoint. Yeah I dont fancy keeping up with repairing the goggles.
  11. Unfortunately the way the game is designed mean that lag is essentially unavoidable, especially when you couple that with subpar servers. It would take a redesign of the game to limit or eliminate the problems currently encountered. I have to say most of these ideas would take what is already an insanely grindy game and make it even worse. The only one I really agree with is lower the population cap of a tribe but I would couple that with a decrease in the mating interval to compete for breeding. As it stands IMHO, the best way to experience this game (in a way which limits lag etc), especially in PvE, is to play on a low population server with an active admin who can deal with any problems that may arise.
  12. This is my reason too. This goes for almost any game, survival or not. I just hate no being able to see what I am doing. For me its a love hate relationship with the dark. The dark provides that much needed fear element for a survival game. I mean would early game survival be the same if it was constantly day ? Aberration is great in the night time and on Scorched it provides a good time to be out and about as its much cooler. I just dont like not beeing able to see. For example when I am out hunting for high level creatures to tame such as boss theris or rexes I like perfect conditions so that I dont miss anything. At night time you basically have to trip over a dino to actually see it and if your scouting in the air your not going to see it. When its night I definitely strain my eyes trying to see and its definitely a more tiring task. I basically stop looking at night time and wait till the daytime, but then it gives you the opportunity to do other things while you wait for the day. Its just annoying when you have to spend hours searching and you have to give up because its night time. Also there is nothing worse than the dreaded combo of the Island at night during rain and fog. And if your underwater its even worse. Mind you saying that I am pretty sure our cluster has fog swithced off ? Been a while since I was on the Island. Saying all that I wouldnt change anything apart from maybe the rain effect on the Island. Oh definitely. In fact the night isnt a problem, its the glare for me. What I wouldnt give to have a bloom option for console.
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