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  1. Precisely. How many times have we seen this exact topic over the years ?
  2. 'Pillaring had killed official PvE' There fixed it for you, now discuss. Pillaring has certainly not killed Ark, theres more to Ark than the shenanigans that goes on on official servers.
  3. Yeah that was the way of the turkey trials i believe. It spawned in a random location during Fear Evolved and you had to find it and kill it before it despawned. Zombie dodos were untamable and were quite vicious I think, dont remeber much about those. The zombie wyverns however were tamable after defeating the dodowyvern. Basically you killed the dodowyvern and walked up to the zombiewyverns to tame them. Edit: Apparently the zombiedodos were tamable after all.
  4. Am hoping for pretty much what we got in the last event. I loved the music and the rest of the atmospherics. Loved the moon silhouetted with the dodorex head and the accompanying shooting stars. It would be nice to get the Autumnal colours on the trees too, dont think we got that in the last event. I wonder how they will distribute the dodorex/wyvern across the maps. Heck will all maps even get any of them. I guess Island, Aberration and the Center will get the Dodorex and Scorched the dodowyvern. But what about Val, Rag and Extinction ? Yeah I think @GPwas right, I had it in my head it was every 3 nights from midnight through to dawn. I really hope its like that again, I dont fancy the summoning method used in the Thanksgiving event.
  5. I very much doubt this would happen. So long as your base is properly fortified you should be fine. ORP is a thing now and dinos spawning in bases isnt really a problem like it was. Although the dodowyvern is another matter but that'll probably be restricted to Scorched Earth. Seemed to go down well last time. I mean people have been screaming for this events return for years now.
  6. Au contraire, the last Fear Evolved event was probably the most fun I have had playing Ark. Even with the possibility of being wiped by the dodorex if it spawned in your base (cause still in EA wo anything could happen...) while offline back in the days of no ORP on PvE. Two weeks of pure terror with that, God I loved it.
  7. All hail the Dodorex ! Long live the King ! I wonder how the Dodorex/wyvern will work this time round. Will it be like last time with each on a different map or if it will be utter chaos with both on each map. Couldnt imagine anything more worrying than the dodowyvern on the Island.
  8. Thats what I essentially did on my last attempt. I used a rex in the first section and swapped out to a thyla for the smaller tunnel area and then back to the rex again. I took my time and everything fishing out the purlovias where I could. I basically ran out off health on my rexes in the last chamber before the artifact before I had to beat a retreat, I was so close. I like the sound of using theris though for the tunnel part, never thought about that. I'll probably try that out with veggie cakes.
  9. Of course. I had my prized cyan/blue otter with me, so I grabbed 3 of each artifact. Could only be bothered waiting around for the 3rd of each artifact to respawn. I could but wheres the fun in that I decided that it would be fun to grab all of the artifacts on the Island rather than grabbing them elsewhere. I particularly want to conquer the hard snow cave for the Strong rather than skimping out and grabbing it of Ragnarok.
  10. Now that I have finished up breeding I have been running around the cave garbbing up the various artifects. I do have one or two artifacts left over so I decided that it would be a good idea to grab the whole set again. I hit up the central cave for the Artifact of the Clever as well as the Carno Island cave for the Artifact of the Devious last night, thankfully nothing bad happened, although I nearly had a heart attack when I spotted a megalania on the wall next to me. I spent tonight on three other caves with my Baryonyx. I started off on the lava cave, had to get that one out the way first I hate dealing with the lava. Got the Artifact of the Massive without much of an issue. Then swung round to the lower south cave, that cave is an absolute breeze, grabbed the Hunter with no issues. Finished off in the Upper south cave for the Pack. Think this is one of the first times I have done that cave without getting lost. I did have a heart attack when a sarco ambushed me out the water towards the artifact chamber, but apart from that I came out unscathed. All I need to get now are the Brute, Skylord and the Strong. I am not looking forward to the Strong, last attempt I made it to the room before the artifact before retreating. Heck even the Skylord I am not looking forward to that, sure its easy but I have a habit of pulling off bad jumps. I Already have the Immune and the Cunning, but I'll do them again for the fun.
  11. Finally! I think I am finished with the theri breeding, finally ! Must have spent a better part of a week battling against the RNG and hitting my head against a brick wall, but I got there. Must have hatched a few hundred eggs and even got a good number of mutations none of which I kept. Condensing the stats was easy but implementing my preference of colours added a few more generations of breeding. I'll let the final breeders grow up before taking my lightning wyvern to the countless theris I have accumulated over the breeding project(Theris, theris everywhere !), the wall of red text and the tribe log shall be glorious.
  12. Genesis Chronicle announcement indicates all story Maps apart from Extinction. Whether or not all of them have something this update is another question. "Leading up to the release of Genesis we will begin to include Genesis-related Explorer Notes on The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration."
  13. These are puns ? Huh missed something. With no context, its Arktually a hard thing to do.
  14. How is teleporting a wild reaper queen into your own base, ruining a spawn and against the rules ? This was my method for raising reaper kings, sure I was on an unofficial server so it doesnt really matter. I just dont want to see restrictions on this per se. I would float the idea of linking teleporting wild dinos in with the 'allow PvE wild dino carry option'.
  15. The Inquisition wishes to know your location, heretic.
  16. I think we could get a simple Haloween event with coloured dinos and some event items maybe but I doubt we will get a full blown Fear Evolved event. Isnt it obvious ? A corrupted dodorex
  17. At least we get to enjoy all the bugs as one big complete happy family then ?
  18. Never mind just ascending, single player is totally and utterly broken, and always has been. Its frustrating that a game that is supposedly a fully released game, is that broken in its single player mode.
  19. Made it on for a bit tonight, and was actually productive and got things done. I am still aiming for boss fighting. Finally got a few sets of gachas on the go. I had been held up by the fact I could not find the sap gacha as I needed it for veggie cake production, thought it might have gotten lost in transit, but I then remebered that ours died on Ragnarok a while back. Thankfully I traded for one from someone else on the server. Hatched up the next batch of boss Deinonychus, raised and imprinted 6 and kept two others aside to act as breeders for the Island. A few more batches and I will have a fully functioning (probably sacrificial) deino squad. And while those matured I continued with raising and imprinting on a giga for a bit. Finally a little bit more theri breeding to try and sort out the main breeders. I wasnt hatching for mutations but I ended up hatching quiet a few mutations, nothing useful but I kept a yellow back stripe mutation aside for variety.
  20. Why couldnt they have been better colours, they were all so drab!
  21. Its worth noting, that supposedly a drake can hatch with a 'colour mutation' and so there is a possibility of getting drakes with abnormal colours outwith colour events.
  22. With the upcoming release of Genesis and the Genesis Chronicles I really doubt we will get the Halloween event this year.... again.... Its such a shame, the events are always so much fun although they were better during EA. Would love to play again during a Fear Evolved event. Playing during a Fear Evolved events was definitely one of the best experiences I have had with this game. Loved going out and hunting down the dodorex, even if it instilled fear on to everyone that it might spawn into ones base when they were offline. Two weeks of pure terror !
  23. Theres one creature thats screams dont tame me at me. Troodon, but I have selected 2 more basically at random. 1. Troodon. Only time I nearly rage quit and lost my temper was taming those little devils. Never again, and certainly not worth the effort. 2. Equus. To be fair if you trap them it isnt too bad. But out in the open they range to far and wide and potentially into danger. Trying to even mount them and not getting a twitchy finger with the feeding prompts. 3.Rock Golem/Karkinos. Slapped both together as I hate the taming method. Was never good with that.
  24. Tbf my complant is more control based than anything else, it can be janky at times and hard to control depending on your orientation. But yeah I love the rock drake, animations included.
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