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  1. You are trying to make Veggie cakes for taiming righ ? It doesn't need a recipe. What is the sauce pan you speak off? And does it have access to water? Via tap or waterskin?
  2. No need to create a custom recipe for in game recipes. Just put the ingredients into the cooking pot and cook away. The veggie cakes will make up automatically.
  3. Whats in it for me to promote unofficial servers ? Absolutely nothing, I dont even need to be here. I just see people lamenting about the state of official servers, who are really trying to love the game but keep getting enfuriated with all the bugs and server problems, and I tell them there is another way if they want to do it. I just want to try and help others enjoy the game. I speak purely from experience having played official during EA and made the jump to Unofficial at full release. I play on an Unofficial cluster that is free to play on, run for the benefit of the community that play host to it. You can of course donate to the server costs but there is no requirement to do so. No server perks at all to be bought. Am not looking to get a free advert out for the server. I do not own it, run it or admin it. I am just a player. Just trying to help others.
  4. Sometimes its just better to cut your losses. Personally I would never step back onto official again. Why play a game that punishes you so much ? A giga is not worth a 2 week raise time to lose it due to a server crash etc. They should, but its been what 5 years and nothing much has changed. Despite the buggy mess it is it still appears to be very popular game though.
  5. A colour coded diagrame of the X yuty. Regions 1 through 5 are denoted by colour code, with region 0 shown as colour 6. From what I can tell region 1 isnt uses. Region 3 seems to be barely noticable but the feather tips on the arms.
  6. Moral of the story. Dont play on Official. The time investment is not worth the unstable servers and lack of support when things go wrong.
  7. Cant wait to see it in game. Lools great. I am just hoping the rocket booster is an optional thing for the saddle. Not sure what I feel about strapping a rocket to my pterosaur.
  8. I agree its the fish. After plucking up the courage to jump back into the ocean biome, I dont seem to crash anymore. But the stalling/framerate is real even playing on much lower graphical settings. Theres to many fish, the game can barely render them in quickly enough.
  9. Not another nerf. This is unbeelievable..... I'll see myself out.
  10. Looking forward to a new map to explore and a new dino to tame. I now know what my next breeding project is going to be. I just hope the map is stable.
  11. Definitely not Ragnarok and Extinction.
  12. Mission Results Wiped Was there a problem with mission results being wiped ? Ok it has been a while since I have done missions on Genesis but I logged on last night to grind up some more missions to work towards the master controller to discover that I only have 4 missions in total completed. I honestly cant remeber how many mission I have actually done, but it was certainly a lot more than 4.
  13. Itts weird. My base is in the ocean biome. I can potter about that fine. No problem. But as soon as you go into the water and then the disconnects hit.
  14. Been a while since my last post. But with @d1nks request I thought I would come up with a brief summary of my adventures over the last few months. Maybe I'll post more often, but probably not too often as there is only so much I can do to make banging my head against the breeding RNG wall interesting. I have set up on Ragnarok, Valguero, Genesis and The Island. I originally set up on Ragnarok and it was my main set up but I have recently moved my main base of operations to Valguero, was getting tired of the Ragnarok hiccups. The Island is mostly a small outpost for boss fighting. Am looking at setting up on Abberation, mainly to set up a metal farming out post. Maybe make a mobile forge base on the back of a megachelon for the giggles. Undoubtedly I'll set up on Crystal Isles aswell when that comes out. My main activity is definitely breeding at the moment. The S+ and Immersive taming mods really spice breeding up a bit. I mean I get to tame, breed and mutate wyverns and alpha wyverns. I love the S+ mutators, it makes breeding so much more rewarding. I am actually breeding and stacking mutations rather than just hunting for half decent stats and combining nice colours. Its amazing what you can breed up, if a little OP, but it still takes a lot of commitment to breed up such creatures. My deinonychus line is great, literal giga killers. My theri line even though I havent maxed out the melee can take down the alpha dragon in a single phase. I can solo purple OSDs on Extinction with my new gigas. I can go into the murder murder snow on Ragnarok butt naked with my otters as they have so much melee. My current lines include rexes, theris, gigas, otters, thylas, deinonychus, alpha wyverns, manas, basilos and x-mosas. Current in progress projects are manas, ferox, tusos and megalodons, and I have started up the rexes and thylas again to increase the melee as far as I can take it. I am dying to start rock drake breeding though. In terms of bosses, I have done alpha broodmother, megapithicus and dragon, alpha tek cave, Alpha Rockwell and beta master controller. Tbf we cheesed the likes of the overseer and rockwell with gigas but I intend to do it legit eventually. My theris and rexes are insane never mind with a yuty buff, so.it should be feasable to go in solo to the tek cave. For Abberation it shouldnt be too bad to tame up rock drakes and megalosaurs and breed them up a bit for Rockwell. I have just finished up the x-mosas and basilo breeding, and a group of us had planned on taking on Moeder this weekend, but we had to call it off. Genesis Ocean biome is crash zone central at the moment. Future plans include Scorched and Abb caves and bosses, Extinction titans and continuing Genesis. Havent played too much over the last week or two. Despite so called lockdown I have been busy with work. But from next week I get to be forloughed, so hey lots of free time, so I might get to make another post sooner rather than later.
  15. Yeah I have actually. But tell you what I'll write up an update tonight.
  16. I was attempting a bit of x-megalodon taming yesterday and gave up because it was still an issue. Sucks.
  17. I play on an Unofficial server (not actually surevwho the host is) and I can barely leave my base in the Ocean biome with out disconnecting. Its actually insane how bad it is, considering that I rarely crash at all the rest of the time.
  18. Isnt it Snail Games bought Wildcard rather than Snail Games bought Ark ? But yes.
  19. But how do you narrow them down ? Put a vote for the lieplorodon because why not.... But I want to pick them all Ps. OMG he lives !
  20. Kind of annoying as a group of us were planning on doing Moeder this weekend. Guess not now.
  21. I take it its not only me and the rest of our server cluster having issues with disconnects in the ocean biome then ?
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