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  1. Pfftt stone pick ? Try fist fightning the dragon. That separates the survivors from the chickens.
  2. Nice ! Tbf I dont actually have that much experience from the other Val caves, but I was getting crazy lucky with theri and rex bps in that cave. Its actually insane what the cave gives out considering there is no mobs to deal with.
  3. Which map/s are you playing on ?Cave loot is always a good way to go regardless. My personal favourite atm is the lava cave on Valguero. Is also worth a look on the beacon and cave loot table on the Ark Wiki.
  4. An older thread but it should still check out.
  5. Herbivores can be territorial too though. One does not simply mess with the tickle chickens of doom.
  6. Try an unofficial PvP server with Offline Raid Protection. Its literally what you are asking for here.
  7. So will this mean Genesis part 2 will be delayed beyond winter 2020 ? Asking for a friend.
  8. C'mon guys lets be real here, we all would have been severely disappointed if they released it on time, many of us would have lost many a bet on this. Next question is will it be delayed again, start placing your bets. My money is on the 31st of March. Looks like we have a firm date now though. Personally am in no rush at the moment, so much to do so little time.
  9. At the very least each of the 11 should be immortalised by taxidermy with the statues interred into a Hall of Fame celebrating their great victory ?
  10. Holy mother of dilos ! It worked. Thats was a great fun watch. I especially loved the paratroopers !
  11. Maybe he is still in the planning stages ?
  12. Ah drat yours pips me by 6 years *shakes fist*. Yeah that would make more sense given the context. I can still dream though. I dont think I have seen Dune... think I saw the new film advertised though.
  13. Am still waiting for the memory leak fix for Ragnarok
  14. And on the clusters I have played on this is not a problem.
  15. Am very and have been very happy with the Unofficial servers I have played on. There are many (I dont have stats ) well functioning Unofficial servers that are not plagued by cheating and admin abuse.
  16. Am I reading to far into this or is The God Emperor a 40k reference ? Am dying here
  17. Am just to lazy and busy to go on Steam and buy it lo l No doubt I'll buy it right before it drops or as it drops.
  18. We basically have not had anything to go on since the Fundraising stream right, at least anything major? Has been awfully quiet recently. Just to chuck in an example, i had completely forgotten about the Genesis varient creatures, I would have thought with things like that would have been hyped up more
  19. They should have shrunk them right down and made them into new chibis. Maybe a new shoulder pet.
  20. But its been nerfed into the ground already, lierally lol.
  21. I cant bring myself to play Halo on the PC with a KBM. Just feels so wrong
  22. Am not a big fan of being separated off from parts of my friend group because I bought the wrong console. Whats wrong with Xbox ? I dont really see the difference.
  23. Best example here is Atlas with Grapeshot Games aka WC. Crossplay is already a thing between Xbox and Steam, sony just needs a good kicking in the right direction.
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