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  1. Im currently playing on the server with Nero and another guy, but we would love to have other players to have some fun with. Not much have been claimed, so hurry up and join the fun! I love playing on the server, so im hoping others would like to fill it up😁
  2. Hey, the server sounds Nice, do you still have room for more People ? 😁
  3. Hey that Sounds Nice, is the server up 24/7 ? 😁
  4. I most admit, i have been very toxic in some of my earlier post. But after you guys have “explained the basics” i now see why you guys can’t act as gods even though it is the World, you have created. Just keep up the good Work guys! - it is because of your community crunches, that me and my friends have Got our Qol back!
  5. The Command is admincheat destroywilddinos - i have never tried doing it on the Island, but i have done it a couple of times in my Ragnarok save in SP. It took only 2 minutes for dinos to spawn on a standard ps4 so go on an give it a try 🙂
  6. Well what a surprise to see you being a bigger human than Everyone Else.. instead of Down-voting everything you dont like, why dont you try to chance our opinions instead of being a smart ass ? My guess would be that you are “too tired” to come up with a great speech.
  7. Hey Wildcard, i have an Off-topic idea, i hope you would consider: Conan Exiles have just been this months PS+ offer, so i checked it out and i found a genius little detail i hope you would consider implementing in ark. When you go to the online part of the game, you Can Choose what kind of community you want to be a part of. It is only for dedicated servers, but if you could implement in on all official servers i would really want to be part of “Ark Online” again. Why should that be implementet: Because it is a little bit frustating to not be a hardcore player, i love the game and i have completed it, but i still dont have the same blood Lust as some of the other players do. Im not saying that it is wrong to be blood thirsty, but if i wanted to kill people Every second i could just play a Rockstar Game instead. I have never had the oppotunity to move around in some of the many Pve servers, i have wanted to join. The only kind of Pve servers i have joined, where filled with buildings i wouldnt even Build in creative, so where would the place for my Home be ? I used to play on the “offlineraidprotection” servers and i really loved the community because the chat was active and you wouldnt just beat every person running around in Their underpants. A mega Tribe changed the playing rules at some point, and started scamming good hearted players, So my interest quickly fainted. My friends then told me about the “smalltribeservers” and i tried joining. I have never seen so much chaos, when we joined i couldnt even leave viking Bay without getting beat to death the first 5 times and that is Allright, but it is NOT for me. My love for Ark came because of the oppotunities, there were when the game still was new. I loved the thought about teaming up with others, to try and survive and maybe building a cool community. I still want pvp, but since im neither paranoid or want to watch the World burn, i just only want to fight people “i dont agree with”. i Think it would be kinda hard to implement an “declare war” option, where you need to wait, lets say 12 Hours to whipe another tribe, or something. Thats why i Think it would be cool to choose between communities online, because then there would be something for every one. I know this community is know for their “Git Gut” mentality, but it is kinda hard to “git gut” when people are so paranoid that they fear your Thatch hut so much they need to raid it 🙂 i miss the old days of ark, where you would look at other People’s tribe and tame names and just laugh because you Saw other People’s creativity. I Also miss the days, where you could see special bases, all the alphas Allmost use the same formula for setting up a base, because some youtuber told Them, that this is the Best construction. i know a lot of hardcores dont agree, but it Will never be easy to make every one happy so lets just have a lot to choose between.
  8. If they make an Update to Fix the host barrier i would tell all my friends to go back to playing ark. I have had the game since it was in beta stage, and i have had so much fun playing split screen with both friends and my girlfriend but.. the host barrier has been a pain in the Ass, because of the Way it drags the second player in the water even though you are up in the air. The online edition of ark both pvp and Pve is garbage. In PVE you cant join Any server on ps4 because people go full retard when nobody Can raid Them, so they just Build stupid things because they Can, but dont need. PVP is just like Real life, if you Work hard and make something speciel, at some time a gang of bullies, wants you to pay protection Money, and even though you pay they destroy your “business” anyway. I understand that it is part of pvp, but when people beat you and raid your base 3 times a week just to take 5 Stones and 10 Thatch, the people doing it just acts like Real gangsters: dumb as dirt.
  9. This Community Crunch, only reminds me of the chorus in one of JoJos most known songs.
  10. Hey Jen, i know that you have never responded to anything, so i dont expect you to give a raptor this time, but i still want to say my opinion: You guys (the devs) are the worst at just doing your job. For a over a Whole year meshing have been a problem, and you have just had too many projects going on to realise what really was necesary, and finally it seems that People’s have had enough. I have been Playing the game on Pc but mostly PS4, and in my opinion you should just have focused on primitiv +. I am nearly laughing myself to death, seeing this post, because it was you Who wanted the game to go the Way it Went, With all the focus being on, how Much chaos you could create, instead of bringing People together. You the devs, could just have made more Difference in servers, so you wouldnt feel so bored, that you create a RPG just to blow stuff up. How could you guys NOT want to use all the data and responses you have Got over the years. At first i really hoped that Wildcard would have been like Mojang, a cool team of people, only Wanting to create the Best World ever, instead they just have you Jen, the developer who just wanted to be a blogger!
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