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  1. It surely is. But at least I tried to stop it. You just wanna keep it going for some reason....
  2. Cos he doesn't work for wildcard, he is just a volunteer moderator for this forum. True, but it is their forum in some kind of way. That said; if I had a mangy dog I couldn’t bring out to the public, then I would definitely find a way to shut it up. But I’m not associated to this forum in any way so I honestly don’t care what he is. I actually stay away from the forums as much as possible because of all the back padding and irrelevant comments like yours. It was just nice to see someone pointing out how ridiculous the behavior of some mods are and I wanted to comment on that. Have a nice day sir/mrs.
  3. Joel has always focused more on being funny rather than providing something relevant. I really don’t see why wildcard hasn’t booted his ass a long time ago.
  4. So...... Now that the recent updates has caused so much chaos (well done wildcard, it is a scary event to loose progress and characters I will give you that) but after playing the game for so long it seems like there is a pattern.,, every time they announce an update, then it is actually best to not play for a few days because then you know they can’t raptor you in the ass with all this poop. I’m so glad our server admin fixed all the terror you guys caused, but it still makes me raptoring angry that we it is the same song every time.
  5. It is the same thing on Ragnarok. I Got blinded when i was looking for Plesis, so while i was blinded the plesis found me
  6. Sorry dude, but I simply couldn’t stop laughing because of your picture! they say Halloween have to be scary, and your picture is the most scary one I’ve ever seen lmao!!
  7. @caleb68 it is really amazing how this can keep on going. In my country you would get fined and wouldn’t be allowed to make any money before stuff like this would be fixed, or at least have some kind of date for when the madness ends. I never understood why Sony didn’t want atlas on the store, but I really get it now! Why should they have to deal with more of this stuff from another game too? Thanks for the update though, I just thought it was us console players who was unlucky, but it seems like we all don’t have any QoL atm lmao.
  8. Seriously!? Since Genesis was announced the game has crashed a lot on ps4. My game crashes with the same error code every time and it just crashes because I’m running around. Now today I tried the game after it was done updating, made a new character on the island and signed out. The game crashed after I disconnected from the map. Like seriously!?!? I have lost 3 characters in the last 2 weeks, our server have been rolled back 5 times too. What the hell is going on!?!?
  9. I’ve heard that every 16 minute, there is a chance that some of your Dino’s lay eggs. I don’t know how big the chance is in %. But I normally just set a timer 16 minutes later every time I find a egg in my base.
  10. Uuuuhm. are you the same guy who got caught lying, about naked zombos presence on your server ?
  11. @Kodking194 I saw your message before Texas so I could Just as well, tell you that you and your friends are more than welcome. If you see this message before Texas replies I hope you got an earlier start on the server because of that, but it depends on your privat life also lol. There is a lot of merchants on the server already, but if you wanna compete with them on prices and so on, it is cool. Just remember that it is PvP so make some friends that could provide security and try to get some defenses as soon as possible. The Maps on the cluster is; Rag, Valguero and Aberration. The extinction Dino’s are on Rag and Valguero so you don’t have to worry about the opportunity to miss any Dino. Im looking forward to see your progress if you decide to join our community with your friends.
  12. What is there to say really.. I’m so happy that I gave up on SP after loosing 2 perfect Rex breeds, because my game crashed after making a lave golem run and it deleted 2-3 hours of progress.. you ain’t safe from getting wildcarded anywhere in this game. But hey! I can snipe turrets with my longneck without getting hit by anything because of the range difference lmao.
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