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  1. I thought keybinding would be on there highest priority, considering they added full support for keyboard and mouse on consoles lol Let's hope they don't take years to add that as well to the options menu.
  2. Latest Update Current Version: v798.16 (Client) - 05/06/2020 Fixes for Mouse and keyboard zooming speeds Is this suppose to fix ADS speeds with scopes and the spyglass?? If not please fix this and add sliders separate for ADS scope speeds in options menu.
  3. About time lol Now if they would acknowledge that the buff and debuff effects from yutys need a pass as well. A small icon would be better instead of a massive texture taking up the hole screen or what i want is just the dinos eyes to glow red or purple.
  4. I would send that Xbox X back to wherever it came from if it's crashing more than a normal Xbox.
  5. Been asking them to add bloom effects to options since the beta. They don't listen.
  6. Old XBOX Systems Why is the old xbox systems still supported for this game? They are cleary not powerful enough for this sort of game and making the game misearble for a lot of players when they lag servers over over trying to load in bases. Take a flyer and fly through extinction city on a old xbox and watch it freeze up completely for 10-20 seconds at a time. How is that good gameplay for anyone? I think it long overdue they stop XBOX One and XBOX S on this game to give way for the new systems in 9 months time.
  7. If you play solo then the best way to play pvp is to have no base. All you need is a few reapers or basi to keep your gear and tames in. split them up and make sure you log in to render them so they don't despawn.
  8. Old consoles cause servers to crash trying to load in all the structures and dinos. Even the pro or x can crash servers if they load in a massive base or on breeding events. Dossing and Lag switching is bad right now as well on pvp official.
  9. I now have to go on single player everytime i start the game or it crashes to turn bloom and lightshaft off before i play because it makes such a massive difference. I've been asking them to update there options menu with new tick boxes for bloomquality and lightshafts for a long time on multiple threads but heard nothing back. You would probably be better asking on twitter as the devs don't seem active on here much.
  10. They just need to make them heavier and stack to 5 or 10
  11. No. This was patched as it was to overpowered.
  12. @Cedric Please ask someone to update the option menu. We have been asking for Bloom and Lightshaft toggles for a long time. Also, can we get some sort of sneak peak on what you guys are planning for the new consoles
  13. I'm pretty sure tek suits already do that if you have a full set and it's all powered. Maybe you will need a nice crafted set for the most extreme conditions.
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