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  1. Its a problem with the last update on xbox. It's fixed on the latest update on pc, we just need to be patient.
  2. Arkaholic

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Nice update ✔
  3. I play duo and have no problem giving mega tribes a hard time. Split loot over servers in hidden vaults an have one main setup for forge and replicator. Not that hard really but is impossible on pc. I was also trying to be open as possible but we will have to agree to disagree because we play this game in different ways clearly.
  4. PvP strategys change all the time. Ark has terrible PVP isn't true. How can you tell me PVP is terrible when you don't pvp yourself. You say you have to grind a lot of hours each day and you can't last a day on official tell me you're not the best of players and that is that.
  5. Yep we play the game totally different an that's that but saying you need to grind 18hrs a day is rudiculous. I grind one weekend an that gear can last months. Tame a mana and get kits for days is my new strategy atm.
  6. Actually you can turn off lightbloom/lightshafts/groundclutter in single player and it saves it when you play multiplayer. All other graphics commands are locked for multiplayer witch is why it's easier to go commandos on console. You've obviously never tried one of those adapters on ark before because if you did you would know it's useless for most things. W10 Crossplay is only on crossplay servers... If you're getting raided every day i'm sorry but you must not be very good at the game hence why you play dedi. I'm no saying console is the only way ark should be played but you're saying pc is better in every way witch just isn't true.
  7. It all depends what you play on ark, for me it's official and when i played ark on my new shiny pc all i seen and got told that ill never survive on ark as everyone that isn't in an alliance or mega tribe will be found an that's not because there just that big an theres not enough servers to hide on. No it's because on pc it's far to easy to change a few variables in the ini files to turn what ever you want off like tress/water anything you want it's impossible to hide any loot or small buildings. Atm me and my mate both play on xbox x and have nice loot hidden on several servers attacking massive tribes an having more fun than we ever had on pc. It's not like we never tried either. We have both played since the game came out and have thousands of hours between us on offcial including hardcore/no tame servers an got found everytime in the most sneaky places including all our hidden vaults over a few months were all found way to easy. Yes graphics/less lag/inventory management/better gun play with mouse is all nice to have but what does it matter when you have to be in a massive tribe to survive the cheaters that run across all the servers with everything turned off apart from a ground texture.
  8. Have you even seen how game breaking the full S+ mod even is? That's why there testing it on a separate branch to see what can and cannot be added to the main game.
  9. Arkaholic

    Duping is Back...

    Theres people ruining ark official servers once again with duping. Please get to the bottom of this asap.
  10. Arkaholic

    Remove Tek Gauntlets Anyone can mesh the map

    Send in as many support tickets as possible people an lets get this sorted asap.
  11. Can you please check the servers are running at peak performance or don't have so many servers on one cluster because is it just me or the officials seem to be more laggy and rubberbanding since extinction come out. Please have a look into this someone. Thanks
  12. THEY DON'T NEED TO ADD A KILL BARRIER. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS WHITE IT OUT DOWN THERE SO YOU CAN'T SEE ANYTHING AND FIX THE MOJOR GLITCHS TO GET THROUGH... Anyways thanks for keep fixing this epic game and lets hope the next patch sorts this out if there is no stealth patch in the latest notes you have out on pc.
  13. Is this beta branch also for reporting major bugs as well?
  14. All these people crashing to dashboard must be on the old xboxs because on the xbox x you barely ever dashboard. Please fix mesh thank you