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  1. Please stop people from using the broken Preview Mode on consoles. Just as bad as INI for PC...
  2. Tek armor looks sweet. Personal request for Dolby vision support for Series x please.
  3. Yep I'm Wrong. Got mixed up but i still hope there is full support.
  4. Where is the Hype for a console that can actually play ark at a decent frame rate. We need full support wildcard.
  5. Server performance should be top priority. Ddos attacks are out of control on the main clusters. Good to see you're working on it.
  6. @Cedric Please ask someone to update the option menu. We have been asking for Bloom and Lightshaft toggles for a long time. Also, can we get some sort of sneak peak on what you guys are planning for the new consoles
  7. Good time add those sun glasses for that pesky sun with it's blinding light glare and light shafts.
  8. I would like to know how the team is planning on supporting the next gen of consoles when the time comes and if the old gen consoles will be phased out to create a more stable game in the long run. The Xbox S is struggling big time on officials and causing servers to crash rendering in big bases or big battles. The Xbox X is struggling to get half decent fps in big raids or defences. Surely the ultimate plan is to play ARK free from servers crashing and low fps?
  9. This is why they will never let lagecy servers intergrate into official servers. We were all told this when the new servers hit and why most of the player base moved.
  10. We need to know whats happening with the latest updates coming to consoles including that memory update the pc got an we still haven't heard if it's coming to consoles.
  11. Nothing about the game suggestions or next update. I really was hoping you guys would of said something about the decay timers showing on PvP
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