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  1. Please stop people from using the broken Preview Mode on consoles. Just as bad as INI for PC...
  2. Can we please get a fov slider for Xbox. This is one thing that's always been missing from the options menu. Also would like to see an option to have the Xbox x settings for series x for more stable fps in big raids and defences. Thanks
  3. There's no other game like ark so what you going to buy?
  4. Tek armor looks sweet. Personal request for Dolby vision support for Series x please.
  5. Better HDR support for Xbox series X please.
  6. As title says, will we get better HDR support in a future update or will we have to wait for ARK 2? Looking at some of the games with Dolby vision enabled on the series x is stunning and would love to have this integrated into my favorite game.
  7. Yep I'm Wrong. Got mixed up but i still hope there is full support.
  8. Where is the Hype for a console that can actually play ark at a decent frame rate. We need full support wildcard.
  9. Server performance should be top priority. Ddos attacks are out of control on the main clusters. Good to see you're working on it.
  10. @Cedric Please ask someone to update the option menu. We have been asking for Bloom and Lightshaft toggles for a long time. Also, can we get some sort of sneak peak on what you guys are planning for the new consoles
  11. Thanks for the quick fix. This must of been fixed when they updated the game yesterday.
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