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  1. Can we please get these mesh holes fixed quickly. They make it way to easy for meshers to get to bases in caves. 3 big updates and still the main mesh holes are still there. Also why no fix for the zipline or the drake yet. How long do we have to wait to get simple fixes that would it a lot harder.
  2. Don't know if this section if for Xbox but that's where we are all experience it.
  3. The uodate where you changed stuff with how buildings render has caused a error that all my tribe mates have experienced. Ping locks up and you get disconnected from the server for no reason. This is a game breaking bug that needs to be looked in to asap
  4. Surely it doesn't store the code locally if you disconnect server? There's parts of maps i can disconnect the server with the Xbox One if it's built up enough or has hundreds of Tames that i can't do with the Series X. How do you explain that? Imo that's the definition of old hardware holding back new hardware.
  5. Wait what are you talking about? I'm talking about old hardware in the first xbox one holding back the Series x on official servers. Also to the other people, instead of putting an emoji why don't you reply to me.
  6. Nvme drive in the series x is a game changer for Ark but it's being help back by old hardware I think its time to stop 7 year old hardware joining official PvP servers for game and server stability
  7. Yep I'm Wrong. Got mixed up but i still hope there is full support.
  8. Where is the Hype for a console that can actually play ark at a decent frame rate. We need full support wildcard.
  9. I just want to know if ark is going to be fully supported for the Velocity Architecture on the series x
  10. Server performance should be top priority. Ddos attacks are out of control on the main clusters. Good to see you're working on it.
  11. Notame Servers need some love Please do a pass on Notame servers. It's long overdue. Genesis and Extinction should be on Notames. It's all some of us play and we can't use the new dlc content we paid for. Make some engrams accessible like the new Mining Drill witch would be perfect for Notame. Drop and loot tables will have to be adjusted so we don't get tek or saddles.
  12. I thought keybinding would be on there highest priority, considering they added full support for keyboard and mouse on consoles lol Let's hope they don't take years to add that as well to the options menu.
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