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  1. I would like to know how the team is planning on supporting the next gen of consoles when the time comes and if the old gen consoles will be phased out to create a more stable game in the long run. The Xbox S is struggling big time on officials and causing servers to crash rendering in big bases or big battles. The Xbox X is struggling to get half decent fps in big raids or defences. Surely the ultimate plan is to play ARK free from servers crashing and low fps?
  2. The memory update is probably not going to make a massive difference on consoles with there limited slow memory. Especially on the standard consoles but every little helps. Roll on the new consoles. Ark just needs better hardware to function properly.
  3. This is why they will never let lagecy servers intergrate into official servers. We were all told this when the new servers hit and why most of the player base moved.
  4. We need to know whats happening with the latest updates coming to consoles including that memory update the pc got an we still haven't heard if it's coming to consoles.
  5. Next Xbox Update When is the latest update that pc got coming to the Xbox. Any fixes for meshing can't come soon enough also what happened to the big patch for memory issues?
  6. Nothing about the game suggestions or next update. I really was hoping you guys would of said something about the decay timers showing on PvP
  7. They have to make money somehow to keep supporting the game and one of extinctions main features is cryopods. It's either DLC or Microtransactions witch we all should know by now how well that works out for games. I play solo pvp main official an can get cryos easy, even with all the mega tribes and alliances. 40 mins on getting one of the most op things in the game isn't all that bad IMO.
  8. You can just transfare to a bed or tek pod near it for a quick fix but i agree they should fix this if they can.
  9. You can do blue orbital drops for easy cryopods. Let's not make the game to easy.
  10. Need some proper fixes for meshing before any kind of wipe and don't forget about duping now..
  11. I would actually like higher resolution textures for some stuff but will prob have to wait for the new consoles. It's just the light effects that are brutal onn the eyes but there's an easy way around that if they put it in the options menu.
  12. For console so we don't have to reset these options everytime we come on the game or crash.
  13. Gamma settings for slidders for day/night/sun rise/sun down in options would be real nice.
  14. Its a problem with the last update on xbox. It's fixed on the latest update on pc, we just need to be patient.
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