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  1. I swear everytime I post on here another great wyvern just died lol
  2. Unofficial cluster-rag ,center and a bit of ABB I was happy about the update until it screwed me ! Thought I was getting s+ but instead I got my character disappear into the matrix....awesome best part is my Admins are busy for a few days so I'm on my own for a bit Buuuut I tribed up with the roomates on center and I had a few tames there so I'm not fooked at least , lost my Griffin that I use for the scar and my favourite ice wyvern into the matrix (r.i.p sandra Bullock) so I started up ABB cause I'm mad at rag , I forgot how much I love this map, and lots of center grinding , got my tek suit back and worked on my base , Bred a mana to breed with my killer mana , tamed a lvl 520 tek rex , a few wooly rhinos a lvl 300 rex and a 300 yuty explored the caves and got some siiiick loot , killed a alpha megalodon with a sword and shield that was fun , poached a mating pair of abb Raptors, now I need to get a breeding line of abb spinos and make a tek replicator I'll be gettin my tribe back tomorrow or tonight hopefully, it's like I got a mind wipe with extra steps lol and ashylarry is dead , rick ross lives now lmao
  3. The update wiped our rag server, should we roll it back or wait till nitrado/wc figures it out?
  4. Great idea , definitely stealing this Unofficial - the center , dfx cluster Been loving rag lately but were gonna get a pvp map soon on the center so I figure I should get used to the map before the insanity starts lol And I have been pleasantly surprised, I guess because of lack of wyverns there seems to be higher level dinos so I'm out poaching lvl 300s to breed with my heavy stat dinos, so rexes , yuties , spinos , a few therzos a megatherium and thyla or two . Tribes up with the roommates on this one so were kicking booty , found the dopest base location among the ruins and the glass walls look super legit in the archways cant wait till it's done, already found a whole tek suit , i guess cause the pop is low on this map so more alphas for me to hunt , a lvl 450 giga is basically untouchable , lost my favourite fire wyvern ( again) while messing with a lvl 200 gig , ran across the beach threw out Bertha and ate literally everything on burnt island outta anger , which got me my tek suit so as Jurassic park says..life finds a way lmaoo, gonna have a egg night soon as I have 7 rexes and 5 spinos that need to be hatched , found 2 300 rexes , male and female, a female yuty at 290 , and a serious Male spino at 280 with 572 melee lol now I just need to build and hatch
  5. Lmao I put them on the quetz and drop em off in wierd places around the map , like on mountains and little islands
  6. Ragnarok unofficial It's been awhile since I posted in here.. I bred alot! About 10 rexes a few spinos 2 lvl 240 wyverns and 8 allos ( I think I need to clear up some rexes and allos so I sell em cheap lol) ran a gang of 12 allos on a lvl 90 alpha rex and his friend and only lost one that was almost as fun as clearing the entire area of everything living lol Raised two wyverns but lost all my stuff in the process of bringing them home and my bag was in the lava , after trying everything , my admin pulled superhero and used his admin magic to get my stuff back. So I named the 240 poison buddy after him , they both are gs . The female lightning was named Lucille...but she was shortlived cause I left her on passive while anky taming and a lvl 240 bear had beef ...r.i.p Lucille you were beautiful Grew my rex army , finally broke the 500 melee mark now I just need to pump that health up made some beautiful babehs tho . Tamed a beautiful tek quetz to breed with my lvl 400 Male named uhaul , tamed a few event rexes at around 300 and a gorgeous event direbear, she good bear I name her Svetlana lol Santa was good to me too , I'm f'n spoiled I have a long neck that does 750, two crossbows that do 755 , a sword that does 600 , asc bear, gacha , yuty, gas bag, bronto , spino but no rex saddle yet While still mourning Lucille I paid 10k metal , 200 element and a lvl 400 quetz egg for a gorgeous pink ice wyvern at 432 ( melee at 1000 and health at 25k ) because me and the gf just watched bird box I named her sandra Bullock culture she always gets me where I need to go lmao! Did some wyvern egg runs with the Homies kalypso and cyclops I didnt get much but a lvl 240 fire , she got a 240 light and he got a few I think , but I had a really good time in the wyvern cave , cyclops had a super giga in there ( absolutely ridiculous stats) me and kalypso were both on mangarmrs ( she bred them and I bought one lol) that was a seriously good time I have a new found love for my mek and managarmr combo
  7. Unofficial ragnarok Maaaaan chasing raptor claus is a good time, especially when I gotta race the aussies on my sever ( griffins can beat a tek suit if you got diving space lol) got soo much asc loot lots of which I'm gonna give to my roommates cause they both just started up and loving it Got my lime yuty back from my homie kalypso with a egg , tipped her a all pink event rex ...merry Christmas lol hatched the egg and it was gorgeous , lime green and cyan with yellow accents and with great stats so I hit an imprint and cryopoded lil Dimitri , raided some ice wyvern nests got 2 level 88 and a 160 whaaaaaack but okay Tamed even more griffins mainly cause I love the dogfight and I need them for wyvern runs..poor griffs dont realize I'm only keeping the high levels the rest are probably gonna end up wyvern food lol No event rexes and no event gigas though of course , I need to sell some rexes or pod a few they are all over the place lol , finally! Got my event bear probably the last of the events too before the holiday event ones came in yesterday. Probably gonna hatch my 12 allo eggs tonight cause why not? If I can get some cover fire I'll go scoop some wyvern eggs from the scar hopefully my Griffin team will do better than the pteras I lost last 3 attempts ? Now I just need to figure out how to get my gf playing lol
  8. They caught on to the snow owl and daeodon double heal trick lol
  9. Unofficial ragnarok- been awhile Got both my roommates in this wonderful drug we call ark lol, spent a while day helping them get there dinos I gave em back and teaching them how to "ark within your boundaries " meaning dont dont dangerous stuff until your ready and trust me ...they ain't ready lmao, one had a raptor for 30 seconds and the other kept losing his argy in the weirdest places lol Also bred 7 rexies , a few from my event rex so 2 pink rexes and one with a green back and both higher stats so he stays, raised 2 argies and 2 snow owls all around lvl 400 and a argy has a melee mutation...why a argy needs 600 melee idk but I'm down lol Started working on my garden again ...kinda , tamed a event green dire bear at 308 shes peeerty and named Svetlana, I have a new addiction with griffins , I bought a cyan one and used him to tame 3 more in the past 3 days most recently a all black one at 319 named darkness on the sad side I lost 6 spinos cause they chased something in the water, killed it and just stood there...and drowned, including my newly bred mutated event spino , luckily I kept 3 including my favorite lime green event so I'll be okay I also got 8 boss level tek rex eggs in a trade i want kibble setup before hatch em though , gonna get a black pearl gacha in a trade soon too
  10. The last two nights have been interesting to say the least , first of all my ankles and owls died , cause I left the pig in there and she ate all there food ...nice , then I traded some element and rex eggs for a gorgeous Griffin and I love it , traded a serious velo egg for more high level owls I'll have round two next weekend, made some eggs and signed off cause all those trades and runs had me feeling like I was hustlin lmao The next day I bred up some spinos , one with the traded grey spino i got last night and one with my event spino, it got the grey colours level upto 250 instead of 195 so a few more tries and itll be over 300 , lime spino got a melee mutation and at 300 has 500 melee , happy with that fo sho , then while meatrunnin I saw a gorgeous event yellow giga at 216 I can tame it at around 300 if I'm good , I messed up real bad though , had at least hundred narco into it and it was running away . But it was stuck and I flew into the ravine to get it unstuck....and I got dashboarded, getting the giga unstuck in the process and killed me and my favorite wyvern James bond in one or two bites , I got shook and dipped off with my Griffin, I wont be messing with gigas till I'm actually prepared lol...rip James bond you will be missed
  11. Pretty crazy night , my cluster is shutting down ABB cause nobody really goes on it . So I figured I have a week to get a mating pair of raps and spinos maybe a ravager or two . So I loaded up lexy ( a high level rex ) and stocked up on tranqs and went raptor hunting, transferred over to abb snd immediately got lost lol . Some ravagers almost messed up lexy so I was being veeeerrry careful , downed a level 270 raptor tamed her at 401 , so i figured take her home quick ...and quickly got ambushed by a level 280 basilisk ..awesome now I'm without raptor , carefully walked lexy down a ledge and was taming a mating pair of low level raps and I saw the scariest thing ever....a warning saying the server will shut down in 300 seconds. And I figured if we get caught down here me and lexy are done , I figured shes stuck and I'll have to start my character all over again . I had literally the maddest dash home, left the Raptors and we barely made it back to the transmitter...with less than 60 seconds to spare . But the ark gods giveth and taketh , there was a high level female rex hanging out by my rag base , so I tamed her up made some eggs , did some feeding and signed off for the night I forgot how scary ABB is lol
  12. Unofficial ragnarok- Been a busy few days between trades , event dinos and some breeding Got a few even dinos ( pink rex , lime green spino, lime terror bird, lime and blue wolf , lime and pink yuty , orange and blue bronto, cyan trike and a random ovi) , traded one of my best rexes for 4 eggs ( 2 velos and 2 owls and he tossed in a few allos) so bred 2 rexes a spino and hatched the 2 allos One rex was olive and no mut, one was red with yellow belly no mut but got moms ridiculous melee stat , the spino was bred with new lime and my old dark green , she turned out navy blue with a cyan sail and belly. And the allos both hatched at over 400 but my 330 has equal melee Tomorrow I'll hatch the velos and owls probably post pics too
  13. Unofficial ragnarok- Our server is randomly doing a colour event it's great, tamed a beautiful raptor , a navy blue and red mammoth and a red megatherium. Decided to go on a taming spree instead of searching for rexes and yutys like I been for the past week or so My aussie homies traded me 2 medium level snow owls for a killer spino egg I made , should turn out all green with navy sail at around 330 with 400%melee ..and they gave me a sick velonasaur so I'll toss em a free rex later lol Mammoths are a sloooow tame but definitely worth it , and my mek is soo much fun to stomp around in its craaaazy
  14. The walls were my bad lol shoulda moved the baby around adolescent buuut great idea on the floors though that should help alot what you breeding lately?
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