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  1. We love playing on this server with no mods. I never thought I could do it. LOL
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I was afraid that I was out of luck but didn't know about ASB!
  3. Is there a way to see a tame's original stats after they have been leveled? I am on a server with no mods so can't use items like the Awesome Sypglass.
  4. What is odd is that I have two troughs for the base. One is way far from the other and the circles do not overlap. One trough puts out the multiple rings but the other trough only puts out one ring. The multiple ring trough stays on no matter what I do but the single ring trough turns off when I click the area button. We are not using S+ on this map and using vanilla stone and wood for our buildings. This is just insane!
  5. Not meaning to necro but I am playing on a modded server without S+ and using a vanilla feeding trough. The green circles are driving me insane! There are multiple circles! I can turn the visible area off and on several times but it only causes one circle to go away. I am not the owner of the server so don't know anything about the settings. Why is this still broken? Did anyone figure out a permanent fix for this?
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