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  1. The Volcano Map had an UPDATE!
  2. I just hope that Wildcard adds this to the actual game. I guess we will see.
  3. Did I miss the announcement of the people who won the First to Get All the Chibis contest?
  4. Two Hosts on Single Player? What happened? How are we able to have two hosts on our single player? Why did first character not show up when I tried to log in? My character is not in the correct tribe and none of my things belong to the first host. The second host is a character from a different map. Tried to join a different map and the same thing is happening. My original character is not showing up so I have to upload a character and no beds and nothing shows up for me. I am not sure how to explain this. It is very confusing. Has anyone else experienced any of this?
  5. An Ark Hippopotamus for Christmas
  6. Christmas Tour of Homes We really should make a new one. We sure have learned a lot about building!
  7. Spirits of the Isle mod is so amazing!
  8. The problem with using the taxidermy base is that you would have 54 bases around your home to display the chibis. I think a display cabinet might work a little nicer. Each cabinet could display maybe 10 chibis at a time. It would be so fun to use this as a decoration around my house. There is a mod that already does this with ark items so I know it would not be difficult to add this to the official game.
  9. Chibi Display Cabinet I would love some type of cabinet so that we could display our Chibis. I would hope that we don't have to depend on a modder for this because that would mean one more mod to add to our already must haves. LOL In a different game that I used to play, we collected toys. They were miniatures of items that we already had in game. I wonder if the chibis could be turned into items that we could display on a shelf. Or maybe a little cabinet that could show the chibis through glass if they are put into the inventory. We need some way to display our cute little creatures.
  10. Chibis Chibis Chibis! Winter Wonderland Fun!
  11. So many Explorer Notes means tons of XP!
  12. This is just soo much fun! I have no idea what a Chibi Pet is but it sounds so much fun to collect them all. Merry Christmas Wildcard!!!
  13. Prawps build us a vacation home!
  14. I am so confused. The artlcle states that Winter Wonderland is coming next week but we already have Raptor Clause on our unofficial server. We are not able to see the holiday items in the vanilla cooking pot though. Our admin said he didn't add the event to the server. Any ideas of what is going on?
  15. Glider Suits in The Volcano Cave
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