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  1. Ark Eternal | Spirits of the Isle | Adventure Rangers ep1
  2. CKF Remastered Settler & Villager Tiers Tour of Home
  3. It should be starting in about 30 minutes or so. Happy Turkey Hunting all!!
  4. I have found that when I play on servers that have Classic Flyers, I have problems. I get the freezing and stuttering when I am on a flyer when that mod is activated.
  5. Mine has started flickering, also. I just thought it was my computer. So far I am getting the flickering on The Island, Ragnarok and Amissa. I just updated my Nivdia card. I wonder if it is connected to that?
  6. Yay! They moved it back to General. Thanks invisible person.
  7. I am hearing that the devs are aware of the problems and are trying to get a fix figured out. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. I still don't understand why this was moved to this odd location when it could have helped others if it had been left under General.
  8. I think we need some kind of answer, though. Has anyone heard or seen any replay at all for what is going on and why we are not able to play on our servers? We tried three different servers with different maps and they are all acting very strange. We have pretty much the same mods on all three so I wonder if it has something to do with either the Dino Storage 2 or Primal Fear? We are able to throw out a creature from a soul trap but it will no longer belong to the tribe. Some were able to access inventories but could not open doors to get out of their base. Some were showing as yellow instead of green for their names. So many weird things are happening.
  9. I just saw that this thread was moved to Server Admin? Why? This has nothing to do with adminning a server? I am so confused about this.
  10. Has anyone heard anything from anyone about these problems? We are afraid to do much on our servers because we don't know what damage it might cause.
  11. Problems after Update? Is anyone else experiencing problems on their unofficial servers since today's update? I have been on two different servers and on both seem to not have access to some of my dinos. It shows to others that I am not in the tribe but to me, I am. I am not sure what is going on but hopefully there will be something to fix this very soon.
  12. I am curious what the update was for. I asked Cedric on Twitter but hopefully they put something here or on the Steam forums.
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