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  1. LifesLabyrinth Cave | Gods vs Monsters Primal Fear Server Lifes Labyrinth is sooooo scary!! Come with us as we check out this amazing cave on Ragnarok.
  2. Pikkon Boss | Primal Fear The Mystic Mayhem Crew is at it again. Primal Fear is truly amazing! Pikkon Boss | Primal Fear | Amissa Map | Ark: Survival Evolved
  3. Amissa Map | Zip Line Adventure | Super Awesome Base
  4. I really don't think it would take much to implement the claim flag system since they have already created it in Atlas. The system didn't work in Atlas because they didn't limit the flag to one per person. Limiting a person to one base on a map would completely change the way we play on official. I think there are a lot more positive reasons to try this than negative. One base per tribe would take away a lot of reasons why people are for pillaring in the first place. There might be some kinks to work out but I sure would like to see WC give it a try.
  5. So we should just ignore the people who are not able to play on official servers, the way they were meant to play? I don't see any reason to not try a new system? What harm could it cause? Open up a few test servers with a claim flag system and try it out. It is better than everyone just giving up and calling WC all kinds of terrible names because they won't fix things.
  6. As WC removes servers, as they have done in the past, this new way of doing things could replace those servers. There really would not be any need for currency. There would be a timer, just like there is now and when people stop playing, their claim and everything in it would be demolishable. I would really love to try playing on a server where people can build on resources if the want. I just firmly believe that with a claim flag system, there would be plenty of resources and no one would have to be mommy and daddy and take care of everyone. If we all had only one space to build in, why would people use their one space to cover up resources? They could only do that once and it would be pretty boring to keep that one space up just to be a hateful person. I know there are people out there that would do it but not many as you think. With a claim flag system put into place, our whole mindset of how to play Ark would change. There are tons of places to get metal on the maps. With a one claim flag system, there is no way it could all be covered up. It is much more frustrating to go on a new official server and find pillars everywhere. If I can't even place a campfire down then who are they protecting the resources for? If the one claim flag system could be put into place on a test server, I think everyone would be pretty shocked at how much more fun Ark would be on official. We would not be able to have massive bases completely covering the beaches. We would not be able to build massive bases to store our hundreds of dinos. We would learn to use the cryopods. The lack of massive bases and the lack of the massive number of dinos would help the server so much. It might even stop the constant lag and rubber banding that is there now. I sure wish they would try this. If it didn't work then we could stop saying that they don't care. We could stop hearing people say that they want people to play on official and that is their plan all along. I just don't believe they meant for the pillar spamming to happen. I believe that they really do want things to be different. I guess time will tell.
  7. Yes, the Ichthyornis was the worst addition to the game. They do steal anything from you, not just from your 0 slot. I wouldn't mind them near as much if that were the case. I have had them follow me till they kill me when I was a new survivor. They just don't go away!!
  8. Remove Pillaring FOREVER! After spending an enormous amount of time on a few pve official servers and not being able to even place a campfire, I have come here to beg for changes. I play Atlas and for a while we played with a Claim Flag system that would work great in Ark. Each survivor who wakes up on a map would have a claim flag in his/her inventory. Each claim flag would be a certain size, maybe around a 10 to 20 foundation radius. You place your claim flag down and that is the only area you are allowed to build in. As you add tribe members, your area grows because each person in your tribe adds another claim flag radius. A person cannot put down pillars anywhere except in his/her area so pillaring would come to a stop. There might be an invisible barrier around your area that would keep others from building too close to you. If people build in important areas, they will be hurting themselves and probably won't do that, once they figure out how it works. A system might be worked out that if you pick up your claim flag, everything in it can be picked up so that your base could be moved as you grow out of an easy beach area and want to move to somewhere more dangerous. There is a modder who has created an amazing mod that is doing something similar so I know it can be done. My dream is that some day all people will be able to build on an ark pve official server and not just a privileged few. I think it would be great if the devs tried this on a few servers and see if it could work. It sure wouldn't hurt to try.
  9. Amissa Map | Forest Titan | Primal Fear
  10. WOW! These are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent!!
  11. House in the starter city on the Amissa Map and Primal Fear! We are playing with the Primal Fear mod on the Amissa map and Abby decided to take everyone on a tour of her house. After the tour we talk about some of the Primal Fear dinos.
  12. Primal Fear Origin Wyvern Boss | Amissa Map | FUN!!
  13. Pyramids and Mummys on the Amissa Map
  14. Naked and Afraid in the Wyvern Trench on the Amissa Map!
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