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  1. I am a little worried, but I guess more confused. How will our unofficial server be affected when the S+ update becomes official and we are already running the S+ mod?
  2. Abby dyes her armor and we check out a cave to find beetles and crystal.
  3. We sail the raft to Herbivore Island to look for metal. We also name our little dinos.
  4. Abby wants to show you our little log house we built in ep. 6 of Abby's Ark Adventures.
  5. Abby's looks for a parasaur and finds a raptor in episode 5.
  6. Abby teaches us how to use a bow in episode 4 of Abby's Ark Adventures.
  7. Zadira

    So happy, I need to share this :D

    Wow! That is so awesome!!
  8. A Trex, a Slingshot and a Club all have one thing in common, they are all talked about in episode 3 of Abby's Ark Adventures.
  9. How many times have you planned one thing to only end up doing another? Sometimes plan B works great, too. LOL
  10. Abby shows us how to explore, survive and have fun!
  11. In Survival Plus, Ally Killa has created blueprints of his buildings. You set a blueprint down and then add, by layers, the mats you need to build it. Is it possible to do this for our structures in regular Ark? Maybe we could build our favorite designs on a single player game, save it somehow and then take that blueprint to an unofficial server and place it down. I tend to build the same type of houses on every server I play on and this sure would save me a lot of time. The blueprint would require gathering all the mats to build the structure, so it is not for skipping that part of building. Sometimes I come up with a really cool design for a house with lots of corners and fancy roof configurations and wish I had at least taken a picture of how I did it. If I could save a blueprint, that would be so wonderful. I have no idea how modding works so I don't know about these things but I was hoping you guys would know.
  12. Steffy and I give our first impressions of Extinction and we also run A LOT!
  13. Free for a week means that you can buy it during that week and then you won't have to pay for it later or does that mean it is free to try out for a week and then if you still want it, you pay for it?
  14. Zadira

    Not able to click dinos in Obelisk?

    Some of the dinos that I am trying to retrieve are dinos that I have force tamed on other Single Player games on maps like The Center and Ragnarok. It seems like I should be able to retrieve those, no matter what map or mod I am playing if I am playing Single Player but maybe I don't understand how it works?
  15. Zadira

    Not able to click dinos in Obelisk?

    We are allowing it on our unofficial server. Why are people able to retrieve the Aberration dinos but nothing else? What is the most confusing is that I can't retrieve them on my single player. I am trying to play on my single player, Valguero map and Structures Plus are the only mods. Just a few days ago, I was able to get them out but now I can't. I am not sure what has changed but I didn't change any of the settings, just the mods.