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  1. Lots of Mods on this Super Creative Base Tour
  2. Oh my goodness! I was just thinking about this today. If we could just incorporate the building structures from Primitive plus, it would make so many people happy. My favorite mod besides Structures + and CKF is OzoCraft. I wish we could have those structures even more. The guy that did that mod really knew what he was doing. It works so nicely in Ark. He put in the pieces that we are missing for building more detailed builds and the textures are just gorgeous! The bottom line is that we need more building structures in the base game. I would much rather have new structures than new creatures any old day of the year!
  3. Ragnarok Boss Battles are Super Fun!
  4. Rare Sightings Mod and a Cute Little Valguero Base
  5. We visit the Valguero Chalk Hills for an amazing base tour
  6. So creative and such great design for this Valguero Base
  7. Valguero Spider Cave | Artifact Pack, Brave, Strong Oh my goodness. So many spiders!! https://youtu.be/Y-R3hEGnk-g
  8. Valguero Cottage in the Redwoods https://youtu.be/M5gjTyU7MX4
  9. Beach House Pool Party Valguero Map
  10. Amissa Map Base Location Near Starter City
  11. Olympus Map Castle I built a castle on the Olympus Map. I just love this map!!
  12. So it doesn't look like we can vote yet. I think the entries are still in the early preliminary stage.
  13. I am excited to vote for my favorite mod but not sure where, how or when? I will go read it again, maybe I missed something?
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