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  1. Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

    Thanks so much, Jen! Now my little base that I built, way back in June 2015, will be saved forever! You guys are so awesome!
  2. Any News on a new DLC?

    Someone mentioned algae on the logo somewhere? Maybe that is an indication of a water biome?
  3. ARK: State of the Game

    I have no idea how consoles work but I do have a question. If we already have a Nitrado PC hosted private pve server up and running, will our friends, who only own Ark on console, be able to play on our server or will those types of servers have to be brand new?
  4. Primitive Plus V1.5 Bug List

    It appears that we are getting our costumes now but the hairstyles are still not showing up.
  5. Primitive Plus V1.5 Bug List

    This is a great thread. Thanks for putting this together for us, tenten! Could you also add that the Big Stone Fence, the Small Stone Fence and the Yurt disappear when you relog back into the game? If we keep all of the bugs in one spot, maybe it will be easier for the devs to see them. There is only a month left for them to fix things before the release. I sure hope they can get them figured out.
  6. Fatal error crash when encountering ruins notes

    Yes, happened to me and my daughter, too.
  7. Small & Large Stone Fences Disappear

    I was just coming here to see if this has been reported. Happened to me, too. Hopefully they will fix this. I built the prettiest stone fence yesterday and today it is all gone. lol
  8. State of the ARK - Updates

    The big picture is that the game just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for keeping us informed!
  9. Thanks Panda!! You guys are amazing!
  10. Has anyone been able to find a polar bear yet? Where are you finding them?
  11. Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    Yes, after playing for two years I know you are correct Lucifina. It is used as an excuse for people to think of themselves as all powerful rulers of the servers. It is a bunch of hogwash!! On Ragnarok, they can't use this excuse though. All of our concerns and problems go back to how the game mechanics work. Wildcard just needs to figure out how to get the game mechanics to work the best way to help the most people. These pillaring and thatch problems have been around from day one. I sure hope they figure this out before August 8th.
  12. Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    A lot of these comments are based on a fact that people have to protect resources. Ragnarok did a great job at providing so many resource nodes and resource areas that it would be almost impossible for people to cover them all up. Maybe The Island could have a once over and more resource areas could be added in.
  13. Ragnarok Unofficial Servers!

    This is exactly the info I needed! Thanks Jat!!!
  14. hahahahha Jat is on the ball!! I just saw his post here about unofficial servers.
  15. I am wondering what happens if we already have Ragnarok on our private server. (Ragnarok ROCKS!!!) I would love if someone could direct us to instructions if we need to do anything to be able to keep what we already have on our Ragnarok private server.