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  1. Try to kill all dinos Maybe cause dinos are spawned they cant spawn
  2. You definetly got dmg mut but it isnt shown 1 explanation i have is that mut just disapiered I know its hapenends somtimes on oficial server but do not reason why But on oficial its like in thousends not in 1 digit muts
  3. Why did they touch eels ? THey shoud increase tamed eels base dmg
  4. 1) Eels Hp bug fix (When they hatch,tamed,transfered or cryopoded out they have more hp than should only fix i know is server restart) 2) Increase tamed Eels dmg base. Wild and tamed should have same base dmg
  5. bad idea more ppl on server more lag
  6. Why shoud we want to play on unoficial? Lot of reasons My 1 reason Admin abuse seen a lot of this and dont like this
  7. Did you try lauching Ark from ar folder not steam?
  8. I thinks its on pve But on PVP we dont have this kind of problem
  9. Do you have any pre lauch options? Try to delet them And try in sigle same spot if you Disconect had same problem on rag but diferent location. Had to ask tribe member to kill me
  10. Gigas for meat and hide theris are not bad too if you have good ones Rexes good for boss fight if you have good stats if not use theri with cakes
  11. forget about oficial if you are new to game Almost all server are taken by big tribes better go to neof atleast you can play there
  12. You means building at spawn point?
  13. You can remove shaking in settings
  14. 1st thing to do is to fix the duping method than you can think about wiping What use to wipe if ppl can dup again
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