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  1. romanaka3

    Shame on Wildcard

    Who knows what they are going to do If they realy fix almost all bugs or most of them than its good
  2. As i know they wanted with crypod to lower stress on server Less dinos= Less ping But big tribe almost dont use them cause its easy to steal from dead ppl and same goes for tribe member they can easy put it in crypod and leave
  3. As title says shoud be in logs show its easy to steal dino with Cryopod
  4. romanaka3

    Suprise update

    are you living in cave? I think they are gona fix mec they are OP
  5. romanaka3

    Trade Currency

    you can dowload and upload instantly but if you dowloand it has 12h cd so you can upload it again in 12h and you can only max of 20 dinos As for items 50 max but they will dispawn in transfer after 24h. Same gous for stuff on char if he is in transfer
  6. romanaka3

    Does admins retorn dispawned chacater back?

    as he told he wrote admins ss with all time and server then admins told him look in transfer and poof char is there
  7. As title says i was wondering if they do it now with all inprint and lvl you lost if you have proof? Cause somone from my tribe told us that he got it back with inprint
  8. romanaka3

    Im not sure what dlc should i get? help me

    better get season pass so you can have all dlc
  9. romanaka3

    can tek forcefield protect from radiation?

    Lol realy? tnx for info
  10. romanaka3

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    i loved to see those dinos in ark not skin and why need nerf tape? Dont tek sadle have all same range?
  11. romanaka3

    Submitting a ticket

    i usualy get replay 1-2 weeks but its slow
  12. we will not be able to stack dinos? then where shoud we ceap all of them? We dont have enought space
  13. romanaka3

    Taming Cap ( I mean SERIOUSLY ??)

    What is fun to play on PVE server?