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  1. Ark aberration kibble list

    Nop this kibble list is on wiki
  2. Ark aberration kibble list

    Kibble (Ankylo Egg) Kibble (Baryonyx Egg) Kibble (Carbonemys Egg) Kibble (Carno Egg) Kibble (Dimetrodon Egg) Kibble (Featherlight Egg) Kibble (Glowtail Egg) Kibble (Raptor Egg) Kibble (Rock Drake Egg) Kibble (Spino Egg) Kibble (Stego Egg) Kibble (Trike Egg)
  3. Also whoud be good logs you can sort them
  4. Ponds and moving fish

    you can move angler with it but sadly you cant move ells had to put transmiter
  5. http://prntscr.com/hzxvcc
  6. Maybe you can do like non breedeber dinos will not have Imprinting on Potentials of the genes of current creature
  7. i know that in one of nest egg spawn below nest but you can pick it up and i found some nest empty and thinkings eggs are below
  8. Admin Work

    Maybe he did i dont know cause they dont talk to much they tell without reason I did try tame somthign after he left
  9. Admin Work

    So my golem dispawn in my base So i wrote ticked and so on and made a date with him Here are problems that i had with him 1) He wrote me that he cant spawn golem only can give kibble. Why do i need kibble? + i need to look for new golem ( Later he agreed to spawn it) 2) He told me he cant spawn it on cliff ege ( Even he didnt try) 3) He told me that he cant spawn it in water (As if he didnt know that golem dont have oxy) 4) He told me server has dino cap without trying to spawn it 5) He left tribe without telling nothing (he was in tribe like 10-15 min) Is it normal for all that admins dosnt do his work properly or is it me
  10. Can I kill this giga?

    Bleed takes 5% of hp in 5 sec
  11. Reaper breeding

    ok tnx man
  12. Reaper breeding

    So i am curios if you breed reapers are they gona always be kings or queens can hatch too?
  13. Seriously huge Issues and NO SUPPORT

    same rag server had role back lost 4 therizin with good stat and color mut what admin did spawned me 150 theris and why do i need 150 theris?
  14. anglerfish tame bug -___-

    it shoud be writen dino cap on server did see once but when server was lagy maybe that?