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  1. You can add to list Megalodon gestion period is same as before update no changes
  2. Megalodon update came out some time ago And still cant fix there gestion period
  3. Ok i did manage to solve problem YOu just have to build wall strait down ( platform or fence suport) and points megalodons at it make sure it isnt to close to terain wall You hit babys and they just swim away and they dont get stuck in F
  4. Ye 1st i didnt know when somome from my tribe breeded and he had this hapen to his turtle and wheni asked other breeders they did tell me Just in case playing on oficial
  5. If you have over 255 pt base stats its evend dosnt show up Here is SS
  6. i have systems that new mutation yuu can see by baby lvl And if i do war breed then i pucn babys and they swim away, but its very unpreditible where they will swim and somtimes stuck in mesh
  7. I dont think you can use whip underwater
  8. Looking for any idea maybe they will work out
  9. http://prntscr.com/vrz2f8 http://prntscr.com/vrz2ld Here you go
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