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  1. Megalodon update came out some time ago And still cant fix there gestion period
  2. And when you gona fix stuff on of PVP server? Never
  3. i loved to see those dinos in ark not skin and why need nerf tape? Dont tek sadle have all same range?
  4. we will not be able to stack dinos? then where shoud we ceap all of them? We dont have enought space
  5. How muh for rexes and therizs


    1. romanaka3


      3 vaults of bulets

    2. xpredatorx


      whats ur discord so we can talk ezer


  6. Maybe you can do like non breedeber dinos will not have Imprinting on Potentials of the genes of current creature
  7. again ruining good game Realy turet limit? Did you heat your head of what? atleast increase turet limit to 500 or so and dont count in x plant
  8. romanaka3

    Extra Life

    On other server they breed x2 We on rag breed like x1 and its game for 60$
  9. romanaka3

    Extra Life

    thank for x On rag whens it x2 it will like x1 cause of lag FIx it already its so annoying
  10. 1) cant login 2) there is no option to log in with steam
  11. hey, i'm new on here. how do i set up a trade with ppl? i want to buy a quetz platform saddle but can't figure out how to post it

    1. romanaka3


      You need to be member 
      its take some days
      Be actice on forums

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