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  1. Just lost another Rex fully grown and imprinted with 2 mutations. I'm over Genesis how about completing a dlc before releasing it.
  2. Someone whistled die all ?
  3. gtownbadass69


    It actually whistles follow 1 wether it was an ease of life update or not its annoying and doesn't help at all it hinders.
  4. Stuff Dying I'm built in under water cube at 29 47. All of our stuff just died for no reason. Rexes, Magmas, Megaloceros, Dire Bears, Ankys, Parasaurs, Ferox, Dilos, and Gigantopithecus. Grown and raising. My guy was watching while it happened. Wasn't killed by anyone just died. My guess is the server lagged or glitched or something and it registered everything as being under water and it drowned. Has anyone else had this issue? We lost a lot due to this. Please look into it and fix it.
  5. It's kinda obvious ps4 is the red headed step child to ark devs plain and simple they got their $60 out of us and now trying to milk a broken game for more than its worth. Kind of dad because this game had a lot of potential. Better devs and it would be awesome. Hey here's a though give the game to a company that actually gives a raptor about their fans like hello games.
  6. Snipers are broken Since the last update snipers are stupidly over powered no point in even wearing flak anymore when you can get 1 tapped right through the flak. The reason for making this thread is to ask if this is the intent or is there plans to fix this, because honestly it's stupid to lose a 2 week tame because you get 1 tapped by how stupidly over powered snipers are now no chance to even counter it. It's already rediculous having to spend 2 weeks on raising the easiest tame in the game to lose on a full priced video game. But, that is another subject.
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