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  1. Wildcard Devs: Damnit how do we disguise a 4th of July American only Holiday event? Wildcard Brightspark: Call it SUMMERBASH and throw in some stuff they can't keep just to piss off the non-American player base. Wildcard Devs: MERICA!!!!!
  2. Wow. The event is idiotic, but to be so easily offended by a cooking boost just because it coincides with Americas mummy's day, wow. Get a freaking grip already, If you're so offended by this I dread to think how a real life offensive situation aggrieves you! You are totally turning this whole thing into something its not about. The only people who care about American Mothers day are the Americans, and Ark doesn't just cater to the Americans, that would be bad business. That's why only 4 International Holidays are catered for EVENTS on ARK. Because they are on the SAME day for 100% of the community whether you celebrate or believe in them or not, it's a fact. I completely disagree with what WC have done with this event, but what you're being is just TOXIC.
  3. What bright spark came up with the absolute utter nonsense of this Kings Harvest evo event? Are we really needing veggies on Ark now? Not only do you reduce our weekends because "evo events were never intended to be every weekend" you replace what we love and expect with this bs, keep this up and you're gonna lose more players then you gain. Kudos: New Player servers: Thumbs up Fresh Servers: Thumbs up Kings Harvest Event: Are you our of your freakin mind wildacrd?
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