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  1. Question for Wildcard (Not sure again cuz i cant tell which form i should post on cuz im stupid) Also srry i haven't ben playing ark for a few weeks I wanted to take a massive break from playing the xbox and I think it helped me a lot but to my main question. Its about the sponsored mods. I have a few questions about it since I haven't seen many people talk about to due to Fear Evolved coming soon. Here are my Questions When are the mod coming out? Is there a chance that some the PC, Xbox or PS4 will have to wait longer like how Xbox had to wait for Valguero longer than the PS4 and PC? Will it affect the wait for Genesis? These are all of my questions P.S please get this to LoadedCrysis. If this does get to you Wildcard and Loaded..I hope you can provide some good answers!
  2. Aragato (It's Japanese for thanks :3)
  3. Were do the Ankylo's spawn? I have been flying around on ragnarok for a few hours and I can't find any ankylos It's kinda bothering me hope someone knows were they are ;-;
  4. It's a moto moto meme I made up on the spot ;-;
  5. Guy : *FLEX* Girl1 : " Look out..I think megalo megalo likes you! " Girl2 : * OMGEA BLUSH* Guy : " wait w0t " Megaldon : " I LIKE EM BIG " " I LIKE EM CHUNKEY " Guy : " … "
  6. Will light pets be on the aberration part of the new map? If so ill be more hyped >:3 @Cedric eeee need this answered im desperate to know if my glow tail children will be derr
  7. So who is exited for the new dino? I already made a oc and im super hyped and I only hope it doesn't come on july 14th cuz that's wen im seeing my BFF] WhOz ExItEd Eh?
  8. Oh....It would be fun but still XD I just wanted to make some fun light ;w;
  9. MandyH I think you just made my day XD
  10. mishastar12

    Dear Ced..

    Dear Ced.. I'm only wondering (this is kinda a joke btw ;-;) WHY R THER NO GIGAS ON SCORCHED ;-; (im very sorry)
  11. K, Ty! Gonna land my bird first XD Also my username is ArrangedBard76
  12. I would love to join the sever! I really want to get better at multiplayer! I have a lot of experience in single player with building, fighting, (sometimes) taming and breeding. I would like to join + what is the server name? (Btw) P.s I play ark on the x-box
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