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  1. Aragato (It's Japanese for thanks :3)
  2. Were do the Ankylo's spawn? I have been flying around on ragnarok for a few hours and I can't find any ankylos It's kinda bothering me hope someone knows were they are ;-;
  3. It's a moto moto meme I made up on the spot ;-;
  4. Guy : *FLEX* Girl1 : " Look out..I think megalo megalo likes you! " Girl2 : * OMGEA BLUSH* Guy : " wait w0t " Megaldon : " I LIKE EM BIG " " I LIKE EM CHUNKEY " Guy : " … "
  5. Will light pets be on the aberration part of the new map? If so ill be more hyped >:3 @Cedric eeee need this answered im desperate to know if my glow tail children will be derr
  6. So who is exited for the new dino? I already made a oc and im super hyped and I only hope it doesn't come on july 14th cuz that's wen im seeing my BFF] WhOz ExItEd Eh?
  7. Oh....It would be fun but still XD I just wanted to make some fun light ;w;
  8. MandyH I think you just made my day XD
  9. mishastar12

    Dear Ced..

    Dear Ced.. I'm only wondering (this is kinda a joke btw ;-;) WHY R THER NO GIGAS ON SCORCHED ;-; (im very sorry)
  10. K, Ty! Gonna land my bird first XD Also my username is ArrangedBard76
  11. I am only wondering if the player can be a low lvl and not have the saddle for the giga or the rex so they can tame it before unlocking the saddle. I am only wondering and I am not sure if it is possible but idk. If there is any answer's to my question then I'll consider trying it.
  12. I saw a youtube video with this guy tameing a basilisk with a fertalized rock drake egg. but idk the rest. hope I gave you some help ;-;
  13. I would love to join the sever! I really want to get better at multiplayer! I have a lot of experience in single player with building, fighting, (sometimes) taming and breeding. I would like to join + what is the server name? (Btw) P.s I play ark on the x-box
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