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  1. You might be able to use this argument, if this was the first release. however it is not they knew they would have to run the checks through all the companies. yet having this knowledge they still mange to do this every release. We are jokes to the guys. Just look at the genesis we say hay your game has bugs and glitches. what does WC say? here we will give You a map where YOU have to go through and fix the glitches and the staring easy area will kill you with bugs. Anyone who doesn't see that is blind. they joke and laugh at us. Plain and simple they do this every time therefore simple logic
  2. It just so happens to be postponed until the anniversary? Come on? What are the odds? They knew. They knew.
  3. We ALL knew it would be delayed. If I was gonna go I would have in past 7 years. By the way there is no tears in fact I am laughing, so is wildcard. Do you even know the joke? Blood and ashes I flaming started my comment with haha.
  4. Perhaps you think this is a 1 time thing? And clowns yes. We ask for less glitches and less bugs. What is their response? Give us a map where we are killed by bugs and have to fix glitches. Basically laughing at the people who by the product they make. So clowns is fitting. Do you think it is a odd that it gets delayed to the point of releasing now on the anniversary? They knew they would delay it, we knew they would delay it. I am just pointing out the fact that they think it's all a joke. This has literally happened every single time. The give a date, the muss it. This happens multiple times
  5. Haha wildcard you clowns. After 7 years you people still can NOT meet a deadline YOU set. Not 1 . Every dlc gets pushed out , and every time you guys have some excuse. You guys should just come and tell the truth early on. This DLC is late again, because you had to few people working on it. You put to much of your staff on ARK2 so the people left to finish off ark 1 could Not deliver. Every time. I still think you will push it out again.
  6. No they didn't they changed the date 4 times. So they did release it on a date they said just not the first date they released. I am not mad I am actually entertained by all the people who did not expect this. I even chuckle at those who are angry.
  7. Whoever didn't see another delay coming is just crazy. In all 7 years of this game they have never once met one of their published dates of release. Oh yay another stupid robot in a dino game. Alot of people love the Tek creatures, I just see them as walking metal nodes. The only reason to tame any is to create a farm to grind up the babies. Will it blend.?.
  8. Hahahahahahahaha. Deep breath annnddd hahahahahahahaha hahaha. Right you believe that guy.
  9. It is already a year after the original date published. Wild card has missed every date THEY have ever said. So..... it is should be no surprise. We won't see genesis 2 till next year, well Christmas if we are lucky. Oh and ark 2. That will be 5 years from now.
  10. It has to be a new creature look at the size of it .
  11. They do spawn, just in land. I have tamed many a megalodon in pools barley large enough to contain them. So thanks WC for easy tames.
  12. The fact is a couple of games do not show it is possible. Mods cause pc to crash sometime. The console is different than pc. The coding is different and wildcard has stated before that the console companys has to allow mods. Which they won't because people would contact them about mod problems. Skyrim and fallout are huge games. So it is worth it for them to invest money to pay a support staff for mods. We know that won't happen to a game at the end of it's life.
  13. If the new reworked Mammoth is not able to pick up everything a argy can I will be disappointed. It should be able to pick things up with it's trunk, you know like an elephant. It looks good so my hopes are up. please wildcard let me use my pistol and all 1 handed weapons at the same time. Boomerang, pistols.
  14. I noticed they had a giga on scorched map as the background. Gigas do not spawn on that map. Hopefully this is a hint that they are going to change up the spawn maps on scorched. Or maybe an Ending and Ascension to scorched earth. Just a hope.
  15. Stop expecting PC benefits when you CHOOSE to play on console. You want the benefits of console, and the benefits of owning a PC. You can't have both. Look at the pros and cons of each. Just because the current console has a large hard drive and perhaps even a SSD doesn't mean you have the ram or Vram to run mods. You think 1 community must suffer because another suffer, why? What kind of thinking is that. under that mindset you shouldn't even have a console because there is some people in our world who doesn't have electricity.
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