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  1. How do you clowns do this with EVERY dlc? You guys are such idiots. Do you not see the numbers dropping by the tens of thousands. I guess you do not care cause as the song says take the money and run. The whole of Ark is a clown show.
  2. Fix the game Wildcard!!!!!! every time I open my inventory it crashes. bodies not harvestable. turtles swimming through the ground. it is like early Ark all over again. I thought you guys were better now.
  3. Wildcard's marketing strategy. WC-I want you to buy this product Public-Can we see it? WC-Sure here is a tree Public-That looks almost as good as 2008's Crysis 1 ( which for your Muppets 75% of games in the last decade and half has not manged to do, plus they were demolishable. This is not an insult but rather a compliment) WC-How dare you! Fine than you get nothing but still buy our product.
  4. Or call that number a record it. Messing with them. I once had the guy believing my name Shan Anagan
  5. Yep toxic like most pvp players. take that somewhere else you blasted Dilo. spitting your venom about. look at the stats PVE makes up the majority of players. also most pvp is done while other players are off line so technically most pvp players are really player vs turrets
  6. They said they were beat from working on the Shasta saddle. Let's see make a submarine? If only there was something already at their disposal for such a thing. Maybe like a tek underwater structure, placed on a platform saddle.
  7. Did anyone expect ANYTHING from wildcard this week? Not if you have played Ark in the last year. Hopefully this means we will get a fully functional ,bug free wonderful Asa before October 31st. Sarcastically looking around.
  8. I personally use nitrado for my YouTube videos, yet to force a monopoly. Not wise. You all watch, the rates of server rental will skyrocket when nitrado has no competition. Monopoly is bad for the end customer.
  9. If you guys truly want people engaged with the vote. How about you create a link to the actual vote. A simple click here to vote. I just had to dig around and eventually had to just go through a youtubers link. This is precisely how ark has been through its lifetime. Great idea but implementation is bad.
  10. All the changes they making to Ark. All to make it better......and they still seem to be messing it up. Everything we learn about ark 2 seems like they are going more and more overboard. First off wild card bone armor and bone weapons are UGLY and impractical. Second if you add more spikes to a dino it doesn't make it cooler it makes it alot less likely to be able to move through trees and brush. This is just 2 of the many many changes they think we want. It is like they are trying to appeal to very young children or mall ninjas. WE WANT ARK 2 NOT ELDEN RING DINO ADDITION. Ark 2 should be ark 1 with better graphics, smarter AI more dinos, a better game engine, a more pronounced story. Stop just stop get some help
  11. You might be able to use this argument, if this was the first release. however it is not they knew they would have to run the checks through all the companies. yet having this knowledge they still mange to do this every release. We are jokes to the guys. Just look at the genesis we say hay your game has bugs and glitches. what does WC say? here we will give You a map where YOU have to go through and fix the glitches and the staring easy area will kill you with bugs. Anyone who doesn't see that is blind. they joke and laugh at us. Plain and simple they do this every time therefore simple logic. if problem happens every time it is not unexpected it should be fixed. as it has been said POOR MANGEMT. Great game, good content but Executed like a bunch of bumbling teenagers trying to run a fast food joint with out a good manger. we eat it but it could be so much better. we want Chick-fi-la and instead get burger king. If some one keeps hitting the garage door when they drive home it no longer is an accident. once yes, twice ok,......but every time. Do you take the relationship advise from some one married 6 or 7 times? No you know it is their fault not the 6 or 7 spouses. We love this game but the devs portrays a contempt for its own custom. Ark 2 will be the same. We will love the game but we will continually be treated as if we are unappreciated.
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