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  1. I am just asking, but for you folks who say Tek tape are OP and there is no defense for them. Wc created a defense against fires a long time ago. Have any of you tried dimorphodons? A small flock of those. tell them to attack a tape. When they attack they do damage to the rider before they do damage to the mount that means any flyer is susceptible to dimorphodons flocks.they are tiny and hard to hit. Just asking if any of you have tried that because I have tried that and they work very effectively.
  2. You choose to play a game mode which the premise is to kill and take from others, you can not now complain when one finds a better way to kill and steal from you. Instead of finding a way to counter their attack you whine to the game development team till they punish all.
  3. How long have you been arking? For those of us who have been here since early development, or beta or from the start. We remember, we remember, we will always remember. They give us cool stuff then a small PVP group takes advantage of it so the rest of PVP complains and makes an outcry so the devs step in and nerf stuff. Meanwhile PVE just play on nursing our losses. And as for it never being intended for a PVE game, well that's just false. From the earliest description it has been a "survival" game, even before WC bought it out.
  4. Don't forget flyer Nerf, fishing Nerf, Griffin Nerf, ghillie suit Nerf, the wyvren Nerf, the megatherium Nerf, the thyo Nerf, the weapon damage Nerf, the manta nerf, the arrow Nerf, the, the gacha nerf, the reaper nerf, the Titan nerf, and so on and so on and so on.
  5. Man it sounds like PVE is being punished for PVP crap AGAIN. Wc I sure hope you will STOP nerfing fun stuff because fools of PVP. You create cool creatures then take away or so limit it to a point one wishes to avoid taming. I love this game and it is sad to say one of the worst parts of the game is the devs. You are hands off till cheating pushes you to respond then you over do it. Can you please make it up to us by some major TLC of all our old beloved dinos. Like ptdon, allo or even megladon
  6. If console players are in the corner, them mobile player must be locked in the closet and switch players locked in the trunk.
  7. Man I am hoping for some exciting news at the end of this count down. I so wish it is not like many count Downs in the past where it is a count down to a count down.
  8. You need help, dude. If you hate playing yet play only because you spent so much money on it. Well then you need to consider why you would "play" a game. One plays a game to get a pleasant time. Have you heard the saying "cut your losses" I have many games I hated. I bought them hated them and stopped playing them. I uninstalled them. I didn't continue to spend time on it. Come on guy. You are an Ark site complaining about your situation. Just play something you like, and can enjoy. There is plenty of "free" games. Is Ark perfect? No . No it is not. But I enjoy it so I play it. I overlook the faults and focus on the things I like. Be positive.
  9. No, no they do Not. Microsoft tried to force all of games to go through them ages ago. The people revolted and now we have steam. I love PC but I hate Microsoft's heavy hand. They wanted to play big brother and got smacked down. So they then came out with Xbox to soothe their wounded pride. Best game they ever had a hand in on PC was age of empires.
  10. Yes yes please tlc the prera. Poor thing is neglected so. Who does not remember the first time you tamed one, and took to the sky's for the first time in ARK.
  11. Complain complain complain..... Shut up. Free stuff. And for you clowns saying "fix your game waaaa". It only takes 1 person a couple of hours to create a skin yet the whole team has been working on bugs for a while. You great complainers do you work every second of your work day? No. so stop crying enjoy the free event. If you truly hate this game stop playing. What kind of intelligence does it take to stop doing something you do Not enjoy. Also stop crying about Americans it only makes us what to be more American.
  12. Of course PC first, I mean it is made on a PC. Sir your ire is misdirected. I still read angry posts of Xbox or PS4 maps "not working" yet you want them at the same time. PC users are the beta testers. They are the ones who loose characters or bases or tames because of unforseen glitches or bugs. They are the ones who must risk weeks of time on a "New" type of mechanic only for it to be lost to a bug. It is because they get it first that it comes to console in a somewhat playable state. So if consoles must get things later so PC can find the problems, I say good luck to those souls brave enough to risk playing on PC. That small peace of mind is worth a little patience on my part.
  13. Perhaps this means total assimilation if the mod. Good it is one of the best mods in the workshop. Please keep the sea turtles and even the fast ugly fish. Please combine this with a tlc for some of the original dinos. Pteranodon needs to be relevant again. I remember taming my first flyer 4 years ago in early access. The first time you take flight....... Ahh what a feeling.
  14. Oh yes water map would be nice. With a few islands here and there. Yes NEW creatures please.
  15. You do realize that the over seer is " the bad guy". I mean you do work you way up to it and destroy it. So calling WC the overseer is calling them evil
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