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  1. Neroku you say, *shudders*. If you can get on the modders discord, I believe it may have been confirmed there, if not it’s a wait and see until enough info has been added to the public eye.
  2. You’re sad and disappointed that a FREE map doesn’t have ALL of the paid content you want, sounds pretty entitled to me.
  3. Hurry up and release on PC so I can tweak the hell of it in preparation for my consoles PC unofficial 😛 I’m kind of glad it’s been delayed, now I take an extended break to go achievement hunting until the release
  4. I have all currents maps on my cluster and recently added SE for my own play through lol, fortunately I have a spare server (Prim+) that I can convert to Valguero and add it to my main cluster.
  5. Mindwipe exists. It has a 24hr cooldown on official though.
  6. I’ll change the topic title, I only named it that because of the premise of the stream.
  7. Maybe so but doesn’t rule out a new potential DLC announcement.
  8. Arat Prime Before the devs live stream where we may potentially hear about a new paid DLC on top of the release of Valguero, any guesses to what it may be, or what direction you think Wildcard will take? I’m going with Arat Prime. When approached by members of the community, Ced has been quoted as saying “Primer” causing me suspicion. For those of you know unaware, Arat Prime is in Extinction’s lore as a location on the other side of the planet. If you type in Mt. Arat on google, it changes to Mt. Ararat. From Wikipedia: Despite the scholarly consensus that the "mountains of Ararat" of the Book of Genesis (8:4) do not refer specifically to Mt. Ararat, it has been widely accepted in Christianity as the resting place of Noah's Ark.
  9. Valguero So who’s excited for this new free addition?
  10. Pink’em. Spray paint every structure pink. Soap exists in the game to wash off paint but it’s just easier to respray everything again. Make sure you have all 6 zones enabled on the spray painter for a full effect.
  11. People mistake official as the complete package and most common complaints are the state of the servers, not the game itself. Bugs are much less noticeable when you can play the game smoothly.
  12. Customer support works on a first come, first serve basis. The ticket system is over saturated by people who submit multiple tickets of the same issue as if it will speed up the process not knowing that it actually hurts the people with genuine concern further down the list. They could limit what type of issues people can submit because not every issue is of the same value, and put systems in place to prevent spam. They could also put checks in place to flag an issue that is deemed a priority instead of the user having to push to get it escalated. They may already have these systems in place but just don’t have the resources to afford a sizeable technical team.
  13. I think you’ll find this post and every other like it are all from official players who are the ones advocating for a wipe. I just find the whole thing hilarious that there are salty people complaining that my opinion doesn’t matter (I don’t care if it doesn’t) whilst simultaneously acting as if their opinion matters more than the thousands of people who don’t frequent the forums or social media.
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