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  1. Another reason why I have all structure locking enabled so pin-codes aren’t really needed unless it’s for ally use.
  2. Valguero - Private Xbox Cluster Returned to work on my fort renovation. After a few attempts, I was able to perfectly align by eye the foundations with a door entrance which were then sunken into the ground to allow maximum head space. The ground floor, lengthways from doorway to doorway is slightly over 20 foundations leaving a tiny gap that you can’t get into so it’s bare noticeable. I tried to build walls up to see if they were level with the other floors but they weren’t unfortunately. Instead, I placed a ceiling off a wall at the closest point to the ground, then placed a pillar inside and snapped a foundation off the pillar. While the new foundation isn’t snapped to the wall, it’s still perfectly aligned with it. Sunk those foundations down on that floor and moved on. The idea is to get each floor aligned with the one below so it looks snapped. Due to the rubble on the ground floor, I placed a perimeter wall around it (6x6) then ceilined of the top, followed by stair ramps off the walls. Placed a tek replicator on top and the core stone structure blueprints e.g. foundation, wall, ceiling, pillar, into the replicator for instant stone structures. I had already built a teleporter here so I farm all materials at my emerald forest base with the help from a Karkinos, and then teleport my Doedy and Theri when required. Before I started picking up my thatch foundations that I used to map out the area, I estimated that I’d need 1000 max foundations for this project, but I was wrong... I need way more than that.
  3. Anywhere a creature can spawn, so can their alpha version. The only reason the alpha was focused on your base would be from catching aggro off something just as all creatures can.
  4. Remember when PvP’rs used to Pteranobomb people’s bases which fast tracked the inevitable flyer nerf? You’re right, you just don’t see that level of creativity any more so I agree with you wholeheartedly. People act as if their way is the only way to play and that any suggestions made, even if there are mechanics in place to support it, are wrong and impracticable because PvP’rs say so.
  5. Your fault for playing solo in a game designed for mass group play. They’re called tribes and alliances for a reason.
  6. Doesn’t really matter what an announcement says, if people are too incompetent to read the description of a product they are about to purchase then they have only themselves to blame.
  7. 1) Windows 10 can only play on official cross-play servers that are labelled as such, but somehow small tribes also. 2) The issue here is the lack of anti-cheat on Xbox to detect potential cheaters playing on PC. Until Microsoft can implement an anti-cheat that works on both platforms, cross-play won’t open up to the rest of the official network, and the cross-play servers will remain region locked.
  8. Yeah they balanced the tables to include the “new” dino saddles but never included these blueprints. I just think it’s a strange thing to leave out.
  9. Question, not suggestion Some context here, I was asked a while ago if I would be kind enough to add stone structure blueprints to our cluster of servers, but I put it off for a while until the weekend just gone. I don’t like the idea of modifying coloured supply crates so adding them into the game took a lot of thought, and I eventually settled for them dropping from small and medium sized carnivores. My question is, were stone structure blueprints ever in the game (possibly legacy days), and why would they have been removed?
  10. You’ve sent me several messages in the past, and the few times you did join, you left almost immediately. I’m not down with people who repeatedly waste my time.
  11. I’d like to congratulate every person in the attached thread for this new change. Like I suggested, the devs figured it’s easier to amend the tribe war mechanic instead of amending the alliance mechanic, so I’ll give myself a pat on the back (don’t bite).
  12. Yeah I love the new Wyvern trench on The Island and The Center.
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