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Community Crunch 161: Winter Wonderland 2018!


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13 hours ago, Herbalo said:


  • Fix for unclamped loot quality 
  • Fix for incorrect UI when taming is interrupted


what exactly does fix for unclamped loot quality mean ? 

I'd like to have "unclamped loot quality" clarified.
The amount? The crystals labeled 'Journeyman' but giving MasterCraft items? What?

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40 minutes ago, Majix said:

Little upset the Gacha clamping is happening so late after release.  Doesn't effect our unoffical much but I can't imagine what official looks like with those items.

Official server should be fine because no matter how high the item quality is after server restart the damage percentages should drop to either to 298% or 310% depending on who you ask.

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