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  1. i mean yeah this would probably be really fun to play on, but the lag would be...yeesh
  2. Techsupport


    get a spider they're not that tanky, with a decent shotgun, you could kill one by hand easily
  3. you can't transer while pregnant; it kills the baby. Wiki: "Transferring to other servers or ascending will remove the effect permanently (kill the baby inside) until the players gets a new impregnation." wildcard probably just hasn't fixed it completely yet
  4. maybe your graphics settings are too high?? idk, don't know much about pc stuff
  5. you know updates apply to the WHOLE game right, including single-player worlds
  6. probably just lead to a different kind of pillaring
  7. dam. you really did it to em like that also @Quilleute, i see you with that stargate profile picture
  8. The ferox should NOT aggro anything in that volcano except magamsaurs and lava golems (or any other largish creature) In this video, the ferox doesn't aggro any of the small stuff
  9. most likely live, xbox has been having issues worldwide, but honestly it could also be a bug in the game.
  10. that's part of the mobile version of the game, buying the primal pass will grant you additional slots. and no, adding another tribe member will probably not increase your tame limit (might be wrong on this not 100% sure about mobile stuff).
  11. no, ps4 does not have any form of pc crossplay as far as I'm aware. you would have to buy another copy for pc
  12. I mean yeah it's allowed, but it seems like a sausage thing to do \/\/\/\/ post below, that's not allowed
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