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  1. since this has already been answered, i'm gonna point out that this is the game suggestions forum, this kind of thing should be in bug reports, or at most, general discussion
  2. maybe once i get extinction, i'll just farm desert titan like this, i mean, from other comments it seems to work. Good job
  3. it's not that the level cap is different, it's just that absolutely NOTHING high level spawns on the Island for some stupid reason. I have the same level settings (as i'm on single player) and i found 4-5 130+ pteranodons in like 10 minutes on ragnorak, whereas on the Island, i have never found one above level 100, it's absolutely f-ing annoying
  4. yeah, but if he's on the island, he still f'ed wild dino level wise
  5. well, i'm on single player anyways, so my rates are pretty boosted
  6. What is the industrial grinder for? Aren't you supposed to be able to grind items in the grinder? The only options I had were grinding stone into flint and wood into thatch
  7. ah yeah thanks, i forgot directions for a bit
  8. i built my base on hidden lake (north east corner of the map close to carnivore island). it amazing, i have close access to three mountains, so metal crystal and some obsidian, carnivore island is a short fly away, so alpha killing, beacon hunting, and rexes, scorpions, and argies. the ocean is also very close, so oil and silica pearls are relatively easy to get to (there are electric eels and possible alpha sea creatures tho, so have to be careful). also drops spawn in there, even with my base there, including purples and reds. all in all, it's a nice place to live
  9. yeah the only way this would work is if they balanced it seperately for pvp and pve, which would probably lead to even more glitches and crap like that.
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