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  1. thanks to my new industrial forge (i love that thing), i managed to grind out a little over 3200 ingots. i then used about 1200ish to make 2 ascendant flak chestpiece 830 armor from blueprint, then logged off. lol barely did anything
  2. got my industrial forge, and OMG, they're SO much better then just a regular refining forge like i have been using. threw in about 5000-6000 raw metal, and some oil and hide, so the forge is already half way to paying off its cost in metal
  3. grinded out a chemistry bench, a industrial grill, about 10 thousand raw metal, and when i logged off, i was EIGHT ingots from my first indy forge
  4. Not today, but recently, I got a red drop and got an Acesdent crossbow, 620 damage and 1400 durability. then fifteen minutes later, i found an alpha raptor that didn't attack at all so i killed that. five minutes later, the friend i was playing with got a 200 damage mastercraft crossbow, mastercraft pick, journeyman pick, and ascendant ghillie chest piece for 399.0 armor
  5. "Once we're happy with where these features are at, we will be bringing them over to the PC main game and then to all platforms (Xbox and PS4)."
  6. you can cheat by going into creative mode, spawning it in, and if you really want to, sacrificing the resources
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