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  1. you could put a turret (i think you can set them to attack wild dinos), or set a rex to aggressive, but put it on a dino leash
  2. It's really not that hard to get a lesser antidote
  3. Here's your problem. Get a mosa or a tuso dam. Megalodons are literally less useful than a diplo
  4. This is so dumb I can't even explain how dumb it is
  5. Techsupport


    Literally this lmao Go beat the bosses
  6. There might be a setting to turn off flying
  7. yeah, and there's no problem with that
  8. you can still run and attack, and you really don't need to sprint and attack
  9. Definitely longneck and sniper. Assault rifle has absolutely garbage accuracy, rpg is better off being replaced with c4, revolver is very mediocre tbh and same with pistol
  10. I don't think they're on genesis, but if they are it's probably like this video
  11. thanks to my new industrial forge (i love that thing), i managed to grind out a little over 3200 ingots. i then used about 1200ish to make 2 ascendant flak chestpiece 830 armor from blueprint, then logged off. lol barely did anything
  12. i checked the wiki for their preferred foods: Preferred Food[edit | edit source] Moving When moving, Gachas prefer Berries than Meat, they don't eat Stone while moving, so watch their food meter when traveling long distances and supply it manually with Berries, which Gachas don't harvest, or Meat. Static When static, they eat everything and prefer a combination of Stone or crafted items and Snow Owl Pellet Also Element, all sorts of crafted items, Element Ore, ammunition, as well as resources like Metal, Stone, Flint, Wood and others are accepted. This
  13. got my industrial forge, and OMG, they're SO much better then just a regular refining forge like i have been using. threw in about 5000-6000 raw metal, and some oil and hide, so the forge is already half way to paying off its cost in metal
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