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  1. Please return the PGA ! Huge request to the developers: Please return the PGA servers and continue the further development of procedurally generated maps. I ask all concerned players to support me in this topic, maybe then the developers will hear us.
  2. Event activated automatically?
  3. Developers are you going to solve the problem ??? More than 20 days have passed.
  4. Where to write about the problems of the game if even on the forum of this game do not see our posts? I am already silent about the old radio bug: when you tune the radio next to another player, the game crashes 90% of the time. Or an error drawing the texture of the crossbow and Stone Pick: they look to some players as on ultra low graphics (I know at least 10 people with this problem) Comrades developers, please answer us. Otherwise, it is completely incomprehensible whether you noticed our messages or not.
  5. Flashing earth texture on the island map. On Ragnarok everything is fine, only on the map Island this bug. I did not change the settings, I did not update the driver, before everything was fine, I noticed this bug today when I returned to the Island map from Ragnarok (I played Ragnarok for about two weeks) I think this is due to the updates that have occurred in recent weeks. Anyone else have this problem? Help solve. Sorry for my bad English. AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core GeForce GTX 970 RAM: 32 GB
  6. Please tell me to activate the event I need to use "-ActiveEvent = WinterWonderland" or it automatically activates?
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