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  1. Hey Ark Team, you've made a step in the right direction with the last patch, but still I think it's still very unfinished. What I find worst is the sunken forest, looks like a construction site everywhere you can find open places in the ground where you can look under the map and spit soghar dinos, why the sunken forest is probably so empty in some place
  2. Ark is allready back in early accress ... and buggy as f....k , thanks wildcard for take my money and let me with that game full of mess alone .. good job ... and now they will relase a huge bigger game than ark ... hehe good luck not one game is 100 prozent finish . Normaly i am not a kind of person they whrite something like this but after that last dlc is that whole game broken buggy and more frustration than fun to play .
  3. Who need the Winter event .... everyone wait for a big Patch that fix most of the bugs . I think they must use all member of there team only for fixes and not for stupid events
  4. After the patch we have again open lines or holes in sunken forest , where we can look under the map i try to load a pic but it have to much mb ... but here the cordinants : x.-120488 y.-280066 z.-132577 . Also need the more spawns , most on the way from the forest to the wastelands there are not one spawn . So still waiting for the next patch .
  5. I test it also and i cant say there is nohting , but the same like before the ways from the sunken forest to the wasteland and also the begining of the wasteland self are total empty , there is not one dino spawn and i have on the server 22000 dinos .... also i think im the desert and ice biom is a over spawn also on for corupt dinos
  6. I think you must go on the other arks for unlock them in Ark Ex on offiziell server.... i mean that is not a bug
  7. I was happy as fu... , when i beginnig Ark Ex ... but now so poor it is i stop playing that game ... i hope you guys work not only on the console , switch ...version , please fix the many bugs in that dlc . Really i love that game i rent two server for that game ... to play it with my brother . Lg A.J
  8. I now what you mean , the area when you go from the sunken forest to the wasteland is not one single chreature spawn , i try more ways and every have the same problem . I think wildcard must at lots more dino spawns on this map .
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