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  1. Ark is allready back in early accress ... and buggy as f....k , thanks wildcard for take my money and let me with that game full of mess alone .. good job ... and now they will relase a huge bigger game than ark ... hehe good luck not one game is 100 prozent finish . Normaly i am not a kind of person they whrite something like this but after that last dlc is that whole game broken buggy and more frustration than fun to play .
  2. Who need the Winter event .... everyone wait for a big Patch that fix most of the bugs . I think they must use all member of there team only for fixes and not for stupid events
  3. I was happy as fu... , when i beginnig Ark Ex ... but now so poor it is i stop playing that game ... i hope you guys work not only on the console , switch ...version , please fix the many bugs in that dlc . Really i love that game i rent two server for that game ... to play it with my brother . Lg A.J
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