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  1. I have had Nitrado servers on PC, PS4, and Xbox since available from Nitrado. People come and go but overall people stay a couple months, get bored, and move on. I currently have four Xbox One servers, about ten currently playing regularly. I dont worry about it. I setup the servers like I want to play and help people when needed. I did have a server for each map but grew tired of paying for servers I didn’t play on and didn’t have much traffic. People spread out to thin. I now have the Island, Ragnarok, Abberation, and Extinction on Xbox One. The Center and Scorched don’t have anything unique to offer. So many servers, I honestly don’t think its a worthy adventure if your goal is popularity. Just run it how you enjoy playing and have fun.
  2. It’s been an issue for me for a few months. I logged on with my Alienware gaming PC last night to see if it had been fixed, it hasn’t. Nitrado server, plays fine with my Xbox One X. I have no issues on PC servers with the Steam version of the game. I was on my fresh Rag server.
  3. Very happy to see the fixes. Great Job Ark team. Happy Holidays!
  4. Ark needs to fix this. It has been a month since first reported with no resolution or mention of it. I wish we had the option to roll the server back to a previous version, heck with their Extinction update. I have several Nitrado servers and that is where I am seeing the problem. What a poorly run company not addressing a major issue with customers who have supported the game on Xbox since early alpha!
  5. There is definitely a problem with wyvern eggs not spawning. I run several Nitrado servers, no wyvern eggs are spawning on Ragnarok since the update. This is a real issue that needs resolved.,
  6. Face it, ARK, a game which I have loved since release, is a failed game at this point. I currently have seven servers on Xbox which I am allowing to expire at the end of their cycle this month; and they started on the first day available from Nitrado. Nothing new, the game has and is very boring.
  7. You can make configuration files to change from vanilla to 2x when using Nitrado, just activate the file. You can even set the server to auto reboot at any predetermined time, so you dont need to be at your computer/Xbox for the change to take place. Easy.
  8. With the inception of official small tribe servers, which I have been playing, I have alligned my five clustered servers to mirror their settings as close as possible. All servers are now 3X. There are so many highly boosted unofficial pc servers, traffic has become slow and all servers are open to build upon. If you have tried official small tribe servers and have not been able to get established, take a look at my servers. You will advance and build just as on official. The servers have been up since being offered by Nitrado and Xbox. They will also not be going away anytime soon. I maintain them for me and my friends enjoyment; and all are welcome to join. I will be available to assist with issue; I wont have you waiting for months to restore a character or deal with server/ progamming errors that cause you loss. I hope to see you online soon.
  9. You can cluster to any server regardless of server settings, as long as you have the cluster ID. You need to obtain that from the server owner. As far as server settings, I would never allow another server with different settings to connect to my five server cluster. It would give a destinct advantage to whoever had higher XP, drops, dino’s.
  10. The owner of the server has to cluster the servers and sets the cluster ID’s. They can also change it at will to prevent abuse. As a user you cannot transfer to a server not clustered by the server owner.
  11. There should be a command we can put in our configuration file to force mind wipe. I have eliminated some boosts on my servers, and even tho I have respects set to unlimited; my level 100 character is unable to consume a mindwipe tonic. Anyone know the command?
  12. Server set at 8x for a limited time. All 5 maps, build and enjoy. Just user search term Dayz to find the servers on the Xbox Unofficial PC list.
  13. Now all 5 servers in the cluster follow the same format, 4X, PVP ORP, and NO ADMIN abuse with any commands listed in the chat window. No admin commands have been or will be utilized in game for playing the game. All five maps are cross clustered, The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, and Aberration. Freely transfer between servers and build where ever you want except don't block obelisks or caves with tributes. No other rules. The offline raid protection kicks in 15 minutes after the last member of the tribe logs off. At that point, all your buildings and tames are protected from other players but wild Dino's can still damage. The servers have been continuously online and will continue to be online. Bring your family, friends. Build, tame, have fun!
  14. I now have four servers linked. All the servers are set to PVP ORP, and so far they are mostly friendly. Come build on Ragnarok, The Island, The Center, or Scorched Earth and have a great time. There are no admin build bases; all bases have been built just by playing the game. There will also be no admin commands that would benefit any tribe. Just straight playing and survival. The servers are set similar to official except 4X XP, Taming, Incubation, and Maturing. There are also a couple of other enhancements to make the game more enjoyable. I have the servers because I enjoy playing the game. Tribes have come and gone, and the first of these servers went online the day the first became available. I won't admin wipe any of the bases nor the servers. There are many such servers online, but you don't have to worry about your hard work going away. This is my hobby and the servers will be maintained and slots added if necessary. The success of the servers is not dependent on how many or if anyone decides to join. I understand how many private servers there are. But if you are looking for a maturely run server you can depend on being maintained; you are welcome to join my server cluster. If you have tried the game and were frustrated or are new to the game, and an adult; I would be more than happy to help you get started. I have played the game since the early days of availability on Xbox, and have played more than a year on official PVP servers; and know the game well. I have a character I can insert into your tribe to help you get started or just ally with you. I will assist as much or as little as you would like; so you can experience the game and determine if it is for you. You don't have to play alone. I am running 8x through Memorial Day, so it is a great time to start. I won't have many 8x events; so give a try.
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