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  1. I have had Nitrado servers on PC, PS4, and Xbox since available from Nitrado. People come and go but overall people stay a couple months, get bored, and move on. I currently have four Xbox One servers, about ten currently playing regularly. I dont worry about it. I setup the servers like I want to play and help people when needed. I did have a server for each map but grew tired of paying for servers I didn’t play on and didn’t have much traffic. People spread out to thin. I now have the Island, Ragnarok, Abberation, and Extinction on Xbox One. The Center and Scorched don’t have anything unique to offer. So many servers, I honestly don’t think its a worthy adventure if your goal is popularity. Just run it how you enjoy playing and have fun.
  2. It’s been an issue for me for a few months. I logged on with my Alienware gaming PC last night to see if it had been fixed, it hasn’t. Nitrado server, plays fine with my Xbox One X. I have no issues on PC servers with the Steam version of the game. I was on my fresh Rag server.
  3. Very happy to see the fixes. Great Job Ark team. Happy Holidays!
  4. Ark needs to fix this. It has been a month since first reported with no resolution or mention of it. I wish we had the option to roll the server back to a previous version, heck with their Extinction update. I have several Nitrado servers and that is where I am seeing the problem. What a poorly run company not addressing a major issue with customers who have supported the game on Xbox since early alpha!
  5. There is definitely a problem with wyvern eggs not spawning. I run several Nitrado servers, no wyvern eggs are spawning on Ragnarok since the update. This is a real issue that needs resolved.,
  6. Face it, ARK, a game which I have loved since release, is a failed game at this point. I currently have seven servers on Xbox which I am allowing to expire at the end of their cycle this month; and they started on the first day available from Nitrado. Nothing new, the game has and is very boring.
  7. You can make configuration files to change from vanilla to 2x when using Nitrado, just activate the file. You can even set the server to auto reboot at any predetermined time, so you dont need to be at your computer/Xbox for the change to take place. Easy.
  8. The owner of the server has to cluster the servers and sets the cluster ID’s. They can also change it at will to prevent abuse. As a user you cannot transfer to a server not clustered by the server owner.
  9. I played official PVP for about a year. Turrets won’t change much, the game will still be laggy as heck, and the mega tribes will still rule. I was associated with a mega tribe on PS4. It didn’t matter if two people were on line, there is rubber banding, disconnects, lags everyone. You get by any large base; that game is playable and you get used to it but you spend much of your time dealing with the lag. Turrets will change nothing. Next are they going to limit the 30 Gigas, 30 Boss Rexes, all the tek and others elements of base? PVP is what it is; got tired of it, got my own servers.
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