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  1. I started up the game yesterday for my nephew who wanted to play around with the titans as he’d seen me summon them before so I tried to set him up on the game with cheats to keep him alive and to summon some titans. However once I pulled up the command bar it simply wouldn’t work. It pulled up the bar just fine but when clicking on it to enter cheats nothing happened, it wouldn’t open the keyboard menu or anything. It was acting as though it was never clicked at all. I was trying in a private non dedicated server. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. TemperanceXIV

    argentavis carry glitches

    That’s not too unusual, I used to carry a tribe member around with a Wyvern while they were sitting on an anky to mine
  3. TemperanceXIV

    Xbox 207 is down

  4. Definitely, I don’t really mind it most times though because it’s pretty hilarious lol My griffin straight up looks like a pig with wings and the rock drake looks like it has an origami face
  5. TemperanceXIV

    Breeding Tips?

    I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking but to add to the conversation you also might need a hatchery with air conditioners or dimetrodon so the eggs wont die. I also suggest avoiding hatching eggs on thatch roofs, I had a problem once where the babies would fall through it and I’m not sure if it’s been fixed. Also raptor Claus can drop Dino leashes so I’d suggest at least getting on of those if you can, it’ll keep the dinos in a circle radius that can be changed in size
  6. They have another contact that’s an email called “[email protected]” I think it’s for bugs but hey maybe they check it more
  7. I can understand feeling like the graphics are crap lol If I’m in a crowded area well...
  8. Where did you report it to? I’ve seen at least two different ways to contact them
  9. Does this happen every time you log on?
  10. TemperanceXIV

    Dinos Not Mate Boosting After Merging Tribe

    Did you try unclaiming and reclaiming them?
  11. My two cents is they definitely don’t care. If I was giving them the benefit of the doubt I would say they were short on staff but that is no excuse. I would try building the base on stilts with an elevator to bring your creatures up so that they could hopefully be a little safer. Did you mention if it was pve or pvp? They seem to care if that happens in pve though I’ve never heard whether they’ve stopped anyone from doing it.
  12. TemperanceXIV

    Dinos Not Mate Boosting After Merging Tribe

    Is one aberrant? Aberrant dinos aren’t considered the same Dino and as such wouldnt breed
  13. Apparently they don’t always show up immediately, though I don’t really believe that. If your friend is hosting on Windows 10 you can pull up your friends list, click his gamer tag, and join his game from there even if it’s password protected.
  14. TemperanceXIV

    Dinos Not Mate Boosting After Merging Tribe

    I would try unclaiming then reclaiming the older ones, that’s the only thing I can think of that might fix it