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  1. cant care less about skins, want raising multiply and loot buff, the 2017 christmas event was greate for aberration bps, since then all bps are poop long time since then and the few lucky people find awesome bps imposible to find now .
  2. jejeje tengo 10k+ jugando ark y quieres que comiese de 0? que sentido tiene eso es lo mas estúpido que jamas escuche.
  3. totaly agree on that, i cant care less about pvp in ark if i want to play pvp thers lots of games that i can chouse but for a grinding game like ark pve is the way to go for me, and i hate all the nerf we sufer from the pvp valance.
  4. they dont have a clue how to fix the mana, its the 4 nerf they do to them the breath is almost useless now why the want to ruin the game so badly. a wyvern can reach 2 tiemes the breth distance compared to the mana, cant kill a giga now with it.
  5. i cant care less about cosmetics the event is poop, no x3 breding and manas where nerf too much you can go to hell wildcard.
  6. ok ty, im doing it and have to download 6.7 gb again dont like it at all they should be more clear with the situation i lost too much time and probabñy loose some dinos while dounloading 6.7 gbs 2 times. to play. hope it works.
  7. dounload the betha and now i cant find serers, trying to enter from steam i can find the serbers from steam but it dont alow me to enter what should i do? im losing imprint my and babies may died.
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