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  1. I am personally having issues setting up modded prim plus drops on my prim plus server. I have tried all maps to see if it’s map sensitive. It appears to be the defaults as if there was no code put in, like official server drops that are stuck that way. I have allot of experience setting up servers and have never run across this type of issue not being able to get the drops to change. I hope this helps you ark Devs understand one of the issues better. Thank you all for what you do to keep Ark fun and running smooth.
  2. I would love to see regular and behemoth gate tek hatches for Dino’s that go on the roof. Or a Tek whip that reaches higher or longer than old whip.
  3. Hopefully you read this before changing downgrading stack sizes lowering everything your server had to that stack size losing them everything they had over that stack. I changed my stack size for my cluster today from 100.00 to 10.0 thinking it would help at the shop and for easier breakdowns, but instead lost the cluster players everything above their new stack size. For example, 10k element stacks are now 1k in a single stack. It would of made sense if ark devs would of made it break down to a bunch of 1k stacks but instead, you lose it. Today is going to be along day for me and my admins refunding the whole 4 map cluster. Hope this helps someone out there, learn from my mistake please. oOfrost36Oo Owner/Admin
  4. Read my suggestion at the bottoms of the list here, might be helpful.
  5. I run a cluster on Ps4 but would like to make a recommendation to all of you looking for a server. If you look for an unofficial pc server that means there are admins running them, usually. Most server in this catagory are running flag systems that make players go to an ob to to read rules and get free flags with the current color. This flag color tells the admins who is active so that on wipe days, on my server every 2-3 weeks, we know who’s active, and who isn’t by looking at their flag color at their bases. We don’t wipe bases with current color. This system keeps servers clutter free, lag down, and availability to find good base spots. Good luck in your search guys, hope this helps.
  6. Is the update today Tuesday 12/18 @ 10 am pacific?
  7. I run a pve cluster, and have a great group of followers on my servers. We recently had a fishing tournament where attendees had to chose their best bp to be judged for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes. Our mistake for not having them line up one by one as one of them took all the bps from the vault. We finally had one of them sneak them back in when they thought we weren’t looking. So it started by banning the player for lying and stealing, then his tribe as they lied for him and started bad mouthing me for being an American lol. Anyways, after banning them, I forced myself into their tribe, and opened all their lockable items and unclaimed all their Dino’s having announced that were having a server event giveaway at their base locations , having a large group follow us from server to server doing the same. The players that showed u p shared and were polite to each other, helping them bond and become friends. It made us owner and admins show we care about the health of our servers and it was a great event.
  8. Thanks! I definitely think it’s how we as owners handle these situations that makes for a successful server. What’s been going on with you server?
  9. Frostinction Cluster downloaded Extinction on release day, had a full server of 50 players most of the time. We had uncontrollable crashes and losses due to what Nitrado called a bad download. It was only after almost 2 weeks of hell that they offered to wipe the Extinction map and relocate it to another server station in Miami. We lost 2/3 of our players from this incident. The players that stayed have been with us since the beginning and are friendly, understanding, and loyal . Matter of fact We keep adding maps because they keep donating even though we went through hell trying to play Extinction. Maybe it’s because I spent countless hours on the phone and computer with Nitrado and kept my players up to date, or compensating them for losses. Or that they knew I tried everything and this was out of my hands. This message is for you owners out there that feel like your the only ones or want to quit. And for the players that think server owners have everything Ark related in their control. And to the loyal, this is why we do this and go through all this, for you!
  10. I have the same issue on Aberration and Ragnarok. Whipping the nest works to collect invisible eggs though.
  11. My ps4 pve Extinction server that was bought on release day has allot of problems crashing as well. Then it won’t go down on its own, I have to wait to force stop it. Putting it backup is just as tedious and could take up to an hour. Funny thing is my pvp Extinction server that was bought 2 days later is smooth running with no crashes. Nitrado says it’s a Wild Card issue.
  12. I run a ps4 Extiction server. We have had multiple crashes everyday but have found one particular crash happens when people try to craft their Enforcer BP’s. Not just any crash, but a wait 30-60 minutes to restart crash! Any one else feeling this?
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