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  1. There needs to be more clutter for bases/houses. Like more/better beds, more tables like round tables or long tables with a colorable decorative tablecloth, better chairs/benches/thrones, chandeliers and other lighting, more different storage spaces such as shelves/counters/baskets/end tables/larders or a pantry, and more decor like paintings, rugs, and drapes. If you wanted overkill maybe even some tiny knickknacks like plates, cups, bowls, candles or lanterns, papers and a quill in ink, and decorative crafting components or consumables. All that fun stuff lol Without primitive plus the buildings are too empty, even primitive plus can suffer from this in the fact of reusing the same few clutter items like storage boxes and barrels in every empty spot becomes too repetitive. I'd also love to see an option for crafting a full empty building, it might not work well with the rest of the crafting system but it would save a lot of lag on console. Anytime I've played so much as building a full base would lag like crazy anytime I got near it. That's all my two cents as a player who comes back every couple of months and ends up trying to build towns all over the map in an empty server just to make it pretty lol
  2. Why does Raptor Claus hate primitive plus lol
  3. Whichever coal or mistletoe, coal seems more likely to give holiday items but if it’s not working mistletoe can give them as well. About 10 of either coal or mistletoe will give one crystal and the crystals seem to be random on what type drops.
  4. Parasaurs are a little rare on ragnarok, so you might have to keep clearing them out. I ended up spawning one after awhile
  5. Okay did a quick test and got 22 mistletoe crystals, the Gacha at two separate points ate the mistletoes and didn’t drop anything then refused to eat more so I had to give him a little coal to make him eat it again. With the 22 mistletoe crystals I got the following. Eight Gacha crystals, four Primitive Gacha crystals, four Ramshackle Gacha crystals, and Six Apprentice Gacha crystals. The Apprentice crystals gave me Stone Hatchet, Chitin Chestpiece, Metal Hatchet, Fabricated Pistol, Riot Leggings, and Flak Chestpiece. Ramshackle gave me Metal Sickle, Shotgun, Chitin Gauntlets, and Chitin Helmet. Primitive was a Bow, Miners Helmet, and a Primitive Festival Candy. The regular Gacha crystals had Birthdaysuit Shirt Skin, Birthdaysuit Pants Skin, Fireworks Flaregun Skin, Party Hat Skin, Top Hat Skin, Holiday Stocking, Holiday Lights, Two Gift Boxes, and Two Snowmen. The two coal crystals also gave me a bow and a couple holiday items so at least for Xbox they both can have both. I also know that there’s Mastercraft Festival Candy and Ascendant Festival Candy, and that the Gacha will eat up to Ten coal or mistletoe which is supposed to effect the quality of the crystals. All of mine were from ten at a time.
  6. It’s possible the coal just isn’t working, I have however gotten items other than weapons and armor from mistletoe i believe. I’ll check when I get home, my host stats got reset anyway so I’ll summon a Gacha Claus and a crap ton of mistletoes and mark down all the drops
  7. Is it a Gacha Claus? They’ll be red and green with Santa hats and should spawn anywhere a parasaur can spawn. Once you find one you have to open its inventory and give it mistletoe or coal. It’ll only eat them if it’s away from other creatures so you’ll have to kill everything around it. The items will be inside crystals it drops off its back, hope that helped at all
  8. Same can be said for mutations which I can get at any time with some patience and those aren’t limited to the same few colors
  9. I was pretty excited for this event but I quickly lost hype because of one little detail, there isnt enough permanent rewards. The only permanent items I’m getting are top hats and birthday suit tops skins on Xbox, why is there no rare candy that permanently colors your dinos or some sort of furniture it lets you keep after?
  10. On Xbox One the festival candy doesn’t seem to be working, the dinos can eat it and get the buff timer but they aren’t getting the colors
  11. That’s lame, it’s the only reason I was waiting for the event
  12. Anyone know if the Dodorex will be on console during the event?
  13. I noticed the frost titan wasn’t able to damage with any stomp attack on Xbox, was that ever fixed?
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