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    Can Wyverns enter this arena ?
  2. Yes thank you for linking a website I already knew about. However, there is no mention of Ragnarok, thus the reason I created this thread, trying to get a Dev to respond and THEN it shall pop up on ye ol devtracker.
  3. Was eagerly waiting for this patch to roll out with the Ragnarok update. Where it go?
  4. Coming from a new persons perspective from a PVP stance, what chance would a brand new person who just purchased the game have vs an official PVP where you have people constantly roaming the spawn points killing everyone they see? What good would that do? All that would do is turn that new person to getting refunded or just plain quitting. There is so many things Wildcard can do to stop this greifing but won't because they are at the moment focused on making CDs for people to buy. I am trying to offer ideas for new people who join this game to seek out Unofficials first to get their foot in the door, and if they should, wish to try out Official PVP they at least got a grasp on what to expect and how to proceed.
  5. Here is the beauty of that, you get an asshat on your server, what are your options? Let him know who's the boss, and say hey, knock this $h!T off If he fails to listen, trap him in an area with gigas as he walks out to his death If he didnt get the message the first 2 times, simply ban and move on. The server I'm on is open, and advertised so we get new people almost daily. Even through some of those new people, not 1 issue that couldn't have been handled through words and rule education. Had one exception that someone had pure luck timing and newly spawned in on someones base who happened to just hatch a batch of Rexes whom the new person claimed and just had no idea what was happening, but it was remedied within minutes.
  6. Mutations?

    I've read all the same stuff too and its all conflicting answers. I am a firm believer it is a flat % chance regardless of interbreeding or wild. It just may seem more frequent in interbreeding because you mate those off to increase those mutations.
  7. There are literally thousands of configurations you would have to sift through, so you would need to decide what you want. Like vanilla settings with maybe slight increase in taming/breeding, or PVP ruleset servers. Most hosting and advertising forums will have people showing what they run and what rules they do. Its just finding what YOU prefer. You may find a PVP server where there is no killing or raiding of anyone until a certain level, or having a 24 hour raid window, etc.
  8. I see all this anger and qqing and just bless my stars I play on an Unofficial. Yeah I know this post will make no sense at all, but I don't care. Happily playing on Unofficials for 2 years now and not once have I had issues with other players, or reconfiguration that forced wipes, or even wipe in itself. I'd take the (very small mind you) chance of my server wiping than Official servers any day. Starting over is fun on occasion. Look at the pros of Unofficial: Fully admin'd and monitored Nice community QoL mods or radical changes that can enhance your play Better server stability and maintenance Ruleset for both PVP and PVE which is actually enforced with admins. Multiple map crossover (Including the non official maps) Increased rates for a more casual/solo gameplay Ok, yeah a few Cons: Fear of server closing down (which can be negated with actual good host community) Admin abuse (Again, finding that good host/admin who is mature enough) You might have to feel generous and donate a few $$. If people wish to share more cons, be my guest. All I know is 2300+ hours, and still having fun. If you are fed up with Officials, look to the UO servers, you might find something you like and will ask yourself, "Why the hell did I wait so long?"
  9. Didnt think that needed to be said. Kinda common knowledge now.
  10. Well of course raising and imprinting is involved.
  11. Yes they are. We run default with 150 tames and same difficulty as official servers. Only difference is increased taming/breeding multiplier. All bosses has been completed.
  12. Full Release is here - Does no one care?

    Zero difference for me. Game going live sales isn't changing what I am doing at all. Only time HYPE will happen is when new content is released.
  13. I mean that would have been neat to see as well