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  1. So I know of the basic options of preventing downloading items/dinos/survivors, but we dont want to limit that. But what people are doing are bringing fertalized pteranadons and other non Abberant dino eggs over. Is there a way other than prevent Items that we can do?
  2. All this PVE woes don't exist on Unofficial servers, just saying.
  3. Best Place to farm hide

    You are correct with Therizino, East of Viking Bay, north of the snow along the cliff, crap loads of brontos/diplos/rexes etc. Just circle that cliff over and over.
  4. Transfers into Aberation

    So only naked survivor TO aberration ?
  5. Levels on wild dinos

    Try putting this in your GameUserSettings.ini or whatever config you use. DifficultyOffset=1.000000 Do a destroywilddinos afterwards.
  6. Because its Ark and the PVP system is super flawed.
  7. Boss fights

    Well 1 thing is: Broodmother takes like 4x the damage it normally would. We had 1 ridered rex attacking it and before our other rexes got done with Monkey, brood was 3/4 of the way down. Center is way easier than island
  8. @ Ark Devs & Megalosaurus

    What I'm talking about riderless Megas that attack like Bosses and Larger creatures, and they are trying to use their Grab attack so it significantly reduces their damage.
  9. raw prime fish meat

    Dunno if said, but if u can find a Leedsitchys, you can swim up to them and Scrape Prime meat off them.
  10. If any devs read this, please answer this for me: was the bug for the Megalosaurus fixed or planned to be fixed where it uses the Alternate Grab attack on Larger creatures? (IE Bosses, Alpha rexes, brontos etc)
  11. ^^ Title. What is that referring to?
  12. Take 2

    That's why you find a GOOD one I said. Good ones you have no fear of server done from erasing/offline unless planned for. Been on one now for8 months, and would have been on it longer had i known it was there, and it has no intention of stopping. You find the community ones where people would be willing to send a tiny bit of money to cover costs IF need be. IF people have a good time on a server, they will pay to see it through. I rather spend $5 a month on Unoffical than play free on Officials, and I am sure alot others would be too.
  13. Take 2

    Find a good Unofficial. Save yourself stress typing.
  14. Refund issued

    So what, delays happen, its not like there is not other stuff to do in the 4 maps Officially. Just if people were true fans of Ark, they would be patient and accept yes they need more time to polish the game. Yeah im bummed it isnt releasing this month, but oh well, me throwing a fit and complaining on forums isn't going to change anything. Accept it and do something else in the meantime.