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  1. Confirm, just left a node at 3k, came back about 30 mins later, still at 3k
  2. If you right click and eat the surrounding berries/mushrooms, then it will be accessable to hit. I noticed this aswell, and this method doesnt always work, but its a temporary work around.
  3. Majix

    I feel well and truly ripped off with SE

    If Only there was some website that broadcasts videos and introductions to Ark maps, something that maybe users upload to "You" if only there was some way to research this hmmm.
  4. Majix

    Who won the $2,000.00 prize money?

    Id imagine they removed it because it probably was killed due to known method which involved 2 ppl and 2 drakes. Thus the reason for patch notes: Rockwell projectiles can now target Camouflaged Rock Drakes.
  5. Not a PSA, its a known fact since SE release
  6. Majix

    Rampant Incompetence

    Read your whole list of items, and not once have I experienced any of those quote "Bugs". Only thing I do experience and utilize is the floating structures. You are just reaching here buddy, and in regard to Swamp cave, been using frog since it was reworked, had zero issue getting in and out so, /shrug.
  7. Please make this a thing! That is all.
  8. It's why there's clusters. I play on Unofficial so I play with the same people though every map on the cluster. Find your friends and join them.
  9. You just explained the reason in your post. Everyone playing the new and hip. Get with the times!
  10. Majix

    Need Some Assistance Please!

    Underwater West cave and red loot crate drops in both caves and sky drops. Took me a good month to finnaly get a rex BP, so just keep at it.
  11. Thank you Rage, this helps immensely.
  12. So I know of the basic options of preventing downloading items/dinos/survivors, but we dont want to limit that. But what people are doing are bringing fertalized pteranadons and other non Abberant dino eggs over. Is there a way other than prevent Items that we can do?
  13. All this PVE woes don't exist on Unofficial servers, just saying.
  14. Majix

    Best Place to farm hide

    You are correct with Therizino, East of Viking Bay, north of the snow along the cliff, crap loads of brontos/diplos/rexes etc. Just circle that cliff over and over.
  15. Majix

    Transfers into Aberation

    So only naked survivor TO aberration ?