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  1. The way i did it and sadly had to kill over 100+ adults due to over breeding. I have 10 throughs full of yellow berrys, 5 full of stone, 5 of meat. Had 4 owls above on ledges. Had just 2 adult male and females gachas on wander in a building 500x300 foundations. Came back 24hrs expecting to find them dead, and couldn't get in the door as there was so many of them. When i got in there, there was a lot of dead babies, whilst i was there though the adults we're killing some of the babies. So looks like once they get to a point that no more will fit in there they kill there own young... I checked the throughs and they were empty but only a handful of adults had low health. The rest were at full health. My owls were and 3/4 health so don't think they fed much.
  2. So still no ps4 update and it's nearly midnight, so they should have said "we may get it out onto the ps4, and even though we said it would be in the next few hours, we know you'll believe anything we say and we say hours meaning days, like we say days and it's weeks" Well we're all still waiting.. but then against nothing new with what they promise. And i was one of those suckers that paid full price for the game and full price for the season pass and then full price for all the tek costumes only for it to constantly crash and not able to use the tek costumes.
  3. Any idea when the ps4 update will be ready? I know that it was meant to be a few hours from the main update time. But still not seeing any update.
  4. Hello! I was lead to believe that you might be able, and willing, to help me. Im trying to get Wyverns as well as various Abb Dinos to spawn naturally on my Nitrado -Center server. In post you seem to have acomplished this. Would you mind sharing code(s)? Thank you for your time and consideration of this request from a noob(ish).

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