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  1. 2 to 3 weeks...how do you even get anything decent in those play time I'll be more surprised if he manages to get anything off also like...how much is he even going to sell them for? a very good BP goes for about 2 dollars on the black market. the best rex and giga clone goes for about that price too
  2. never had such issue either. yea sometimes the server goes unstable but that's about the time we stop doing high risk stuff like transferring server or boss fights
  3. dino leash cannot be demolished no option wheels no hold E no nothing
  4. when did you experience this because even with our unstable server from dec to april none of us lost our toons during transfer we do get our toons duplicated, and someone derped out and deleted their original toon with the one from another server other than that none of those frequent server hoppers got their toon deleted
  5. you should be somewhat happy about it. trees on the island kills a lot of gpu. trees on other map are better I heard
  6. do you really have to reply on a 3 week old post to up your post count? there was a bug in genesis ascension. it was fixed. and here you are 3 weeks later
  7. you don't really lose your character over server crashes anymore character saves are independent from server save. one good way to know this is have yourself mindwiped and crash the server. your character will come back into the game already mindwiped tho you may have to respawn in a bed to see a complete reset. when you transfer and lose your toon its due to some other reasons...like the server didn't know which copy of your ark data to keep so it deletes the wrong one
  8. pretty sure it sounds like heil hitler
  9. hover skiff ownership mechanics is it intended? right now I got a friend to craft it and he now owns the skiff, and its following him wherever he goes instead of the tribe my tribe setting was personally own tribe ridden, which probably led to the craft being annoying now can it be uploaded onto an obo or something?
  10. unreal 5 and ark what are the chances of a game upgrading to a new unreal engine? from all the game dev simulation games I've played it seems you can't just swap it out like some codes but that's just game mechanics. I am hoping its actually possible in the real world
  11. I surfed on an wild giga rare opportunity. also surfed on an alpha carno but the saber got me
  12. -86766 -74259 34047 -108.95 -3.30 not a mesh false positive but there's a map hole here
  13. my first thought was actually dodoAstrocetus because of that turret there then I remembered its not halloween yet
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