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  1. HiImZech

    legacy pc save files

    ... dood. did you download the files before replying? these are from june not sept
  2. HiImZech

    How is Ark's PvE life these days?

    go over to legacy its hardly capped
  3. HiImZech

    What if phoenix die?  (Tamed)

    phoenix won't come back to life I'm sorry it ded
  4. HiImZech

    Metal Railings Bugged?

    a little obvious and silly but we gotta go through this step in troubleshooting are you on pve...
  5. HiImZech

    legacy pc save files

    I know the past great migration sees no pc server being depreciated, but can we get the save files? is there any mention there will not be a save file or we're just waiting for it to drop?
  6. HiImZech

    Giga Mutation

    can we get a picture?
  7. HiImZech

    My Crusade Against the Fog

    fog should be recolored instead imo make it not as hard or something. main trouble with fog imo is its too dark. make it a shade lighter should help a lot
  8. it's gonna swoop in and steal your kibble. earth's reply to ichy on the island
  9. HiImZech

    Movement Speed is Overpowered!

    I'm one of those with high speed. on pve here's my reasoning: at 100% I simply move too slow to accomplish anything. sprinting all the time isn't helpful since it drains a lot of stam I have a life outside of ark. it's called the working life. and I don't have the time to run around slowly at high speed I can run past any danger to save anything I need to save. like my mount from a predator. I make a great bait on a stick too you move at regular 100% speed when turned into a cucumber on the pvp context how do you counter a high speed entity? give them more things to do. when things are simple just by moving at high speed it can completed faster. so make complicated structures. make fake walls that opens to nowhere. create bullet hell rooms. make them think. all these should slow them down. set traps. break a pillar and everything below collapse trapping them somewhere. if they are just blindly running through your base defenses ignoring all kinds of stuff you made then what you can do is to make it really expensive to attack your base.
  10. HiImZech

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    you are solving a language problem by saying it's from a specific language. what I am trying to say is don't be so sure it has a spanish origin even though the popular vote is on it. air means a different thing in another language, and good luck looking it up on google. it's not pronounced the same way as how you will in english. this is just an example of how romanisation works. since the names of the berries are written, edmund could have very well heard how it sounded like and made it up how it should be written like using english against I must emphasis edmund rockwell is english. how do we know he's for sure english? look at his notes but of course I'm expecting more backlash about how it's definitely spanish/latin, ignoring all the lore and all the things going in ark. so I'll be leaving this conversation now. I'll continue to pronounce it as "zechzech", as I have named everything in ark that way. and people in my tribe understood it every time so that's great and working for me. "bring zechzech to make the kibble" "bring zechzech to farm meat" "bring zechzech to farm metal" "bring zechzech for the boss fight" "bring zechzech we need more walls" works like a charm. only 1 sound longer than "it". side note: I love how people assume brits from possibly 19th century are on such good terms with the spanish that they will use their words in their notes.
  11. HiImZech

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    I also fail to understand how because a word that looks spanish/latin is definitely spanish/latin please then tell me about this word: air please tell me how to pronounce it
  12. HiImZech

    Build Big Base is Wrong ??

    rag servers seems to have this issue. probbaly because how big the map is also it may be a case of too many people online
  13. pretty sure that's the 50 50 bug and they exist since day 1. I'll advise your server and whoever's in charge of the community stuff on your server to build a tower at 50 50 so these tames can actually survive until someone finds them
  14. HiImZech

    Wyvern grief

    well would you like to find those low level eggs and then throw them away instead?
  15. HiImZech

    how would you rework kibble system

    I think the rework should be made to put all and any eggs to form kibble, and the amount of kibble produced varies with the egg used. like 3 dodo egg to make a kibble a rex egg can make 2 kibble giga egg can make 6 kibble the kibble needed to tame a dino should increase to a fair point, like 100 kibble for a 150 rex or something if kibble becomes a common item to make and get then we should also be aware there will be more reports of servers reaching the tame cap, and that's not the best thing to face. so on top of just eggs for kibble we might need to have some kind of rarer item in each kibble making session. so...maybe like...you need pearls to make kibble? pearls are technically edible if its in powder form :p