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  1. and transferring off the server itself is a problem because you can get kicked out of tribe for no reason at all even if you have no duplicated toon
  2. got nothing to do with the trough. sometimes the game forgets a dino and that's where it starts to starve. you need to watch out for these and pod them so the game remembers them again
  3. please reduce giga breeding time how about just 10 days? yuty is at 8 days...so lets have giga at 10? how about that? if you do this I'll promise not to bug yall with maturity timer again
  4. 3 weeks actually...because wood is so heavy we crawled with it back to the smithy to dump them there for the crafter
  5. as per tribe log today... so it walked. it walked so far. but at least its a closure. guess I didn't fly around enough. I thought I've covered most of the map but it appears I missed somewhere. rip. at least I still have him in a previous save. thanks wc
  6. nah. they just want some metal. also you're seeing this on abb...where you actually can 1) get a lot of metal 2) get attacked a lot strength in numbers is what I'll say I kinda do this myself as well...just not in this many different colors it takes a while to unload them all so they gotta stay unpodded
  7. I have concluded it's antimesh without log. flew around the map with whistle all checked underwater too. nothing's walking down there. guess we'll find out when it actually gets deleted. not too worried about it since it's not an important mount, just used it to reset timers but it is most interesting to see that even when the flyer has completed stopped it can suddenly start walking again without any triggers
  8. no they got like 10 horcruxes one for each server on each tribe. seriously tho...these dupes are not intended. no one will even know a dupe has been created can you imagine I went to another server just to do a boss fight...and then I unknowingly left a dupe there? its a server I'll never visit ever again
  9. ok so problem now...which character should be the main one if they're literally voldemort?
  10. does that have to do with dupe on the same server or different server because I have friends who has dupes all over the place
  11. game kicks you out of tribe when you transfer back do not transfer server. if you do please make sure there is someone still in the tribe to add you back in otherwise your tribe is gone. thanks wc screenshot shows what happens right after you chose a bed to spawn in. it doesn't describe much but that's what we get...
  12. I flew around whistling all follow definitely not. others have seen it before it disappeared as well. again I must say I watched it stay still before I log off. there's no deep ocean near me, just rivers. I flew over them whistling too. but the wyverns aren't drowning? that's interesting. how did they even manage to not hover over water
  13. I landed and made sure it stood still before logging off. also how far can they walk within a compound? I flew around the map whistling all follow. can't find it I guess antimesh got him. somehow. I'm pretty sure it was still around 2 days ago when I popped by. then suddenly its gone today
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