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  1. HiImZech

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    can we get back on topic? :3
  2. HiImZech

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    the wiki isn't official and thus not backed by wildcard I mean...we all took it as official I have no idea why the dev aren't taking it. but I guess because they didn't write the information in there and thus wouldn't want to be held responsible for someone else's misguidance. pun probably intended.
  3. HiImZech

    Difference between legacy and official?

    legacy pve has lesser pillared spots than official official servers have more people than legacy unofficial are the best
  4. HiImZech

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    it may be the english language but eh it's our understand that makes the sound. I say may-joe-bear-ly you can even call it zechzech for all we care so long as you know what it is its fine :3
  5. HiImZech

    Tame cape Limit only 500 a tribe

    oh wow this thing is still going? can't even know where to start on the server upgrade. whatever you buy for your home pc cost much more for a server. always going for an upgrade is not an option. if you don't even upgrade your pc once a month you don't expect people to do that for a server that is used by people for FREE 500 dinos is a lot. and there is a lot of ways to circumvent that limit if you really think its too little also you're not putting up an argument anymore. you're just name calling and saying only you're right
  6. HiImZech

    Prison on the water help ?

    max height of 74 units they have this limit to stop people from building a wall that completely blocks out the area
  7. HiImZech

    Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    some recently depreciated server's save file are not uploaded. for example 118 is still on may 8 instead of june 12
  8. HiImZech

    PC Bug Reports

    I think it's not entirely deleted, more like hidden from searches since I still have my post counts most of my post count comes from bug reports
  9. HiImZech

    Getting the DLCs

    DLC does help you have an easier time on the island. back when there wasn't scorched earth we had no free electricity in the form of wind turbine, no way of getting the dragon boss with rockets unless he lands, giga was a big problem since there wasn't any direct counter against it, titan is really difficult to kill on foot right now with abb its easier to light up your base without running 10 genny, rock climbing in ice cave is a thing, zip line across dangerous ravine is a thing
  10. HiImZech

    legacy Are there any news on latest legacy saves?

    I see your point. and yes that server hasn't have their save file updated
  11. still nothing done yet can't transfer kibble off rag39
  12. HiImZech

    legacy Are there any news on latest legacy saves?

    I took from the live list for rag39 none of the server I'm playing in are decomissioned bruh how would an already decommissioned server have the june 12 save file unless they are taken offline on june 12? please quote me 1 server decommissioned on june 12 and we can all investigate that one. thanks
  13. HiImZech

    Giga's spawning inside bases

    you on pve?
  14. HiImZech

    A Bridge From Herb to Mainland Reportable?

    lol complaining about things not going their way I'll tell him "welcome to ark"
  15. HiImZech

    SmallTribe Rules

    thing about teaming is really vague. if you're raiding 2 tribes at once can you really be called teaming against the other tribe? if you see the weaker tribe is losing and then you went on in to loot are you teaming as well? remember the raiding tribe is going to shoot you on sight. what if you join in a fight to double cross your "ally" tribe? they are all out attacking and you're bombing their home base.