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  1. HiImZech

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    what does Defenders are harvestable for light robotic materials mean
  2. HiImZech

    How does Raptor Claws work?

    not sure if anyone posted already but there's a flight path (if its not randomly decided) on the island that takes it across the sea. if it does that it will not drop anything. I've tailed it once and it was horrible
  3. HiImZech

    Let's be real .

    they call me "landlord" since I've been hogging on to the same spot since the server started
  4. I wonder why are the timings on PST then EST in the evolution event is it possible to standardize to a time zone?
  5. HiImZech

    Tribe leader gone for years .

    just try it. send in a ticket
  6. DO NOT BUY!! ark is still very buggy!
  7. HiImZech

    PvE Objectives

    max level for dinos is 450. mutation can get you there. dinos above 450 are DELETED without warning
  8. HiImZech

    PvE Objectives

    well then you go on breeding every breedable dinos until you get dinos born level 449
  9. HiImZech

    homodeus skin do not stick

    the skin disappears from your item after you do any inventory transfer. you cannot unequip/equip your gear after you apply the skin
  10. HiImZech

    Overcoming build hight restrictions.

    they won't count as having the same foundation. they might snap but they won't be the same
  11. HiImZech

    Is this Quetz design allowed?

    you can argue this isn't a box design and the quetz will still take damage from the front, but seeing how gms are the judge jury and executioner all in 1... don't risk it. don't get dev wiped for being innocent.
  12. HiImZech

    Download problems

    its not stuck it's unpacking. give it time. it took me about 4 hours to get it all down because of unpacking. no idea why it didn't download everything before unpacking but its going on like this blame valve
  13. HiImZech

    Rex eggs at hatch good or bad?

    wait what. what server is this from
  14. HiImZech

    24 hrs wow thanks ark

    its not going to be x8 right off the bat so don't plan on going for extreme long maturation time dinos
  15. HiImZech

    legacy pc save files

    ... dood. did you download the files before replying? these are from june not sept