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  1. there might be a coincidence. my island server is also OC. Sydney to be exact and its still dead I checked both in game and battlemetrics
  2. my island server is offline for more than 24 hours now battlemetrics has pronounced it dead is everything ok? are we all on the same server farm?
  3. ok I'll try that again however this doesn't really explain why stereo mix (the one you see disabled) will play audio from your computer (like youtube) into ark if its not set to disabled
  4. unlike other recent games ark doesn't lets us select the audio devices. normally this would be fine until I found out my new mic isn't playing well in ark. it appears ark is headstrong on using realtek audio driver for whatever audio processing. while there are options for you to change your output devices via window's interface and ark will follow suit, input devices aren't so fortunate. default is set to the mic, and its working across every other applications. just not ark. it's even working in steam chat. I have yet to find a way to make seiren x work in ark. my previous hea
  5. can we not have the event revolves around fishing? I've never seen any man whose wife actually likes him to disappear for an entire day to come back with 1 fish in his tank. you make us wait 5mins for a fish to be hooked? that's like 1/10 of in game day gone if you can't improve the fishing mechanic, at least let fish net work for the event.
  6. fish net only bring in fish meat. no luck so far with anything more than fish meat I hate fishing. its a long wait for anything to get picked up. wc can argue this is also true in real life but 55mins = 1 day night cycle in game other game that doesn't feature fishing as an main attraction often has their fish hooked in a matter of seconds and you go through a mini game that finally determines if you net the fish or not. in ark you go through everything and finally the game decides you're not worthy to get a fish sna
  7. ...not this again you did this 5 years ago and it was a big screw up
  8. not sure why 147 is a surprise or anything you need a ton to increase the chance of getting a mutation a breeding farm usually has a few hundred female in a tight spot so the male can reach all of them in 1 sitting you know those servers that has 1 or 2 players playing all the time? those are likely breeder servers where one guy loads a ton of female in their farm lots of dinos on map = client side lag. server lags happens when you have way too much calculations going on. you actually need a lot more dinos in render to start a server lag
  9. even rexes gets stuck on rocks no bigger than their calf
  10. we finally going to get the shooter game we paid for?
  11. welcome to turkey trial. uh...yes these turkeys are fun like that. the actual solution is to cut them with a sword because they regen with every knockback
  12. 5mins ago I uploaded a bunch of cyropods from a transmitter. I jumped to the obo on the same server but its not there in the inventory. I went back to the transmitter and can't them as well
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