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  1. pause the game with playersonly command
  2. can't find the mesh hole thread anymore but here's a hole on the north side of volcano on the island -81721 -76530 30110 -80.83 -7.04
  3. just had 2 toons deleted for trying to transfer. thanks wc
  4. I don't think your issue's on official? in that case you need to talk to your server's admin not the official admins
  5. marking the server as favourite doesn't work anymore. battlemetric is reporting it to be unavailable from time to time but I'm not sure if they're related. I gotta keep looking for them in the official server list instead of favourite list. any other server having this problem? this started some time this week
  6. there's no more such option when I hold E against another tribe owner. this is official pve we have a total of 19 members but I don't think there's a tribe member limit edit: well it appears its hidden being a recruit option, where the recipient has to choose to merge or just come in on his own
  7. how is it unannounced when its on everywhere stating aug 25 at 1pm pdt for pc?
  8. to run ark smoothly but with crap graphics you actually need a card with high vram and at least 16gb of ram currently running 16gb ram and 2070s...yet ark is still not smooth I have about 1 sec loading times when I enter and exit caves
  9. no you can't bring tek quetz in official. you have to disable flyers in cave. if you actually can fly 1 in there and it stays flying throughout then we have a bug on our hands. also about the tributes, if you venture into the cave with the tributes they will disappear when you respawn after winning the fight. do not bring the tributes into the cave.
  10. just use http://ark.crumplecorn.com/breeding/
  11. yea this sucks but next time you'll learn to keep everything on the tame when you log out welcome to ark survival evolved, where the evolved part means you survive against the bugs/glitches and onslaught of wc's GM. after a few years of internship in here you'll learn how to over-plan your dates, and military services will be contacting you to do war planning. good luck commander
  12. pretty sure this is unofficial since you can't bring a quetz into tek cave but you can use a scout to lure giga into lava
  13. and transferring off the server itself is a problem because you can get kicked out of tribe for no reason at all even if you have no duplicated toon
  14. got nothing to do with the trough. sometimes the game forgets a dino and that's where it starts to starve. you need to watch out for these and pod them so the game remembers them again
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