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  1. its not the first time I heard someone talking about it already. its rare but not that rare. I actually pity you. you're stuck in playing the game until wc shuts down while we here in legacy enjoys wide open spaces with a chance that our server gets decommissioned so we can move on hosting it on unofficial server. we also enjoys new players coming over because apparently the new servers are "pillared to the edges". I am very sure that's untrue but then again we have wide open spaces. tons of opportunities no customer support not a big problem. back when there was customer support it is just as crappy as it is today (actually...back then it was 100x better because there's no genie45. I hate your ragnarok map too.) so ya. totally not regretting staying. actually its the wiser choice to not move. I can get the players who has their dinos in my tribe to return and play unofficial with me. I don't stash important dinos. I am pissed about it (which brings a total of 17 dinos being deleted by the server thus far) still being a thing.
  2. read the edited posts. I seem to have found the cause. it was the bloody lag spike. the map seems to be not updating during this spike and therefore didn't spawn the squid. the pod not respawning into my inventory is another sign this is due to a spike. ark's save mechanic really needs an overhaul. whoever has heard of players losing stuff because the liveservice is saving?
  3. baby squid on the island what was the error that showed up when you threw out the mosa? are you on official server? I'm also trying to get a cheap throwaway to try I threw a baby lightning wyvern out. it was fine I tried with a random megalodon and it was fine. the error was fine as well. I think it was the server lag spike that denied the dino from unloading and then deleting it. it's a adolescent squid...I am pissed but not totally angry about it since it is still a baby and not the only one I'm raising. but it was the only male of its kind. what makes matter worse is "there is no customer support on legacy" so I won't be getting anything back. thanks for all the 1 sided love we gave to wc during early access.
  4. tried this during a lag spike (server is saving): during a lag spike, if you're not in deep water, unpodding water tame will give you the message: "cannot deploy: " instead of "cannot deploy: not underwater" and the pod gets deleted along with the dino instead of returning to your inventory. under normal circumstances this doesn't seem to happen. this is the same issue as doing inventory transfer during a lag spike. everything in between is not recorded (without you knowing of course) and therefore not accounted towards what is going on. wc can attempt to prevent this from happening by doing a load after each save
  5. in my anxiousness I didn't see the incorrect config... well nvm I can't edit the report anyway. you're a better mod than joel and morgan
  6. there is no option to choose expired event is running what we do now trying my best to help the new players on my server not get wiped by this monstrosity. they deliberately came back after fear evolved is over
  7. fe3 has returned on my official server expecting this to be instantly closed with "there is no support for legacy server" but at least I did my part for my community that's actually welcoming of new players: fear evolved 3 has be set active since the OC maint today on legacy-pve-147 just picked up a pumpkin and saw dodorex fled message. meteor in the sky checked
  8. did the pods reported dead? or even the pods are missing? there is a counter-intuitive feature on pods where if it or its container isn't rendered in 7 days the dinos inside dies and instantly marking the pod as dead
  9. fix found DISABLE GLOBAL ULTRA LOW LATENCY MODE in NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL, restart PC enable ultra low latency mode for ark only if you wish
  10. welp. can't delete post. waiting for my warning then. don't even understand why did I come back here to try help people with their battleye I should just stick to reddit fix found DISABLE GLOBAL ULTRA LOW LATENCY MODE in NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL, restart PC enable ultra low latency mode for ark only if you wish
  11. never knew how having 4k hours or 20k hours in ark can have an effect on understanding how battleye works vs how congested network ark servers were having networking issues kicking people out randomly. everyone on my server is affected. we were even thinking its the new guys on the server trying to dupe stuff again if battleye detects an error with your pc it will not even allow you to join. just start the game without battleye and visit the official server to see what I mean yea but is it closing a ton of legitimate stuff for you tho?
  12. oh my server the fireballs goes around like a clock face they start off as \\\\ then slowly turn - - - - then finally ///// at around 5am
  13. not sure if accurate but someone said they saw him literally in the water
  14. how are you refuting something that others has proven to be a workaround to join official servers
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