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  1. yes you did say it is not useful. you quoted me as WANT to not because I NEED to again you're skipping all the ideas I'm putting across and packaging it your way. you're not looking for a counter. you're looking for approvals. I will not be replying to this thread anymore.
  2. you don't understand why would I want to move so fast around the map using my toon alone so now why are you telling me its not a useful thing that I do? to counter your argument I HAVE to walk around on foot. also if you realized ark's major game logic flaw, you would do what I do as well. move around as much as possible on foot instead of using dinos. here's a preview of what I do on foot: traverse caves look for wild giga look for alpha rex get rid of titans get rid of whatever dino that should be gone from somewhere here's some basic reason why you should do consider these on foot instead: dinos get stuck in caves. giga will eat your tame. same for alpha rex one lag spike is all you need to get your tame killed 1 DC is all it takes to get your tame killed 1 crash to desktop is all you need to get your dino deleted by the server 1 DDoS is all you need to get the server rolling back to probably the time you're doing whatever above and you couldn't get back in in time to continue running away from that titan ark's major game logic flaw ark's networking issue wonderful hackers who wants to see wc close down its business whenever they feel like it you're on official server you're on legacy official server considering how much time I spend breeding a new dino its really silly to risk them over trivial matters like that. there are still areas where dinos get deleted for no good reason and they just show up in your tribe log as deleted if you're gonna say "why not use a tamed dino instead" then I'll reply with "why does anyone want to spend even more time in a time sink game doing trivial things" fun fact: not only I do all these things on foot, I do all these things buttnaked too :3
  3. I want to move from my base at red obo to carno island in less than 10 mins. I'm on pve and my ms is at 180 sometimes I need to pull titan away from my base so I run in punch its tail then run into the ocean lots of use for high movement speed
  4. ark used to have a direction where you can rely on your own cleverness or rely on dinos to get things done. or at least thats how I felt. further speed nerf is kinda going against this mindset. a speed cap will be a better solution, but I guess there's no way to please both sides of the same issue why would a level 130 guy puts all his points into speed and unable to mindwipe it off more than once is beyond me. why would even a level 100 mule do that its a waste of money and time investing in flash paper assuming people just puts their point up to where turrets can't track, with the other buffs, that still makes them paper. health and weight are both important. if anyone is going to say "oh they can outrun everything they don't need any protection" hasn't really gotten rekt'd by a constantly mashing/macroing LMB giga/titan/quetz imo your best shot with these paper build are C4 chargers (literally charging in with c4 on their back ). but I remember C4 weighs you down now so how are you going to do that?
  5. Please I need S+

    oh ya if you're talking about that then yes we need something better. if you wanna know about a year ago it was even worst with no snap point rotation keys. we can only adjust our angle and distance with our characters. back then you place something down it may snap to other spots or be rotated
  6. Please I need S+

    umm... you don't need s+ you need practices on building. try doing it in sp for that I practice my building skills there. even came up with new ways of building in single player. stuff are free just spawn them in
  7. vault as floor for crafting room

    its precisely because people are using vaults as walls hence they reduced the size of the vault making it uber expensive but give us 1 year. we will make a wall of vaults again :3 inb4 too many vaults. new limit = 100 vault per 10k unit inb4qqtoofewvaults
  8. vault as floor for crafting room

    I made something like this for my metal smelting smithy room it works. only thing is don't drop stuff or they may get stuck inbetween the vaults
  9. holiday midnight buff

    I think it should retain after you respawn. to be fair to others maybe respawn in the same area. it should not retain when the character jumps bed. to keep things fair. not sure if ark differential respawn from death or fast travelling from bed then again judging from how the previous christmas events were run, just let us retain the buff after death or fast travel. its as good as tracking down raptor claus and rocketing everyone nearby with your 20+ man tribe. gotta respect the tradition yanno ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. got a bunch of asc bp they used to be stuff. but now bp. I'm happy
  11. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    titans. make them smaller please. and don't climb over 6 walls high basically make dinos not balance on anything lesser than half a foundation wide. you can actually make stairs using fence and walls at subsequently increasing height for dinos to climb like a jacob's ladder, only the dino's foot is much larger large dinos should be able to carry smaller bodies in their mouth. insects should be attracted to furry dinos (apes, bears, mammals in general, yuta) because...well rotten meat smells great to them mosa song. like whale song but for mosa. in fact, noises for all underwater dinos. dino day night cycle. pretty sure wolves are nocturnal. bats should do way less damage to flesh. you can make it do more damage to armor to balance it out spider should have a turret mode to shoot webs at flyers or something dilo raptor dolphin bee dragonfly ants horde bonus meat eating dino to prefer eating meat than fish from the trough and vice versa better landing mechanic for wyverns. the current landing mechanic looks like a kid playing with his toy car rolling it all over the ground before slamming it into the place it should be. combination key attacks for dinos? like ctrl+RMB for flame wyvern = flamethrower attack. or just let us hold RMB for a longer breathe attack
  12. dung beetle is asking me for poop from my dino smh
  13. Cavewolf/Ravager damage nerf

    noooooooooooo there goes my chance to outdps a wolf with my fist of furry ;;-;
  14. Cavewolf/Ravager damage nerf

    but wth is cavewolf? is it direwolf in caves or the new doggo (Ravager) in abb?
  15. Not Enough Free disk space

    I realised after installing the updates... ark went back to 105gb and I've uninstalled most of my games to make that happen WC ARE YOU DOING THIS ON PURPOSE!? smh