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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. what do you mean by sadly? we're doing very well here no pillar spammers no awful people everyone's kind and happy and sharing freebies with each other :3
  2. also on legacy server, we have tribes who have been playing the game since 185.64 (not sure if that's the one) and they have walls that won't come down unless you break the foundation (floating walls) does that count towards exploiting? it'll be unfair to count that as exploiting since they have built with that mechanic since the beginning of time
  3. @Jatheish bruh does this even apply to legacy servers?
  4. rafts in arkpark

    picture says it all
  5. Auto Decay has big problems

    pillars without ceiling/foundations/ladders and foundations without anything snapped to it will decay at a much faster rate
  6. tips for solo player on official

    I have been on pve official all the days of ark since jun 2015 I find no such troll ever doing it to any of the servers I've been. also because I am no troll myself and does not react to trolling. I do find them on pvp server...and only pvp server
  7. tips for solo player on official

    your survivor's life is worthless. die often your dino's life is precious. don't let them die seek the light
  8. strategy for lava cave

    you can run island basic caves naked. just takes a while but you'll get it eventually. have a place to put 10 beds in. this should suffice for you to get to the artifact
  9. Any good Lightning wyvern names

    god's fart. yes that song from ted. my tribemate named his zapp brannigan
  10. New Player / Giga Defense

    dino gates can stop a giga from entering but the point should be you should work towards getting a barn such that all your dinos are not exposed to the outside
  11. the best way to get paste on island ?

    giga can't digest insects so bring a giga following your toad in the swamp. not sure how you can deal with the kapros with this method tho...maybe ride the giga and make the frog gather instead?
  12. sometimes the platform saddle causes the tuso to smack the rider killing him in the process. thats why we use regular saddles. I play pve so all my tips are more pve oriented (could also be common knowledge already idk): 1) make use of thatch to mark out what you want to build 2) dinos can use blueprints to craft stuff in their inventory and not lose movement speed 3) a ladder can help you place perfectly parallel boxes or unsnapped gateframe 4) you can really get on and stand on your giga head to whistle it to move or attack. it will do so with reckless abandon at max stam 5) food trough range are 8 on the long side and 16 SQUARES on the short side. its not a circular radius but a measurement by foundations 6) since each foundation allows you to snap up to 2 ceilings on either side and 1 ceiling diagonally, you can safely add half a ceiling over the edge of your building to create more depths 7) make baby megalosaurus follow something to make them eat lesser during the day time while they are sleeping (not sure if the sleeping drain is fixed) 8) prior to a very early version it is possible to have a wall floating above a fence foundation or a base anchoring on 1 pillar. if you see one of these on a legacy server the owner has been around for a long time. 9) I use the golden ratio when building my base. it makes things looks better. things going at 3,6,9 or multiples of them are very beautiful. 10) because most of the building blocks in game are squarish, its great to go asymmetrical and have walls span odd numbers of foundation. 11) you can install reinforced dino gates in non stone tier gateframes. same goes for other non tek tier gates. 12) megalodon do not attack you in shallow waters where parts of their body is forced to stick out of the water 13) you can build a pedestal on a raft and land a wyvern on it (takes some effort...I usually walk it off a higher ground to land on it). set it to turret mode and aggressive then drive the raft around.
  13. no idea what happened, but pressing backspace twice, jumping to more beds didn't help it. I gotta relog. this will be a big problem on densely populated servers on another note... WHAT KIND OF A SELFISH HORRIBLE PERSON REPORTS NOTIFICATION EMAILS AS SPAMS WHEN THEY CAN JUST TURN IT OFF ON SITE!? this kind of behavior does a lot of damage to the email provider and may force their hand to disconnect the account that is causing their ratings to drop. not sure if its there but maybe a unsub button in the email will help too. I myself throws them all (notifications, advertisement, friend request, farmville request xD) into a folder to file them and empty it once in a while. junk box isn't good since they auto empty. also the real spam and scam mails gets mixed in
  14. your dino still stays in ark however
  15. as title, parasaur does not eat from trough when in turret mode. should be a bug since its still a dino.