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  1. so you're saying on reddit you can have a subreddit about how to assassinate somebody and still get away with the discussion? trade drugs? sharing research into bio-weapons? trade pedobear videos? organs? ok I'll tell them to go there. reddit is free unlike ark
  2. could be worse. I'm not here spreading fear so lets stop at anti-western ideologies. yes these people can buy the game and go on unofficial and talk about all the harmful stuff, but those servers do not belong to wc. legacy servers still belongs to wc. do you get what I'm pushing for here? because servers belongs to them, they have a responsibility to whats going on there. while having a chat moderation is good, please do not forget legacy and answer tickets about people promoting hacks and treason
  3. so its then totally ok to have people planning and teaching how to attack a website on global chat in legacy then? last I heard, tickets from legacy will be treated on a case to case basis. but right now we can see it's 100% off any support. since there's no support and nobody from wc is going to care, then people definitely will be up to no good. that kind of no good. the one that once got me banned on the forum because its an open invitation for them to test out their latest codes on official servers I do not see how being called "legacy" on a live service server allows wc to go scott-free when their product facilitates discussion of illegal activities. no need for dark web. there's ark legacy servers
  4. because this wasn't what was communicated when they tell us early access servers are turning into legacy. everyone of us got the idea oh everything will stay the same. but wc had made a miscommunication, deliberately or not its up for debate
  5. lol chat moderation on pc? our server logged so many tickets about illegal activities, anti-western messages and hacking being discussed on our legacy server and guess what? "customer support is not available for legacy server" /ticketclosed don't make me laugh. @Jen
  6. what does Defenders are harvestable for light robotic materials mean
  7. not sure if anyone posted already but there's a flight path (if its not randomly decided) on the island that takes it across the sea. if it does that it will not drop anything. I've tailed it once and it was horrible
  8. they call me "landlord" since I've been hogging on to the same spot since the server started
  9. I wonder why are the timings on PST then EST in the evolution event is it possible to standardize to a time zone?
  10. max level for dinos is 450. mutation can get you there. dinos above 450 are DELETED without warning
  11. well then you go on breeding every breedable dinos until you get dinos born level 449
  12. the skin disappears from your item after you do any inventory transfer. you cannot unequip/equip your gear after you apply the skin
  13. they won't count as having the same foundation. they might snap but they won't be the same
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