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  1. Yeah lose dino or your player is very very bad bug. I dont buy genesis if they dont patch the most important : light, and losing dino player from obelisk or ascension
  2. Not a bug. she fly in the sky. Maybe someone attack her, so she fly for attack him, neutral? Aggressive ? Or passive? Look at the sky maybe.
  3. Light Parfois , au sérieux , nous ne pouvons pas voir rien à cause de la lumière .. besoin de ce Fixé s'il vous plaît
  4. Someone know a cheat code for open note explorer just for the island? Not coords, just a cheat Who open all note from the island? Dont want open other note from other maps thanks amigo
  5. Since 2017:lose dino in obelisk alway a problem Since 2017, people lose dino in obelisk after transfert or other things.. seriously need a patch now.. Thanks WC, lose a team dino for boss is very bad.
  6. Yellow light in océan cave (West) Je n'ai pas cela avant .. mais cette fois DILO impossible de voir quand je monte un megalodon ou un autre dino C'est la grande plante Qui a cette lumière
  7. Exactly! Not XP.. but in the menu cant read note.. so its bad even if i have already XP before
  8. Everything is ok for me but missing artefact at the little ice cave. Artefact spawn after fews minutes when you enter in the cave but for me this one not spawning. Please WC
  9. There is a cheat code for note explorer just on island?
  10. Explorer notes On ps4 you can open note explorer or dino dossier but after a boss or a patch they will back close and deseaper from the menu. Its very bad to lose all note explorer. Need a patch. This problem is here singe 1 year.
  11. Thanks i try this. But never have this problem before. That's why i create this topic.
  12. Artefact not spawn : small ice cave All artefact spawn but cant found the one in the ice cave in the top, on the corner (dont remenber the name but not the big ice cave, the other, small ice cave without bear) I walk all on the cave and wait in and outside but artefact not spawning. I need it to play the story haha (dont want to use cheat you know)
  13. Now after payed this DLC.. understand you do nothing because no bring more money.. so bad.. why asked people choice what they want its the 3 most voted suggestions..
  14. stop spam with your big message lol, scorched earth not termined, there few years ago, they said do this but not have time, and they already do boss and other content, but now, they dont want to do this, cuz to finally this, its make so much time and they dont want it
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