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  1. Tek bed : plateform The tek bed cant be place on a saddle plateform and a boat, but the description of this item said : we can place this on a moving plateforme. Bug or what else? French picture but the game said cant do it DILO
  2. Note explorer Yo, there is a cheat code for open only dino and note explorer from 1 map? A cheat for the island, scorched earth? Because of WC i lose all my note explorer already open and dont want to search around the map. But i dont want to open note from extinction, so if you know a cheat code for open note explorer from 1 map.. thanks to answer me. Peace everybody
  3. Yeah i know its a problem cuz in solo gigano and tuso alpha are rare, just 1 spawn i think or zero.. so to have the hunting trophee for alpha boss and alpha tek cave, its loooooong so they should add spawn or accepted transfert of trophee
  4. Transfert of hunting trophee possible (eyes tuso alpha...) Because in solo gigano and tuso alpha are very rare, so add spawn of this 2 dinos or make possible to transfert heart of gigano and eyes of tuso alpha! Thanks good idéal?
  5. I like your game and dont want to be angry but, all game suggestion and all thing about that change nothing.. And genesis? Dont want this DLC now because i know its all bug but seriously.. accept bug since 2015 but now change your communication, say sorry we are late like all time because WC is not rockstar, yeah de know that but please SERIOUSLY we have bug since 2015 alway here!!! Time to do something, i dont buy genesis yet because of that
  6. Yep but i can use cheat code like this mod, but dont want use help like this, and i américain on PS4 haha. OR, we can accept transfert trophee mike other items by obelisk.
  7. For solo party: add spawn of gigano and tuso alpha (1 to 3 enought) Yeah add gigano and alpha tuso because in solo to do the story and dragon alpha, need heart of gigano and eyes of tuso alpha. But this dino is very rare. So check map for hour and never find its very long long. So add spawn of this 2 dino. No?
  8. Seriously.. cant wait this patch! So long now, stop play with sunglasses. Dont buy genesis (very sadly for me) but stop play the light is so bright.
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