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  1. I like your game and dont want to be angry but, all game suggestion and all thing about that change nothing.. And genesis? Dont want this DLC now because i know its all bug but seriously.. accept bug since 2015 but now change your communication, say sorry we are late like all time because WC is not rockstar, yeah de know that but please SERIOUSLY we have bug since 2015 alway here!!! Time to do something, i dont buy genesis yet because of that
  2. you know what, i thing its so hard for wildcard, so i repeat what they said : While I agree, a S.E. ascension would be epic, I don't want anyone to get their hopes up here. Ascension cinematics use a ton of team resources (for months) and for the company, the story is complete for S.S. Ascension end cinematics and boss fights are amazing, but it would probably be better to invest those resources elsewhere on other content. change just for "Light, bloom and others".. so, they do nothing, game suggestion do nothing they do what they want to to do before "game suggestion"
  3. already a topic, please cherch and dont spam topic already create (most voted) or most comment
  4. thanks you WC for this big patch! Hope you do a 2nd big patch with BLOOM OPTION, or fixe the light and TLC3, peace WC ❤️
  5. i see but have the same on PS4 and on solo mod, and can do nothing..sadly, dont like use admin cheat
  6. nop but i am solo mode, and on PS4 so i think they cant do nothing for me. Lose : 20 dinos, 50 important craft, in the obelisk
  7. yo guy i'am in solo, not uptade for me on PS4, just openning transfert, and i'am on SOLO... so its a bug!! i lose all my dinos and craft stock in obelisk Okay its solo, so admin cheat.. BUT its sadly to lose all! and i dont like use cheat! and i have a TREX mutation
  8. Same ! i lose everything i have on PS4 but in solo... lose all my craft and dinos in obelisk, and all dino/notes are close now, but i open all note on the island and scorched with my perso, and now 0 note open. but no patch, just open transfert to extinction.. Rollback is possible in solo? i dont think so ?
  9. seriuosly im on PS4, but they can support a beta test you know?.. so just wait ! its a game for PC, we'r lucky to have this game on PS4
  10. The Kibble change is perfect i think !! please do something for the light! BLOOM on console
  11. haha fréro faut ecrire en anglais! mais tu as raison c'est abusé! j'ai même pas encore touché d'ailleurs je sais comment c'est en plus à chaque tous le monde se jette dessus, je suis resté sur ragnarok ou autres mais la dernières extension est tjrs injouable a ses débuts
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