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  1. stop spam with your big message lol, scorched earth not termined, there few years ago, they said do this but not have time, and they already do boss and other content, but now, they dont want to do this, cuz to finally this, its make so much time and they dont want it
  2. LOL they do all the content one time (boss etc..) but they dont put this in the game finally
  3. exactlyyyyy!! and the phoenix? seriously, okay in solo, PVE its can be cool, but in PVP (the most player) nobody tame a phoenix, the slot from scorched earth is always full, than scorched earth. Seriously they dont want to invest in this content, but, more people play on scorched earth, as far i'am concerned, if they do ascension i buy the DLC, but this map 25e? ragnarock same 0e.. LOOOOOL seriously, 65 voted.. need to back and do the ascension..work ok but money back, in PVE more people want to try this new experience, more server full, and you know WILDCARD, for survive, you, dev, and studio, need people on server, need player, this ascension bring player on PVE, PVP, solo, so you win!!! dont understand they dont want to do this seriously.. they do a new event (okay cool) but they need a patch to patch the patch event and they work hard finally : 0e in the pocket
  4. Seriously, this game is exceptional. You all do a great job. But see, it's important to listen to your community, without which the game could die. When you made the game suggestions, it was perfect. We finally said things have long been going to logically be voted in numbers, and you could not let them down to do anything else instead. For example, compared to events, skins, dino color, ok that's cool. But it takes time, the energy of money, and each time it takes a patch that patch patch event, and sometimes we take the event half. So when you say you will not do, for example, Ascension on Scorched earth because it will take time, months, a lot of resources. I do not understand. You already do it with other things, in the games suggestions I did not see in the top20, that people were asking for news skin, news event, color dino. I saw the ascension on scorched earth with 65 votes, very important in terms of rates. I also see that people want us to add the items of primitiv + on the original retaining the original, a great idea, again you have already said no. It's sad. What I do not understand is that the acsension, certainly would take time, but little that many people would buy scorched earth (which is of no interest at present as everything is in ragnarock for free). Therefore, more people in PVE, in PVP again, everyone would like to test this new latest boss, and this logical climb to go on abbement. In short I love your game, well done but be careful you offer games suggestions respect at least a few. hoping that one of you will read me, and be able to answer me. sorry for my bad english iam french. Please revive " SURVIVAL of the fittest, battle royal, on PC, but PS4 ( for exemple you work hard on this and you propose 10e, BUT woth the original game, biim new people buy the game, and money money for WILDCARD no? i said 10e maybe 25e like a DLC special battle royal. for me PS4, i buy this. Ascension ? i buy scorched earth, so MONEY for wildcard again. Event? color? dont buy more thing haha, so work but no money, ascension? work but money. (I said this because you answer about that its impossible, prefer other content, BUUUUUT people (65) said they want TTHIS content haha. thanks again sorry!! peace everybody
  5. you know what, i thing its so hard for wildcard, so i repeat what they said : While I agree, a S.E. ascension would be epic, I don't want anyone to get their hopes up here. Ascension cinematics use a ton of team resources (for months) and for the company, the story is complete for S.S. Ascension end cinematics and boss fights are amazing, but it would probably be better to invest those resources elsewhere on other content. change just for "Light, bloom and others".. so, they do nothing, game suggestion do nothing they do what they want to to do before "game suggestion"
  6. seriously, they ask a game suggestion most voted, and they said that.. the ascension from this map is asked for long time.. this seems like politic actual.. Seriously so bad! stop your game suggestion and do what Wildcard can do, if you cant do what people ask, close your website, do your game, and dont listen people playing game from the beginninng
  7. 59 people want it, the topic is on the top10 voted, maybe 5 now, so WC should do it.. or the game suggestion is nothing.. I hope they do what they say
  8. its can a be a good BR, hope PS4 too
  9. hope WC pay attention to this.. the light is very very badly, need a real patch. This topic in on the top10 most voted so.. i dont understand if they do nothing, i love this game, but i need my eyes for life you know haha
  10. just less noise, yeah, S+ add officiel but not miss so much things
  11. When they'r in "walk" they can do cementing like when they'r not tamed. Seriously? just swimming in a cercle, or walk in a cercle for the life.. lol In "walk" they do giant beaver dam with cemeting, to have cemeting like achatina
  12. - Less noise from generators, and other electric stuff, you want to leave the base and go to the silence of the jungle, the beach or cave haha
  13. yeah all patch, need a patch to patch the patch but np this game is so raptoring good
  14. already a topic, please cherch and dont spam topic already create (most voted) or most comment
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