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  1. I'm the only one worried about the quote "The End is Near"? I would like to know that this is not the last DLC and that work on the Ark will continue ...
  2. For me, with bRawSockets disabled in the server console, this message is repeated many times in a row: "Socket created / destroyed"
  3. How to do it in a single player game? And if someone knows, tell me how to change the size of the stacks, on the PC version of the game this can be done, but on ps4 in a single game I do not see such settings.
  4. Extinction Event Hello.The guys who used it on their server and know exactly how it works please tell us more about the function "Extinction Event"Will the server wipe automatically at the end of the timer without restarting the server or need a restart (in more detail) ?Will events such as "ARK: Summer Bash", "ARK: Love Evolved", etc., work in this mode ?Will mods work with this mode ?Thank you in advance for your help.Sorry for my bad english.
  5. The same trouble. And it began with the release of Genesis. Where are the developers looking all this time? Developers should at least occasionally watch their forum, because that's why it was created, and not sit on Twitter and pretend that they don’t see and do not know anything. I have never met developers who are more irresponsible and do not care about their community. A huge minus for such an attitude towards us.
  6. And further. It’s now impossible to play together in a split screen normally: on the screen of player 1 dark silhouettes of trees are displayed repeating the image on the screen of player 2 And of course, 7-15 FPS is definitely not suitable for a normal game.
  7. Same thing with me. Global settings are also reset every time you restart the game. Unfortunately, I will have to forget about this game until a fix is released. A huge minus to the developers, for so many years of the existence of Ark and to make such mistakes that completely discourage the desire to play. I bought a game, bought an add-on, waited for this add-on for half a year ... And finally, the add-on came out, as usual with delays, but oh well. We sat down with my son to play and got IT, the son was naturally upset. I had to turn off the game and now we have a feeling that we were dec
  8. Please tell me to activate the event I need to use "-ActiveEvent = WinterWonderland" or it automatically activates?
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