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  1. I have the same trouble. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. It looks like it was deleted. Why bring something to mind and develop if it's easier to remove... Developers, what else are you going to remove, SOTF, Primitive Plus?
  3. This is bug texture ? Xbox Series X (Singleplayer game) I noticed this bug of the texture of a simple bed appears if you go to Genesis 2. If you completely turn off the game and turn it back on and go to another map, then this bug is not.
  4. xbox series x I haven't tried connecting a keyboard and mouse yet, but my previous experience is on ps4. Tell me, does dragging items in the inventory work by holding the left mouse button on an item and dragging this item from the bottom row in the inventory to the top row?
  5. Sometimes it happens to me too. You have written correctly, just wait 15 minutes, re-enter the game and connect to the server. This method always works for me.
  6. The new save also has the same problem. Checked on Xbox series x and PS4
  7. Oh yeah, we all bought this car six years ago. We all hoped that it would be brought to mind, but alas, the miracle did not happen.
  8. Well, if you compare this game with a car, then this is a car with half the functions that are not working. Would you buy such a car?
  9. Disgusting attitude of developers towards their users. I think people will think before buying the second part of the game, whether it is worth buying the game from the developers who have not completed the first part ... I'm not talking about PGA, SOTF. They abandoned everything without completing it to the end. A huge minus to such developers.
  10. Please tell me, can someone in the know. Are the developers going to fix the radio?
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