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  1. Get Dino Storage v2 Basically better cryopods, super easy to transport dinos in large numbers.
  2. Hey guys! My name is CyanicEmber, I am a veteran Solo/Singleplayer since EA launch and I have seen it all. I’ve been around, some of you may recognize my name from the “Ark: The Story So Far” thread, (which I profusely apologize for never updating.) or one of my expansion concepts that I had on the official Reddit back in the day (Sunken Echoes or Mistborne.) I have played some Official and some Unofficial servers, played with friends and strangers, all told I have dropped well over $100 buying Ark and its expansions for my friends and family. I have played on and beaten every availab
  3. Yeah, but now they can make "Ark: Survival Unlimited", or whatever the next gen will be.
  4. Do you ever read their website at all? Literally the last 50 updates have all addressed meshing and other forms of cheating. I really hope you are being tongue in cheek about this...
  5. I don't know, PvP crowd has always seemed way more elitist to me.
  6. It'll be interesting to see how they handle it for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of these creatures are only available in Genesis.
  7. I mean... PvP is not exactly the be all end all of Ark. There are other games for that...
  8. All PLANNED DLCs. These were not planned at that time. That was one season, this is another season, and therefore a separate purchase.
  9. It is a brand new Expansion Pack which comes in Two Parts, each part will have a distinct but connected storyline and separate maps.
  10. I seriously doubt anything is going to be coming to Switch at any point. Ark can barely run on Switch.
  11. Official server should be fine because no matter how high the item quality is after server restart the damage percentages should drop to either to 298% or 310% depending on who you ask.
  12. Ah well, that’s kind of sad, but I completely understand. It would be a ton of work. Hopefully 2020 and beyond when they’re working on Ark’s sequel they can build their maps in such a way that similar changes would be much less daunting. *fingers crossed* Regardless , looking to be an awesome event!
  13. There's basically nothing that can be done for Switch, sorry to say. It simply doesn't have the hardware backing.
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