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  1. Question: Will local split-screen be available on the Switch? (Please say yes.)
  2. CyanicEmber

    Argy - Carryable Dino Changes

    Thylacoleo's can be, at least as recently as Syntac's Argent showcase vid. The Beavers were a mistake, it's being fixed.
  3. If I am playing on The Island with a Difficulty Offset of 0.2, what should my max level dino be? I was under the impression it would be 30, but I've seen as high as 34?
  4. This is pretty much a console seller for me. Will definitely be getting a Switch now. I've had my fair share of disappointments with Wildcard but I will never cease to be in awe over what they HAVE achieved and how dedicated they are as developers. This game is a dream come true, and I will always be grateful, especially now that I will be able to enjoy it with my wife.
  5. CyanicEmber

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    Quetzal needs like a catapult maneuver where it can vault on it's wings to launch into the air with increased speed...
  6. CyanicEmber

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    Don't forget Brontos. As the only Apex-Class Herbivore tame apart from Therizino, I expect a lot more from them. Titanos and Gigas are both Capital-Class so they don't count in my book. Also I honestly wouldn't mind having a second TLC pass on the Spino, give it REAL swimming animations please, and a decent looking bipedal anim set...
  7. CyanicEmber

    Spino is actually viable now

    I'm completely disappointed in the Spino's TLC... The concepts are great, the execution is terrible. Two legged animations do not look "cool" at all, and what's even the point if they don't? "Sure we'll give it a variable stance but it'll waddle around like it has a potato in it's butt." Also the Hydration buff is totally inconsistent, doesn't work underwater, doesn't work in rain, and the animations simply don't line up with the average movement speed of a leveled and buffed Spino. Also their swimming animations have had virtually nothing done to them whatsoever and they still have access to only bite attacks when underwater... The whole point of this dino is that it is supposed to be viable as an amphibious mount, yet as it is... It's only effective on land. After the first TLC Pass, I expected more.
  8. CyanicEmber

    I LOVE the TLC update! (#2)

    Yeah, the Spino's swimming capabilities are devastatingly disappointing, almost to the point that I don't even care about the rest of the improvements. Also it was a wasted opportunity to not have the Spino's hydrated buff become permanent during rain storms.
  9. CyanicEmber

    Apparent Bugs with new patch?

    The one I tested was spawned in via console... Should that make a difference?
  10. CyanicEmber

    Apparent Bugs with new patch?

    Two things I've noticed in Singleplayer: -Raptors dismount you upon successfully pinning a creature and you cannot ride them again until they release it. -If Spinos were meant to have updated swimming animations (which it will be a jaw drop moment for me if they weren't) they are not working. Will update if I see anything else... TLC is great overall. <3
  11. CyanicEmber

    Elite Dinos

    I really can't stand stat-inflated neon dino mods...
  12. CyanicEmber

    Elite Dinos

    It's from a mod.
  13. CyanicEmber

    TLC Ideas!

    Updated with ideas for the Carno!
  14. CyanicEmber

    What new weapons would you like to see added to Ark

    Heavy machine gun and tomahawk. And a more robust Tek Arsenal THAT IS NOT RESTRICTED TO DLC thank you very much.
  15. CyanicEmber

    Carnivorous Plants and Territorial Plants

    I just really want Wild Plant Species X to attack almost everything except a select few creatures like Beelzebufo, Insects, and perhaps Roos and Paracers... It makes no sense for them to only be dangerous when grown by humans. It would make them far harder to obtain, which is more balanced, and it would make the Swamps more interesting (both by adding a new threat and by killing some existing threats).