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  1. So what server do you recommend?
  2. I love ark, so raptoring amazing, love trying to play in servers where ddos protection isnt a god damn thing and has been dosed 4 days in a row. Such a great game thank you wild card for being so raptoring great and caring for you game, I honestly hope you all get fired because you guys clearly lost your god damn passion for this game
  3. Wow this game has hit a raptoring low, lets ban a guy who is actually trying to fix a game and help people get it patched so their bases would not be meshed. Ark is a low right now. I am ashamed to play this game now.
  4. Damn, I don know I have never has this issue occur
  5. Try to compromise, and show him that you need to do this or you will be do bad and be raided
  6. I think it would also be pretty bad due to all the small places, and such
  7. It wouldn't be good with them there, It would probably be tail whipped off a cliff and just die instantly from fall damage
  8. They just said in this new patch coming out that they were fixing that issue
  9. No 3x? R.I.P Thought I was gonna pump out reapers n drakes... I guess not now
  10. It is better then nothing rather be able to pick up something rather than nothing
  11. I better get a 3x raising for Christmas, Ark got me raptored up with the no 2x raising... But other than that I am so glad we have the S+ pickup
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