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  1. In that VoidWyrm photo i noticed that OSD (Far left) does that mean we have Orbital Supply Drops? If so sweet i love those (yes i use to spawn then to destroy players bases as an admin before they were unable to be spawned on other maps)
  2. Actually there is now go to local/host then select the advanced tab and scroll all the way down and you will see a bar that says "Active Event" and in the description it says "Name of the Event" e.g WinterWonderland
  3. Wish you a merry Christmas too wildcard and Poglin skin yes now we just need "Woo" sounds when you click on cheer emote when wearing it lol
  4. SDF has been changed you can now set there levels e.g SDF dodo 1 150 for a level 150 tamed dodo
  5. Now we just got to find the Dino commands not to spawn them but the cheat Dino commands e.g cheat Dino resetdino also Forcegivebuff command is simple just look at a Dino/player with the blink rifle (inspect mode) to see the buff classname (Top Right) for example cheat Forcegivebuff buff_Namelesspreggers 1 this will give you the reaper impregnation status effect (Level 1 reaper King) until you get kills for a level 75 one
  6. I just noticed that Tek Suit it looks like the one from the Genesis ending I wonder what new abilities it will have and that creature yikes remind me not to mess with it possible shapeshifter like the Ferox
  7. I have updated the commands list there is another command found
  8. cheat setstatontarget statname value statnames: Health (temporary), Stamina (temporary), Food, Oxygen, Water, Weight, Torpidity or Torp for short, Speed, Damage (Doesn't work yet). Note This also works on Wild Dino's and players and values for some of these are multipliers example cheat setstatontarget speed 4 will give the dino or player 4x speed multiplier cheat regrowfoliage radius Note: this respawns foliage (Trees, rocks, bushes, etc like the re-fertilizer consumable) cheat setinstantharvest 1 Note: this makes foliage and bodies instant harvest so it's a one tap h
  9. I have played this mod it is very fun to play but the only reason why they won't add it is because it has a suicide option on the pause menu which allows you to change into another Dino or human and it can be abused like someone trapping you into a cage and you can easily free your self just by pressing pause>Respawn/Change Dino and that would make it broken for PvP.
  10. But if you somehow get more then 500 health you will not die from it since it only does 500 damage to players so if you have 1k health you have to consume 2 of them.
  11. New admin commands found cheat addequipmentdurability 100 (repairs all items in hotbar and equipped armour also charges batteries when there in the hotbar to the exact amount you put in for example your weapon has 100 durability and you break it and you put 50 it repairs it to 50 durability) , cheat forcegivebuff buff id 1 (example cheat forcegivebuff buff_namelesspreggers 1) this will give you the reaper impregnation buff (must own aberration for it to work and reaper comes out as level 1 unless you get it up to 75 additional levels) and cheat setdifficultyvalue 15 (Increases wild Dino Max le
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