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  1. No problem but since my computer is out of action i am currently trying to find the commands the hard way now by trying out different commands with Bossteleporter or Bossteleport for Lost island and Fjordur (Newly Added) if your on PC you can find the boss portal commands by going into your Ark Game Directory (Files) and search up Bossteleport and it should show up the full list of portal commands for every other map excluding Genesis 1 & 2 (Since they require mission tags and using the Startmission command).
  2. In that VoidWyrm photo i noticed that OSD (Far left) does that mean we have Orbital Supply Drops? If so sweet i love those (yes i use to spawn then to destroy players bases as an admin before they were unable to be spawned on other maps)
  3. Actually there is now go to local/host then select the advanced tab and scroll all the way down and you will see a bar that says "Active Event" and in the description it says "Name of the Event" e.g WinterWonderland
  4. Wish you a merry Christmas too wildcard and Poglin skin yes now we just need "Woo" sounds when you click on cheer emote when wearing it lol
  5. I just noticed that Tek Suit it looks like the one from the Genesis ending I wonder what new abilities it will have and that creature yikes remind me not to mess with it possible shapeshifter like the Ferox
  6. New admin commands found cheat addequipmentdurability 100 (repairs all items in hotbar and equipped armour also charges batteries when there in the hotbar to the exact amount you put in for example your weapon has 100 durability and you break it and you put 50 it repairs it to 50 durability) , cheat forcegivebuff buff id 1 (example cheat forcegivebuff buff_namelesspreggers 1) this will give you the reaper impregnation buff (must own aberration for it to work and reaper comes out as level 1 unless you get it up to 75 additional levels) and cheat setdifficultyvalue 15 (Increases wild Dino Max levels without going into nitrado settings)
  7. It's coming out on September unfortunately ☹️
  8. Thank you bro glad to see more players bringing commands to this post
  9. I agree i am dissapointed in these people getting mad because WC is not releasing a Update/DLC on time due to stuff happening in Real life such as Riots and COVID-19 COME ON GUYS AND GIRLS!!! show some ACTUAL RESPECT!!! WC Is concerned about Real life stuff more then the game and there's always a saying Life comes first Video games last #AllLivesMatter African Americans are still human yeah they may have different body color but there blood is the same color as us also how do you know if one of your ancestors aren't African American? think before you ACT!!! Wildcard i appreciate what you guys are doing keep it up and i hope you are safe and well same goes with Ced ?.
  10. Xbox: we have Roadblocks to prevent most mods on games. Bethesda: Hold my beer!.
  11. Have you looked into the details? If so can you share some insight to it?
  12. Well they can but it will be more tedious the author of the mod would have to update the code and then send WC the updated files for upload to consoles so it updates the DLC
  13. It will be a great deal for this I agree all they have to do is create a mod website that allows players to download mods onto console something like Bethesda how they implemented a modding website for Skyrim SE or Fallout 4 for console sorry if that went off topic for a moment I vote yes to modding for console.
  14. As they stated ages ago they could not add all the features of S+ into the game because most of its features would render some aspects of the game useless so they only chose certain items to be brought in to the game.
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