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  1. I am really hoping that the boss fights will have some kind of mechanics to them it's not really fun killing then without mechanics unlike Rockwell (Aberration) which does have a mechanic that players have to do to kill him Wildcard make a fairly difficult mechanic to them please something like damage phases like how other AAA titles such as World of Warcraft and Destiny 2 raids do it they all have mechanics and damage phases + wipe if players don't meet the certain conditions or they are to slow to do it It would be real interesting to fight the bosses with those mechanics and damage phases.
  2. Scorched Earth came out on time I like the idea of them delaying it because it would most likely come out with less bugs and glitches unlike the other DLC maps *cough* extinction
  3. Everybody needs to stop complaining about delays the developers and there team are hard at work trying there best to give us a better playing experience all your doing is annoying them with constant complaints give them a break they can't just make a game/DLC in a day it takes months or years to develop such things they have to code, create the world space, meshes, animation, textures, scripts, music, models and have perfect voice acting and that's a long process Jeremy and Jesse and the whole Wildcard team take as much time as you need I am looking forward to the new DLC and beyond!
  4. So Tek claws and Tek shoulder Cannon? What next invisibility cloak and multifunctional thermal vision? Anyone here getting a predator vibe?
  5. Well as what jatheist said "We are currently working on PS4 certification (same as all platforms so they release simultaneously) and getting it ready for the update to release once it's ready we will let you know officially" and they are currently playing the closed beta at this time to make sure everything is running smoothly so please be patient!.
  6. Hi you can get the code by using the blink rifle (Green) and it will show you the admin code for it or use debugstructures command or you type in cheat summon cityterminal_c Note the city terminal can only be spawned in extinction not sure about PC though
  7. No the Astrocetus will not be able to do bossfights because it's considered a flyer
  8. I think I might know what that Tek thing is it's a Tek submarine/Submersible if you think about it since there is a water biome you need a vehicle that can go under water right? And it has foldable wings which possibly folds out when your under water so it's a submarine or submersible
  9. Grim Reaper Outfit (With Smoke effect at the feet) and Scythe skin for Sickle
  10. Repair Items for free and craft fully charged batteries while in GCM Since GCM allows you to craft stuff for no charge please allow us to Repair stuff for free and also allow us to craft fully charged Batteries while in GCM i think it would make GCM much more useful
  11. Grim Reaper Skin and Scyth Skin for Sickle (Ark Fear Evolved 3) What would be cool is we get the Grim Reaper Skin for the Armor and Scyth Skin for the Sickle in Ark Fear Evolved 3 event and have the Armor Skin have like a black mist coming from the bottom of it i think this would be a perfect Skin suggestion for Ark Fear Evolved 3 Event
  12. Lol yeah it is a pain in the backside but nice job with the decoding it hope to hear the rest of it from you.
  13. Well like i said it's a speculation Arat Prime could be anything but we will not know for sure until the reveal.
  14. Ok so the First phase of the timer states "This is Not Ark 2" The next phase that just came through states " Uplink AP Init " me and my bro have been looking around and there is one thing that keeps popping up the banner of extinction which is 42.9 38.6 : Yellow Text. A priority Communication recieved: Arat Prime is locked down. Which means it could mean AP stands for Arat Prime and Init meaning Initiating and what backs this up the ending cutscene of Extinction where it says "I'm Coming For You!" which means it would be Arat Prime but this is just a speculation can't wait for the Rest will update this once we find out more thanks for reading.
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