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  1. Hey everyone, my name is CyanicEmber. I have playing ARK since shortly after it’s initial EA release in June of 2015. Ever since the first Explorer Notes were released I’ve been fascinated by the story and background of the game. I’ve watched countless videos, listened to commentaries, read comments, theories, etc… And very few people really seem to have a cohesive image of what’s going on and why, or even a general timeline of events. Frankly, I doubt that we have been given enough information for any one person to be 100% correct about everything, but I’m going to write down what I believe is a pretty solid account and I will be using Explorer Notes and maybe Dossiers (if applicable) as references, just so I can prove what I’m saying. So yeah, let’s get started: The Inciting Incident We awake in a mysterious land without having any memory of how we got there. The ecosystem seems pretty standard, but our attention is immediately arrested by the three enormous free-floating structures that dot the horizon, Obelisks. Unable to understand what we are seeing, we wander until we encounter the first of many strange creatures that should clearly not be our contemporaries, and we also quickly realize that we are on some sort of Island with no feasible means of escape. As we continue to explore we stumble across Notes written by previous denizens of The Island; these notes describe multiple tribes which seem to be mysteriously absent from The Island, a strange cave in the center of the Island, and artifacts needed to access it. So we follow in the footsteps of these survivors, taming creatures, mastering our environment, learning of their past as we go, until finally we reach the Tek Cave. Along the way, we learn a few things: The Implant in our arms governs our physical conditioning and acts as a universal translator which transcends language barriers, but it either cannot or does not translate ARK Code. (Sources: Mei Yin Note #5 - The Island and Player Experience) The Island is contained within a space station that orbits what appears to be the planet Earth and there are multiple space stations of identical design, which means multiple Islands. (Sources: Helena Note #30 – The Island, Helena Note #7 – Scorched Earth, Player Experience) The ARK seems to act as some sort of Preservation Facility, most creatures are taken from Earth’s Pangeaic Era, some have significant genetic and behavioral modifications. (Sources: The Island Observation Platform - Alcove #1, Helena Notes #10-12 and #15 - The Island, Helena Notes #4 and #7 – Scorched Earth) All humans were taken from various time periods within the Continental Era, and their preservation record indicates that they have gone extinct. (Sources: The Island Observation Platform – Alcove #2) What remains of humanity are the Homo Deus, a seemingly incorporeal and digitized version of humankind who have evolved to become “one with the machine.” It is possible that they have learned to seamlessly blend the language of DNA with that of Computer Code as indicated by the Quaternary nature of their language. They are listed as endangered. Although we might presume that the ARKs were created to save them from extinction, it’s not something we can say for certain at this point. (Sources: The Island Observation Platform, Alcove #3) The ARKs are curated by Overseers, powerful Artificial Intelligences who, though resistant to survivor incursion, seem to act more as a test of strength than as a preventative barrier. Also, upon defeating an Overseer, the Implant seems to unlock some kind of hidden potential within a human. Finally, the Overseer itself retreats to reconstitute and await the next challenger every time it is defeated… (Sources: Nerva Note #29, Mei Yin Note #31 – The Island, Player Experience) [Nerva and his men fought it and prevailed, then Mei Yin fought it and prevailed, and finally, the Player Character does the same. It is clearly either immortal or new Overseers can be created on demand.] A Survivor’s implant records every major victory over what the ARK system calls “Ultimate Lifeforms.” Interestingly, the Overseer is considered one of them, and like the Overseer, these lifeforms seem to be revived each time they are defeated. (Sources: Helena Note #28 - Scorched Earth) Survivors who defeat the Overseer of their ARK were at one point allowed to select another ARK to go to from an existing database. (Though now it seems like the whole system has been jury rigged into a specific order? I may be grasping at straws, but on the other hand, Helena and Mei Yin may have intentionally made such changes to the system at some point after arriving on Earth? Perhaps they intend for us to finish what they could not?) The Middle Cycle Scorched Earth – While standing in frightened awe of our discoveries and our victory, we suddenly find ourselves hurdling through space and able to spy hundreds if not thousands of other ARKs orbiting a now desolate planet Earth. One ARK in particular catches our attention, it’s Observation platform has been destroyed, it’s atmospheric barrier eliminated, and its surface has been charred by solar radiation. But that is not where we’re going just yet, our next destination is the Desert ARK, Scorched Earth, which, interestingly enough, is precisely where Helena and Rockwell ended up. (Again, I wonder if that’s coincidence?) We follow in their footsteps, learning a few more interesting facts, mastering a variety of new creatures and technology, and besting yet another of the ARK’s Ultimate Lifeforms, The Manticore. Although the Ascension sequence on Scorched Earth would certainly provide us with more clues, it has not yet been implemented, so we learn a bit less here than on The Island or Aberration. However, we do learn a few more tidbits: It seems that human settlements which meet certain unknown criteria are automatically eliminated from the ARK system by the Obelisks, as with Nosti. (If true, that suggests that the system is looking for individuals who will act a certain way or who have certain traits, and has no need for others.) Interestingly, it seems that Scorched Earth only ever had one Ultimate Lifeform, and perhaps no Overseer? I say this because when Helena and Rockwell entered Scorched Earth’s Observation Platform, they passed on to Aberration with no resistance. Perhaps you only need to defeat one Overseer to gain, for lack of a better word, “clearance” to travel the ARK network? Maybe they were allowed to pass freely intentionally? Having read Mei Yin, Nerva, Helena, and Rockwell’s accounts up to this point, it seems that there was a period when humans killed on the ARK were not resurrected? (A more dubious factoid, but there are tons and tons of Explorer Notes that record human deaths, but none that record their revival...) After leaving Scorched Earth we find ourselves on a severely damaged and yet somehow familiar ARK: the same one we saw when we Ascended from The Island. Interestingly, despite suffering catastrophic levels of damage, the ARK system seems relatively intact and functioning. Yet again, we are able to pick up the threads left by previous Survivors and for the first time, we are left with the account of humans who came from our future, and what we learn about this Aberration is truly fascinating: Diana and her people come from an Era in Earth’s history when what we call “TEK” is the standard of technological development and Element is a well-known substance. They are thoroughly familiar with TEK Armor and Diana herself is certified to operate it. (Sources: Diana Notes #1-5) We also learn from her records that they essentially rigged up a Tek-Nuke and blew Aberration’s Observation Platform and Overseer to hell; causing the catastrophic system failure that eliminated the atmospheric shield and left the surface of this ARK vulnerable to solar fire. (Sources: Diana Notes #8-11) Since the surface of this ARK was Element rich, it is logical to assume that constant exposure to solar fire caused some of that element to become molten and run into the caves below. Why it stays molten is anyone’s guess, but it clearly has mutagenic properties and that is what caused a lot of the mutations in surviving species. (Sources: Rockwell Notes #3 and #7 – Aberration) Once again we see an automated attempt by the Obelisks to reset human progress on the ARK, only this time, the system is hacked into and disabled. The trigger in this case seems to be that the humans were close to escaping the ARK Network. They were clearly never meant to reach Earth’s surface, at least not yet, but that is where the Gateway Project was targeting. Diana’s 13th Note refers to a teleportation frequency that is different from the standard ARK Network frequencies. The three main frequencies seem to correspond to the primary colors red, blue, and green, as seen in the Obelisks themselves and in the Gateway Project’s first three rings, while this new frequency seems to correspond to the color yellow, as seen in the fourth ring of the Gateway Project and the yellow Obelisk on Earth’s surface. (Which seems to power down shortly after we reach it, why?) Helena Note #26 and Rockwell Notes 28-30 indicate that after injecting himself with Molten Element, Rockwell established a direct line of communication between the ARK system and his mind. He was able to manipulate existing creatures and create his own by using these systems, and he attacked Mei Yin, Helena, Santiago, and the other survivors repeatedly using these creatures. (Likely Nameless and Reapers) What’s most interesting to me however, is that Rockwell begins to speak the same Quaternary language we’ve previously seen in the ARK System after interfacing with it, and it actually indicates to him that there is “a higher plane” than what he has achieved. My belief? That “higher plane” is the one walked by the Homo Deus; a sort of “digitized” life, and it is the goal of all ARKs to get their human specimens to that point by any means necessary. The Climax So what does all this mean? What are the ARKs really? What has become of Earth and why? Who are the Homo Deus? One of my working theories is this… When humanity ascended to become Homo Deus they continuously experimented with the recombination of computer code and DNA creating endless numbers of creatures from all eras of history and all corners of the human mythos, they resurrected, they hybridized, they built, they theorized, they sought to improve endlessly on what they already had… And in the end, they achieved a terrible success. They created the ultimate pinnacle of life, a perfect and almost infinitely powerful cybernetic god with all the best traits of the biological and the artificial. They created the one true ultimate lifeform that could adapt to anything; and it turned on it’s creators. It turned on the whole planet. Whatever it was, and whether in spite of their digitized nature, or because of it, the Homo Deus were powerless against the beast they created. In a last-ditch effort to destroy it, they detonated the most powerful explosive in the history of mankind and left a scar across over 30% of the planet. (You can see the aftermath of an event on that scale if you look at the Earth in the Ascension Scene in game.) Even this didn’t kill it, so they retreated to the one place it couldn’t reach them, space. There they established the ARK Network and created Overseers, revived ancient man, and began a grand experiment in an attempt to evolve a single individual or group of individuals with the traits necessary to challenge and defeat The Ultimate Lifeform and reclaim earth. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more little holes I see in my crazy idea… But it’s something. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed reading this; if I missed something or got anything definitely wrong and you have evidence, please let me know and I’ll correct what I’ve written. In the mean time, what ideas do you all have? Where do you think the story will go from here? I am super excited to see what’s next and hope the door is left open for expansions even beyond Extinction! (Though they would probably follow a different story, or simply be entirely content based. Either way, no complaints here. )
  2. So I was just wandering around with my freshly tamed Karkinos carrying a Doed and an Anky. To my surprise and delight, the Doed auto-harvested every rock that I held it near while it was still in my Karkinos' claws, however, my Anky simply sat there and did nothing. I spawned in a Castoroides as a test, and sure enough it harvested wood while held in the Karkinos' claws. It would truly be amazing for my sparkpowder, and even metal runs, if Anky's auto-harvested in the same way. Karkinos utility in both Single-Player and Multi-Player would sky-rocket even further! Plus, for consistency's sake, Anky's should auto-harvest anyway. So as we approach the TLC pass, I think this would be a great thing to add in. Also, Anky's do not need to gather stone, just flint, metal, obsidian, and crystal. It just overlaps the Doed and reduces the Anky's innate usability.
  3. No, I have NO IDEA what it could POSSIBLY be, it looks NOTHING like any creature we have seen before! 😱
  4. CyanicEmber

    Raptor Pounce. Really bad design.

    The raptor's pin is not indefinite, if you're stuck there for longer than 5-10 seconds you're definitely looking at a bug.
  5. CyanicEmber

    Araneo TLC!

    Hey everybody! Over the last couple days I've been mulling over the non-TLCed creatures that still stand-out as being most in need of an update. In my opinion, the Araneo stands head and shoulders above most other creatures because nearly all of them can at least fit into a basic niche even if they don't have their own. Araneo however, in addition to being incredibly difficult to tame, is next to useless, it's attacks are weak (though fast), it's webs are unreliable, it has no efficient means of locomotion, and it's health is paltry. What I suggest is that the Araneo receive a complete make-over and be kitted out as a tame made for taming other creatures. Firstly, in appearance the Araneo is definitely monstrous, but has no consistent theming. Supposedly, every Araneo on The Island was spawned by the Broodmother, yet they share none of her visual traits whatsoever. I would suggest a re-model based on the current look of their mother, incorporating various visual elements such as spiny-legs and a denser more shell-like carapace that can perhaps even be universally textured neon-green with trim in different colors such as reds, blues, or black-white tones. Basically I think they would benefit from a design more heavily inspired by crab-spiders like this: The flatter more angular abdomen would add visual interest, while the overall carapacial look combined with a color overhaul would more directly associate them with their mother. Perhaps they could even be universally male? It would be a cool detail IMO. Secondly, in the case of abilities I would suggest that it be an extremely versatile creature kitted for slowing, immobilizing, and tranquilizing specific targets with all these abilities governed by cool-down timers or massive stamina consumption to force a strategic approach. If you execute your plan well, these things are incredible as taming-aids, if you execute it poorly, things can quickly go south for you. Slowing Web (Bound to 'Right-Click') - This ability functions almost exactly the same as it's current web-attack, however it deals no damage, has one projectile, moves 1.5x faster, and has a cool-down of 1:30 as well as a less pronounced slowing affect. It's aiming system is also overhauled to include an accurate targeting reticule, and the projectile arcs much like an arrow, hitting the ground after a travel length of 10-15 foundations. It is launched in the same-way as the current ability with the spider lifting itself up and bending it's abdomen beneath it's thorax. Web Bola (Bound to 'C') - This ability can be used as a lead-in to immediately immobilize a small target or as follow up to Slowing Web to increase the likelihood of hitting the target. It functions the same as a Bola thrown by the player, but it has several draw-backs and a unique property. Once the 'C' button is pressed and held, the Araneo stops moving, rotates so that it's abdomen is facing away from the player and it's head is facing the camera and then a targeting reticule appears. 'Left-Click' while in this "targeting mode" causes the Araneo to sweep it's abdomen from left to right and send out the spinning web bola, consuming 250 Stamina Points. (Stamina does not regenerate as long as "targeting mode" is active) The projectile travels as quickly as it's human thrown counterpart, but has a heavier downward arc, requiring some skill to pull off at mid-range or further. The Web Bola immobilizes it's target for only half the time of a regular Bola but it has a stacking effect; two hits can immobilize medium sized creatures, and three hits can immobilize something as large as a Rex or Spino. This makes it advantageous to pump Stamina and/or have multiple Araneo riders. Hyper-Tranq Bite (Bound to 'X') - This third and final taming related ability should only be attempted on a target that has been immobilized by the Web Bola ability, and not because of a mechanics restriction per se, but because it requires a five-second wind-up and is on-hit interruptible. That said it deals very little physical damage, say 15 or so, rising with Melee Damage, but deals 100x Torpor over the course of 15 seconds. The big downside is that it completely drains your stamina regardless of how much you may have had left. It is an "all or nothing" type ultimate attack that leaves it's user vulnerable afterwards. Optional - Web Grapple (Bound to 'Space') The fourth and final ability would add some extra maneuverability should a situation go south. For a cost of 300 Stamina the Araneo will launch a single thread at a wall and pull itself to that position, gaining the ability to climb walls for 10 seconds afterwards. This enables you to escape or strategically reposition yourself quickly should the need arise. Basic Attack (Bound to 'Left-Click' as always) - A simple bite that deals little physical damage say 5 or so, but 2 or 3x torpor. Finally, as far as locomotion goes I would suggest a smoother more skitter-like sprint and slower stalking-ish walking animation. This contributes to their image as a methodical hunter and will give players additional time to react to their new abilities when encountering them in caves. Torpidity is also reduced to make out-of-stamina attack more dangerous for the rider to employ. New Stat Block Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult Health 100 +50 +3.0% 0.1 Stamina 250 +10 +5% Oxygen 150 +15 +10% Food 500 +50 +2% Weight 100 +10 +10% Melee Damage 5 / 152 +0.5 / +0.25 +1.5% 5% 17.6% Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +1.5% 50% Torpidity 50 +4.8 N/A4 0.5
  6. CyanicEmber

    sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    What if the best way to fix the original is to tear it down and start anew?
  7. CyanicEmber

    Human TLC

    Actually... They did mention that they might revisit it at some point post-launch...
  8. CyanicEmber

    sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    I would honestly love to see a sequel to ARK built on a custom engine made specifically for the ARK experience pooling all the knowledge the studio has gained from their first run to create a truly epic prehistoric science-fantasy title the likes of which will never be equaled. But that is a lofty dream...
  9. CyanicEmber

    sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    It's not dropping though, this game still has over 50,000 players on a Tuesday Afternoon. It has remained consistent like that for a long time.
  10. CyanicEmber

    Tek Spino Saddle

    Aye! Spino Energy Shields! And while we're at it let's get some Therizino Plasma Scythes, Bronto Rail-Cannon, Quetzal Bombing Rig, and Wyvern Turbo Booster! For god's sake quit with the one trick pony Tek Saddles... Plasma Cannons only go so far...
  11. I hope they TLC the whole species. They look awful.
  12. CyanicEmber

    Did i just tame a 60 pts hp pego on pc official?

    It is statistically impossible. Too bad it didn't happen on something more useful...
  13. CyanicEmber

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    Personally, I think Wildcard will move on to a totally new IP. But we'll see.
  14. CyanicEmber

    ARK 2

    Ark: Survival Unlimited In all seriousness though, I would love to see a more narrative focused objective-based campaign in the ARK setting either playing as a character we already know and love or a behind the scenes character that made their success possible without anyone ever knowing. I enjoy stories like that. But if we were to get just a flat out next-gen 100% improvement in all existing areas and mechanics ARK 2... I would not complain.
  15. CyanicEmber

    Kaiju confirmed

    Back before release Wildcard was toying with the concept of a "Boss Wars" mechanic that would see bosses like the Broodmother or Manticore spawn randomly in the overworld and temporarily serve whichever Tribe managed to subdue them first. These Titans are likely the refined version of that concept and thus, I suspect they'll be temporary tames. Lucky for us solo players... Raid Dino Feeding is an option. ❤️
  16. I've beaten every Island boss on every difficulty on Singleplayer, all it took was an army of 19-20 thoroughbred Rexes and a Yuty... ❤️
  17. CyanicEmber

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Why does no one talk like this to other studios when they release trailers for things that aren't coming out for years?
  18. CyanicEmber

    New Boss Killers?

    They are not worthless. They are still just as effective as they ever were. Having the capability to get something better does not invalidate what you already have. You guys are so quick to jump to extremes and it is honestly kind of disturbing. It's just a game.
  19. If I am playing on The Island with a Difficulty Offset of 0.2, what should my max level dino be? I was under the impression it would be 30, but I've seen as high as 34?
  20. Question: Will local split-screen be available on the Switch? (Please say yes.)
  21. CyanicEmber

    Argy - Carryable Dino Changes

    Thylacoleo's can be, at least as recently as Syntac's Argent showcase vid. The Beavers were a mistake, it's being fixed.
  22. This is pretty much a console seller for me. Will definitely be getting a Switch now. I've had my fair share of disappointments with Wildcard but I will never cease to be in awe over what they HAVE achieved and how dedicated they are as developers. This game is a dream come true, and I will always be grateful, especially now that I will be able to enjoy it with my wife.
  23. CyanicEmber

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    Quetzal needs like a catapult maneuver where it can vault on it's wings to launch into the air with increased speed...
  24. CyanicEmber

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    Don't forget Brontos. As the only Apex-Class Herbivore tame apart from Therizino, I expect a lot more from them. Titanos and Gigas are both Capital-Class so they don't count in my book. Also I honestly wouldn't mind having a second TLC pass on the Spino, give it REAL swimming animations please, and a decent looking bipedal anim set...
  25. CyanicEmber

    Spino is actually viable now

    I'm completely disappointed in the Spino's TLC... The concepts are great, the execution is terrible. Two legged animations do not look "cool" at all, and what's even the point if they don't? "Sure we'll give it a variable stance but it'll waddle around like it has a potato in it's butt." Also the Hydration buff is totally inconsistent, doesn't work underwater, doesn't work in rain, and the animations simply don't line up with the average movement speed of a leveled and buffed Spino. Also their swimming animations have had virtually nothing done to them whatsoever and they still have access to only bite attacks when underwater... The whole point of this dino is that it is supposed to be viable as an amphibious mount, yet as it is... It's only effective on land. After the first TLC Pass, I expected more.