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So what did you do in ARK today?


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After not playing for a couple of days, I started playing again. We made some progress, both on the base and with our tames. We now have a finished first floor on the community working area and started on the second floor (we're so fast... xD) and we also have an industrial grill, a chem bench, an industrial forge and an industrial cooker. I've also gotten some crops, narcoberries, mejoberries and stimberries going.

To be able to build all the machines, we needed pearls, so I went to the trilobite infested part of the river on our tribeleader's, A's, spino and went ballistic. There are so many trilobites there it's insane! I had to return to the base, before even making a proper dent in their population, almost encumbered from oil (700-800 oil and 400-500 pearls...). On the way back, I spotted a 145-male spino, exactly what we needed!
          I decided to try and tame him. God, how stubborn he was! At first I thought I should kite him with our female, but her hp is so bad, it'd have been impossible to tank, so I went back with her (after kiting Mr. Spino on a handy paracer) and grabbed my speed ravager. Then started the fun part... I chased this stupid spino all over the place, getting attacked by ravagers (managed to flee), getting attacked by sarcos (killed them) and, of course, piranhas (screw you fish!). We ran up and down along the river, me trying to hit the fleeing spino while keeping an eye on my surroundings and fighting off half of Aberration it felt like. Eventually, he dropped by the river, almost right outside our gates. After that, taming him went without a hitch, as A found two sheep with his crab, and parked said crab holding the sheep right next to the spino. He tamed up nicely, and although he also sucks, we now at least have two high level, mateboosted, Spinos. Their pushback is glorious.

After this, I went killing things along the river, leveling Mr. Spino on piranhas, spinos and crabs and gathering some more oil and pearls.

Before I came back to ARK, A had found a blue-grey 140 crab, that he tamed for, S. It's a very good looking fellow, but yet another male. The goal now, is to find a high level female for me, so we get some mateboost going. I borrowed S's crab and rode on one for the fist time; I went double-doed, one in each claw, and harvested stone by the "safe" side of the base. It was hilarious and I really want a crab of my own:

While writing the previous paragraph, I got a message from A, saying he had found a 145-female crab. He had gotten her into the new and improved crab trap (after having a 130 glitching out in the old one, we decided we needed a better one) and I logged on to try and knock her out. That went badly, as I missed too many of my shots, so we had to wait for her to heal up. A went looking for something for her to kill and eat and brought back a stego. After smacking the stego into oblivion, the crab spazzed out and got stuck in fleeing animation and refused to eat. All we could do was wait for her to slowly heal up.
      I got my spino inside with her in the inner part of the trap, and forced her to stay more or less still (holding her in place like this didn't seem to make her glitch outside and she'd be easier to hit when we could start using the catapult again). She had healed to about 2/3 when she suddenly aggroed on me and Leprechaun (the spino), so A immediately went outside to get something for her to eat, while she was still smacking us. It worked and she also instantly lost aggro after "eating" the dead creature, so I could hold her in place, while A shot at her. He got her down, with about ~200hp left and we could tame her. :D  I know have a poopy crab (honestly, we haven't managed to tame ANYTHING with decent stats so far...), but a poopy crab is still better than no crab. To celebrate, I named her Surimi.

Back to what happened before today: I decided that it was time to tame kibble dinos, so we can imprint when it's time for Rock Drakes, so I borrowed A's crab and went out hunting for what I could get its claws on. I found two raptors, male and female, pretty much right outside the base, so I raptor-napped them and brought them back, knocked them out and tamed them. Then I found a male stego (we already had a female), brought him back and tamed him. After this, the search for turtles and trikes started and that took the rest of the day. I managed to find a male turtle quite fast, but locating a female took forever. I looked all over the Mushroom Forest, I even managed to find the place where I had spawned when we started playing (all the way up by a deep lake, can't remember what it's called atm), located my small starter base and started demolishing it and got a surprise basilisk in my butt. One giant crab-leap and we were out of danger and I decided to head back to the base, still without a female turtle. On some ledge somewhere, I finally managed to find one (after killing four male ones) and the crabs' amazing jumping abilities saved me a lot of time on the way home, as I for the life of me couldn't find a way back down again...

It was only the trikes left then and those I couldn't carry with the crab... I did manage to find a level 40 male in a relatively safe area and a level 5 female a bit further away from there (by the portal I think?). I built quite the trap and got the male first and it went without any issues. While he was taming, I went and bulbdog-napped a 130-female that was frolicking around, right by the female trike. When I got there, I noticed a basilisk had spawned disconcertingly close to them. It was a low level, but I was on a borrowed crab and didn't dare risk anything. I found the bulbdog again and brought her with me. After the male trike was tamed we went to see if the female was still alive, or if she'd ended up as basilisk snack. She was still there, so I decided to try and kite her up on the device, when I realized it was a no build zone - in the entire area... Well, I could still kite her up and away from the basilisk, so I shot one tranq arrow at her, got her aggro, shot her again and she went down. I stood there, looking a bit stupid as I had not expected it to only take two arrows to knock her out, so now she was still down where the basilisk was... Well, we really needed a female trike and a level 5 shouldn't take too long to tame (we have x2 taming), so I went down there and started taming her, keeping a wary eye on the basilisk. This is how close it was to us:
A5qQ2Rg.jpgWhat made me the most worried, was a dodo that kept walking closer and closer to where the basilisk was hiding. When the trike was about 60-70% done, the dodo got too close and the basilisk attacked. After killing the dodo, it continued chasing after a bulbdog and got way too close to us, so I went after it. Just like with the poison wyverns, I managed to catch the acid spit with my face, luckily for me, A's crab managed to kill it before it spat again, because that would've killed me and most likely all the tames I had with me. Losing my tames would've sucked big time, but nothing like losing A's crab!

All went well in the end and we took the safe way back to the base even though it took some time, since the trikes were so slow... It looked quite funny, the crab holding the bulbdog, lighting the way for our small caravan:

The creatures that are left are bary, dimetrodon and featherlight, but since we're going down into the blue area and deeper (because mateboosted crabs), we figured we'd grab them while being down there, if we can find any that is. So far, some very productive days on Aberration and who knows? In a month's time, we might have gotten as far as putting a roof on the community working area. xD

Okay, since my post got waaaay too long, I decided to put it behind a spoiler, so you don't have to read it unless you want to (and you won't have to scroll through a novella to get to a more interesting post either). In short; some very productive days on Aberration and it's been fun playing after a short break. :)

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Decided to go on a pearl run first thing today, crafted up some chowder and hopped on our spinos and headed to the fertile lake. It was a good adventure...forgot how much it sucks to see under water without googles. My wife was on lookout while I grabbed pearls. Ended up with about 900 before our chowders ran out and we killed a few alpha crabs in the process. 

Headed back to base and decided to go on a crystal run so we could craft a few spare hazmat suits. Then we decided to dip our toes in the red zone. Loaded up the spinos with the spare suits and a 2x2 building and beds to stash extra suits just outside the redzone. It went pretty smoothly although it was pretty crazy and seemed like we always had to kill something. Our spinos games some decent levels, both are over 10k hp and close to 500 melee now. After half an hour we decided not to press our luck, neither the server or us had crashed all morning so we should head home. Came back with about 100 red gems and a few hundred obsidian. 

Next time we hit the red zone we plan on taming some featherlights and farming more gems and maybe try to steal a few drake eggs.

Later tonight I think we will finish our bridge, and Id also like to tame a few turtles for crab kibble and go on a plant x seed hunt. We are swimming in fertilizer from our dung beetles so i think ill use plant x for wild dino defense instead of autoturrets. I'm also going to start grinding mats to make a grinder

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Disaster struck yesterday! :o

Things went horribly wrong and right, during our last play-session. As we had three mateboosted crabs, we decided to go and find where the rock drakes' nests are. On our way down, we spotted our very first featherlights (they're very pretty) and I was very tempted taming one of them and carry my bulbdog the rest of the way with the crab. S and A managed to convince me that it was a dumb idea (it was), so I decided to maybe tame one on the way up instead.

While jumping down, we came to a very pink zone, where the water looked extremely suspicious. A tested by stepping in with his crab and immediately lost a 100 hp, so I was right in not trusting that water one bit.

We continued down, fighting our way through nameless (whenever one of our glowpets ran out of juice), seekers, megas, crabs, basilisks and rock drakes. As we had gone down in a bit of a remote location, we had some trouble finding a good spot to jump down from. In the end, we jumped down in the pink zone, by a really tall waterfall. Pants were pooped, because if we missed, we would've ended up in the pink water.

This is the view from where we ended up (I believe we found the "proper" way by accident):

We continued downwards and started seeing more and more rock drakes. S was a bit uncertain if we should continue or not (maybe she had a premonition of what was to come?), but we pressed on as our crabs had no problems dealing with anything we'd come across so far. We found the drake nest area not that far away from our landing spot and, as with pretty much everything on this map, it was beautiful:
I really like that the zones are colour themed on this map. Nothing still beats the blue area though, that one is the #1 feast for the eyes.

We jumped down with our crabs and decided to see if we could find any nests. I spotted two and went over to them to take a look-see, A told me to maybe check underneath the nest in case I didn't see anything, but I saw a glowing, beautiful egg perched where it should be. A jumped up the the second nest and found a second egg and we debated if we should nab them. His egg turned out to be a 175 and mine a 170, talk about stupid luck. We decided to go for it, I grabbed mine and jumped down.

This is where things went very wrong, as I hadn't been clear enough that I had grabbed the egg before jumping down, which meant when the swarm came for me, A couldn't help at first because his crab got stuck on parts of the mob. There were so many rock drakes, it was insane! S smacked as fast as she could to help me out, but her crab took a severe beating in the process. My crab got so crowded, she started floating and I couldn't hit anything. With horror, I saw her hp bar go down at a rapid pace (she had 22k-23k hp before we started fighting as I had only leveled her hp to use her as a tank) and then S pulled back, saying her crab was dying, while A tried to help (he couldn't quite reach me). I started panicking and yelled at S to get back in and help me as my crab was also dying, unfortunately, I didn't realize how badly her crab was hurt (as she has a tendency of exaggerating how bad her tames are hurt at times, because she cares about them so much) and he died not long after. We killed the last rock drakes and Surimi, my crab, was down to 3k hp and I felt absolutely horrible for making S get back into the fray and lose her crab while trying to save mine.
Meanwhile, A went and grabbed his egg and we dealt with the few rock drakes that came for him, while S was still being understandably upset. All of us just wanted to get back up again after this. S was now on foot so it would be even more dangerous for her and her bulbdog. During the fight, I didn't realize I was basically the reason her crab died, but it sank in while we tried to get up from the drake area, so I told her she could get my drake egg as compensation. Do you know what the little DireWolf said then? She said she wanted A's higher leveled egg instead! This made all three of us burst out laughing, calling her a greedy DireWolf, dispelling the sad mood from just moments ago. I really love these fellows, they're so silly in so many ways. :x We decided that we'd hatch both eggs and that she could pick the one she liked the most of them. On the way back up, I took it upon myself to carry S and try to keep her safe.

Let's just say that we fought a LOT of critters on the way up, since they all wanted to have a taste of what I was carrying. When we got back into the red zone, I spotted a female featherlight and decided to try and tame her. It only took two Z-seeds as she was a level 40, so it went faster than I had expected. Now I had two things to carry; S in one claw and my spare bulbdog in the other.

In the end, S managed to stay alive until we got further up, where there were more enemies. A asked if we should carry her bulbdog and gear back or he should teleport her back to us so she could continue her adventure. She wanted to come back to us so he teleported her. She died a few more times and she gave up when we had finally started seeing the mushroom forest again (the whole adventure had taken three hours...). I got her stuff and A got her bulbdog and we made it safely back home.

A was really eager to hatch the drake eggs and asked if I had any nameless venom left. I didn't as I had accidentally force fed it to my crab while healing her. Oops... xD

So an exciting and sad adventure for our little group. Next time we go down for more eggs, we'll be better prepared as to not lose another crab again. I've also taken it upon myself to find a new high level, PRETTY, crab for S so that's what I'm going to try to do today. Luckily, the gender doesn't matter at least, as we have one of each. Oh, and I also realized we need carnos for imprinting kibble, so I'll have to tame two of those as well. In the end, we lost a crab with okay melee, my spare bulbdog and gained two high level rock drake eggs and a very pretty featherlight named Tweet:

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Yesterday we started our day off pretty slow. We were upset because we woke up to 2 of our 49 baby gigas dead because they weren’t eating out of the troughs. Afterwards, we finished up some more turret towers and that puts us at about 75% finished with the build we’re working on. We finished up with a base check from the alliance we’ve been looking at for a long time and we passed. Should have an answer to whether or not we’re in by the end of today. Big plans!

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I think I finally got to the bottom of all my crashes...battle eye. I play on my own server anyways and didnt need it anyways. Couldnt even get on last night, kept crashing as soon as I logged in, so I disabled battle eye on a whim and played about 5 hours between last night and today with 0 crashes.

We spent most of last night trying for a crab. Built a trap, killed half a dozen crabs before we finally knocked out and tamed a 150. Decided to call it a night after that.

Today we started out farming crystals to make a grinder. Held our anky (my wife riding it) with the crab and it took no time to get enough crystal. Then we crafted a few weeks worth of propellent to fuel our s+ item collector since it no longer runs on batteries.

After that we went on a hunt for another crab. After killing another 3 or 4 (including a 210) we gave up and decided to look for a decent male dodic to breed with our female. I'm on our crab and my wife on her megalosaur

On our search we tamed 2 female turtles for kibble and a moshops. We were in a long 90% night loop and decided to expand our search and go exploring the green zone while we looked. We wandered around for an almost 2 hrs but only found low level male dodics. We also got lost by following the wrong river but eventually found our way home. Over all it was a good adventure...but nothing really exciting happened.

Then we headed home and decided to call it quits. Never did find a male dodic.

We added a mod that unlocked all tek engrams. There's no way I'm renting 5 servers so we could do it the right way. So our next task is finding a path to the surface so we can start farming element ore and start building some tek

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I've been at this game pretty much since it came out, and it just occurred to me... I'VE NEVER HAD A PERFECT TAMED DOEDIC!!!!!!

Seems really odd for one of the most important dino's in game... What I have always had, is one name Blue (From Blue's Clues), I've even painted several to keep the "Blue" name going...

Magically, I found this guy while out farming metal, It was Love at First Sight... I called him BLUDICURUS!!!! He is my new best friend!


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Yesterday I played for the first time in a very long time. I was so disappointed after having my base looted on a supposedly friendly PVE server just because I was busy and let my timers lapse for less than a day that I stopped playing. Other players got asked in the server discord before their animals get sniped, but not me...

Anyway, one of my previous tribemates has been playing with his cousin and I decided to join them on Aberration. I've been sick courtesy of plague season and didn't feel like doing anything else so why not.

It's definitely different, and I find I'm liking the map a lot. Spinos everywhere, rock drakes are really neat and everything glows, what's not to like? I died to a ravager early on, then killed time leveling and getting basic gear until M came and picked me up on his rock drake. So I'm tribing again, but not as a leader this time. We made it back to their base without incident.

Unfortunately, said base is much too small, but rude people built too close on one side preventing expansion and claimed they were there first, as people like that tend to do. M and his cousin E must have around 15+ spinos, 3 rock drakes and multiple random tames crammed into an area that would have been barely big enough for one giga to reside comfortably. Geez.

Borrowing some gear and one of the spinos, I of course set off to do what I always do and find my first spino to tame. Normally I would just grab the first one I saw but with them in such abundance, and with a borrowed spino to make hunting easy, I took my time. A couple circuits of the lake yielded a level 300 male, max level for this server. Don't mind if I do! With a little help from M I got him down and tamed within sight of the base. Didn't get any high rolls to add to the breeding pool but hey, I've got my own ride. I then spent some time with my new butt wiggling face eater simply doing circuits of the lake killing pretty much everything so I could level up enough to make my own saddle. Yeah, I do like to do things backwards.

Once I was done with that I spent some time exploring and quickly scouted a very nice, much larger area we could use to set up a breeding base. M's cousin E had picked the spot for their current one, and the new site isn't all that far but it is elevated. Either no one has gone up in that area yet or they didn't like the inconvenience of not being right on the lake shore. Either way, when I showed M later on we agreed it would be an excellent place to set up.

M soon detected a high level spino which we decided to tame to add to the breeding pool, it turned into a bit of a mess. While I was out looking for it in the river, the admin gave us a whole 4 minutes warning before a server restart to apply a mod update. Nice. Made it back in ok and quickly located the 290 female spino, ironically roaming around in the 'woods' off from the river. M came to KO it and his computer crashed. Thinking fast I let the wild one chew on his spino while I grabbed his gun and darts and finished the job. Got her safely down, moved him and his spino over and had it under control until he got back in, then we headed back.

And that was about all the excitement I had for the day, playing for the first time in months I was a little bit rusty and the area is completely new to me, but I did fine. I don't have a lot of free time to play but I'm looking forward to what I can do next. Priority is to set up the new base, and then I want spinos, rock drakes and featherlights. Our other old tribemate P might even join us at some point, the more the merrier, plus we need good bait lol. I don't expect to get too much done this week, probably mostly boring mat gathering and a little more exploring. Maybe on the weekend I'll try to get my first rock drake, we'll see.

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Too much has happened over the last few days to go into detail but the main thing that happened was I accidentally built an outpost in the PERFECT place to do drake egg runs.  It was accidental as I had building gear on me to extend out southern outpost but it's in the radiation so when I got to a spot in the radiation zone, but with no radiation, I had to setup a new outpost.

Later find out when showing tribe mates that it's literally in the PERFECT spot.  On the non radiated are, in the middle of radiated area, with 2 small ponds of pink water between waterfalls going down the spine path.  We got ourselves a couple of lower level eggs to start us off - a couple of level 95 and a level 150 and now a run down there, search the entire drake area and return to fertile lake takes less than 15 minutes :)

Got more drake eggs for our new mounts (170, 175 and 180) - still looking for the elusive max 190.  

We need to do some farming and extend our XP grinding area at fertile lake next to easily level things a bit but this should be easier now we found out our Karkinos can actually carry Roll Rat for wood and Doedi for stone - makes it a bit faster to do quick resource runs.

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Yet another productive day on Aberration yesterday, though not quite as crazy as our trip down to the drake nesting area.

A found, kited and knocked out a 145-crab for S. It was black, with blue accents and an orange belly. Not quite as good looking as her previous one, but good enough and she tamed out with slightly better stats, too. Of course, ARK spent most of the day mocking us, by spawning blue, low level crabs close to our base. Just rub it in, ARK, just rub it in.

A was a busy bee and went down to the nest area, by himself, and grabbed more drake eggs. He was being smarter than we had been on our previous trip and killed off all the drakes in the area, before nabbing any eggs and he got three high level eggs. Since he couldn't wait, he went ahead and hatched two of the eggs. We also decided that S could choose between two of his eggs, so I got to keep my 170-one.

Me and S decided to go down to the red zone and tame a male featherlight, while A was babysitting. We got a bit lost trying to get down as we're still not that familiar with the zones below the mushroom forest. We arrived to the right zone eventually and I spotted a dark red featherlight male almost immediately. I tamed him up and we went off, looking for a featherlight for S. In an area, crawling with enemies, we spotted two birds, one male and one female. The male was a brighter shade of red and the female was blue and white. S wanted the male and I wanted the female, and not only that, the male was a 150 (the female was a 110)! When S went after the male, a mega attacked it so it flew off with S in hot pursuit. I followed them shortly, as I couldn't tame the female due to already having a featherlight on my shoulder.

Luckily, for S, her bird had flown into one of the metal ruins, so he had stopped sort sort of. The problem now, was that he was stuck in fleeing animation and couldn't be tamed. S was devastated as it was a high level and pretty and that doesn't happen too often. We decided to leave the area and look for my blue bird instead, hoping he would get 'unstuck' so S could tame him.

Unfortunately for me, we couldn't find the blue female again, so she was probably eaten by something - plenty of suspects around. We went back (almost jumped right into two alpha crabs on the way) to where we had left the 150-bird. He was there, but looked like he was still stuck in fleeing animation. Again, S got down, fearing he had bugged out and wasn't tameable anymore. I decided to check and got the prompt to feed him seeds, told S and she got super happy. After a bit of running around, she tamed him and we went back to the base.

Here are our handsome fellows (the featherlights really are the prettiest glowpets I think):


After the successful featherlight trip, I wanted to hatch my drake too, so I did. I got a male with 'meh' stats and 'meh' colours so I named him Meh. Funny thing is, that after we had hatched all of the high level eggs, he was the one looking the most unique. I do like the colour on his body, but the feathers are really dull looking. On the other hand, it's my first drake! :D

Here is my drake (the smallest one) and two of A's:

While caring for the babies (they eat less and the maturation speed is still boosted), we went about doing some resource gathering and I tamed a pair of carnos for eggs. Before I logged off, I also managed to find and kidnap a male and a female baryonyx and tame them as well. I tend to get turned around quite easily in the blue zone, but I have started to be able to navigate down there, and I have a favourite route back home:
A tree climbing, giant crab. xD 

Now I want more glowtails, featherlights and drakes. I look forward to taking my drake out on his first flight as I'm no good at using the gliding suit. Hopefully I'll be able to learn to fly properly with the drake at least.

Oh, and we should probably try and finish the second floor on the community working area... Any day now...

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Didn't expect to play tonight but M was on so I decided to hop in too.

Spent some time wandering about, venturing down into the blue zone for the first time. Was just poking around, scouting beetles and fending off nameless when wouldn't you know it, I found a 290 shinehorn prancing around. I found a plant species Z nearby to camp a few seeds, fought off some more nameless in the process. Hit some freezing spores by accident. Twice. Really thought I would come back to find it dead but nope, safely tamed up the shinehorn so I now have my own light pet. I'd still rather have a featherlight but she'll do for now, she's cute and good breeding stock too. I'll probably give her to M once I can get some featherlights.

Returned to base then went up to the new base site. M got started already with a small crafting hut/supply station and a doed. So I did a run with the doed for mats, then visited our gas vein, farmed some trilos and that's how I ended the night. Don't want to get too carried away, even if sleeping is difficult with my severe congestion.

Honestly we should prioritize the new base, the sheer number of animals crammed into this space is unreal. Every time M culls some breeding animals he hatches more to take their place. 5 spinos yesterday and 3 more today. I'm all about the spinos but I can barely get in and out of the base. The new site has plenty of open space and nothing to challenge them, I don't see why we don't just bring them up. I don't touch animals that aren't mine though, except with explicit permission or something like a utility animal. I keep my spino as out of the way as possible, and the shinehorn takes up basically no space. I'm definitely not going to look for a drake until we have at least one secure pen at the new site to store it in.

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Things almost went pear-shaped again, when playing. I wanted to have another drake egg, hoping for a better and better looking rock drake, so I asked A if we could do a trip down to the trench with our crabs. He asked me if i was suicidal, but since he could make it there and back, ALONE, I thought it should work with two people as well. A was game, since he also wants better and better looking drakes (we're so shallow all of us). S was working, so she couldn't join us unfortunately, but we'll make more expeditions during the weekends when she can join.

Said and done, we jumped down on our crabs and got there faster this time around. This is where we landed, love the giant skeleton on the cliff:

We fought our way towards the trench and killed a buttload of high level drakes, which sucked. They weren't in the trench proper anyway, only around it, guarding it and dealing out plenty of hurt, even on our mateboosted crabs. We arrived at what we thought were the trench, but apparently, we found a small offshoot that A hadn't seen during his trips. After dealing with the drakes around said trench, we nabbed the eggs we'd found (no high levels) and took care of the drakes that came for us. While there were a bunch of them, it wasn't even close to how it was the first time due to us being a bit smarter about it. What we did notice, however, was that you barely get any meat from the drakes, so we turned off our glowpets from time to time, to get nameless to spawn so I could heal Surimi.

Then we went looking for the large trench, but this is where A had too leave for an hour and a half (putting god-mode on his character so as not to die), and I had to keep his crab, me and Surimi safe. Luckily, we had stopped at a relatively calm area and I only had to deal with three drakes that came too close. This break was a good thing too, because it meant Surimi could heal quite a bit before A came back, from the less than 10k hp (out of 25k) to at least 17k hp. Yeah, we fought a LOT of high level, mate boosted drakes down there, and they put quite a dent into her hp... Something we had realized after the fact was that we needed to bring a ton of cooked meat next time we did this, because healing Surimi took such a long time. At least the place we took the break at, was pretty:

When A came back, we went into the large trench and by the time we were heading back out of it, we had found no high level eggs (but killed plenty of high level drakes, they just don't feel like laying any eggs... grumbles) and we had been mobbed a few times out of nowhere, while actually NOT stealing any eggs. Maybe the drakes had followed us for a while and not caught up to us until then? No idea.
          It was when we had discovered that I had picked up a level 175 egg somewhere (which is weird as we hadn't found any high levels, at least we thought we hadn't) and A had managed to find another 175 egg, that things almost went horribly wrong. We had dealt with the drakes after taking the eggs and we were about to continue, when we were mobbed again. This time, the drakes just kept piling on top of Surimi, with several high level among them, and A got held back too by some other drakes. I watched with horror as Surimis hp went down rapidly, while the screen turned more and more red. A managed to kill his drakes and started helping out, but I thought that me and Surimi were toast. A got freaked out by how bloody she was and that's when the drakes finally started dying. Surimi's hp stopped plummeting and I said "I think we're okay", before we managed to kill the last drakes off. She had less than 3k hp left and if A hadn't manage to come to the rescue, she would've died. Again, we said to each other we needed to bring cooked meat next time, as we didn't get more than maybe 20+ meat from the drakes. We decided to not continue and head back instead, because she wouldn't even survive against two, high level, mateboosted drakes with her remaining hp.

While trying to find the way back up, I did what any sane person on a very badly hurt mount would do, and jumped into the pink water (element river?)... I was trying to follow after A jumping up, but misjudged and got too close to a protruding cliff, which pushed me to the side and into the water. Let's just say that the panic was real, but that I somehow made it back up. To make matters worse, we couldn't find the way back up at first, so there was plenty of nerve-wrecking instances, where we had to take on drakes, but A tanked this time instead and I just stayed close enough to give the mateboost. Eventually, we found the way up, and we turned off the glowpets and just kept jumping, ignoring everything we could ignore, focusing on movement and finding a plant-Z. I have never been happier I think when we finally found one and Surimi could get all of her hp back! After this, it was pretty much smooth sailing back up.

Let's just say that A said he never wanted to see Surimi so hurt again, it almost gave him a heartattack. Oh, and despite everything that had happened and it being quite late, I still almost went after some featherlights I saw. xD 

Well back in the base, I decided to hatch my 175-egg because I could. I got another male, but with decent melee this time I believe, 335%, compared to the other ones we have. I'm feeling conflicted about his colours though; I like the colour on his feathers and body, but unfortunately, it looks like someone has thrown poop on him as he has brown scales (the one to the right, is A's 175 drake):

Well, I have two drakes now, which is good, because I will fail when going for eggs the first time on one. :P

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On 16/01/2018 at 3:45 AM, Cymas said:

Didn't expect to play tonight but M was on so I decided to hop in too.

Spent some time wandering about, venturing down into the blue zone for the first time. Was just poking around, scouting beetles and fending off nameless when wouldn't you know it, I found a 290 shinehorn prancing around. I found a plant species Z nearby to camp a few seeds, fought off some more nameless in the process. Hit some freezing spores by accident. Twice. Really thought I would come back to find it dead but nope, safely tamed up the shinehorn so I now have my own light pet. I'd still rather have a featherlight but she'll do for now, she's cute and good breeding stock too. I'll probably give her to M once I can get some featherlights.

Returned to base then went up to the new base site. M got started already with a small crafting hut/supply station and a doed. So I did a run with the doed for mats, then visited our gas vein, farmed some trilos and that's how I ended the night. Don't want to get too carried away, even if sleeping is difficult with my severe congestion.

Honestly we should prioritize the new base, the sheer number of animals crammed into this space is unreal. Every time M culls some breeding animals he hatches more to take their place. 5 spinos yesterday and 3 more today. I'm all about the spinos but I can barely get in and out of the base. The new site has plenty of open space and nothing to challenge them, I don't see why we don't just bring them up. I don't touch animals that aren't mine though, except with explicit permission or something like a utility animal. I keep my spino as out of the way as possible, and the shinehorn takes up basically no space. I'm definitely not going to look for a drake until we have at least one secure pen at the new site to store it in.

Great to see you back Cymas, and sorry to hear that you lost all your items everything on your other server. I look forward to reading your stories and experiences again.

I didnt log on last night, just too tired from work just now but we had a pretty good weekend, raising 3 more Rexes and collecting a few more Artifacts - only jump puzzle to do now, and then we can hit gamma on Center. We have a pen next to the building where the boss Rexes and The Allos hang out - just taking in the fresh air - not enough open space to build a building for them.

Bases are in a good shape with the 3 main bases pretty much where we wanted them now - One for the breeding Spinos, Rexes and any non-critical eggers. They just stay in a big barn with the a pair of Wyvs and a Quetz sitting on top. We have a shoreline base which houses our Theris, Res collectors and Barys and even though this is only stone, it seems safe enough - we just leave the Bronto to do its own thing outside. Main base has everything and is now made purely of metal and glass. Still too many dinos up in our main area so building a second story on the shoreline base so we can move some more dinos out of our crafting/storing quarters.

This week its will be just to continue gaining artifacts and raising the odd Rex to see if we can get closer to the stats we can merge together.

Busy busy busy

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Well last night we spotted a level 145 Basilisk by the display on the hill just before heading down into the blue zone and decided to try and tame it.  I'm sure that I read on here somewhere that it will aggro on drake eggs instead of you - wrong!! Drake egg I dropped was ignored and it proceeded to eat me.. and my bulbdog but wasn't bothering my Drake.

I respawned at base at Fertile Lake, jumped on my spare Drake and headed back to grab my gear.  

Upon returning it had re-burrowed a small distance from my body bag and jumping of my spare drake to grab it I noticed that it was far enough away to not aggro me and jump out of its hole.  Hep mentioned the standard "Giga Trap" - dinosaur gates - and so I returned home, made up 4 stone dinosaur gateways and leaving my spare drake home returned on my following main Drake.  I walked up to the mound mounted on my Drake and it didn't aggro and jump out which caught my curiosity.

Mounted on the Drake you can still place structures and I wasn't sure if it would work but I surrounded the Basilisks burrow snapping all gates together in a square around it.  I jumped off of my drake and it sprung to action - unsure if it was trapped I tried to get it to follow me whilst avoiding it's acid spits.... it appears to work, this thing although glitchy appears to be trapped.  I walk my drake up a nearby rock and accessing my inventory from its back I drop a drake egg... the Basilisk eats it :)

Hep then gathers more eggs from base and makes his way to my location.  It eats 3 more eggs but then seems to stop and glitch out not locking on with aggro or eating further eggs - with only 1 egg to go before tamed.  I jump off my drake and try to get close to pick the dropped eggs back up (3 dropped as didn't take 1st so wasn't sure if close enough).  I re-drop 1 egg, it aggros and eats the egg becoming our new pet.  I ride my drake home to pickup our other tribe mate who has made up the saddle ready then we all ride home together.

Before trying this tame I went to get more drake eggs from the pit - I swear I could have continued all night if we weren't taming a Basilisk.  The same nest re-spawned new eggs every time I nabbed one, returned to our midpoint base (45/45) to drop the eggs in a cupboard and then returned to the same nest - no more than 3 minutes max between trips.  I got really good at dive bombing on my drake, turning invisible and landing in that nest, grabbing an egg and getting back up before taking any hits.

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Today we found a titantosaur on Cragg’s island and while trying to check the level our game quickly turned into a comedy, how long have  therzinos been so common? And why are there so many compys and a Troodon (I think) and don’t get me started on the baryonyx... after all that we found it was level 4 and that there where a LOT of hostile Dinos where it was. But all in all it was pretty fun and we got a pelegornis tamed with prime fish meat (don’t ask me how long it took to get that.)

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Just so you know, all titans have the same level/stats.

Was pretty hype to get home and hop in the game, even if just for a couple hours.

Did a little farming and started working on the new base layout. Not doing too much substantial building yet but working out placement and such.

Most excitingly, I found a 280 female spino in the lake, got her down and tamed up solo this time since no one else was on. Pretty standard stuff, though she did manage to run off farther than most get from shocking darts. Her stats turned out pretty mediocre...except for melee, which ended up topping the old high roll by nearly 200. Not stat points, but melee points.  Pretty impressive and a very worthy find. The only downside is now M will have to rebreed his spinos if he wants to add her melee into his lines, which you would be crazy not to.

That was about it for me for the night but hey, that's plenty for one day. I am so happy with this map and its abundance of spinos, I really am. I can't wait to get set up and start my own breeding projects once we have the space.

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Guest LadyValkyrie

reorganized the base all day D: and taking care of these baby dinos.


It's really alot of hard work >_< trying to keeep up with the feeding on scorched since the meat timers are shorter than other servers.

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So, I've spent some time trying to learn how to glide with the drakes and it's going a bit so-so. Down is pretty much always easy, but sometimes, he just won't glide and pretends to be a rock instead. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong when this happens and the only thing that "fixes" it is to dive very steeply. It's like the jump never registers, so he doesn't get enough momentum to stay airborn (holding the Shift key pressed at all times when this happens, so it's not that). Also, I'm trying to learn how to do the dive attack. I succeed a few times, but most of the time, I miss and land right next to whatever I tried to damage, looking a bit foolish.

Aside from that, I joined A and T, when they went into the first cave for more glowtails. I tamed what I thought was a blue one, but it turned out it was a really dull looking one. Bad on me for not bringing any kind of light source with me.

T did tame a black and blue little fellow, however, so as I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, I spent the entire day breeding glowtails. I've gotten a colour combo that I like a lot, so now I just need to get the colour together with our best stats (not that they're that impressive, but it's better than the low level ones). I've also been ordered to breed a copy of my little Shuri Ken (my orange/black glowtail) for S, as she thinks he's still the prettiest of the bunch. Personally, I think he has a contender in Gem, the black and blue glowtail I bred. :x

I'm going to do some more breeding today, and maybe try to go and look for more drake eggs. Don't know if I dare to, as I'm 99.99999% convinced I'll die and lose one of my drakes. I might go and look for glowtails instead, or maybe featherlights. Still need to get me a blue and white one, like the one that got away. Or I could be useful and gather resources. :P

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It was quite busy and frustrating at points this weekend. 

The trade market is back in full swing. lol. The thing I wanted to avoid, as we did it so much in legacy, but my server is very hard to trade on. It's a mixture of vets already set, noobs without the resources needed, or people who play essentially single as they never talk in chat. I don't see a lot of mid-tier players which comprises the biggest buyers in the trade market so I started looking outside and we have had very good success. I do enjoy the trading aspect of PvE (I could never trust someone on PvP though I see successful PvP trades all the time) but I am trying hard not to go overboard like I did on legacy where it was at a point that 70-80% of my play time was jumping to different server's or picking people up for trades on my server. Still I acquired some nice items this week;

Trades were very numerous so it's hard to remember everything. I know I moved a breeding pair of Xmas belly Ravs and received two magenta colored vulture eggs with 925 hp and 325 melee as well as 1k crystal and 3500 cp. Pleasant fella and look forward to more trades with him. 

I moved a couple of our mutated Doedic's in different trades for various items. One got me a Cyan 12.5k hp, 414 melee Rex egg. I'm going to breed a line with these just so we can unlock some tek engrams but my main Rex focus is still going to be our very own line from Rex's we tame. Still knocking out every Rex 135+ I come across. 

Banner week for our Yuty line. More people are now starting to get to the boss fight point so they are looking for Daedon's and Yuty's. Our Yuty's hatch at 9900 hp, 2184 stamina, and 331 melee. 4 levels gets you to 3k stamina (my preference) and then you can dump everything else into HP. Our top male currently sits at 36k hp and he's only 35 or 40 levels in. I have gotten orders for eggs and have even pre-sold a mating pair for 10 tek dino gate sets and 10 tek door frames. It is sometimes difficult explaining what goes into raising a Yuty as buyers fail to realize it has the same baby/raise time as a Quetzal. 

So here's where I use a segue. I popped some Quetzal's Saturday morning early to great success. A 233 male hatch and a 220 female hatch with our HP, Stam, and Weight stats (9996 hp, 2400 stam, 1648 weight). The male finally gave us our guaranteed breeding pair as I had raised a female prior. The 2x of course helped speed everything up (though while it helped with some imprints it caused disappointing results on other imprints as being even 5 minutes behind cost you but I digress) but with the 2x maturation it brought additional people to the server as well as introduced 100's maybe even thousand's of new dino's thus millions of additional calculations and the server's started to experience crashes and roll backs. I believe it was Sunday evening/Monday morning and the Quetzal's were at 35 to 40 percent done. I had hit every imprint on them and the Yuty's and the next imprint was in 2 hours and 30 minutes. I was raising quite a bit at that time. 3 Yuty's, 5 ravager's, 1 Vulture, 1 Rex, 1 Sabertooth, and the 2 Quetzal's. I had moved 2 Rav's and 2 Yuty's to a different section and gave them their own troughs to feed from because Ravager's are ravenous. I set my alarm for the 2 hours and 30 minutes and just wanted to catch a quick nap but i put my alarm to close to me I suppose so i turned it off and kept sleeping, still I was only offline for roughly 5 hours maybe 5 and half hours. I was ok though as I left the troughs topped (3 with Raw meat/a row of spoiled for the vulture in one, a 4th with cooked meat/jerky on the Quetzal side) as well as my normal inventory buffer on raises of 1 1/2 rows of cooked meat with 2 jerky's and a stack of preserving salts. I logged on to not even bags from the Quetzal's. Spoiled meat in all the troughs (only like 3 or 4 stacks in each and the cooked/jerky trough down to one row of jerky. I immediately filled all the troughs and then went to make see if the Quetzal's had glitched under the floors. Finally I pulled up the tribe log and it was confirmed they had starved to death. How? How did they starve to death after only being away for 5 hours? I am away during the week, when I work, for 8 and 6 hour time spots and it is never even that low on food when I check on them at lunch and again after work. 5a60a563f220e_quetzrollback.thumb.jpg.4469408216ebd2da0399748fbb204bf6.jpg

So I started looking at the tribe log harder and that is when I seen the day stamps. My tribe mate got off the game around 9:45 PM but shortly before he got off the game we tamed a Sabertooth that was close on melee stat. It didn't get the roll we wanted so we killed it right away and the tribe log dictates all of that. i exited the game around 12:30 AM and got back on around 5:45 or 6 AM. An Ark game day is 48 to 52 minutes. The Quetzal's starved to death/I logged back in on day 3104, we tamed the Sabertooth on day 3098. At the 52 minute day interval that encompasses 5.22 hours of time but in real life the time frame passed was closer to 8 hours. if take into account server lag which costs us an hour a day roughly that still leaves 2 hours unaccounted for. The game rolled back to before I topped the troughs and it cost us dearly. I was furious. I logged off and considered deleting the game. I went to the store and did some food shopping, came back and made a nice breakfast, watched a couple episodes of HIMYM but I am an Ark addict and despite my anger I still had babies to raise, trades to complete (being dependable is a big deal to me), and in my sick nature I popped another Quetzal egg to hopefully get it through the majority of the baby phase before 2x ended. 

She hatched level 233 with all the stats. She was at 41% complete when I came to work this morning. While I am glad i got another Quetz with all the stats, it still denies me the guaranteed stats i am seeking to be able to market the eggs as well as sell the full grown's knowing they will pop guaranteed. I have an egg cooking now that I will most likely hatch Sunday morning to get it through the baby phase by midnight. I can only hope it is a male with all the stats and we don't have a 2x maturation event as the server's can't handle that. 

I have more to cover so we will not end on a down note. To Be Continued...

Part 2;

Outside of the Quetzal fiasco, I enjoyed my time in Ark this week. 


3 Yuty's with our top stats of 9900 hp, 2184 stamina, 331.6% melee. Here is a weird thing. So two of the Yuty's are twins that hatched at level 230. The other is a female that hatched at level 237. the only difference in stats between them is 30 points in oxygen and there are no stat mutations. Anybody know how 30 points in oxygen equates to 7 extra levels as using ark wiki it did not calculate to that. is oxygen an important stat for Yuty's since they use their lungs?

I finally decided to try and breed in our new Anky hp of 6580 and was immediately rewarded with a HP and color mutation on the Anky's.


I got a dark magenta/purple shell tip plus face color with an increase to 71(40?) HP, the Anky kept our 460 weight and 387 melee as well though it did drop the stamina. Once it was done raising I popped another one and got a male of the same variation so I now have it semi-guaranteed (still many mutations can be had). The male is big as the female is the one we had with the stamina so now it's time to do some breeding to get either females with all the stats until we get the color or just the whole shebang. With Anky's I'm not as worried about stacking mutations though I will keep the 5 mutation male in case we ever decide to really expand that breed. 

I bred and killed a few saber's before I finally got a male with our top HP and melee though it dropped the stamina. Luckily I have 2 females with the stamina so when he is done I can start working on that. He popped at 243 so I was happy about that. (2250 hp, 980 stam, 364 weight, 387 melee is our top stats, once I get the stamina bred in I can start focusing on the weight). 

I went a little Ravager crazy and popped and raised/am raising 10 Ravager's this weekend. People want them though despite less than overwhelming stats (1920 hp, 240 melee, either 708 or 840 weight) because they are new plus ours have the red xmas belly. Our abberation tribe mate also traded for a significant HP upgrade (3100 hp) so I can breed that in this upcoming weekend or whenever. I like to take out the pack and play with them. I am getting them to about 4k hp and 340 melee in short order. 

Magenta/purple colored vulture hatches with 925 hp and 325 melee, level 249 hatch. Not the greatest stats but I enjoyed using it this weekend and it soloed two Argy's level 60 and level 100 when they attacked the Ravager pack. I had him at about 1400 hp and 380 melee at the time. I just got him to 405 melee and 1500 hp in about 20 levels. I plan on getting him to 2k hp and then putting the rest in melee. I will try to tame or trade for some better stats and then raise 5 or 6 and take them into the ice cave with me. 

A few Doedics and a Thorny dragon specifically for trade. I am currently working on getting our mutated green spikes on the Thorny bred into our stat line. That'll take a few tries I am sure. The Doedics have been bred enough at this point to guarantee the stats and colors. I don't even put them down anymore in the wild. 100% imprint will get them to 461% melee and the high 500 weight category which in turn will get them to 1600 weight. 

Cyan Rex with 12.5k hp and 414 melee. these will be enough for medium bosses and Alpha Manticore if we decide to jump to SE for a fight at any point. It's littered with mutations so I will probably breed it with our clean line at some point to isolate that and see if we can get a few more mutations. 

I hatched but didn't keep any of the Theri's, hatched a slew of rex's (probably 50) but didn't keep any of those either. 

We did raise a 185 ice, 185 lightning, and 180 lightning Wyvern too. Got 100% imprint on all of them. I tried to sell the 185's on server at a discounted price of 8k and 7k ings but had no takers. I jumped them next to the island server and sold the 185's in 5 minutes. Ice 9k, light 8k. The next day I sold the 180 for a discount of 2k electronics (roughly 5k ings based upon our mat values). Map plays a huge factor in pricing and need/want. 

We tamed a few things that were close this weekend but only kept a few eggers we needed. tamed two trikes and 3 stego's. I was tired of trying to trade for the kibble/eggs and people asking for what I deemed too much for the ease of the tames (I had a guy ask for mantis eggs for stego eggs)/ The only reason i didn't have them was to try to ease the dino cap burden but I'm not missing imprints because you want to overcharge. This weekend I will be hatching and raising some Iguanadon's for eggers as I again am not going to be held to the fire when I want to tame a 150 Daedon. If we reach server cap again, I'm not offing my eggers again either. I tried to do my part but if no one else is going to cooperate, I'm not going to be that sucker left holding the bag. 

This weekend I plan on breeding the Cyan Rex and just furthering the certain breed projects we have going on but I was cooped up pretty long doing these raises this week so I am definitely going to get out to explore the desert which just released on consoles and I may start my center map base for water tames. I made a trade with some old legacy pals who have set up on a lower populated center map so since I already have a character over there now and I killed an 140 Alpha Carno while there giving me 52 levels, lol, I decided it was a good map to set up on. 

See ya next week with some hopefully positive news across the board. 


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