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  1. never mind all of that, I want to know what's up with the zombie saber in the banner.
  2. as a PvE player, I'm not too fond of the snow owl changes, though considering how easy they made big creatures to tame, I do think they're fair without making the snow owl pointless. other than that though, it looks pretty good.
  3. has anyone checked the source code for this page yet? I would, but I don't know what I'm looking for.
  4. alright, I'm back. Rock elemental: No longer has vunerability to deathworms, the rock that it diguises as now changes based on where it is, Ankies and Doedics deal much greater damage to them and apply the "shattered armor" debuff, which temporarily negates there natural damage resistance, and While in disguised mode, will slowly but steadily produce various minerals (Metal, stone, flint, crystal, ad obsidian). Similar to my proposed changes to the achitina, it would not have a hard cap on how much it would produce, however, all resources go towards the same cap. The reason for this change is to give rock elementals a stronger utility in PvE, as there minimal speed, along with the lack of any significant threat that can't be easally dealt with otherwise. The removal of deathworm vunerability makes also serves to give them a stonger niche. Having disguises based on where they are makes them proper "ambush preditors", as they no longer stick out like sore thumbs in locations that don't use the standared rock model (Rag's volcano, Val's White cliffs and snow desert, ect), and the vunerability to ankies and doedics serves as a logical counter to them while also making them a bit easier to deal with in quarries. Karkinos: More reliable right claw, can now carry flying creatures and aquatic creatures (Aquatic creature's can't be carried out of water), can strafe, able to stab downwards with it's second smaller pair of claws while airborn, breedable. the change to the right claw is just that, to make it more reliable. Being able to carry flying creatures is primarily for PvP, allowing it to snatch things like argents and pteras out of the sky, and being able to carry aquatic creatures is to reflect there own aquatic nature. strafing is because A. It's a crab, and B. to allow players to more easally alighn jumps, also it can already turn on the spot, so strafing isn't an issue. Attacking while in the air solves the issue of some dinos getting under it's hitbox and stunning it, due to it not being able to attack back. And being able to breed is just a nice bonus to fill out the lack of breedable creatures on ab. Basilisk: now uses carnivore_high tag, immune to radiation, breedable, greatly improved turn radiues, and can "coil" by pressing C. While coiled it is immobile, able to attack in all directions, has a slight damage reduction, and is able to uncoil facing any direction The Carnivore_High tag prevents the basilisk from being attacked by every dino under the sun, err, stone. I have no idea why it isn't already immune to radiation; all things considered, I don't know why it shouldn't be able to breed as is, the greatly improved turn radius is to make them a bit easier to controll, and the ability to coil both makes turret mode less cumbersum, and prevents dinos from just being able to stand behind it and eat it's tail. Roll Rat: is able to roll wild, doing so to chase/flee from enemies, and is no longer rendered unridable when the saddle breaks, this instead just rendering the roll rat being unable to roll the roll rat is, to my knowledge, the only creature to have an ability tamed that it can't do wild (excluding fliers not being able to grab), so letting them do it while wild/unsaddled/unridden closes this gap. and the saddle change is mostly just a QoL thing. Gas Bags: Is much more liberal when it comes to using it's gas while following, and will refill this gas when it can, though this functionality can be disabled entirely via radial menu The Gasbags is a good pack animal, however, it's overall reluctance to use it's gas when not being ridden can make it a hassle in caravans. Saber: naturally lower agro range, can climb similar to the thylacoleo, however, it can only hang on for about 5 seconds, making this ability mostly useful for scaling small cliffs that it would otherwise have to go around The saber fills largly the same niche as the direwolf, but worse. it already got a re-model, so making it stealthier and able to climb gives it a bit more identity from the wolf while also giving it a strong early-game travel niche due to it being attacked by fewer things and being able to go up cliffs other creatures have to go around. Megalasaurus: reduced effects from sleep debt, grab can be disabled via radial menu sleep debt will still be noticable, but will no longer turn it into nothing but a walking flesh sack, and being able to disable grab makes them more useful when not being ridden as they currently just spam the grab attack instead of doing there proper attack. That's it for now, cold probably come up with a few more, but this is starting to lag my browser.
  5. Achitina: No longer has a hard cap on the ammount of CP it can produce, instead every achitina paste after the first 100 adds a 1% chance to not produce a paste when it would otherwise, upto a max falier rate of 66%. (IE if the snail has 101 paste in it will have a 1% chance not to produce a paste, 10 gives a 10% chance not to produce a paste, 50 has a 50% chance not to produce a paste, and 166 and up paste has a 66% chance to not produce a paste). The idea of this change is to make achitanas less micro-managy while still rewarding players who empty them frequently Gacha: can now increase crafting skill through imprint and mutations, resources no longer have a hard cap, and instead any resources over the current hard cap of them have a 50% chance to not apear. (IE if a gacha would consistantly produce 60 organic polymer per crystal, instead of capping at 30, it would instead average out to 45 poly per crystal). The idea behind this change is to reward players for maximising crafting skill, sense as it stands the meta is just to mass-tame as many low levels as possible* Diplodocus: now has a tail whip, this attack deals minimal damage, stuns players and dinos for 30 seconds, and has a 5 minute cooldown. Now has a special "Convoy saddle". This convoy saddle has 4-6 small platforms on it (I don't remember how big the diplo is) that are able to hold creatures between the sizes that an argent and a quetzal can carry (The largest would be around direbear size). Note that structures can *not* be built on these platforms, and that creatures would be placed on these via a scroll wheel option that's visible on both the diplo and carryable creatures. Creatures being carried by the diplo are also considered "locked in", meaning that they wouldn't be able to be Knockbacked-off or fall off due to de-sync, though other creatures would be able to pick them off. The Idea behind this change is 2 fold. First, it gives the diplo self-defence capabilities while still keeping it's pacifist nature. By giving the stun both a long duration and a long cooldown, it prevents it from being abusable in PVP while still giving the diplo the ability to Get the heck out of dodge if it's in a tight spot. Second, it gives fliers some much-needed competition. Currently, nearly all the creatures that can carry other dinos are fliers, with the *only* exception being the karkinos. Not only does this new saddle give players more options, but it also does so in a way that prevents it from just being a straight upgrade/downgrade, with the Diplo trading the mobility and defendability of fliers and the karkinos for being able to carry 4-6 times as many dinos in a single trip (2-3 times as many in the case of the karkinos). In addition, due to the naturally highweight of the the diplo, in addition to being able to make use of weight reduction on creatures like ankies, doedics, and casteroids, this change makes the diplo a fantastic cargo option, which is especally nice due to many of the better cargo dinos (Karkinos, gasbags, basilisks, ect.), being DLC exclusive. I've got a few more, but it's really late for me, so I'll post them in the morning.
  6. Sweet mary mother of Joseph, That's almost everything I was hoping would be ported over! the only thing I wish was added that I don't think would cause issues is the Hitching post, I mean you can already put beetles and snails into cages
  7. Seriously though, can we please get that Gasbags model in-game?
  8. *sees the Gasbags* What the raptor
  9. Dang, Thought I was right on the money with Krampus Reaper. Ah well, These are amazing patch notes through and through, though I wouldn't have said "decreased velonasaur damage to compensate for increased accuracy". Everyone agreed that they were OP, but this makes it look like you're nerfing them because a glitch made them to powerful, similar to what happened with Rideable moschops.
  10. This... is both going to be awesome and an absolute pain in the ass to travel. Not sure about the 40k people thing with that scale though
  11. I discovered that snow owls can be used to tame Rexes in the same way you can tame managarmers. lead them through one gate, freeze them, and then place another gate behind their legs.
  12. I imagine the time limit is there so it's more of a convenience thing, so say you put something on the wrong snap point you can pick it back up, or if you're trying to align something. Also, Let's be honest. Being able to build an entire fortress and then moving it at no resource penalty would just be OP. As for the kibble rework, if those dinos only use was to sit around and make eggs to tame other dinos, they where already useless.
  13. Alright, I'm going to have to shoot straight here. Wildcard, I havn't been here for many of your downs, and Chris, I know alot of these things are out of your control, But even I admit that this is pretty bulldung. first off, I'm going to assume that the example of 10 you gave was just an example and you have closer to, I don't know, 50. and while even that number you can't even pale on how many people you have playing, but there are some things that are just, really basic issues. Titans being feedable I can forgive, But just basic testing should have keyed you in on how easy it was for Meks to raid bases, Baby managarmers being more hyperactive than a 2 year old after eating a bowl of sugar, and snow owls being really good for trolling. If I may make some suggestions. First off, Don't announce any solid release dates until you know you can hit them. Aberrations was Overshot by 2 months, and Extinction has had a ton of issues. Second, have a Beta Branch that people can play on. Have a bunch of different server variables, ranging from basic vanilla to 10x everything+bonus carry weight. And while doing this take close attention to what people are saying. This way you can have hundreds if not thousands of people testing your game for you for completely free. And third, Try to sort out some of your code as you go along. Your team has gained a metric ton of experience in the 4-5 years of development, And while I know how much of a titanic undertaking sorting out your whole code base would be, Taking small steps and sorting things out could go a long way. For example, better seperation of PvP and PvE mechanics (it is important to note that most of these are stat based, such as the glide suit and Plant species Z nerfs). And finally, A few issues for you to look into. -Baby gachas will try to fill up their entire food bar when sitting down to eat. This ends up causing them to burn through thousands (stack mod) of meat in an attempt to fill up their food when they can only bring it up so high -Cryopods are hard set to bring the imprint timer to 8 hours, regardless of the server's timers. (may effect other timers such as breeding cooldown. -In PvE mode dinos can damage the "branching" element nodes (the ones that surround the central node). Interestingly, this doesn't apply to the central node itself.
  14. Not today, But I was flying around the snow dome looking for Gigas, and I saw some other people on the server (unofficial) trying to tame one, so I figured "Hek, why nto give them a hand?" so I did that, and when we finally got it into the pen, I pulled of potentially the most clutch freeze ever and managed to immobilize it long enough to lock it in. It was that moment where I knew that Snow owls where one of the best tames in the game.
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