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  1. Sweet mary mother of Joseph, That's almost everything I was hoping would be ported over! the only thing I wish was added that I don't think would cause issues is the Hitching post, I mean you can already put beetles and snails into cages
  2. Umber0010

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    Seriously though, can we please get that Gasbags model in-game?
  3. Umber0010

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    *sees the Gasbags* What the raptor
  4. Dang, Thought I was right on the money with Krampus Reaper. Ah well, These are amazing patch notes through and through, though I wouldn't have said "decreased velonasaur damage to compensate for increased accuracy". Everyone agreed that they were OP, but this makes it look like you're nerfing them because a glitch made them to powerful, similar to what happened with Rideable moschops.
  5. Umber0010

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    This... is both going to be awesome and an absolute pain in the ass to travel. Not sure about the 40k people thing with that scale though
  6. Umber0010

    30 Seconds is a Joke

    so question What does the timer have to do with turrets being finicky to place?
  7. Umber0010

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I discovered that snow owls can be used to tame Rexes in the same way you can tame managarmers. lead them through one gate, freeze them, and then place another gate behind their legs.
  8. Name: Harpagornis Scientific name: Hieraaetus Fortus Role: Shoulder mount/grabber Taming: Simple knockout tame, prefers medium augmented kibble Abilities: Powerful shoulder mount, Slightly faster than a snow owl, can grab creatures larger than it (humans, Ovis, Megaceros, Plumioscorpios, things around that size, but not like Doedics and ankys), Can grab players off of mounts, will attempt to fly up and drop players and dinos if set to aggressive (forces fall damage on unmounted dinos), pressing space while airborne allows you to hover (minor stamina consumption), and while you can't directly control where you go, The Harpagornis will still obey whistles. Will also attempt to lift the player off the ground if they were knocked unconscious. Utilites: The Harpagornis' main use is the ability to grab players and dinos. this can be used to bring back small dinos you tamed to base, to bring along a sheep for fresh mutton without a cryopod, to pick riders in PvP while you attack them, or if you accidentally dismount your flier you can potentially re-mount it before hitting the ground. And the ability to pick up the person they're riding if knocked unconscious is mainly to help prevent a slow, boring death if you're ambushed by troodons or something like that. Dossier: Despite being one of the smallest birds on the island, though admittedly that's not saying a lot, heiraaetus fortus is one of the strongest fliers you can find. Even Rivaling the powerful wings of Quetzalcoatlus Known information: Despite its small size, A combination of Powerful wing and talon muscles allow it to take on creatures larger than itself, However, This comes at a cost. While Harpagornis' powerful wings and aerodynamic build make it incredibly fast, It has a hard time turning and has a tendency to miss its prey. As such it's hunting methods have adapted to swooping down from above to grab their prey and then dragging it high up before letting gravity do the rest. domesticated: While Harpagornis's poor turning make it a poor swarm animal unlike Dimorphodon, Its ability to grab smaller creatures and transport them with ease makes them a popular tame among tribes. Some people have also taken to letting them ride on their shoulders, Which while heavy, Allows harpagornis to keep them suspended in the air and even pick them safely off the ground if they are knocked out by one of the island's many venomous creatures.
  9. I imagine the time limit is there so it's more of a convenience thing, so say you put something on the wrong snap point you can pick it back up, or if you're trying to align something. Also, Let's be honest. Being able to build an entire fortress and then moving it at no resource penalty would just be OP. As for the kibble rework, if those dinos only use was to sit around and make eggs to tame other dinos, they where already useless.
  10. Alright, I'm going to have to shoot straight here. Wildcard, I havn't been here for many of your downs, and Chris, I know alot of these things are out of your control, But even I admit that this is pretty bulldung. first off, I'm going to assume that the example of 10 you gave was just an example and you have closer to, I don't know, 50. and while even that number you can't even pale on how many people you have playing, but there are some things that are just, really basic issues. Titans being feedable I can forgive, But just basic testing should have keyed you in on how easy it was for Meks to raid bases, Baby managarmers being more hyperactive than a 2 year old after eating a bowl of sugar, and snow owls being really good for trolling. If I may make some suggestions. First off, Don't announce any solid release dates until you know you can hit them. Aberrations was Overshot by 2 months, and Extinction has had a ton of issues. Second, have a Beta Branch that people can play on. Have a bunch of different server variables, ranging from basic vanilla to 10x everything+bonus carry weight. And while doing this take close attention to what people are saying. This way you can have hundreds if not thousands of people testing your game for you for completely free. And third, Try to sort out some of your code as you go along. Your team has gained a metric ton of experience in the 4-5 years of development, And while I know how much of a titanic undertaking sorting out your whole code base would be, Taking small steps and sorting things out could go a long way. For example, better seperation of PvP and PvE mechanics (it is important to note that most of these are stat based, such as the glide suit and Plant species Z nerfs). And finally, A few issues for you to look into. -Baby gachas will try to fill up their entire food bar when sitting down to eat. This ends up causing them to burn through thousands (stack mod) of meat in an attempt to fill up their food when they can only bring it up so high -Cryopods are hard set to bring the imprint timer to 8 hours, regardless of the server's timers. (may effect other timers such as breeding cooldown. -In PvE mode dinos can damage the "branching" element nodes (the ones that surround the central node). Interestingly, this doesn't apply to the central node itself.
  11. Umber0010

    Completely remove Mech from the game

    pretty sure the redwood thing is a glitch. I'm also pretty sure that bases are extremely easy to raid without meks. AKA Stegos and C4.
  12. Umber0010

    Bullet soaking dinos

    So I don't do PvP, but if anyone here does, Can they confirm that the Snow owl's massive damage resist buff stacks with the stego/trike's damage resist? because if it does then that's going to be like, 1-2 damage per bullet that's going to be instantly healed off by the owl.
  13. Umber0010

    Tek's Meks: A Disappointment

    I personally really enjoy the meks. As far as what you said, The sound design could use some work, and a proper spawn animation would be epic, but really the only thing I would change mobility wise is making it so the mek doesn't do the shock absorb thing every time it falls down half an inch. That would make it much more enjoyable to ride.
  14. Umber0010

    Remove Artifacts as requirement for Boss fights

    I'm not following your logic. The artifacts are there as a gate and to give more goals for PvE. If you could just do the bosses after getting some basic dinos, that would be way less fun and rewarding.
  15. Umber0010

    Completely remove Mech from the game

    didn't they just change it so that the siege and rocket pods can be shot down by turrets?