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  1. Could the Reaper Queen be a Mutated Ice Wyvern?

    doubt it. while the head crests are similar, reapers also have -a thick, armored hide that somehow is negated by a special light -Acidic blood -reproductive system that involves stabbing survivors with it's tail
  2. Ragnarok Map with Aberration

    i hope so. i bought aberration twice and i would Love Rag to get aberration content
  3. gasoline Aberration Gasoline - For real?

    y'know you could just get oil from seekers, the surface, or the rock drake area
  4. gasoline Aberration Gasoline - For real?

    doesn't seem hard to me. the gas may be an issue sense it only stacks to 10, but green gems are Everywhere in the green zone. just use a doedic or anky
  5. Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    just a reminder that Rag probably has the best EXP farming method in the form of the iceworm labrynth, each male drops 6k exp, 9k with a BoE, and the queen is various levels based on how many players there are. level 10 for 57k EXP with 1 player, level 20 for 87k exp with 2, level 50 for 177k exp with 5, ect.
  6. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    official, non-modded servers
  7. About skins and costumes...

    did you turn off "survivor spawn items* or something like that?
  8. Add new engram [Train Track]

    *Has Brontos, Raptors, wolves, Rexes, and a whole plethora of creatures that can transport tons of goods* *wants a god forsaken train*

    Hate to break it to you OP, but you're your own enemy here. as others have said, this was the plan from the beginning. when you buy a DLC, you're buying the experience, with SE it was obviously the challenges of living in the desert instead of an island. and nearly everyone I've seen has said that "Aberration is a whole-new experience". Frankly, i'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here. what's done is done, do you really think they're remove nearly a third of Ragnarok just because you're salty that you're SE dinos are nolonger exclusive to those who don't want/can't afford the DLC? also, fun fact, the Explorer notes for Aberration state that the underground world was there pre-calamity. meaning that we can assume that most other maps have aberration-style undergrounds
  10. About skins and costumes...

    they where changed to be achievement-based. so things like collecting explorer notes, fully leveling a dino, riding a rex or giga, those will get you those hats and skins
  11. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Giant bee: Honey should either A. be easier to stockpile, be it with stack sizes, the lack of a spoil timer, or spoiling into "Crystalized honey" which can be melted beck into honey in a cooking pot at a 2-1 ratio. OR it should function like Mutton for herbivores. sense while carnivores have in-betweens for taming speed, AKA prime and Mutton, with Herbivores you basically have berries then kibble. (vegetables don't count, they have the exact same taming speed as mejos, they're just better for levels). also, hives shouldn't just die when they run out of rare flowers, they should stop producing and *maybe* lose HP until a certain point, that way they're still vulnerable without flowers, but they don't require you to be constantly going on flower runs. Rock Elemental: the Dossier states that that "it survives by slowly absorbing nearby minerals in it's dormant state. so, I think it would be cool and give it a lot more PvE use if it could slowly collect Metal, stone, Crystal, Sulphur, and Oil. now we need to strike a balance here, to fast and it would be OP, but to slow and it'd be better just to mine. so, I suggest giving it diminishing returns. let's say that every 5 minuets it can collect one of the afore mentioned resources, but then once it gets to X amount of that resource (let's just say 200 metal) then every time it would collect one of those items, there's a chance of it not collecting anything. so say if it has 100 metal there would be a .5% chance of it getting nothing, but at 150 there's a 25% chance of it getting nothing. I would say that this should cap out at a 75% chance of getting nothing. With this system, you're still encouraged to clear out the rock golem's inventory so it has the max production possible, but the penalty for going to bed/not getting on for whatever reason isn't as harsh.
  12. Having a hard time finding a good PvE server

    can't message you either.... maybe you need more posts, or to not be naked
  13. about sponsored mods

    yes, as puffy pony said, those pre-date the sponsored mods program. I believe that they won some mod contest things
  14. Having a hard time finding a good PvE server

    i'll PM you the discord link odd, I can't message you
  15. Having a hard time finding a good PvE server

    go unofficial, if you want I know a good no-wipe cluster. 3x rates, 10x breeding, a few QoL mods