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  1. That's usually how Crystal nodes work, With the crystal itself being extreamly rare without a metal tool or higher. Upgrade and then see if it's still an issue
  2. Genesis feedback. I've been having a lot of fun on the Genesis DLC, but there are a few things that are rubbing me the wrong way. So I thought I'd put my thoughts into word incase it contributed anything. First of all, Let's start with the Biomes. If I had to say that 1 thing in this DLC was perfect, It's the World design. Every single biome looks and feels fantastic visually. The Bog is eery and dank while still having a sense of wonder due too the Titanic flowers and trees. The volcano feels like a proper wasteland with the Soot-blackened stone, Twisting thorns, and age-worn bones poking out of the Ground. The ocean is a wonderful tropical area with downright alien terrariums, Lunar Is an absolute masterpiece between the skybox and the glowing green veins in the rocks. and the Arctic is a bit simpler, but the Frozen cliffs and Twisting trees do make for a nice aesthetic. I understand why some people where put off by it, but I can see how using HLN-A too teleport between biomes definitly let you go all-out without having to worry about how they connected too eachother. The Biome-specific colors and X-creatures are nice aswell, It really helps the creatures feel like they belong in their enviroment. I do wish that Lunar had More of them though. I can see why it would be a bit tricky to find creatures that fit in there, but The color scheme is really nice, The dinos in the caves don't seem to be effected by it, and all the tek dinos ignore the biome colors anyways. The Enviromental hazards are also a nice touch, It really makes it feel like this world wants you dead instead of just it's denizens. I'm not a fan of the ones that can straight-up Destroy your base and tames with nothing you can really do about it though. I'd avoid that in the future. TL;DR Biomes are wonderful, Add more creatures too lunar, and screw base-destroying hazards. Next, Let's talk about the creatures. The Creatures on Genesis are quite good. The Megachelon and Astrocetus could use some work from a PvE perspective, I don't like how Magmasaurs are capped at 150 unlike Wyverns or drakes. I still think the Excuse given is a bit nonsensicle, but atleast it's consistant with the Deinonychus. Feroxes I see having their uses, Though The upkeep makes them impractical for day-day travel, And Bloodstalkers have not 1, but 2 grappling hooks, which automatically makes them the best thing too be added to the game sense Rexes. However, As a whole the creatures are a bit lacking. There's only 1 new tame per biome, And Some of them feel a bit over-designed. The Astrocetus is fine, But Let's just compare the Genesis creatures too Creatures on Abberation, AKA the best DLC. Ravagers: A pack-hunting pack animal with high weight that can jump high and use Ziplines to navigate difficult terrain Magmasaur: A lava-spewing lizard that can serve as a (slow as heck) furnace, Launch lava balls to deal siege damage, Taunt creatures, and Blast the area around it too hell and back. Karkinos: A large crab that can carry 2 creatures at once, Throw them super far and high, and jump super far and high itself. Megachelon: A Living raft that can give oxygen to anything near it, Use bubbles to blast away anything infront of it, And it takes the "Rare" out of Rare flowers and mushrooms. Reaper: A Mutated Thereapod that can jump good, Do a spin attack to knock things away, and land fliers with a well-placed shot. Ferox: An element-addicted Gremlin that can collect element dust from the ground, Transform into a big boi, Climb Cliffs like a deinonychus, Throw rocks, Do a ground pound do dismount enemy riders, do a triple jump to gain speed and height, and ofcourse has an Addiction mechanic just for good luck. Generally, Genesis creatures are much more complex than any other map's creatures. And while This isn't necessarily a bad thing, The Term "less is more" comes into play here, Especially when it feel like we could have gotten 2-3 more creatures if the other creatures where a bit simpler. I'm trying not to speak like a Developer here, But in the future, I'd reccomend using Aberration as a baseline for creature development, As I find that's when the Balance of Complexity and Simplicity peaked. They're nice, Simple creatures with Specific abilities that help them Serve Local niches and be viable in any map. Also bloodstalkers get a pass, Because Grappling hooks. Next, I feel like we should Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room. This map and Fliers. Belive it or not, I'm actually an Advocate for no fliers. I find that they tend to Trivialize a large part of the gameplay and are one of those things that is boring, but people do anyways because they're just that efficient. So I was Initially Ecstatic to hear that Flier's weren't rideable in Genesis. However... There is a problem. Unlike Other maps, Genesis feels like it was designed for fliers specifically. The Volcanic biome is fine, but Every other biome tends to either have extreamly high locations or massive gorges that have too be navigated through inorder to get anywhere. The bog has the massive trees hiding away resources and the oh-so-important giant bee nests, 90% of the land in the ocean biome is in the form of Massive pillars that nearly no terrestrial creature can get onto. the Arctic is full of Massive canyons and mountains that you have to go through and around, and I'm 95% certain that it's impossible too Navigate the lunar biome with something that can't jump. As wonderful as the biomes are, Nearly all of them feel balanced around fliers. which in turn, means that the only real viable mount is the Bloodstalker. It's not the worse thing in the world, because grappling hooks, but I can see how being locked into 1 specific creature if you want to navigate the world would Irk some people. Compare this to Aberration (I'm making this comparison alot). While Aberration was Just as Vertical as Genesis. It never had the massive pillars that could *only* be accessed by Something with Vertical mobility. every gulch had 2-3 exists so you didn't have to go through the whole thing just too get somewhere that was on the other side. With good map knowledge, you could get you pretty much Anywhere on the map. I'll never forget the day when I realized that I could use the Blue zone's root system as a skyway to navigate the area safely and reliably. Additionally, there where many features added to aberration to make traveling it easier. A primitive version of the Elevator, climbing picks, Ziplines and zipline motors, and ofcourse; the Glider suit. Additionally, nearly every mount added to Aberration was designed to be able to bypass the Terrain in one way or another. Ravagers can use Ziplines, Reapers and Karkinos can Do a super jump, and Rockdrakes can glide. The only New mounts that can't do this are the Rollrat; which is one of the fastest ground-based mounts anyways, And the Basilisk, Which... well honestly Mobility is the least of it's issues. Genesis however, doesn't have this. While you can get some of these things from Lootcrates, Genesis doesn't have any tools that help you navigate the harsh cliffs. You can Get Gasbags, Ravagers, and Karkinos, but those are all in Very small caves on lunar, and thus are pretty late game. The only really mobile creature that you can get that isn't on Lunar are the Bloodstalker, the Ferox, and Maybe the Beezlebufo. Hell, there arn't even any thylas on the map. There just really arn't alot of options when it comes to getting around genesis. TL;DR No fliers is generally good, but Genesis feels too biased towards fliers in the first place, and Lacks most of the tools that let it work on Aberration. And now that that's out of the way, Let's talk about missions. For the most part, I actually like the missions. The Minigame and Racing missions are quite fun, and are a nice change of pace. However I find the Hunting missions tend to overstay their welcome. They're not too bad at first, But They get extreamly repetitive extreamly quickly. All of them come down too "Follow the Glowing trail, Beat up what's at the end of it, and Hope it actually spawns the next time". And It's a real shame that these are the boring ones too, because There are far and away more hunting missions than there are any other class of mission, despite nearly all of the others being much more fun and engaging. If there was one thing about Genesis that I could change, it would be this. Cut out half-three quarters of the hunt missions, and replace them with missions that are more interesting, even if it means there are less of them. Gasbags, thylas, Managarmers, Beezlebufos, rockdrakes, Rollrats, Deinonychus, and Procoptodons could all make for some fun racing missions, Even if most of them arn't available on the map. I'd also bring back the Biome's master AIs as boss fights. I get that there's a story reason that Only Moeder's left, But I feel like it would be easy to Retcon Rockwell Corrupting them or replacing them with AIs of his own creation without effecting the Story too much. TL;DR Missions good, Hunting missions bad. so yeah, That's what I've got to say about Genesis part 1. I don't know if it'll actually contribute anything, but Hey, Typing that out was still a better use of my time than most things.
  3. Chibi Terrariums. So most of us are Fond of the Chibi system, and for good reason. The little buggers are just so cute. However, There really isn't a way to show off all the Chibi's that you collected, sense you can only ever equip 1 at a time. So let's change that, shall we? The Chibi terrarium is a structure would be learned around level 20-30, similar to the medium and large taxidermy base. It would be about 1.25 foundations long, .75 foundations wide, and .9 walls tall. (Note that this number is just for example. In practice it may be better to have it larger or smaller). And would be crafted with Crystal, Wood, Stone, and a little bit of metal ingot. Once placed, the terrarium would have a small forest in it, but this could be changed via radial menu to plenty of different biomes, such as >Jungle >Beach >Ocean >Arctic >Spires (Stone spires where the ground is replaced by a layer of clouds) >Dunes (SE's dunes with some mountains and cliffs on the back) >Oasis (A pond surrounded by desert) >Fertile (Aberration's fertile cave) >Bioluminesent (Aberration's blue zone) >Radioactive (Aberration's Rad zone) >Surface (Aberration's surface biome) >Jungle ruins (Ruins like found on the Island in the jungle) >Desert ruins (Ruins in desert ala the City of Nosti) >Ancient ruins (Extinction's City biome) >Wasteland (Extinction's wasteland biome) >Volcano (Genesis' volcanic biome) >Bog (Genesis' Bog biome) Once you choose a biome that you want the Terrarium to look like, you can put Chibi pets in it's inventory. Each terrarium would likely hold 2-3 chibis each. And once put inside of the terrarium, They would render inside of it. Thus allowing you to show off your collection in an Aesthetically pleasing way. A few more things to note >While the Chibis in the terrarium could remain static, it would be much more interesting if they had movement and behavior patterns. Perhaps even semi-randomized actions. >If they are static, then perhaps different chibis could have perfered locations where they would sit. Terrestrial creatures would sit wherever, Amphibious creatures would sit on the beach, Clibing creatures might take refuge on trees, walls, and cliffs, ect. >I wasn't thinking about Eco's terrariums when coming up with this, though it is possible that it was inspiring me subconsciously. but it is a good demonstration of what the different terrain types might look like. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880887081
  4. Magmasaur C attack doesn't work. Not much to say other than the title really. Magmasaur's C attacks don't work. They'll do the animations, launch the mortars, but the blast and lava pools left behind don't do damage or light things on fire. To replicate, just get a magmasaur, charge the searing spit as much as you'd like, and then press C. Note that even though the animation and projectiles shoot, doing this doesn't require any ingots, so I'm guessing that this bug is related to the change where searing spit costs ingots to fire.
  5. Umber0010

    Moeder battle

    if I had to guess, I'd say it might be because Tusos are pretty rare on Genesis. They certainly exist, but from what I've heard they tend to spawn in the mesh and then die.
  6. I agree that Bloodstalkers shouldn't be able to pull you off of tamed bloodstalkers. Hell, it's not even a massive logical leap sense you're under the umbrella that is the bloodstalker's body most of the time. Other than that though, I have to disagree about them being combat mounts. They're already one of the fastest dinos in the game, only beaten out by the Managarmer and maybe the rollrat, and the nature of their movement means that they can be hard to hit if you can't predict what they're going to do. Additionally, while they are squishy, They make up for this in there ability to rapidly re-gain health by sucking the life out of grappleable targets. a bulkier target such as a doed, anky, or daeodon can easily bring you up to full HP from near death, even at mid level ranges. so Even if they do a bit beat up during a fight, they can quickly get back on their feet. And finally, in regards too the "Apex predator" stance. I think there are two ways to look at it. First of all, they are definitly at the top of the food chain in their home turf. While They're not particularly Hearty or powerful, they can web most of the bog's other preditors, meaning that Barys, Kapros, Sarcos, and daeodons are all at the mercy of the stalker. The only predator that they don't hold domain over are Spinos, but the chance of them encountering each other is extreamly slim. Alternativly, you could interpret the term "Apex predator" literally. The word "Apex" is defined as being a high point, and low and behold, you won't find much of anything higher than the bloodstalkers. Thus making it a literal Apex predator.
  7. Umber0010

    Ocean boss

    realistically speaking, you're going to want a lot more tusos giving you backup. I'm not sure how many more, but considering previous bosses, you'll probably want around 20 total. EDIT: Also, I'm pretty sure it's the gamma controller that that unlocks the hover skiff. though they could have done something weird with tekgrams this time around
  8. Umber0010


    yes, And if you attack while they're pulling you in or once they grab you you can force them to drop you.
  9. I tamed a high-level sarco, two frogs, and a bary. I then finally grinded out enough blood packs to get a good level Bloodstalker, only to promptly loose it while fixing a glitch because apparently you can't mount dinos while HLN-A's talking. that or the Bloodstalker hitbox is just wanky, one of the two
  10. never mind all of that, I want to know what's up with the zombie saber in the banner.
  11. as a PvE player, I'm not too fond of the snow owl changes, though considering how easy they made big creatures to tame, I do think they're fair without making the snow owl pointless. other than that though, it looks pretty good.
  12. has anyone checked the source code for this page yet? I would, but I don't know what I'm looking for.
  13. alright, I'm back. Rock elemental: No longer has vunerability to deathworms, the rock that it diguises as now changes based on where it is, Ankies and Doedics deal much greater damage to them and apply the "shattered armor" debuff, which temporarily negates there natural damage resistance, and While in disguised mode, will slowly but steadily produce various minerals (Metal, stone, flint, crystal, ad obsidian). Similar to my proposed changes to the achitina, it would not have a hard cap on how much it would produce, however, all resources go towards the same cap. The reason for this change is to give rock elementals a stronger utility in PvE, as there minimal speed, along with the lack of any significant threat that can't be easally dealt with otherwise. The removal of deathworm vunerability makes also serves to give them a stonger niche. Having disguises based on where they are makes them proper "ambush preditors", as they no longer stick out like sore thumbs in locations that don't use the standared rock model (Rag's volcano, Val's White cliffs and snow desert, ect), and the vunerability to ankies and doedics serves as a logical counter to them while also making them a bit easier to deal with in quarries. Karkinos: More reliable right claw, can now carry flying creatures and aquatic creatures (Aquatic creature's can't be carried out of water), can strafe, able to stab downwards with it's second smaller pair of claws while airborn, breedable. the change to the right claw is just that, to make it more reliable. Being able to carry flying creatures is primarily for PvP, allowing it to snatch things like argents and pteras out of the sky, and being able to carry aquatic creatures is to reflect there own aquatic nature. strafing is because A. It's a crab, and B. to allow players to more easally alighn jumps, also it can already turn on the spot, so strafing isn't an issue. Attacking while in the air solves the issue of some dinos getting under it's hitbox and stunning it, due to it not being able to attack back. And being able to breed is just a nice bonus to fill out the lack of breedable creatures on ab. Basilisk: now uses carnivore_high tag, immune to radiation, breedable, greatly improved turn radiues, and can "coil" by pressing C. While coiled it is immobile, able to attack in all directions, has a slight damage reduction, and is able to uncoil facing any direction The Carnivore_High tag prevents the basilisk from being attacked by every dino under the sun, err, stone. I have no idea why it isn't already immune to radiation; all things considered, I don't know why it shouldn't be able to breed as is, the greatly improved turn radius is to make them a bit easier to controll, and the ability to coil both makes turret mode less cumbersum, and prevents dinos from just being able to stand behind it and eat it's tail. Roll Rat: is able to roll wild, doing so to chase/flee from enemies, and is no longer rendered unridable when the saddle breaks, this instead just rendering the roll rat being unable to roll the roll rat is, to my knowledge, the only creature to have an ability tamed that it can't do wild (excluding fliers not being able to grab), so letting them do it while wild/unsaddled/unridden closes this gap. and the saddle change is mostly just a QoL thing. Gas Bags: Is much more liberal when it comes to using it's gas while following, and will refill this gas when it can, though this functionality can be disabled entirely via radial menu The Gasbags is a good pack animal, however, it's overall reluctance to use it's gas when not being ridden can make it a hassle in caravans. Saber: naturally lower agro range, can climb similar to the thylacoleo, however, it can only hang on for about 5 seconds, making this ability mostly useful for scaling small cliffs that it would otherwise have to go around The saber fills largly the same niche as the direwolf, but worse. it already got a re-model, so making it stealthier and able to climb gives it a bit more identity from the wolf while also giving it a strong early-game travel niche due to it being attacked by fewer things and being able to go up cliffs other creatures have to go around. Megalasaurus: reduced effects from sleep debt, grab can be disabled via radial menu sleep debt will still be noticable, but will no longer turn it into nothing but a walking flesh sack, and being able to disable grab makes them more useful when not being ridden as they currently just spam the grab attack instead of doing there proper attack. That's it for now, cold probably come up with a few more, but this is starting to lag my browser.
  14. Achitina: No longer has a hard cap on the ammount of CP it can produce, instead every achitina paste after the first 100 adds a 1% chance to not produce a paste when it would otherwise, upto a max falier rate of 66%. (IE if the snail has 101 paste in it will have a 1% chance not to produce a paste, 10 gives a 10% chance not to produce a paste, 50 has a 50% chance not to produce a paste, and 166 and up paste has a 66% chance to not produce a paste). The idea of this change is to make achitanas less micro-managy while still rewarding players who empty them frequently Gacha: can now increase crafting skill through imprint and mutations, resources no longer have a hard cap, and instead any resources over the current hard cap of them have a 50% chance to not apear. (IE if a gacha would consistantly produce 60 organic polymer per crystal, instead of capping at 30, it would instead average out to 45 poly per crystal). The idea behind this change is to reward players for maximising crafting skill, sense as it stands the meta is just to mass-tame as many low levels as possible* Diplodocus: now has a tail whip, this attack deals minimal damage, stuns players and dinos for 30 seconds, and has a 5 minute cooldown. Now has a special "Convoy saddle". This convoy saddle has 4-6 small platforms on it (I don't remember how big the diplo is) that are able to hold creatures between the sizes that an argent and a quetzal can carry (The largest would be around direbear size). Note that structures can *not* be built on these platforms, and that creatures would be placed on these via a scroll wheel option that's visible on both the diplo and carryable creatures. Creatures being carried by the diplo are also considered "locked in", meaning that they wouldn't be able to be Knockbacked-off or fall off due to de-sync, though other creatures would be able to pick them off. The Idea behind this change is 2 fold. First, it gives the diplo self-defence capabilities while still keeping it's pacifist nature. By giving the stun both a long duration and a long cooldown, it prevents it from being abusable in PVP while still giving the diplo the ability to Get the heck out of dodge if it's in a tight spot. Second, it gives fliers some much-needed competition. Currently, nearly all the creatures that can carry other dinos are fliers, with the *only* exception being the karkinos. Not only does this new saddle give players more options, but it also does so in a way that prevents it from just being a straight upgrade/downgrade, with the Diplo trading the mobility and defendability of fliers and the karkinos for being able to carry 4-6 times as many dinos in a single trip (2-3 times as many in the case of the karkinos). In addition, due to the naturally highweight of the the diplo, in addition to being able to make use of weight reduction on creatures like ankies, doedics, and casteroids, this change makes the diplo a fantastic cargo option, which is especally nice due to many of the better cargo dinos (Karkinos, gasbags, basilisks, ect.), being DLC exclusive. I've got a few more, but it's really late for me, so I'll post them in the morning.
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