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  1. Umber0010

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    The other two are being hidden by the corruption.
  2. Umber0010

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    part-time, but yes
  3. Umber0010

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Disclaimer: I have no idea if this is the right place, But there's no Extinction sub-forums yet, so this is my best guess Alright, I got bored, No one's really done a proper analysis yet, figured I would give it a shot. Alright, The first thing we see in the trailer is a holographic globe flickering between a "normal" earth and the brown dead earth. but about that "dead" earth. Due to the fact that we see it despite how the city we're in seems to be very healthy, I believe that this city is one of the last, if not the last refuges for Life on earth. I'll get into another reason I think this is in a bit. But if this is the case, then that could mean that rather then having a world barrier like on other ARKS, we could have a world barrier like subnautica's. And For those who've never played/seen subnautica, Basically the game map takes place in a 2 kilometer by 2 kilometer volcanic crater, and if you try to leave that crater you enter an "ecological dead zone". There is literally nothing in this zone except powerful "Ghost Leviathans" which will attack you until you return to the crater. As for Extinction, I believe this could be replicated by having procedurally generated "wastelands" outside of the map. These would be nothing but corrupted element, sand, and bones. Along with Extremely powerful, if not completely invulnerable titans that will shred anything that enters this zone into bits, And then immediately delete the wasteland chunks that were created to save space. Or there can just be a barrier after a good amount of this Wasteland, so the player's chance of encountering it is very, very low. Anyways, moving on, We have a shot of the character moving along a Terrance which has become overgrown with plant life, much like the rest of the city that we can see. In the background, we can see a blue obelisk with a force field around it with a lot of snow. Initially, it looks like this force field is creating and likely maintaining the low temperatures needed for this biome, but on close inspection we can see that the mountains seem to be behind the force field and extend past the forcefield's range, meaning that it likely has a purpose that we have yet to discover. Next, we see Rexy turn a corner to a Giga and an "enforcer", which we know thanks to the PC gamer article is basically a Rock Drake, but teleports instead of glides. Oh, And it's a robot, that to. Something I can't understand however is the size of the Giga. It can't be more than a stone's throw away, yet it seems to be a mere head above the Rex. Yeah, this confuses me, but other than that the only notable things in this shot are the fact that A. A Giga got up here somehow, and B. The enforcer, despite the fact that it's likely a hyper-advanced AI, thinks it's a good idea to take this thing on. Next, we have a shot from the perspective of a Scout, which was also discussed in the PC Gamer article. This scene is actually Very important for ARK's story, As not only do we have a shot of the "corrupted element" that Ravaged the earth, when the Scout's reticle passed over the Spire, a prompt showed up with a double helix of DNA, meaning that this advanced metal that Ravaged the planet is... Alive. Or at the very least it has some Biological components. This makes sense, as We know from Aberration that Element in its Raw form interacts... interestingly with Biological life. After all, a small dose of it mixed with blood was able to turn Sir Edmund Rockwell, An Insane Victorian Scientist, into a 100-meter tall Lovecraftian monster. This is some really potent stuff. Moving on, The character pulls a pair of Tek binoculars of their face, which we know is what allows you to see through the Scout's eyes thanks to the PC Gamer article, And we get a good shot of the landscape. It's largely barren, save for some plant life and a Titanic Ribcage, probably a Titans. However, Something of interest is that the majority of the Plantlife is Red Rather than green. Which as anyone who's taken a science course will know is the Result of Chlorophyll, Which is the green pigment that allows plants to convert sunlight and water into energy. And of course being as they're within a few dozen meters of the Corrupted element, we can deduce how this change came about. And Finally, we get to the money shot. The first things we notice are that the player is very close to the blue obelisk and inside the force field, and again, we can see that the mountains are behind said force field. Next, we notice that the character's GPS is on the fritz, with the compass spinning wildly and the coordinates not being able to settle on a number. Then, of course, we hear the thumping and Zuul the Titan shows up and roars in our face. Now there are definitely a few things to analyze in this scene here. First off, The game states that the GPS works by triangulating your position using the energy the Obilisks emit. And on Zuul we can see what appears to be corrupted element on his chest, meaning that This Titan is emitting MASSIVE amounts of the obilesk energy. Next, We see a flock of Actual Birds, Not Dimorphs, the tails are too broad and they have beaks. Not ichthyornis (thankfully), The necks are too stubby and the tails to thin, These are a new species of Birds not encountered on the ARKs. And for the Final moments of this shot, Zuul Roars at us in an extremely menacing way. However, In addition to what appears to be Snowflakes or Dandruff (wouldn't surprise me with that thick fur), we can also see flecks of red which appear to be Embers. Which mean that not only is this bloke Spiky, Element fueled, And large enough to swallow a rex whole, He can probably breathe Fire... Fu**. And in the final scene, we get a panning shot of the Extinction Logo. this time it appears to be made of whatever metal makes up the cities with the corrupted element creeping up it, along with the glowing diamond that has made several appearances before. But more importantly, we see vast expanses of Wasteland with the city being an oasis. This goes back to the thing I said about the city being one of the last refuges for life, and I think you can see why. Now before I finish up, There's one more thing I want to discuss. The Music. As any gamer can tell you, Sound design and aesthetic can be just as important as gameplay and Art style. For example, In Skyrim's Dragonborn Expansion, the Trip through Apocrypha is eerie silent, with only the sound of your footsteps and the Daedric denizens breaking the stillness. But when you finally reach the Top of Miraak's tower and initiate the fight with him, The Song of The Dragonborn Starts playing and instantly makes the fight dozens of more times intense and Epic. An excellent example of good sound design. Of course, ARK is no different, And throughout the Trailers and DLCs, has used music as a way of storytelling. First, we, of course, have the main theme. This song relies heavily on Sting instruments and Chorus With a touch of Drum. This one isn't used for storytelling as much, Nor is the Chorus relevant, But this is the basis for the DLC's theme songs. Next, we have scorched Earth. In this song, The String Instruments and Drums are mirrored. With the Drums making up a bulk of the sound and Strings making up a touch, though gradually growing to Overpower the drums. This is a reflection of How SE is both the Opposite of the island, yet the same. One's a dry desert, one a lush tropical island with an artic, but They're both still ARKs. Next, we have Aberration. This song is equal parts Electronic and String instrument, With a very different tone than the Island's theme. This reflects how in Aberration we see many more signs of the Technology used to build the space station, Along with the themes of corruption. and Finally, we get to Extinction, which is relatively lacking in the music department. What we do have is subtle with a lot more piano, and it flat out stops after about 30 seconds until the logo where it resumes. While I'm not sure what this represents, simply due to the fact that we know next to nothing about Aberration, It is important to note that there are a lot more nature noises such as Crickets and wind in the song. Meaning that we're probably going to be getting an environmental message, though I could be wrong. So yeah, That's my analysis of the Extinction trailer. If you can manage to get through that wall of text (be honest, if you're on here, you have nothing better to do(except look at memes)). And tell me if I missed anything, I'd be more than happy to correct myself in the future. TL;DR there's too much for a TL;DR.
  4. Guys, I translated the french text on the invitation "Koch Media invites you to discover the Jurassic. Try to win 10 places come and discover in advance the Games PixARK & the latest DLC of ARK survival Evolved"
  5. X-3 where X is the number of compies.
  6. Umber0010

    Alpha TLC

    or they could perhaps be un-breedable, though then people will complain about not being able to get a mutated alpha rex.
  7. Umber0010

    insect breeding

    Not entirely, Looking through the various invertibre, the only tameable ones that actually go through Metamorphosis, at least on a large scale, are the Dung beetle, Giant bee, and Lymantria. Scorpions, Millipedes, Spiders, and mantis don't metamorphisise, instead, they have a "nymph" stage, which is basically a smaller adult. meaning breeding them would pretty much be no different than breeding anything else. As for Lymantria, they could likely recycle code from the Reaper to give it a larval phase.
  8. Umber0010

    poll Favorite Mod Types

    want to know what mod there should be? (assuming it doesn't already exist), A mod that solely focuses on bridging the gaps between early, mid, and late game. for instance, the gap between the basic forge and the Industrial forge sucks, so the mod adds a mid-tier forge that requires, let's just say 300 ingots, 600 CP, 1000 stone, and this forge smelts 10x faster than the basic forge and runs on Crude oil. Other examples could be a grindstone that makes chemical substances faster than a morter, but doesn't have the bonus of the chem bench, a refrigerated feeding trough, an industrial-tier dehydrator for Jerky, Upgrades for the Smithy and Fabricator, because I feel those are quite needed. and no, the Tek Replicator doesn't count.
  9. EDIT: Fixed statement that said Reapers Sink when they enter water
  10. Yeah, that could work. though I do have something to say about Alternative option #3. I have previously suggested a system that's a cross between 3# and 5#, where creatures drop trophies and those trophies can be used to make kibbles of varying types and qualities. IE Phiomias drop phiomia lard which can be made in to a low-quality fatty kibble that can tame things such as raptors and Dire bears, but only slightly more efficient than raw meat, or I could make it out of Basilo blubber which would be very effective at taming those two, perhaps even an instant tame on a decent raptor. Anyways, while it is true it would distract the art team for a good while, it should be noted that the coding team can work separately, and because the coding for trophies is already in the game, they, in theory, could get it done relatively quickly and focus their attention to bug fixes while the art team make the icons for the trophies. So realistically speaking, there isn't much lost.
  11. While I appreciate you telling us, I do feel that it would have been better had it been done a tad bit sooner
  12. Umber0010

    Scorched Earth TLC

    I agree that the Phoenix and Thorny dragon are a bit meh, The Hive seems like the kind of creature you would find on Aberration and I actually gave my own concepts for it here. I like the Tek things aswell.
  13. Umber0010

    Rock Drake Suggestion

    just made that thread, if you're interested. And I assumed that it was accepted that Nameless would spawn somewhere sense Aberration Content was suggested, I was just stating a spawn area that made sense.
  14. DISCLAIMER: Wildcard has already said that when you buy a DLC, you're buying the map. ALL Aberration content is already in the dev kit, and if they were to integrate another sponsored map such as Ragnarok, then it would happen anyways as literally all the Sponsored maps have or are getting Aberration content. Also, this is assuming that the center's major issues get fixed, for obvious reasons. Now then, Why should the Center get Aberration content? well first off, Ragnarok already has SE content, so giving The Center Aberration content would allow it to Compliment Rag as opposed to being completely overshadowed by it. Secondly, While this also applies to Rag, Aberration content works really well on The Center, It's highly verticle, so the jumps of Karkinos and reapers would be good, and there are tons of stone spires for Rock drakes to jump between or to put cliff platforms on. Third, the center already has the underworld, though I don't think all aberration content should be stuck there. And finally, The center just REALLY needs something going for it, The island has all the bosses, Both the Island and Rag are better for farming element, Rag has the center's increased level spawns, and Rag has so many resources that it doesn't care about the Center having increased rates. And that is why I feel that the Center needs Aberration content. Now allow me to explain where I think everything should go. GEOGRAPHY CHANGES -The underworld should be re-worked into a blue zone cave, Partially because the blue zone is beautiful, but also because it's the one zone that can't be easily substituted on the surface. -The Floating island cave should be re-worked into a Rock drake nest. The volcano island could also work, but I feel this fits better. -An element cavern should be added to the Volcano island, or perhaps just a flowing element river coming from one of the volcanos, that could also work RESOURCES -Green gems: Jungles and mountains -Blue gems: snow biome and underworld/blue zone -Red gems: Volcano island -Gas Veins: everywhere -Element ore: Volcano island -Charge nodes: everywhere except the volcano island -Hyper Charge nodes: Volcano island -Fungal wood: uncommonly in jungles, but common in Redwoods and Underworld/Bluezone -Black Clams: Around the liquid element (wherever that goes) and in the ponds on the Volcano island -Organic polymer plants: Snow Biome -Mushrooms: Everywhere except snow and volcano -Red poison mushrooms: Everywhere except the Underworld/bluezone, snow, and Volcano -Blue Poison Mushrooms: Snow and Underworld/Bluezone Plant Species Z: Everywhere except snow and Volcano I think I got all the resources, tell me if I missed any though CREATURES -Bulb dog: Beaches -Shinehorn: Snow biome and underworld/blue zone -Glowtail: Swamp -FeatherLight: Redwoods -RollRat: Jungle and redwoods -Glowbug: Jungle and Underworld/bluezone -Karkinos: Rivers and Swamp -Basilisk: Mountains, swamp, And Jungle -Ravager: Mountains -Lamprey: Underworld/bluezone and Volcano island water -Rock Drake: Rare in Underworld/Bluezone and mountains, Extremely common in the floating island cave (eggs also spawn here) -Seeker: Volcano island -Nameless: Uncommon in Caves and Redwoods, Common on the Volcano island -Reaper: Volcano island -Surface reaper kings: Rarely in the redwoods. So while I believe I listed off all aberration things, there is one more thing I want to touch on. Because Ragnarok has exclusive creatures in the form of the Griffin and Ice Wyvern, I feel it's appropriate to Give the Center some exclusive creatures, so I present you two first, we have the Sea Drake. this would be a Rock Drake Variant meant to be a counterpart of the Ice Wyvern. The sea drake would be tameable by stealing eggs from the Bubble Biome. Once tamed, the Seadrake is the Ultimate Amphibious mount. While it's not the Strongest, and loses the Rockdrake's Cloak and Rider Weaponry (NEVER underestimate the power of that last one), it Makes up for in the ability to seamlessly transition between land, air, and Sea. It, of course, has the Rockdrakes Climbing and Gliding, but you can keep gliding if you enter the water. While in the water, you have Greatly improved Momentum conservation, so you don't stall the moment you point upwards, but you can also Dash at any time, instead of just when you're looking at a cliff. Second, We have the Hive. you could see it as a counterpart of the Griffin, though that would be a bit of a stretch. The Hive appears as it does in the dev kit. A beetle with a Carapace full of Holes, and It would be about the size of a trike. One of the Hive's main features is that it's actually 2 creatures, The Hive, and the "Hive drones" which would pretty much be wasps the size of Dimorphadons. The Hive itself is neutral, but the Drones would be highly aggressive, Gathering food before returning to the Hive. Taming the hive is Similar to Troodons, where you have to let the Drones kill and eat your tames. Though it should be noted because the drones are MUCH stronger and because you can separate the hive from the Sacrifices, it is, in principle, much easier to tame the Hive useing larger creatures such as Paracers or Brontos. Once tamed, the Hive has several Characteristics, First off, it's a Tank. It doesn't have a saddle, but it has a passive 90% damage resistance that can't be negated, along with one of the Highest HP stats in the game. It also has a very low attack stat, comparable to the Megalania, It's offensive power comes from the fact that it has what amounts to a never-ending flock of Dimorphs in the form of its drones. The Drones come out of the Hive passively until there's about a dozen surrounding it. They don't have a timer like the Drones from the queen bee do, but after they kill something they'll return to the hive to deposit whatever they got from it, IE trophies, meat, and hide. They'll also return to the hive if they're low on HP and be quickly replaced with a new, healthy one. In addition, The hive, while slow, about the speed of a Parasaur, can climb up walls like a Megalania, so you can take Direct routes instead of having to go around. When riding, you're also Covered by the shell, so Dinos that otherwise would target or dismount you, such as Purlovia, Microraptors, Icthyornis, or Pegomastax won't be able to hit you. This means you could stroll through the Redwoods without having to worry about being dismounted and Razed by the Plethora of Microraptors, Thylas, and Purlovias. And a Final Note about the Hive, It can't swim, so it sinks like the Rock Elemental, But it's shell is Hydrophobic, so when you do go under neither you or the hive will use Oxygen, so if you need to cross a river you can scuttle right along the bottom without worrying about drowning, though your drones won't be able to come out or follow you under.