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  1. Oh don't worry. I was being incredibly sarcastic. If any genus was added again, then I hope it's a Hadrosaur of some sort.
  2. Another creature vote, eh? Maybe the Therapod fans will actually get something this time.
  3. I'm guessing the Tek disable will just be a bonus effect. It's a pretty consistant fact in ark that fecal-based attacks slow down and drain stamina from creatures. So I'm fully expecting this to be the same. And the fact that you can throw EBMs means that you can apply that slow in an area. There was no bait and switch. Wildcard explicitly states that, just because a creature got voted in, doesn't mean that they would fully adapt the concept that was presented. Sure, the Gun Monke *would* have been a nice addition, but Wildcard was under no obligation to add said gun monke.
  4. Well strictly speaking Gigantopithici are Apes, not Monkeys. So my point still stands.
  5. Gigantopithicus is just a guy in a fur suit. It also lacks the mobility of the Dinopithicus and can't throw projectile weapons.
  6. Ok then. What did the other creatures bring to the table? The Carcha and Cerato are just more generic therapods, Half of the ocean's creatures are "Apex Predators" like the Livyatan. Gorgonopsid could be cool, I admit. You could make the "missed potential" argument for any creature. I just feel that the Dino had the most potential for what it could have introduced, and at the very least has something unique in being a proper, ridable monkey. Something that has not been in ARK prior.
  7. As excited as I was for Gun Monke, I don't blame Wildcard for skipping out on that. I mean, how would it even reload? But even then, I'm still happy with what we got. The poop toss will probably slow/drain stam like other fecal attacks in the game. They can throw grenades for ranged burst damage, they can climb and use Ziplines. And they get a pack bonus. All and all, this is exactly what I was hoping for. A Mid-sized creature with high mobility and combat potential.
  8. Well, no guns is unfortunate. Though I can't really blame y'all, given that such a mechanic would be awkward as heck to implement. I'm also curious about the pack bonus. Can any creature be the pack's Alpha? and if so, do they get a pack boost from the Monkeys? God, a Pack-boosted Gigantosaurus sounds terrifying.
  9. I tamed a high-level sarco, two frogs, and a bary. I then finally grinded out enough blood packs to get a good level Bloodstalker, only to promptly loose it while fixing a glitch because apparently you can't mount dinos while HLN-A's talking. that or the Bloodstalker hitbox is just wanky, one of the two
  10. never mind all of that, I want to know what's up with the zombie saber in the banner.
  11. as a PvE player, I'm not too fond of the snow owl changes, though considering how easy they made big creatures to tame, I do think they're fair without making the snow owl pointless. other than that though, it looks pretty good.
  12. Sweet mary mother of Joseph, That's almost everything I was hoping would be ported over! the only thing I wish was added that I don't think would cause issues is the Hitching post, I mean you can already put beetles and snails into cages
  13. Seriously though, can we please get that Gasbags model in-game?
  14. *sees the Gasbags* What the raptor
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