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  1. Hey uh, any plans to bring the updated EU4 stuff to PC? because that sounds like it would help a lot. Actually, a lot of that stuff would be cool on PC. surprised to see it's coming to the switch of all things.
  2. Y'know, I'm not usually a fan of anything that can rival a Giga. But gosh darn it this sounds awesome.
  3. Glad to see this suggestion getting a second chance with the new creature vote. It really didn't get the time to shine last time with how late it came out. That being said, as great as this suggestion is, my complaints still carry over from the last time I saw this. Taming method is to convoluted, scaling with taming effectiveness is entirely too low (Rexes should be 90% minimum), and breeding tamed ones is overcomplicated (especially now with Wyvern and Rock Drake breeding). Other than that though? This thing is hella awesome.
  4. Great art, but anything intended to counter/battle Gigas at all is a hard no from me. Literally all the Gigantosaurus has going for it is combat. It's stamina is terrible, it's immobile, it has no utility. Literally all it does is fight. So if you have a creature that counters it, then nobody's going to use the giga. People are just going to use the thing that counters it.
  5. http://images.dinosaurpictures.org/Tsintaosaurus%2Bspinorhinus_20140721_3_37ab.jpg Dossier: Wild: Tsintaosaurus Titanus is quite possibly the most imposing herbivore I've yet met on the island. Standing nearly as tall as a Rex, This creature demands awe and respect from anything that gazes upon it, both survivor and dinosaur alike. It's rare to find more than one Tsintaosaurus in an area at a time. Yet despite this, they're far from Solitary creatures. Every Tsintaosaurus I've seen has always been acompanied by a pack of smaller creatures. But what's truly remarkable is the sheer variety of coordination within these packs. Tsintao packs are composed of predator and prey alike. Everything from Parasaurs and Triceratops to Raptors and Sabers will follow the Tsintaosaurus I've even seen the occasional Carnotaurus in the ranks. And despite the obvious problems that should come with this, these creatures have little trouble working together like any other pack. They'll go on regular hunting trips, with the herbivores just as aggressive as in the pursuit of prey. And the Carnivores standing guard while the Herbivores graze. And despite not gaining anything obvious from this, the Tsintaosaurus will act almost motherly to those who follow it, breaking up what few fight occur between creatures and fighting off any threats that it's pack wouldn't be able to handle themselves. They seem particularly spiteful of Large Therapods such as Tyranosaurus, for some reason. Domesticated: Very few have managed to tame these impressive beasts. Even with the obvious issues presented by taming such a large creature. Tsintaosaurus are particularly prideful creatures, refusing food from anyone and sometimes even stomping whoever had the audacity to try and feed it. The few warlords who have managed to tame these creatures often talk of great battles where they managed to subdue their tames with their bare hands. Normally I'd pass these stories off as prideful warrior tales. But after seeing one of these battles myself... well, let's just say I'm not sure who to fear more. The giant lizard strong enough to to fight Rexes, or those ballsy enough to fight these things in a one-on-one and win. Once domesticated though, Tsintaosaurus is one of the most valuable creatures for the battlefield. While lacking in the raw power of a Rex or a Gigantosaurus, many Warlords as, effectively, a mobile command center. The enlarged crest of the Tsintaosaurus allows it to create a variety of cries and whistles that can command allied creatures with even more fidelity than a survivor. In addition, their massive girth allowing them too grapple and even push around most creatures. And all that combined with their hatred of therapods staying even when tamed, and you have a valuable force for any tribe. TECHNICAL DETAILS: As the dossier describes, the Tsintaosaurus is an absolutely massive herbivore found all throughout Fjordur. Stat wise, it has higher health pool than a rex, though lower than a Saurapod. And is just below the Spinosaurus as far as attack damage. To tame the Tsintaosaurus, one must approach the creature on foot and drop an apex/alpha trophy beside it. If the player's a high enough level, then the Tsintaosaurus will sniff and devour the trophy. The rarity if the Trophy determines both the taming effectiveness and how strong the Tsintaosaurus when you fight it. An alpha raptor claw or basilo blubber might only gain a few levels but without much challenge. While an Alpha Rex tooth or Wyvern trophy will result in a grueling fight but with perfect efficiency. Upon eating the trophy, the Tsintaosaurus will unleash a mighty battlecry. This will cause The Tsintao's pack, the player's dinos, and any nearby wild dinos to back away from the Tsintao and the player. Player tames can not be ridden 'nor will they obey player whistles whilst they are challenging the Tsintao. Once the challenge is issues, the player has a few moments to prepare before the Tsintaosaurus attacks. And if the player reduces the Tsintao to 10% HP, the Tsintao will collapse, before getting up a moment later and bowing towards the player and becoming tamed. The player gets a 30 second buff where nothing will attack them or the Tsintao, which is useful given that there will likely be a few predators spectating the fight. The Tsintaosaurus saddle is unlocked between levels 80-90. It has several stegosaur-like plates that travel along the length of the saddle, along with a covered seat. It's not impossible to hit the rider of this creature, but it's definitly a tricky shot. ABILITY BREAKDOWN: LMB: Skull bash: Deals slightly less damage than a rex, and in a smaller area aswell. RMB: Slam/Grapple: The Tsintao charges up for a moment before using a crowd-control ability. If the enemy/s in front of it are small-medium, then the Tsintaosaurus will perform a shoulder bash which does high damage and heavy knockback. And if the Tisntao is targeting a medium-large creature, then it will instead rear up on it's hind legs and grapple the opponent. Neither the Tsintao 'nor it's target can attack while grappling. The Tisntao can also move while grappling a creature, albeit rather slowly. C key: Battle Cry: The Tsintao rears up on it's hind legs and unleashes a great battlecry. This a stamina and attack rate buff to any allied dinos in range, and can temporarily recruit and buff nearby wild creatures. CTRL key: The Tsintaosaurus stands up on it's hind legs and enters RTS mode. This is functionally identical to the Exo-Mek's RTS mode, but the Tsintao will make a varity of whistles and other sounds whenever you perform an action via RTS mode. Why it should be added: More Hadrosaur representation, More Apex/Alpha-level herbivores, another source of RTS mode, and a semi-unique creature niche/AI.
  6. Oh don't worry. I was being incredibly sarcastic. If any genus was added again, then I hope it's a Hadrosaur of some sort.
  7. Another creature vote, eh? Maybe the Therapod fans will actually get something this time.
  8. I'm guessing the Tek disable will just be a bonus effect. It's a pretty consistant fact in ark that fecal-based attacks slow down and drain stamina from creatures. So I'm fully expecting this to be the same. And the fact that you can throw EBMs means that you can apply that slow in an area. There was no bait and switch. Wildcard explicitly states that, just because a creature got voted in, doesn't mean that they would fully adapt the concept that was presented. Sure, the Gun Monke *would* have been a nice addition, but Wildcard was under no obligation to add said gun monke.
  9. Well strictly speaking Gigantopithici are Apes, not Monkeys. So my point still stands.
  10. Gigantopithicus is just a guy in a fur suit. It also lacks the mobility of the Dinopithicus and can't throw projectile weapons.
  11. Ok then. What did the other creatures bring to the table? The Carcha and Cerato are just more generic therapods, Half of the ocean's creatures are "Apex Predators" like the Livyatan. Gorgonopsid could be cool, I admit. You could make the "missed potential" argument for any creature. I just feel that the Dino had the most potential for what it could have introduced, and at the very least has something unique in being a proper, ridable monkey. Something that has not been in ARK prior.
  12. As excited as I was for Gun Monke, I don't blame Wildcard for skipping out on that. I mean, how would it even reload? But even then, I'm still happy with what we got. The poop toss will probably slow/drain stam like other fecal attacks in the game. They can throw grenades for ranged burst damage, they can climb and use Ziplines. And they get a pack bonus. All and all, this is exactly what I was hoping for. A Mid-sized creature with high mobility and combat potential.
  13. Well, no guns is unfortunate. Though I can't really blame y'all, given that such a mechanic would be awkward as heck to implement. I'm also curious about the pack bonus. Can any creature be the pack's Alpha? and if so, do they get a pack boost from the Monkeys? God, a Pack-boosted Gigantosaurus sounds terrifying.
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