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  1. ArianaGaming

    Breeding Guides

    Well I forgot to say that the setup is one male with zero mutations or max 2 and 6 females or less with all the mutations. Make more sence now? Good luck and never use tamed dinos, use the offspring.
  2. ArianaGaming

    Help me out here, please guys

    Use several beds in one spot when you run into a cave without gear. I forgot to say in my last. What makes the game easy is lowering the dino count. Default is one. Set dino count to 0.1 and start ark, once started type destroywilddinos If you like more just increase without the destroywilddinos command, only needed for lowering the dino count. If you have dinos you intend to tame on the map then use killaoe wild 20000 This killaoe command only destroys wild dinos in your area. Destroywilddinos removes all wild dinos on the map. Well enjoy
  3. ArianaGaming

    Why WildCard is a Failure

    Is not at all. Ark is and will continue to be a top game. Personally I had a savage pvp invite. So much fun even if I can't aim, I am really good at using the game mechanics. I continue to enjoy single player even if my Island map is locked in crash mode and can't start. Well I wish WC the best.
  4. ArianaGaming

    Dropping Dinos on Bases: PVP

    Works for pve. Pvp is a quick death for unwanted (low stat) dinos.
  5. ArianaGaming

    Lag should be #1 priority to get fixed!!!!!

    I disagree. Crashes mess up everything wild dino spawns don't work people loose work done. If the game must check if something is duplicated everytime you access a inventory, the player base asked for that. This is the result. Blame legacy players.
  6. ArianaGaming

    reset taming effective?

    Hello, Continued breeding gives you a chance to get the lost stat back. But it is a low chance still can be worth it. So continue to breed the wildtamed dinos. Works both on official and SP. Regards, Ariana
  7. ArianaGaming


    My ankylo just meshed. I used the kill command to teach the other tamed dinos what happens when meshing.
  8. ArianaGaming


    Hello, At 450 the dino goes poof so its max 449. Lets imagine that you can level easy 45 levels then baby over 404 is max. But the limit do make oxygen at low levels a good stat. Regards, Ariana
  9. ArianaGaming

    kibble rework Fixing the kibble system

    Hello, Cooking pot is what I use both pvp pve the limit is to make sweet veggie cake (30). Recipes are meant for pve with all that is required i.e. industrial cooker. Just love the imprints now since that was never possible starting in pvp with the old system. Even in pve players can not tame a queen bee. So please make the cooking easier. I never cared for the kibble tree but now when it is gone i want it back as option.
  10. ArianaGaming

    Help me out here, please guys

    Hello, Two ways to go speed 143% on character or type cheat to cheat in the game. If you need a legit way use the speed and set difficulty to one, its better. Location is the island in the lower right of the island map. Build a raft to get there. Cheats: infinitestats Kill Gcm Gcm is super useful in caves. Always tame a male and female use the baby produced. Never use the tamed dinos. Cheats setimprintquality 1 Setbabyage 0.999 Have fun and to die is not bad in Ark as compared to minecraft. Use it to your advantage in caves as example.
  11. ArianaGaming

    Xbox One crashing

    My island map sp is stuck in spider arena and game crashes consistent everytime after loading bossarena 01. Have built metal foundations around the platform to prevent all the stones to tespawm at green ob. That is all me and 12-15 Therizinosaurus. Outside the obelisk is one argentavis. Did not expect that to happen...
  12. ArianaGaming

    Homestead: Can't cook and don't have spikes

    Demolish and place a new cooker but yes it's could be better the same with cryo pods all male until you recryo. spikes i do not know about.
  13. ArianaGaming

    Ascension Command Question

    If you look for harder fights, set official server difficulty, by: turn off single player settings, turn maximum difficulty on and if not already have difficulty level to one (1). This makes alpha spider very hard and alpha dragon almost impossible. I am not saying you should try it just know that higher challenges exist. Well if you have then you are in the group of very few players that could do it solo.
  14. ArianaGaming

    Is my base giga proof

    We had a stone house several gigas in the area still safe but yes it is a learning curve and makes Ark fun. Stone walls was damaged but over a half a year. Several tribes kited giga to us as well. Never a problem since it was PvE. With no fence or chicken wall that could trigger a trapp game mechanic.
  15. ArianaGaming

    Ascension Command Question

    Only level 105. You have a super high level. Ascend3 give you plus 15 levels to use on aberration once you upload and transfer. So you are no longer stuck on 105. So you again get stuck on 120 unless you do playercommand abascend3. I never ascended on the island using official server settings so I think the Island is the hardest. Alpha dragon is cracy hard. But with several players it is doable. Good luck on ab
  16. ArianaGaming

    Low level Therizinos

    You can tame and use a low level therizino. Saddle, health and melee determine how you succeed against other dangers/dinos. Low level is faster to tame but still takes a lot of time and narcoberry. so tame a low level stego to get narco berry and tame the highest level Therizinosaurus ypu can find. You need 7000 about narcoberry for a 130+. Saddle is level 68 though or 69. But you can have it follow you and protect you until then. You can not go wrong with a Therizinosaurus or Rex. Be careful I have seen the very best players get a 350 rex lost to direwolfs. And I lost a rex attacking a wild rex and two alphavrexes attacked, so all makes mistakes. And I saw the two alphas before I desided to attack this low level rex. How stupid is that?
  17. ArianaGaming

    Breeding Guides

    Hello, Combine the best stats and continue to tame higher level to get better stats. If a creature is not kibble tamed a better stat can be in a baby without mutation. So continue to breed unmutated and continued taming. Once you have a mutation take that into a new line of mutation stats do not keep old mutations if you have better stats and keep male below 2 mutations and females unlimited number of mutations. If you combine dinos wrong you see a large increase in mutations this is because mutations add from mother and father without a real mutation to baby. Imprint and use as soon as you can. Often just the imprint bonus is enough for super dinos. +30% rider bonus +20%imprint bonus. It takes very long time to get super stats in dinos. Since the mutation often go into wrong stat. Mutations are not that frequent either. Good luck
  18. ArianaGaming

    If you could update the game what would you add?

    Hello, In this update we Reintroduced the pretTLC rex as skin and with old behavior. Happy tail swing is back. AI, dino now is set to attack target if one tribe dino is killed for 30 minutes after 30 minutes old settings are restored. AI, dino now dismounts rider and set to flee passive if health is low. All dino fliers now get speed imprint. Non dino do not. Introduced cryopods in drops. Structures now have 6x more health if offline in pvp, pve can also get a similar change in future updates. NA players can only connect with EU server during EU day. EU players can no longer connect with NA servers during NA night. Purlovia introduced in player spawn areas and can attack and damage all structures built there. Purlovias only attack survivors above level 60. They are invisable for all survivors. Gacha now pickup eggs. Foundations and roofs now have option to stop or not stop creature spawns. Tribe player alliance structure limit for pillars and foundations is now maximum 40. Single structure decay have been removed and will not return. Players now go poof the same way as wild dinos under the map go poof, excluding caves and tamed dinos. Well that is all. TeamWildOnes.
  19. ArianaGaming

    The island base.

    Hello, You have all resources close to snow cave on the island just chitin and black pearls are few. Plus it's nice starter cave, nice crates in the cave, blue and yellow(player level 40) give you saddles, longneck and red crates gives you ascendant level stuff. Red is player level 55. You can run the cave with no stuff and just respawn when you die in the DINO killing water. Try only to die in the water. So tame a pteranodon and make stego saddle and on your way you are. Once at the cave place 8 beds with a pillar door so you can start running fast after respawn. Open beds is jummy for wild dinos i mean. You can also place beds inside a foundation. Lower foundation and cover it up. Cave entrance is also good for hatching eggs minus degrees at even level all day, just place standing torches but you need to be playing in pvp mode. Snow area for sure since Ark is so dark. Good luck /ari
  20. ArianaGaming

    Spinosaurs have to be the dumbest carnivore ever!

    Hello, Tame with longneck of better quality only. Set you tank argent to passive and let the spino attack the Argentavis while you knock it out. If it goes to sleep in water it is not dieing. No oxygen consumption last I checked. Once tamed it can not survive so you must get baby's. Much like the Argentavis it has low health and die if it starts to rain or the wind change direction. Just tamed a level 140 Argent with 2100 health, so sad. Good luck and jump off your Argent away from spino. /ari
  21. ArianaGaming

    is mesh defence?

    Hello, First time I got under the mesh I was suprised how easy it was/is. Infact you can not play without once or twice be transported under the mesh. Now understand I had no interrest in playing under the map but I placed a sleeping bag without thinking in pve. So this is why I think meshing is a programing issue and not a policeman enforcers issue. Should a player be banned for playing normal I ask. A kill barrier was not possible because of lack of processing power. Unwilling WC bossman. So what about if the player is in a non playable area only checked by server processing areas. Players popp up anyways close to water so only check if players are low in the xy horizontal plane under mountains. After that make closer and more processing heavy checking of character. For me it all looks so bad and easy to solve with simple check if a character is loaded in the wrong place roughly. /Ari
  22. ArianaGaming

    Gacha Element Dust

    Hello, Not sure but are you asking what level to tame to get element dust gachas? If so I found lower level gachas have greater chance to be dust gachas also breeding do not get the dust transfered. So combination with a high level and a low level dust gacha never gives a baby dust gacha. Chance is super low, = never. Once you have a dust gacha place on with oposite gender next to it and level crafting speed. They eat stone, if you also feed owl pellets you get other things than just dust. Good luck, they are rare. /ari
  23. ArianaGaming

    xbox Single player Xbox (day1)

    Hello, So it happened again after a few hours game play. However now there is a day1 built in protection. This ver 783.13 and after works like this, once you have your day 1 screen and new character creation surprise. Force quit so that nothing is saved. Upon restart a previous save is loaded with all stuff intact. Not only is this great but it works as well. I only write this so that you do not create a new character just to find all your stuff is gone. Quit ark app at homescreen! Restart
  24. ArianaGaming

    xbox Single player Xbox (day1)

    Ahoy, I had a friend msg me about a lost map. Tried to find it but I could not, so I write this. Before you get your map deleted follow these steps to have a backup. Access Settings->Network->network settings->Bandwidth usage before you start the game and notice the current usage 0bit/s or quickly 100b to 5kb per second. This is idle state and nothing to sync to xbox cloud or download. Start your Ark and as you start to move around a little (ark start sequence) type command SAVEWORLD wait for two after each other save indicators at bottom right, this is a indication of a successful save operation. Aftet that go to home screen and yes Ark is paused (indicated by Resume) now logout your gamertag and go again to Bandwisrh usage. Observe how your save is uploaded / sync. This process is finished when the above described idle state is reached. If you play offline you can always access that cloud save. If you play with friends and you see your map empty then quickly take your Xbox offline so that the last save state is NOT uploaded (empty map). How to access the cload save. Well you need to access it from a friends Xbox since your latest/newest save is empty map state. The cload save need to be saved with SAVEWORLD command and then synced on another xbox. After a player do this your ark save in the Xbox cloud is newer than on your home Xbox i.e. older save with the empty map @home. Finally player can start Ark on home Xbox and when the question is given if player want to load the newer cloud save. Choose that option and NOT the older local save option. Done and I fixed but only if a player can read it before the map is erased. @Jen pin this - plz. Avast (pirate term) Ariana
  25. ArianaGaming

    solo Challange in single player

    Hello, Well I jump from thoughts to what I want to say. All is important though. Well if anyone can do it. Beast can for sure, solo He once piked down a Giga it was funny and hilarious. But really the main reason for me to start a new character is to get the mutation boost, new player boost. I do any song and dance for melee mutations or health mutation. Is it tru? I like to think so I got two health mutations after each other but I only need one.