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  1. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote here. I'll tell the more interesting one I think. I started playing more actively again on our Aberration server, but it was basically only me playing and I got bored of being alone (I blame my friends for introducing me to online multiplayer... I was fine sticking to my single player games, but now I want to play with others). Also, after watching some youtube videos, I got a craving to play on Ragnarok again, as the map wasn't finished when we played on it before. With this in mind, I went to check the server advertisement section of the fo
  2. Ho boy...where to start... This is gonna be a long one. After three months of no ARK (but plenty of PixARK), me, S and A decided to return to our Aberration server. It took a while before we could even start playing, because of server maintenance and it also turned out that all our settings had been returned to vanilla for some reason. We had to fix that and it appeared we got it, except for egg hatching speed and baby maturation. The plan was to go to the surface, as me and S hadn't been there yet. Said and done, all three of us jumped up on our Drakes and went to the entrance/exit
  3. Continued with project anky and I'm now up to five melee mutations and four weight. I've also got a bunch more colour mutations, some I save in case I can make some funky colour combos (I promised (or threatened) my tribemate I would give her a rainbow coloured super-anky, and she'll get one). I have so many more than what I've taken screenshots of, like three different versions of purple, pink, white, green etc., but I thought it could be more fun showing them off when I have a complete set on one anky. This was a double mutation I got (in the wrong stats, naturally), so I didn't keep it
  4. I've not played ARK for quite some time, none of my tribemembers have, so we've shut down the server for now. Started to feel the urge to play again and started up single player, instead of poking our admin to start up the server (don't feel like playing alone on it anyway). I have downloaded all of my tames into sp, because it feels a bit safer than having them all uploaded. Naturally, I don't use sp-settings, as that would mess things up for me. I decided to try and wrap up my passion project, the ultimate anky, that I've been working on for like two years or something like that. It's about
  5. Changing the colours back on my rexes and being bothered by the lessening of colour grading on the new (improved, especially the "waddle" when walking ) rex model. Some colours I've "brought" with me for two and a half years, feel ruined now. This is the same non-mutated rex, pre- and post-patch:
  6. So, I've spent some time trying to learn how to glide with the drakes and it's going a bit so-so. Down is pretty much always easy, but sometimes, he just won't glide and pretends to be a rock instead. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong when this happens and the only thing that "fixes" it is to dive very steeply. It's like the jump never registers, so he doesn't get enough momentum to stay airborn (holding the Shift key pressed at all times when this happens, so it's not that). Also, I'm trying to learn how to do the dive attack. I succeed a few times, but most of the time, I miss an
  7. Things almost went pear-shaped again, when playing. I wanted to have another drake egg, hoping for a better and better looking rock drake, so I asked A if we could do a trip down to the trench with our crabs. He asked me if i was suicidal, but since he could make it there and back, ALONE, I thought it should work with two people as well. A was game, since he also wants better and better looking drakes (we're so shallow all of us). S was working, so she couldn't join us unfortunately, but we'll make more expeditions during the weekends when she can join. Said and done, we jumped down on ou
  8. Yet another productive day on Aberration yesterday, though not quite as crazy as our trip down to the drake nesting area. A found, kited and knocked out a 145-crab for S. It was black, with blue accents and an orange belly. Not quite as good looking as her previous one, but good enough and she tamed out with slightly better stats, too. Of course, ARK spent most of the day mocking us, by spawning blue, low level crabs close to our base. Just rub it in, ARK, just rub it in. A was a busy bee and went down to the nest area, by himself, and grabbed more drake eggs. He was being smarter th
  9. Disaster struck yesterday! Things went horribly wrong and right, during our last play-session. As we had three mateboosted crabs, we decided to go and find where the rock drakes' nests are. On our way down, we spotted our very first featherlights (they're very pretty) and I was very tempted taming one of them and carry my bulbdog the rest of the way with the crab. S and A managed to convince me that it was a dumb idea (it was), so I decided to maybe tame one on the way up instead. While jumping down, we came to a very pink zone, where the water looked extremely suspicious. A tested b
  10. Okay, since my post got waaaay too long, I decided to put it behind a spoiler, so you don't have to read it unless you want to (and you won't have to scroll through a novella to get to a more interesting post either). In short; some very productive days on Aberration and it's been fun playing after a short break.
  11. Like the Direbear's and Procoptodon's visual upgrades and all new abilities sound fitting and good (the rex will truly be a king once again, as its arch-nemesis, rocks, won't be able to challenge it anymore! Bow rocks!). Other creatures in need of a visual overhaul are pretty much everyone up until the Allo (?), maybe, especially the first creatures are in dire need of some facelifts (the quality difference is so big). A creature I personally wish gets a facelift and that's not mentioned, is the Pelagornis. Please give the Pela som proper wings/tail instead of what it has now + some
  12. Our tribeleader discovered this to his dismay when he bred Megas to use on bosses on our Island save. For some reason, the unridden Megas use the grab attack instead of the proper bite attack...
  13. My friends are back, so the server's up and running again and we've manage quite a lot during our sessions. We have moved to a new location in the Mushroom Forest, close to one of the ramps down to the blue biome. While the base is far from finished, we have a fabricator, refinery forges, smithy and fridges up and running. We've also selected a cliff for our individual houses and placed cliff platforms where we want them. We've also managed to tame quite a few critters: A 115 Spino A 150 crab (on spoiled meat as we have no turtle kibble) A 140M Anky and a 150F Anky A 110 Doed A
  14. My friend managed to get off from work a bit earlier yesterday, so she could play for a couple of hours in the evening. This meant Roll Rat taming and Glowtails! For being us, we were quite effective, because as soon as she logged in, we started taming a 130-Roll Rat that had spawned close to our base. I rode around on my speed Ravager and collected the honey from nearby hives, using ghillie suit and bug repellent. At the first hive, I got attacked, which I though was weird since that didn't happen when I tested earlier, but then I realized I had forgotten to crouch... We fumbled with the
  15. Didn't do much today either, harvested some wood, some stone and killed Trilobites for chitin. I also made some bug repellent as our tribeleader and his friend had killed some crabs today and made ghillie suits using the polymer. There's a 140-Roll Rat hanging around in the area and I really want to tame him, but my friend still can't play right now. At least I tested the ghillie suit + repellent when stealing honey and it worked splendidly; instead of chasing me down with murder in their eyes, the bees just swarmed around the hive, looking confused. Also, the honey lasts 3 hours in the prese
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