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  1. Used to be in the sunken ship down there, moved off Ragnarok months ago, so have no idea if it's been moved. Can't find anything that says it has been.
  2. Yes it is, I play it on Xbox.
  3. PUBG (recommend playing with friends) Ark of course World of Tanks State of Decay 2 (recommend playing with friends) Older games I always have around Mass Effect Trilogy (Andromeda is an abomination) Gears of War Zelda Ocarina of Time Zelda Majora's Mask Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Elder Scrolls Skyrim Elder Scrolls Oblivion There's more, but I can't remember them all. Depends on what you're into really, I dabble in everything just about.
  4. Wife and I have returned to this game recently and have decided to make an outpost near green ob to store some of our "less used" dino's. I left her to make materials while I roamed around hunting for black and red dino's to tame. Found a black and red Griffin, level 95... Crap. Almost tamed him anyway, cause of how badass he looked but decided against it. Roaming the desert, I discovered a 130 purple and black Giga. I thought about it for a minute (usually won't tame anything under 135) and decided to head back to base to make a trap. Get back to base and notice an extra Rex in the group. Solid black and pretty sweet looking. Call out to R (my wife) and ask her about it. She said he wandered around the perimeter wall for awhile and she thought he looked pretty so she tamed him. I was very proud of her for tackling a Rex by herself. Also, Nihlus (new Rex) has great stats, so he will be added to my boss Rex group. Told R about the black and purple Giga and she helped me craft up a metal trap. Was getting late so we logged for the night.
  5. Recently unfroze my servers and returned to this game with my wife. I noticed when I was on my wife's One S, that the game seems to run worse than on my original Xbox One. Checked settings and all were the same. Any other Xbox users have this issue? Google search produced squat.
  6. First Charmander, now Tyranitar. I like it.
  7. I'm a Broncos fan, but don't mind the name. Had a Direwolf named Packers on my legacy server.
  8. The wife and I played a lot today. Started out feeding all the tames, then decided we wanted a Wooly Rhino. Already tamed a high level Male Terror Bird, so we went out hunting for a high level female. Scoured the entire map and found only high level males... We returned to base to regroup and as our base came into view, I noticed a Rex walking around our perimeter. Spyglassed him and he was a level 150. Since we were rigged for taming, R and I decided to tame him. Knocked him out and he had the worst stats I've ever seen on a Rex. Killed him and made some more Megalosaurus kibble. Went out hunting for a high level Male Theri. Found one, picked him up and dropped him in the taming pen. Knocked him out and started taming. R accidentally hit him three times fighting off a pego that somehow glitched inside the walls. Killed him and returned to base. Was crafting up tranq darts when R ran inside screaming "There's a Giga in the base!!!" I climbed the ladder to the top of our workshop and hopped on Electra (Lightning Wyvern). Flew towards the Giga and laughed as I realized my brother T was returning from a meat run on Aralakh. He hopped off and we sat around the fire chatting for awhile. Decided to go kill death worms. Found two and killed both. Have enough horns now to tame a max level Mantis. T and I went hunting for a high level female Terror Bird again, while R went hunting for a high level Mantis. Both searches turned up empty and we met back at the base. On her way back, R spotted a Alpha Rex, so we all jumped on Wyverns and went to kill it. T on Dracarys (Fire Wyvern) R on Smaug (Poison Wyvern) and myself on Electra. Made short work of the Alpha Rex and returned to base. Showed T the green and yellow Giga in the highlands, he really likes her so he's decided to tame it tomorrow. Already named her Packers. It was getting late so we all logged shortly after returning from the Highlands.
  9. Got home last night from my business trip and crashed. Woke up this morning and ran some errands. Now, it's time to dust off my Xbox and play some Ark! I'm off until Tuesday, so the wife and I should be able to get some quality play time in. Except Saturday, College Football kicks off Saturday, so I'll be occupied with gameday festivities every Saturday until the season ends.
  10. Haven't been able to play since Sunday, works too busy and I'm going out of town this weekend, and will be staying in a hotel for three days starting Monday for work *sigh*. The wife has been working on the water base a bit, but she doesn't like playing without me.
  11. Pretty busy weekend on the Ark for myself and R. After the Giga tame went South, I decided to return home and breed my best Rex's, best Argies, and my best Thylas. R returned home and hopped on while I prepared dinner. Explained to her how to take care of the Thyla baby and she piddled around the base for awhile. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell her to take the Thyla baby off wander, and she glitched her way outside the incubation building and was killed by a Sabertooth... R went ballistic and proceeded to murder every Sabertooth she found close by with one of our Thyla's. Hatched the Rex and the Argy, both their stats weren't up to snuff, so I culled them. We then flew to our new water base and did some more construction. When we tired of that, we flew back to base and cooked up some Argy kibble and Megalosaurus kibble. Flew down to the canyons hunting for a high level female Spino. Found a 145 Orange one but she decided to attack a raptor pack, a baryonx and three stegos. She didn't survive. Flew to the Highlands and discovered a level 150 Female Giga with a green and yellow body. Am still trying to decide if I want to tame her or not. Going artifact hunting later. R is not thrilled about getting the artifact of the devourer.
  12. Can't breed Tek dinos with their non Tek counterparts.
  13. Went after that Giga today... Didn't go well. I kept trying to kite him towards my trap and he kept getting distracted. Finally got him away from all the Equus in the area, and had him heading towards the trap. Out of nowhere, a gallimimus runs past, the Giga gives chase and he and the gallimimus run straight over the edge of the scar and into the lava... Crap. Found another Giga by the lighthouse, just a level 25 though. Killed him with my Lightning Wyvern to blow off some steam. Also, I didn't know that wild Megalodons will attack wild Gigas. Learn something new everyday.
  14. Doctors office for a check up and then straight to the war room to tame that Giga! Flying solo today, wife's at work and my brothers are taking a break (also probably at work).
  15. Was doing the usual chores around the base with the wife, when she yells from the next room "Why is this Rex glowing red?" Crap. Jump on Aralakh (Mass Effect reference) my golden Giga and demolish it without difficulty. Fly out to the waterbase, build for a few hours and then go Wyvern Egg hunting. I fly through the trench on my lightning Wyvern, while R raids the nests on Red Eagle (Griffin and Skyrim reference). Find nothing above level 95. Fly out of the scar and I see a Blue and Red level 150 Male Giga. A perfect breeding partner for Aralakh! Decided to put taming him on the shelf for the night and go after him tomorrow.
  16. Haven't done much lately. Built a bit more on the water base, went exploring the ocean with the wife (Tusos and Mosas freak her out, don't know if she'll ever go back into the deep now) fed and logged. Mostly been playing State of Decay 2 with her and my brothers. We're planning on having an "Ark weekend" this weekend though, so maybe we'll get some stuff done.
  17. I have a Griffin with the same name haha.
  18. Wife and I finished the base renovations finally. Got everything moved, built and set up. Flew out to our chosen waterbase spot and built a bit before calling it a night. Reactivated the Easter and Valentine's day events, so there's all sorts of colorful dinos to search for. R really wants to start breeding, so we went out hunting for a female Spino. We already have two males with great stats, the female we have is junk. Couldn't find a single female over 135, so we went back to building up our new waterbase. Halfway through the build, I realized it was way to big, and decided to cut it in half. Demolished a good chunk before calling it a night. Before I logged, I received a message from some old allies, from my legacy days. They recently returned to Ark, and wanted to know if I wanted to join they're unofficial cluster. Told them I had my own and they were welcome to join. I think I'll create a new character on their servers and if they want, they can also come over to mine.
  19. The wife and I started and completed construction on our new breeding/incubation building. Took a break to gather obsidian, and cementing paste and built an industrial Forge. Finished the breeding/incubation building and we both were very pleased with how it turned out. Now we just need to move the armory/workshop supplies into the old breeding building, and the breeding/incubation supplies into the new one. Afterwards, we'll start construction on our new water base.
  20. I've seen a Tuso spawn around that same area once. Was so close to the surface it's tentacles were breaking the surface of the water. Was only a level 15, so I attacked it and it never moved. Guess it was glitched. Scared the hell out of me when I first saw it though.
  21. Still can't play. Unfroze my servers and got in about 15 minutes of game time before crashing. Now I can't log in at all. Refroze my servers. GG WC
  22. The wife and I couldn't log in at all today. Every time we tried it would just kick us back to the main menu. Freezing my servers until WC pulls their heads out.
  23. My brothers have been on a State of Decay kick, so it's just been myself and the wife. Anyway, decided I wanted to redo some things on our Ragnarok base, so I talked the plans over with the wife when I was at work, and when I got home we went to it. Moved all shoulder tames to the breeding/incubation building, destroyed our old community house, while the wife (I'll call her R from now on) used the supplies to build up materials for our new community house. We connected our community house to the breeding/incubation building for easier access, and made a bottom floor with a war room for planning the days events (Neebs Gaming gave me the idea on one of there recent videos). Top floor is four bedrooms for each of us to store our own items in and our own beds. Made a fire pit outside (R likes things to be homey) and moved everyone's stuff to their respective rooms. We have plans to build a new armory/workshop soon, but decided to go taming instead. Jumped on a couple of Wyverns, and right as we located a 165 Tek Rex I crashed... Took me three attempts to log back in, and then R crashes. Took us 45 minutes to fly our way back to our base (luckily nothing died) and we logged in frustration. Tried playing today and was greeted by constant dashboarding... Checked here and it seems like the last update has been brutal for numerous other players. Will try again tomorrow.
  24. My wife usually watches myself and my brothers play Ark, but has recently become interested in actually playing. She watched me breed a few Rex's and really wanted to help with that and building, so I let her play for a few hours. She now loves the game, so I bought her an Xbox this morning. She joined my server and I went with her to explore both Ragnarok and the Island. Showed her some basics and put her to work breeding some Rex's. Happy I could get her hooked on this game (she's also shown an interest in State of Decay 2.) She's going to our Island server tomorrow to continue construction on our base there.
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