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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Hello, Posts is a trap. Look at the date. Revards, Ariana
  2. Fast travel disconnecting

    Hello, For some time I dc when fast travel to my tree sap in redwood on the Island. Then I did not so I traveled several times to empty SAP but now just before the 2x event I dc again. So I thought they fixed it but not. There never was a server version change. And I agree with Mandy H it is not some thing that is important. DC when opening your dino door on Ragnarok really is, last time that happened I lost a dino and broken storage boxes. Regards, Ariana
  3. Dino spawning in house

    Hello, As long as the knock back is OP. People will spend all time swinging creatures into bases. I guess double walls will not help as long as bases render in so slow. I got a tip in this forum that building storage boxes at the walls will render in before walls. So people only see boxes. But yet again if the creatures are knocked so far away it will not matter. Only internal turrets plants will. Regards, Ariana
  4. Build an Industrial Grinder!!!???

    Hello, Yes we all want the grind all button. I use mine at least once a week playing, by the way. Regards, Ariana
  5. Breeding Confusion

    Hello, I also had this happen and to creatures I did not write everything down. Write down everything. Taming method, wid stats, tamed with and stats aftet tamed. Information is knowledge. As I think I figured it out they (WC ) make changes. Example I got a mix of stats 30-60 days ago and now almost all the best stats. Mysteries mysteries. Regards, Ariana
  6. Cookie Cutter humans

    Hello, I been wanting more cloth to put on. But I guess they worrk on more importand things than cloth and skins. Naked most of the time with Tek tier. A skin that one can put on as soon as possible would be it. Revards, Ariana
  7. Suns Glare is Too Bright

    Hello, Agree. But it is challange to play blind or to stop and change gamma. Regards, Ariana
  8. Falling through structures glitch

    Hello, That is not good. Still after some time your character ended up at the possition you logged out, right? You could not spend hours hacking codes to storage? I used this in PvP before retail launch of ARK. I wrote to Wild Card how to do it and something changed for sure but yes you can now get teleported from under your house to a high up level. This is why you should cover the bottom of your hose so that no creatures or players can get under your house. This is most important in PvE. However for WC to get past dc on other maps than the Island is so much more important. I think. Besides you need the code to a storage to open it so if the admin of the server do not give the enemy base code you can not access the inventory. And that is as much a breach as spawning in stuff on Official server. I think. Revards, Ariana
  9. Inventory vanished from body

    Hello, I do the same thing run naked take the dam, die and return. So to survive open dam take all with LB button then drop all and run/swim away. And then return to pick your favorites. Regards, Ariana
  10. Inventory vanished from body

    Hello, Sounds like another player looted your body. You know if a player is around if creatures change location. If the area is looking about the same you are then alone but never 100% sure. Practice in single player. I lost one dino full with gear due to no green beam from dino bag. I mean it would be so simple to have a skin for the saddle that give the green bream from a dino bag. Upon creature death Regards, Ariana
  11. Falling through structures glitch

    Hello, That is awesome. Do you see just walls of large storage? I mean are the cratures tamed hidden. Well it used to be that you continued to be inside the house now the game adjust player possition. I guess when the game fails to do that player falls from large hight. Example : after update players fall from sky better that than enemy players in your house. So not a glitch. Regards, Ariana
  12. Ascendant giga saddle BP

    Hello, Still PvP is the true arena for a Giga. Only a raided base with just metal left is the work of a Giga+c4. When I have been foundation wiped only when players found hidden storage. If they just remove the empty safe then no Giga was in that group. Now I play PvE and yes my Giga has asc saddle but it spends all time in base. The only reason I tamed it was for the challange of taming a Giga and level 135 wild. My Argent with high health-melee is much more fun, unsafe and heart raising for a Giga fight. I never timed it. If you try it do not forget sleeping bags Titans do nothing on PvE, that might change and then I am in PvE trouble. Regards, Ariana
  13. Island Hard Snow Cave

    The only de-spawn is the auto decay of tamed creatures. There is also a hybernation that I call ARK stasis, meaning as a player loads the area tamed creatures continue to fight wild creatures. What re-spawn mechanics there is of wild cave creatures is lowered in numbers and time. So that a player can die and return to a cave, means already removed wild creatures do not respawn. I needed 8 hours at that time for the Island snow cave solo. Regards, Ariana
  14. Ascendant giga saddle BP

    Hello, If you want to remove wild Titans or Giga use a Wyvern. I got one light one. It is no problem and safe. If you need the XP soften them and do the last fight with command-tamed giga. I mean wistle commands. I am still looking for my next female 130+ giga hard to get. But if I do I guess I need a bigger base. Still Giga destroy stone on PvP. So it has value there. I mean a good giga sadle. Regards, Ariana