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  1. Someone said the same for MC and it died on console. But yes WC have a lot to do just on console (other platforms). I am fine with late December as well.not.
  2. Hello, I am worried now. Server updates? Is the summer bash only for official ? Only PC maybe even? Surly not. Nonono. Single player and console (no platform info). Please. Edit: at the end of the vid "summer bash" it says XBOX PS4 STEAM. Sorry. Edit again: Ced answered yes to the question if the summer bash is client side aswell. So the event is for single player aswell. Phu. The simple yes came one hour ago 12ish passific time. So after some edits I am no longer worried. Please include spawn codes for single player. Can not wait. For the pizza now.
  3. Wow one thing fixed that all players run into: Ind. Cookers now pulls water from all connected sources. So No More pipes in enemies areas. Wow again. I like the patch notes new format. Thanks. To All that sacrificed Ovis at the obelisks. Maybe next event. threee tiiimes pleeease. Lol
  4. Hello, I played it before retail launch and after every big update. I like it very much. However it's too far between updates so to say that it is unsupported is not a stretch, just so many dead ends. If it is removed that is ok, sadly. Another player trap is legacy servers, dead end sooner or later. Regards, Ariana
  5. You are right it is working and now finally after two years ish meshing is decreasing . All I see is disconnects and game crashes from patched maps, I do not see the drastic decrease in meshing.
  6. Thank you for the large console attention. It was much needed. The first crunch with distinction since March 2018, almost a year. Only thing I do not like is another monument to a meshing tribe on the Island. Is it a triple ground mesh with a non mine able stone on top sark_questionmark. Can't wait to explore the Island again on a forcetamed corrupted Wyvern without crashing. Sailing along arr Ariana
  7. Hello, I rest assured that continued updates will remove lag (not increase) lag that ended up in bad graphics to finish in disconnect or crashes. Continued game play is not possible since after ARKaeology two update. With continued game play I mean more than one hour. Last good update was the launch of ARKaeology FYI Regards, Ariana
  8. Hello, Wish you the best and thank you for all you have done. I jump on the Jeremy train as it takes off. Left is Ark with fancy titles and impossible tasks. All aboard Regards, Ariana
  9. Hello, This is so possitive! Wow I think i might drop everything and just celebrate. Keep it up and keep smiley faces in parch notes. That was so refreshing and almost a year since Jat gave us smileys. Thank you in advance. Regards, Ariana
  10. Hello, Thank you for talking. I agree it is better to push the dlc out than to have it balanced and working. We just do not understand what made quick changes and updates in the past possible but now small changes over a huge amount of time. No one is more impressed of what you do in short time though. I see the constant work you do. Finish and bottomline is that it, the dlc, looks fastly made starting after the summer break. You guys must have done work not yet released. Well you mixed it up and changes can not be removed. Regards, Ariana
  11. Hello, Crafted another Ind. Grinder. 5 baby Gacha cooking 3 with metal. If a grinder stops all start to laugh. This game changed in a day. Flak is out. Riot gear is in. Is it fun? It is shocking. We just wait for a Gacha producing element Regards, Ariana
  12. Hmm When did you realise this? Two weeks ago or yesterday. Before the twitter update saying: rel date 6 November PC, Xbox and PS4. I guess spoilers are Incoming. Regards, Ariana
  13. Hello, The best loot crate I ever had. I found two blueprints both Ascendant. 216% Pump action shotgun. 237% Fabricated sniper. Both in the same crate. I also found better gear during the event than I had before but durability seam to be lower. I thought durability and damage did not effect each other but maybe they do. I am happy with the higher gear and saddle bp I got from the event so far. Regards, Ariana
  14. Hello, I played PvE for a long time and found that I reached my goals that my group set in PvP one year ago ish. First we did all in single player. So after playing that and that game I found, you guys do not know what you have in character custom PvP performance. Gaming is fun when more than controller settings is possible in PvP, simply for me, ARK. Let me expand, is simple aim and kill PvP? For me after PvE I failed both actions, but for my neighbor Sara a simple task. So many traps appeated in that game (freegame) after players moved I can only assume its old arkers. As
  15. Hello, Playing on Official servers Xbox. Tomorrow is the big TLC 2 update for us. We prepared for a long time and today I took out some fert eggs if worst case update senario takes place. Doing this and feeding dinos I got into a few shots fired so I was not prepared at all but after some runnimg around. I got the fight to stop. Talked a bit and said our good byes. During I ended up with a lot of screenshots most of Argents. I must say I will remember the old Argents very very much. Well so much new to enrich the game play with. I secured a Spino spawn just for the t
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