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  1. ArianaGaming

    Console commands?

    @GP I just gave him or her the information needed to spawn in creatures and fulfilling the need asked for. opening the command line was already given. Sorry for helping and writing it will not be happening again. Well maybe after Extinction dlc release. Bye
  2. ArianaGaming

    Console commands?

    @Paroxyde Well he did not tell the button for it. He asked for the button for it. And that answer given was correct from another writer. As one can see in the wiki page it is correct.
  3. ArianaGaming

    Console commands?

    But the page is so good, it needs advertising. Even trolls can learn stuff even if the information fast gets corrupted.
  4. ArianaGaming

    Weapons test

    Hello, I made a fast unscientific damage test in single player. Left out shotgun since damage is range dependent. Compound bow 580 Fabricated Pistol 90 Fab Rifle 290 Pump action 80x12 Crossbow 240 Simple pistol 170 Longneck one shot 495 Assault rifle 80 As I see it crossbow is nerfed and longneck buffed. Or? Still the shotguns take the lead and longneck is best resource wise. Or? All weapons have 250% weapon damage to target (DMG 250%). Did I forget a weapon? Regards, Ariana
  5. ArianaGaming

    Console commands?

    Hello, Yes he did and it is in the link for all versions under usage tab: Ark.gamepedia.com/console_commands as I wrote above and here again. This is a very good page sorry you @paroxyde did not read it. Regards, Ariana
  6. Bought my Therizinosaurus 515melee 11000health for 4000 ingots 10 eggs. So easy. Rex is bought with kibble even. If you like to get rid of creatures just kill them. Selling is out due to the cap.
  7. ArianaGaming

    Console commands?

    Trolls are plentiful in ARK you will not be part of the 70% that buy ARK and never survive the first DAY.
  8. ArianaGaming

    Single player problems on a server

    Hello, I use the Argent to protect my taming process and before the wild is knocked out I let the wild creature attack my Argent. Set on passive before taming and after taming set it to agressive but and however you must activate only target conscious in behavior. Both target distance and follow distance set to high. Example taming a Baryonyx: set argent to passive, kite bary to a safe area, land and jump off away from bary that is now aggro on argent, jnock it out and have the argent on follow. Screen shot stats and remember the health value (not max value). Go get taming items. Possible to leave your argent on neutral close to knock out creature if you have time to return before it wake up. Once back with kibble you set argent to agressive and follow. Check so health value is the same if not repeat the knock out. Done and tamed. Go pick up your bary and you have achieved the first cave mount necessary. Now you need another level 135+ of different gender to get the rider buff on your baby bary. Sounds easy but very few know and have done it. Build a taming raft to tame argents, several at each time since you need lots of them. Use trap method, 4 walls high roof and one door frame down at exit entrance opening two wide and three high opening, birds escape up and away from player. Good luck. Regards, Ariana
  9. ArianaGaming

    Alpha Dragon Island w Theris?

    Hello, As the previous writer I agree training is the most important thing, do it in single player even where the cost of a loss is not important just have full difficulty and week spawned in therizinosaorus 20 of them and use kill command on the dragon if things go south. On official you add your yuti for possible safty margins. The Yutiranus you also need to learn 14 Therizinosaurus and a yuti in single player. And start on easy dragon 5 minutes or less. Good luck and have fun because on official it is never a walk in the park. Regards, Ariana
  10. ArianaGaming

    Tips and advice to a new and unimpressed player

    Hello, My dad played ARK first so I started on a server crossark pvp. It was still difficulties but no nazi or criminals. PvP is fun and ARK is PvP. But since that can be false statement I suggest single player. Or a crossark pvp with offline raid protection (ORP) just so you get a feel for it. On these clusters you can forget boss fighting since ORP stops you from killing tribes in caves. Hardest PvP server for me was the center map so I checked builds there for our small crossark. Just set in single player: difficulty level to 1, maxlmum difficulty true, use single player settings to false and pvp dino decay to false. In singleplayer the game is paused and do not run when off so a set of commands to speed things up is good like command: slomo 4 Ark.gamepedia.com/console_commands Also never tame below wild level 135 unless it's for kibble eggs that you need. Learned that in PvE. Regards, Ariana
  11. ArianaGaming

    Console commands?

    Hello, Spawn dinos is difficult a lot of commands existing depending on what you want, wild, tamed, level, stat specific or just a wide spread of creatures. I use: gmsummon "equus_character_bp_unicorn_c" 148 Or gmsummon "rex_character_bp_c" 148 If you just need quick transport: sdf ptero 1 and when flying type infinitestats All is in this link and how to combine so that you get what you want. However I use Ragnarok map to quickly find high level 150 145 wild creatures and I use creative mode to get the tek transmitter for transport to Island map. Command is: gcm Ark.gamepedia.com/console_commands. This start area in the wiki have all info including a usage guide. Regards, Ariana
  12. ArianaGaming

    When did the Broodmother arena change?

    Hello, At retail release ARK changed and the following months as well. Old servers became legacy servers. Later ARK launched on mobile and is much popular. Regards, Ariana
  13. ArianaGaming

    Destroy Bee Hive command?

    BAM Thank you soo much @DirkInSA. When I wrote this I had tried all variations on the argument for the destroyall command, I am so happy you found this. Awesome. I tried it out in single player and it revitalise the Island map as if I created a new clean map. So since I am careful, I tested so that the bee hive respawn and that cave crates/artifact respawn. No side effects found. Just a crash removal command, for me, admin cheat destroyall beehive_c. Thank you again. If you still crash here is my best tips: if graphics are low and ark seem to lag just freeze and wait in one spot type destroywilddinos and wait for good graphics then type saveworld. Problem I had was crash areas Redwoods, swamp, obelisks and vulcano. Now crash FREE all. Sure, we need to wait for another Client update to fix the graphics but until then use this merhod. Solved. Regards, Ariana
  14. ArianaGaming

    What is the best cave mount?

    Hello, Had high hope for Ravenger. But it is still Baryonyx. Due to a higher ride and water speed. Other abilities are good for pvp Regards, Ariana
  15. ArianaGaming

    Question for the PS4 players

    Hello, So I looked into it and ps4 sure have more bugs than PC and XBOX. Just looked at a vid with creative mode glitch on official server. I geuss not more to say /Ariana