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  1. Hello, In the confusion I forgot to say that my single player game is set as official. Sligtly less xp (0.89). Dino stamina slightly less (1.05). And so on. I wish from the bottom of my heart they (Studio Wild Bunch) add to single player a official settings button. As the single player settings make it EASY. I can only reference to Therizinosaurus taming that takes so long on official. Period. So as much as i love ark ARK, I continue to find, exploit and hack the game. I am not a bad person. Just curious how things work. As life I found ARK give insight to life. Period. Going about it. Hugging it. Life is bigger. No question. But ARK is still ARK. happy summer Regards, Ariana
  2. Thank you 787.17 So I could not find the some what sarcastic "thank you" thread to (WC) wild card. However this 787.17 xbox update is by far the best update, EVER. It is almost impossible to crash the game. Now ti be sure wc have mych work. Not only the new creature spawn (wild spawn) over memory crash. How do I know this? Well since ARKEOLOGI the game crashed if we played with dino numbers over zero (ingame setting). At zero the game never crashed. At 0.4 crashes started to appear. Simple as that. WC optimized and optimised to what this update is today. Almost crash free. I love the work but as in many cases ARK need more than symtom analysis. The problem must be addressed not the symptoms. Because that is what we all want a crash free game. I know I have criticised in the past but now I turn around and solute you. Studio Wild Card, thank you for rhis update. Ariana
  3. Search And You will find. It is all in here. /Ariana
  4. You are wrong. I done it both official and single player. To be honest not the same but close. Maybe I am completely wrong but it looks like the official boss metha is after two years breaks down.
  5. Hello, I am so happy i found your tread. Well here is my complete guide to get levels. As i started Pvp i soon realized leveling is everything. So as a pro I leveled so fast that ppl changed stuf(WC). Honestly this made me happy. Switching to pve i think this is the best method. As you start: fiber hats is the best. But as you approach the cooking pot that is the best, as you can break it and just continue to harvest stone rocks. One resource. (This is why wc changed it. As I lvl from 0 to 71 in 4 hours on official). You only need stone tools to collect rocks. So now you need more resources. After the cooking pot you are ar 65 and you should aim for cementing paste. ( you can have a casteroid in your base but it will despawn as area is derendered, so I played utilising this). Aim for six snails. It is like you aim for two mortar pestles, it get you going but you are far from it. At this point you have options. Caves or the industrial grinder. Go for the grinder it take you to 79. From this point I am a novice as I do not know. But to you @Kadie2007 I hope you change your settings to more official as we are of same age. This game give so much when it comes to surviving. As also the fact that life is not far from ARK. Hope you liked it Regards, Ariana
  6. Hello PFM, Yes they are scaled down. However if you set official settings they are not. NOT SCALED down. JAT in back of the days wrote how to do it. Saerch! My understanding is max difficulty basicly all maxed and single player off It is possible. Ariana
  7. As I was much suprised to find a test server that passed the cable to official pve. The test servers evaluation of s+ clearly had bad unknowingly players. But I think WC can TLC the electric system altogether and make it work even for pve.
  8. Hello, Competitive people are most helpful and humble. However as a start approach they change. Rules that usually should be followed get trown out. New rules come into play. Evil and trolling is part of strategy but never intended for anything else than draining your opponents stamina. At the start of a new server the knees get pointy and elbows sharp as knives. After the start strategy change as things progress. Every start (new server / new map) people that are competitive change and show their true evil plans. Tilt and draining stamina are for others. Giving no out and keeping professional high stamina is for me. Just prepping for Digiorno release on Xbox. Might be today might be later. Can you feel it? TNT Tilt Sharper stuff Shaking hands C4 o and bullets. /Ariana
  9. Hello, The hardest boss is the alpha Island dragon. Or let me write proudly the best designed boss. It reads how and if dinos are imprinted and if imprinted by the tribe. So how can I think I know something like that? Test and doing a lot of fights. First easy then harder fights. Always with different setups always with same players. Alpha dragon, I lost the first times, first win was with two surviving dinos. Today all survive. Therizinosaurus stats: 100% imprinted 22,5 k HP and all XP into melee, 70k to 110k xp gives 1700 to 1800 melee. No other dinos. Hard and because of that so very fun. Regards, Ariana
  10. Someone said the same for MC and it died on console. But yes WC have a lot to do just on console (other platforms). I am fine with late December as well.not.
  11. Hello, I am worried now. Server updates? Is the summer bash only for official ? Only PC maybe even? Surly not. Nonono. Single player and console (no platform info). Please. Edit: at the end of the vid "summer bash" it says XBOX PS4 STEAM. Sorry. Edit again: Ced answered yes to the question if the summer bash is client side aswell. So the event is for single player aswell. Phu. The simple yes came one hour ago 12ish passific time. So after some edits I am no longer worried. Please include spawn codes for single player. Can not wait. For the pizza now. /Ariana
  12. Hello, Unable to play, just looking briefly on PC, a large number of questions pop. When released for console is meshing going to be a report issue or ingame auto-solution? We are now 4 ppl that want to take the challange once more in PvP. However it might be a Extinction rerun. Last release we realised in time and started PvE with several weeks of Gatcha pick-whip-pick. The Valguero map is so beautiful for all PvE play. However some areas are busy to the extreme and I can only see a late July console release. Judging only on PC performance that is. From a PvP view point the Valguero map is hard and unique. Having a Mosa going from area to area is super fun but require the crystal cave (one of three entrances) surly a everyday fight. Cryopods can be used but what if all entrances are blocked. As said it is a hard map and far from Ragnarok multi-cave areas. Holding a PvP base until WC opens the server transfer is clearly doable but after that it's just a matter of time until a 50k hp trike drains me. For PvE the list of dream areas to build is long. For PvP I found four ideal areas but none that also have mesh protection, simply no water. Looking at PC buggs, the worst might be a black world with floating dinos and sharks (megmegs). What do you think about the map? Do you have a plan for how to start? Like find the farm at 52,54 and tame a horse then tame, tame and tame. Counting down until release only to find one in the player group that can join and all play that character just to keep it from being kicked off the server. Like with Ragnarok release for console. A bit long winded but be prepaired for the mayhem that awaits. I am Regards, Ariana
  13. Weapon with low damage, a whip. Imo yesterday's breeder tool, today is cryopods. Use it and RUN.
  14. I always place a lader-pillar since it helps, next time. If possible. However the map problem with stuck characters is not the only problem also dinos of different sizes can also get stuck. Kinda endless map problem. I never seen someone say it is a bug. 1st time for everything.
  15. Did dragon on island and tek storage unlocked but triangle stuff don't unlock from center spider & ape. It is a bit confusing where and on what platform what tekengram should unlock to be honest. All I lock at is wiki and ingame SP (single player). Regards, Fan of Andy Ruiz
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