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  1. ArianaGaming

    Building Troubles

    Hello, You can lower and raise a foundation two times after that you create another house/set-of-snaps. To maintain you need to set a pillar and snap a new foundation. That new foundations can then again be lowered or raised two times. So using this you do one house with the ability to build with no gaps. Even knowing this it is still hard to build but it easy to place a ceiling floor that is flat (floating CoC ok). Less placed foundations on mountains and hills so build high up but not only with pillars (inside rain). Build squares and after that more shapes above ground level. And feeding trough reach 7 in each direction, 14x14 max. Best of luck Ariana
  2. ArianaGaming

    speed Gotta go fast !

    Hello, Well I tested with baby mature speed set to 1.95 to get 40% imprints on Megatherium but I got 33%. So between 1.96 to 1.99 is the value to get 2Ximprints as on Official servers. The point I try to make is really that small changes has such large impacts. So be careful when doing large settings and when I look back on my official gameplay I got 38% imprints on Megatherium during 2x maturation events. So it is then the goal for me. But you now have all information in this tread. 3rd mut was male 2/20, 0/20 so that goes into the next generation when 100% matured 0% imprinted. Edit: the 50% i got might have been previous settings and that it really only is mature speed =2. Time wil tell. Regards, Ariana
  3. ArianaGaming

    speed Gotta go fast !

    Well everyone needs to in their beds if slomo is used. But just to test what value is good for 2ximprints value I need to go fast. LoL Well I got another mutation with my settings, health and gray Megatherium so now it is 2/20, 0/20. /Ari
  4. ArianaGaming

    speed Gotta go fast !

    Hello, Baby mature speed 2x should be a little below 2 like 1.95 maybe. I did a test with Megatherium since they have 20% imprints with baby mature speed 2 I got 50% imprint. Everything else I wrote is just so the setting takes effect and nothing starves or auto decay when you use the command slomo (time multiplied in-game). I do not want to mess up your world Example if you have a fertilized egg and you change egg hatch speed nothing should happen until you pickup the egg and replace it. So just to make sure the test works. I test with 1.95 baby mature speed now for the next mutation, well hopefully an orher mutation. Regards, Ariana
  5. ArianaGaming

    speed Gotta go fast !

    Hello, You need to try it but I think it's just 2x maturation. So to test it, run ARK with default settings just disable autodecay maybe food consumption for dinos and turn off SP settings (unchecked ). Difficulty 1 and max difficulty checked. Take two dinos that are not affected by your previous boosted settings (slomo 5 to fix that) or use command gmsummon "ptero_character_bp_c" 148 for a fresh pair to test. Exit and set dino maturation to 2. Start test and use command slomo 9. Should be 2x imprints with 8hour interval or as official. Hope I am right but something i think i forgot. Try it. Regards, Ariana
  6. ArianaGaming

    speed Gotta go fast !

    Hello, With some reading of different treads posts. People set values that simply mess the game up. Default vanilla is great. No crashes. ARK behave just a little differently compared to Official servers. If you want faster use 2x settings or 1.5X. I got tired of constant feeding so I got settings to remove that, drawbacks when we tame. But we turn food to 1 again if we see a nice creature and that is not frequent. If we tame we load another map. Have all go super fast is cool but much is lost. Game values, knowledge and reason for doing what we like to do. Is imprints important when getting mutations some say yes some say no. My experience is 100 OR 0 all or nothing. So nothing get you rexes/spinos that stay. Well if officials had large changes there be lots of words flying. Regards, Ariana
  7. ArianaGaming

    bugs 10 Month/Day 800 SP Save Deleted 😞

    Hello, I only just seen it. But yes I was unclear. It is not in ARK settings, it's in Xbox settings. Settings->system->backup&transfer. But it is useless since undecided/SP is saved in your gamertag (gt). Regards, Ariana
  8. ArianaGaming

    bugs 10 Month/Day 800 SP Save Deleted 😞

    Hello I found a backup option in settings however only the game is transferred (backups), I find that not useful in this case maybe if a player wants to play a game before a update, but that do not work for a internet connected Xbox. So most uses are nulled. I didn't test if the dedicated server is in such a backup. If someone knows please write about it. /Ariana
  9. ArianaGaming

    Crop Plots Underperforming

    Hello, If you are on Official keep the crop plot where you spend most time so that they are processed or maybe someone takes them. If you play your own game then increase the decay time (higher value than one). Hope it helps since that is not verified by me. Things decay where ever you are for sure. /Ariana
  10. ArianaGaming

    Cave Eats Your Items Upon Death

    Hello, Wild Card fixed that a long time ago. Used to be that you lost your bag everytime. But yes now bags get stuck if you die with lots of dinos around you, i guess pushed into upon death. I lost one bag in a crystal a few weeks back. It happens... But if you get high level gear in the cave it is still worth it, if players can get it out safely. /Ariana
  11. ArianaGaming

    Breeding Confusion

    Hello, Both mother and father should have same stats, you get that after sorting out low levels and keeping high. Once you get a mutation level goes plus two (2). Keeping oviraptors and your tribe egg free helps together with starving breeders. Try it out. Regards, Ariana
  12. Hello, I am also in this cave and all dinos seam to fall down into water below the cave. When on aggressive use neutral and a dino further in on aggressive. Regards, Ariana
  13. ArianaGaming

    Movement speed

    Hello again, I used different setups in PvE officials since cave building and structures is not allowed there. 156 speed 62 fortitude and 140 stamina all else into health for the snow cave on Island. Taming Bees is all speed, run up spam feed and get away. Crafting it's all into crafting skill. /Ariana
  14. ArianaGaming

    Please Help Me!

    Hello, I read what you write but seams strange and I could not follow all, this is beside the point. I guess when we struggle we try all. Hope you can understand what I write though. How it works with game shared account and Xbox live: So your account is one thing and your HomeXbox is one thing. I write about one xboxlive and one game copy. You can only set HomeXbox once (one time) so you need to think that trough carefully. The gamertag that has the xbox live can be one gamertag. And the game owner can be one gamer tag. But it is optional. If gt (gamer tag) is signed in to xbox you then have for all other gt xbox live on that specific xbox and game share. That goes for all Xboxes. Plus your home xbox even if you are not signed in. Once you set homexbox you need not to be playing on that xbox = server. And you can never be signed in to several Xbox at once with same gt. With two ARK copies and two xbox live you can then have two home based servers and play on a third (3) xbox also a fourth xbox can be played on i guess. See how hard it is to explain still easy once you use it. How to get your server in search field for ARK, that is a mysterious to my but maybe the right name? You can join server directly though with Xbox friend "join game" and no "invite" is necessary. Hope it helps Regards Ariana
  15. ArianaGaming

    Movement speed

    Hello, As dino speed change slightly (WC changes). There is little point. I like 152 minimum. 158 for pvp and that is fun speed. Plus you have swimming speed as well to consider. Simply part of the game to find your own favourite speed. There is map differences aswell. Regards, Ariana