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  1. Hello again, Yes for sure taming my first tame. Rex level120 just below the vulcano. It gave me protection killed 8 survivors hatched many eggs and later it flew due to a glitch out into the sea. I was so angry it survived raids and all ark dangers to go under by a manta. My dad wrote to wildcard and they fixed the problem right away. Then i felt good again and was truly into ark. Ark cured my fears for snakes and other horrible creatures. I played pve and other gamemodes but have always played single player in parallel with official. Now i can not stop playing single player. Still to this day I can not look at the new rex. Stiff tail and just a sad copy of the old happy tail swinging T-Rex. /Ari
  2. ArianaGaming

    How To Block Yutyrannus Spawns

    Destroyall Yutyrannus -should kill all Yutyrannus on the map. Killaoe wild 15000 - kills all wild within the range 15000 Place two foundation on all spots that they spawn. However you do get rid of a wild that give you and your tame lots of xp.
  3. ArianaGaming

    solo Challange in single player

    Hello, I just want to say or advertise that a new youtube series started called Helenas path. This series is done by beastdeamon the guy that I know from his hardcore (gamemode) pvp ark. But he is also known from making rex jump behemoth gates, this was actually patched but reintroduced. Just a super experienced ark player and not a youtuber that build his first house. So if you like to start from scrath and try to keep even steps with him on the path to character level 120 on the Island then do it like this. In single player you need to upload your current survivor otherwise you loose ownership of your current structures and tames, type gcm (give creative mode) and place a tek transmitter. Type saveworld. Turn it on and select upload survivor from the next window exit or cansel you should now be in character creation. Name your new character Lucky or download your old character. Type saveworld again once you spawned on the Island. You might need to load the island map if you play on another map. Just remember to type saveworld before and after transfer. Personally I go for Therizinosaurus and I need those cryopods but thats all. I do not understand why cryopod blueprints are not in the drops on the Island. Its the best tool for a breeder, baby's get stuck everywhere and are laggy, my ark freeze for 1-3 secinds when egg hatch, wow. Well the latest updates have less crashes and a built in zeroed map (day1 map) protection. Youtuber name is lucky by nature. Good luck you need it And perhaps luck manifest ?
  4. ArianaGaming

    Inventory: quick move (xbox)

    Hello, For me it works. Search: Raw m all meat Raw p all prime Raw all meats Move all or drop all by pressing only once. Lag makes you move first the selected and then everything else. Pressing twice that is.
  5. You are right it is working and now finally after two years ish meshing is decreasing . All I see is disconnects and game crashes from patched maps, I do not see the drastic decrease in meshing.
  6. ArianaGaming

    Any way I can back up my save data on xbox one?

    Latest change i noticed is that a previous save is loaded if ark crashed. So on paper the problem with ark loading a empty map could be gone forever. Providing map get zeroed by interrupted save process only. Still letting the player decide if the progress made is worthwhile a backup would be nice, like after a boss fight and after getting a good blueprint. With the latest two updates 782 783 the game crashes is less and less but is faraway from the 772 update that was crash free in my opinion. Good luck and keep using command saveworld to progress in ark.
  7. ArianaGaming

    2.5GB Update... What was that.. really :/

    Had a weird crash on xbox, graphics glitched and ark crashed. Suprising was that also the xbox operating system also got graphics messed up. I am updating the 2.5GB now.
  8. Thank you for the large console attention. It was much needed. The first crunch with distinction since March 2018, almost a year. Only thing I do not like is another monument to a meshing tribe on the Island. Is it a triple ground mesh with a non mine able stone on top sark_questionmark. Can't wait to explore the Island again on a forcetamed corrupted Wyvern without crashing. Sailing along arr Ariana
  9. ArianaGaming

    xbox Single player Xbox (day1)

    Hello, Since more people lost their world after the 30 minute ingame save. I write how to retrieve your world since XBOX some times do not help with the save files. So the description is above. Ingame you can write saveworld command, if you get a crash find another spot to save the game. Saveworld force save and is not connected to the 30 minutes auto save. So if you played for 20 minutes and type saveworld and the games saves successfully player still get the auto save 10 min later (every approx 30 min). If saveworld command crash the game you can lower the dino count 0.05 and followed by ingame commans : destroyall beehive_c destroywilddinos Good luck
  10. ArianaGaming

    Winter wonderland?

    Hello, I had this question as well for the XBOX. I just adjusted the date of the XBOX in single player to 1/1 and raptor claus was back, offline. Perhaps that is possible also online (not tested)? Adjust the system time. Atlas is current game for me but ARK is still in mind. Regards, Ariana
  11. ArianaGaming

    Improvements Since Aberration

    Ahoy, All the things you mentioned they changed and with a good result, how ever it is too late as ARK now gets replaced by Atlas. See all the people that want to play ark2 there (inAtlas). Don't forget to claim your land so you can charge TAX in Atlas. Avast, Ariana
  12. ArianaGaming

    Is bee taming broken?

    Hello, The update after starting the ARKaeology event they broke the taming of Queens bee. That also got console single players the abilities to loose their world as the game crashes when it saves. Yes before they broke the taming we just placed C4 under the hive and all bee hives broke at once but some moron thought this was too op so they changed it with a crashing game as a result. Never updated with a fix. Now you need to use a large dino to take out one hive at a time and if a queen pops out tame it accordingly to ark wiki not dododex as dododex is not updated with the longer feeding intervals. if you use taming during 2x event weekend it gets hungry faster after first feeding as well. Regards, Ariana
  13. ArianaGaming

    Bee hive - new function or bug?

    Hello, This is why S+ is difficult to implement atleast on side of all the problems I can see. But it doesn't matter much as we soon jump ships. /Ari
  14. ArianaGaming

    S+ integration, why not just....

    Hello, I was asked to build. Wow if this is the beginning of S+ integration to ARK officials I can not wait for the next step. Such a liberation just to build double walls without all the waist and fast picking up not the eternity waiting for destroy part. After finished with the build the tribe was very happy. S shaped entrance crawl space entrance i.e. trap. Plus fake generators. Just waiting for a Titan. Well extinction sure is a good name. Regards, Ariana
  15. ArianaGaming

    Survivor/World Won't Save Windows 10

    Hello, 29 minutes after starting ark the game crash. If for some reason the game manage to autosave. Then it is followed by extremely bad graphics. Snow owl is two pyramids flapping up and down as example. Following a crash seconds to minutes later. After restart i find autosave didn't save at all. Xbox one the island yesterday's update single player. Version 780.23 I opened single player to check turtle dmg numbers done by a Velonasaurs and I got my answer , two ( 2 ) damage per shot. Regards, Ariana