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  1. Hello, From clarity to clarity. I cant wait Regards, Ariana
  2. Turret change discussion megathread

    Hello, I do not know if someone has suggested it yet. Make a new bullet for turret use only. But do not remove the current bullet that is used. Problem solved. Regards, Ariana
  3. What is your favorite tamed Ark creature!?

    Hello, I do not understand the question. /Ariana
  4. "Gotcha" mechanics

    Hello, destroyer oi, No one can blame WC for a bad connection. High ping is bad FYI. I got 30-50. Regards, Ariana if you are who I think you are. Micro, Tiny and picorollo killed you many times destroyeroi
  5. "Gotcha" mechanics

    Hello, I can explain the thinking behind such events. You are supposed to learn from such events. I am not saying you play the game wrong or that you are at zero. I am saying look for the biome hazards. I am saying do not build or stay on the beach. If you need sea access build in the sea. Use bed for fast travel. I am saying if you loose try to tame the dino that made you loose. In your case T-Rex, T so totally stands for Terminator If you play in PvP my best tip is Purlovia, look for the odd looking stone, jump off your dino and run past this stone and then when it is out have it attack your dino. Tamed. Look at the trees if you want to avoid Tylacoleo attacks, they are big and most visual. If you play in PvE, tame everything that attacks you. Plus everything that runaway you need that later. Regards, Ariana
  6. Breeding

    Hello, Level 270 is after some leveling I could not see what he put it. But yes he has admin rights. So I think if you read this you are interested in breeding and/or need help with breeding. My best advice is to write down every stat. Also write down the dino XP and what you put the levels in. In every step, I mean wild, tamed and baby stats. Skipping some step or some stats like oxygen will only set you back in understanding. Plus write down the number of generations both Matrilineal and Patrilineal for each dino baby. Do this and you will find out your own system since after a couple of weeks you have a Rex 30000Health and 500Melee and you wounder: How did this happen? Personally I think melee has break points, I mean 325-350 have more kill-speed then it is kinda flat and get a boost at 425-450 melee damage. I am unsure if anyone understand what I try to say but leave the melee at 325, 425, 525 and check it out yourself. Maybe it is just a feeling. Currently I am saving males that have different Ancestors generations to see if that has something to do with anything. Have fun testing the dinos out. Regards, Ariana Gaming
  7. XBOX ONE: Clear pin code

    Hello, I did not know about this cap of the Industrial grinder. Good to know. Well it has been used for so many things but its intention. /Ariana
  8. XBOX ONE: Clear pin code

    Hello, After collecting a large amount of items it was time to squeeze the last resources using the Industrial Grinder. Noticed that it has been nerfed. While making a scope attachment cost 20 Crystal the IG gives back 5 Crystal also the XP given seam to be lower. Well what the bug is about: A button called "clear pin code" is shown when selecting the scope attachment. Instead of performing a GRIND ALL. it simply turns off the Industrial Grinder and thus wasting Gasoline resource. Now since this is a repeat action, selecting grind selecting grind, it is very easy to turn off the grinder several times during the process of selecting item grinding item then selecting another item and then grinding that item. Talking about clearing pin code. I suspect that a pincoded PvE smithy and crop plot can be accessed by other tribes that do not know the code. How this is done I do not know. Anyone know this? The sound the Industrial Grinder makes is good for other players to hear, thinking about PvP. In PvE the player using the Industrial Grinder are most irritated by the noise. And finally a Minecrafty suggestion from my dad: Industrial sorter, piping item to safes. Love every part of the update, version 765.3 server and 765.2 client. Regards, Ariana
  9. raw prime fish meat

    Hello, I think I wrote above here that the best way to get crossbows was from Alpha Carnos. They have nerf that to simple pistol also the deep sea loot crates also now contain simple pistol. Still it is nice the get a 200% one among the countless others. Just a FYI Edit: someone asked for changing drops cuz they hated getting the water jar blue print and the crop plot over and over. I guess it is not a nerf it is a change in drop. Just a clarification Regards, Ariana
  10. Xbox Patch Notes

    Hello all, I mean if you fix the visual rain brightness. That should have been in the patch notes, big time. Who have not played on Xbox and been blinded by rain. Maybe you want help writing some advertising Patch Notes. Side note: I am very very happy with this update! My Very Best Regards, Ariana and friends.
  11. 50% downloaded 5 hours in. These rexes are dead, RIP.

    Hello, They all survived amazingly,, phuuuuu. /Ariana
  12. 50% downloaded 5 hours in. These rexes are dead, RIP.

    Hello, The game is ready to start after I think 6GB. But online official can not be accessed. Just single player. /Ariana
  13. 50% downloaded 5 hours in. These rexes are dead, RIP.

    Hello, Internet is fine for me just that I do not get a constant download speed. It goes from a few Mb/s to 125Mb/s. Just that we hatched eggs like crazy during 8X and now they will starve to death, horrible. /Ariana
  14. Hello, Is there a good calculator for how long a rex can survive given a number of raw meat? We knew about the update but this Sunday no one was thinking about 11 hours without access to the official servers. Regards, Ariana
  15. Hello, Two generations of Rexes. I got one fully green rex and one deep red. Feels awesome. Regards, Ariana