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  1. ArianaGaming

    I learned something new in ark today...

    Old Ark players walking. Salut!
  2. ArianaGaming

    I can not download Ark

    Something have changed the last days then. Try later then ask for refound now until it gets fixed.
  3. ArianaGaming

    Easter Event not starting single player

    You can remove dinos to get new ones to appear. Or use ingame commands to do that faster. Killaoe wild 20000 , removes wild in view distance. Destroywilddinos , removes all wild dinos on the map but be careful if dinos appear closer to your bases than normal.
  4. ArianaGaming

    I can not download Ark

    I would contact my Internet service provider. Since I downloaded the 66GB-ish only just this week.
  5. ArianaGaming

    How to: Breed super boss dinos. Revealed.

    I see and understand. And that is why I previously disregarded it. However I managed to incorporate it somewhat. I think.
  6. ArianaGaming

    Rex taming help

    The size of such a pen gets so large that it is much better to just start shoting it. Try to kite the rex to a safe area and start crossbow. The same for giga. Only difference is that you need to be higher up in the terrain when shoting as rapidly as you can. Having a pen is expensive and difficult to get the rex/giga inside.
  7. ArianaGaming

    How to: Breed super boss dinos. Revealed.

    Hello, Thank you for this point system. I never liked it since it reveals how bad my tames are. However I like to test things out so I spent a few weeks doing this testing. First here s how it works: Edit: this part is wrong see invincibleqc comment below. Skip to endedit. All creature in Ark have a stat calculator. Using the dododex I enter the stat values to get the points for the Therizinosaurus. I add points from health, stamina, oxygen, food, weight and melee the sum I get is the dino level that is different from in-game dino level. The differens is speed points. That speed points value is not shown in-game and can be both possitive or negative. Endedit. much like the mutation counter that also shows a negative value after the very large value is capped to prevent a crash due to extremely large values. Here is how I now use the point system now: I remove the excess to only show the mutations. Example 00 00 20 is a weight mutation. I care not for speed stat since always 100 for 0% imprints and no xp levels. I also don't care for the nmber of mutations since it is X. X still a possitive silly large value. Snap shot of my current setup: I add this setup so it is fully clear how it looks. F1 mP 400002 - Lvl 342 F2 mP 400002 - Lvl 342 F3 Mp 400002 - Lvl 342 F4 mp 400004 561m Mutation - Lvl 344 M1 mp 40 00 02 - Lvl 342 F5 Mp 200002 - Lvl 340 F6 mp 400023 869w Mutation - Lvl 344 F7 Mp 400004 - Lvl 344 F8 MP 400024 noroll- Lvl 346 M still Male, M1 first male soon to be replaced with M2 400024 mutation flag Therizinosaurus or that is what I want. The male also give the dominant colors. F is still female. I wait for a female with all stats 400024 to replace F5. I leave F5, since still a chance for stamina mutation. Matrilineal and Patrilineal I write MP indicates what dino possess the ability to give a mutation flag. - Lvl 346 is in-game level and I want all to get to this level but since I am in the color breeding senario I constantly raise the max level in the group. If I use a 0/0,0/0 male the same setup is used however M1 is replaced with the zeroing male. I then wait for Therizinosaurus with all the best stats and X/20, 0/20 markers. X still extremly large value however positive (+). For completion, the point system can give answers to some mysterious mysteries. Example I got 4 levels increase but only the health increased. Not using the point system I think one mutation into health and one mutation into speed (wasted). However. Using the point system I can clearly see I got 2 mutations both into health stacked and that makes the dino very special and rare. Thanks again I now use this since it also gives a code to my naming. Not so obvious what I got. Edit: the photo is very tidy and indicates that you used a male with all the best stats and 8 zeroing females F 1 to 8 with 0/0, 0/0 markers (zeroing). Using this system is as good as any but it is not what I recommend. Regards, Ariana
  8. ArianaGaming

    Trying to breed Rex's

    Hello, You got a stamina mutation since dino level increased by two, so one mutation into stamina. You can maximum have four levels increase and that is one mutation from mother and one mutation from father. What stat or stats gets the increase is random and the same for color regions that you also always get. Example: Dino level increased by two but health stamina oxygen food weight melee is the same as mother and father. So in this example you got a mutation from one parent but the only stat that could be increased is the speed stat and that stat is wasted since it is not shown by the ingame stats ONLY level increase. Stamina is not improved by imprinting so only mutations and/or tamed better stats and/or xp-level up give improvements to stamina. Most ppl only care for higher melee. /Ari
  9. ArianaGaming

    ark xbox I would like to thank ark

    Thank you for thinking possitive and taking time to write a thank you WC. Most ppl make demands and kick them out when demands can not be fulfilled.
  10. ArianaGaming

    Non-dedicated server question.

    Hello, Go to xboxlive.com log in your gamertag. After that disable friends of friends as this most likely is what happens in your case. Next time give some resources and one otter. /Ariana
  11. ArianaGaming

    3 days playing and not impressed..

    I agree but it is a player trap since they can just one day drop legacy. Even if WC said they only take down empty or 1 (one? ) players servers.
  12. ArianaGaming

    Dificulty lvl's between Gamma Beta Alpha

    I sure hope you used spare rexes and not the morher and father that you breed. Lol Well from what I know, the spider keep hitting the same dino if it can. So a strategy is to try to regroup the dinos. Try neutral maybe if that can make a regroup around the spider. And if you use spare rexes with prim saddle you can loose a few and still be happy.
  13. ArianaGaming

    Do you need to port forward ark on xbox?

    I have never done this but here is how it should/could work To connect two xbox you need a crossed lan cable. The Xboxes should communicate and give you xbox system-link on your dashboard. Connection with higher numbers of Xboxes you need the normal lan cable and a switch. Do not buy a switch. Your router do the same thing. Wireless network well it should be the router settings, however if you set it up you should have all cables and router with the internet connection kit to test it out. It is nice to test it in small scale before you buy used xboxes...cables and a new router. Tell us how it goes as I used xbox live gold to invite my father in the same house. Other people can also join in the xbox network. Edit : you need only one (1) xbox live gold logged in on xbox that you use. The server xbox need to be home xbox for the gamertag with xbox live gold, also if that gamertag also owns ARK you then only need one (1) copy of ARK. Its a bit tricky so read what home xbox entitles. Since you can only set home xbox ONCE. Good luck, Ariana
  14. Hello, If you don't want to farm a cave you can summon the crate. I think it is summon swampcave_tier3_c. No that looks wrong check the wiki search for loot crates. You can also use gfi rexsaddle 1 9 1 the last 1 is blueprint instead of the crafted saddle. 9 is high tier. Best if you search the wiki as I just take it from my memory. And thats all options you have. Play and fight. Cheat a little. Cheat all the way. Lol