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  1. Thanks for the reply,base reappeared later on in the afternoon

  2. Hell o, Do not look directly at the bugs. Work around it. WC are aware of these things and will eventually fix them, example the caves with lost bags, auto-decay destruction and disconnects. I know that they are working on more important issues until they get to above mentioned issues. My friends are basically waiting for one issue to be handled and until that time it is just to wait for official new server game play. Regards, Ariana Marcus Sara and Ida
  3. 2ND time this gigantic WON'T go down

    So how to tame a giga in PvE. use the above mentioned method. when sleeping fill it with narcoberries. not narcotics. protect it, house/tames. get food of your choice. then keep it in a thatch-wood house on aggressive. The giga need attention so visit every 10 minutes to hear how many pegos it killed. Protecting your house
  4. 2ND time this gigantic WON'T go down

    Hello, Starvtaming is not something that is new. What is new is that the wild dino do not despawn as quickly and the wild dino has a time to get health back between sleeping intervals. What to call that waiting time between sleeping and awake, I do not know. Herbivores we test some but do not know if they eat without having tranq arrows in. Fpr sure they do not eat if a tranq arrow is in. And yes a tribe do not "own" a wild dino. Anny wild dino can for sure kill that taming process and kill that wild dino, PvE. Since everyone now is starting out (new official servers) as new players or old players. I think that this information is worth sharing. This is not a bug and applies to PvE. Regards, Ariana
  5. What the actual hell

    Hello, I reported it as a PvP cluster with the Island set to PvE the day servers came up. So they finally changed it. Thought it was great idea for those that still want OP PvP with the Island as a build up and produce more C4. For the other PvP servers Ragnarok and Center. I even recreated a glitch there and was killed transferring by Eva I think it was. So testing stuff in PvP, not a good idea This was so long ago I almost forgot about it. Still if servers have been full it must be a winning concept. /Ariana
  6. Lagging out on Officials

    Someone wrote me about putting a grinder into a grinder. Maybe someone can test that. I guess in single player first.
  7. Industrial Grinder Is a Joke

    Hi, hmm, in the past it was used because you got more than you put in, glitch and then patched. Before launch of ARK: Survival Evolved we put it on a raft and had one castoroides to fill it with wood, grabbed note and started the beast. The raft could not be moved until the end of all wood. For some reason that stopped the XP. I am just saying if someone decides to test it now. Very easy way to gain xp. Regards, Ariana
  8. Lagging out on Officials

    People tell me the same thing even if I never had problems. Ping is always below 70, average 35. And I hate to say it, I play on a mobile connection. With two XBOX plus computer. A lot of people experience it, high ping, lag and lost connections. /Ariana
  9. Roof requires foundation support.

    Thanks for the raft height, I guess it explains why one cant build a behemoth gate on the raft. Does it work under the raft I wounder. But NO I build on the ground. I think it started with server update 762 since that came a bit later than they xbox client update 762. I do not know. but to us it seams like the bottom foundation / pillar is not part of the build and with a 24 hours timer. Since whole bases disappear. Maybe they take the servers offline until this is fixed. Just to freeze everything about to auto-decay. Rinse and repeat Ariana and Marcus
  10. Roof requires foundation support.

    Could be that the pillars do not connect if a lower snap point is used. But again we do not understand why it fails to give foundation support. But again we are confused why this is so important to change in the game after release. Is it not simpler to just paint "no build areas" giving a map a road system so that all can use the map. inplace of auto decay destruction to clear the servers. /ari
  11. Roof requires foundation support.

    In some videos we have seen 60 blocks up or more. Also we built in single player really high up. Getting a lot of questions on this home-base auto destruction.Will it be this way forever? /Ariana
  12. Roof requires foundation support.

    Hello again, We tried pillar down from the roof but no support for one additional roof. Also tried to pillar all the way up but again no support for the roof. What is the height limit on official PvE? /Ari
  13. Losing materials when crafting through blueprint

    That is how we avoid it too.
  14. So we started to build but was halted soon after placing a row of connected pillars. They no longer give support for roof placed above. So we tested foundation floors also in stone. But again not giving support for the roof. We figured that we are to high up in the air. Again building with wooden-ramps lack of support even with pillars and now foundations in more or less a spammed configuration but all connected to each others snap point. Have the auto-decay rinse and repeat game play finally broken all buildings higher than 10-20 blocks? Rinse and repeat = auto decay destruction I am surprised that so few commented on the auto-decay feature in ARK, seams to me that players DO like it. And I am the only one that do not want to loose structures to auto decay. Is this a bug that you are working on or is it intended game play? Regards, Ariana
  15. Base

    Most likely it auto-decayed. Check the tribe log. Rinse and repeat.