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  1. How to remove leeches?

    Hello, I know this is reported as a bug. Since it is just to die and spawn back in to a sleeping bag, to work around it. I doubt that it get a high priority on things to correct in the game. Regards, Ariana
  2. Giant bee server transfer issues

    Hello, I encountered the same thing but I left it at, ok can not transfer Bee. Since cheating is being battled I guess it is a result of that. Regards, Ariana
  3. 769 Patch: Game not starting up

    Hello, We get the "could not retrieve address" message on all accounts/gametags and on all played servers. As if internet no longer is up and running. I am reinstalling the entire game now since on Monday evening dinos goes poof on 173 for me. Is a roll back for the entire official server network even in the loop of thoughts? On the Island server I have played some but 2 tribes that always play did not log in for 2 days, so obviously they could not log in since the update of the servers to 769.0, 3-9 hours after that the client update was released. I get that it is one thing if you simply do forget to update your dinos. But if players are not able to log on? As I understand a ticket only get dinos back but not items that it might or might not have contained. Seams to me that a rollback of the servers is the only way to get back everything. Regards, Ariana
  4. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Hello, Finally got Bulbdog to the Island map. After some searching I found a 150 level Woolly Rhino. I am very happy about this new feature and the emitted light is also pleasant to look at. Regards, Ariana
  5. 769 Patch: Game not starting up

    Hello, I feel so guilty playing knowing you all still have this problem. The exact steps I use. starting console, login gametag that has xbox live, continue to login other accounts, open my games and app, load copy update, close my games and app, open ark with gametag that has xbox live gold selected, leave ark for a couple of minutes press B to select gametag to play with, using favorite servers Join server. I have not reinstalled or hardreset or done a MAC clear or anything else. My internet runs from, Ipv4, open gate/NAT all is automatic/system-default. Hope you all can login and get stranded birds back to base. Just horrible to see. Regards, Ariana
  6. Hello, After the XBOX client update 769.0 snap points in pillars from mesh and up to a ceiling floor are broken and the pillars are gone including the ceiling that the pillar supported. No auto-decay destruction message in tribe log (as if GM/admin been there doing their work). Work around this is to have only one pillar and a ceiling above it and at the level you want the roof say 5 pillars up you can place "floating" ceiling disregarding the pillars up to that level of your build. Looks weird and futuristic but it is the new auto-decay work around. Goes well with the new auto-decay destruction mechanics as the snap points are not vertical but only horizontal. Hope not to many homes was destroyed with this update. As I am not found of the auto-decay destruction I can only say. Told you this was about to happen sooner or later with some update. Regards, Ariana
  7. 769 Patch: Game not starting up

    Hello, Thank you for solving this so quickly Studio Wild Card. Regards, Ariana
  8. 769 Patch: Game not starting up

    Hello again, I finally got to log in on Official server. Failed with all gametags but successful with gamertag that has the XBOX live Gold ownership. Regards, Ariana
  9. 769 Patch: Game not starting up

    Hello all, I just got home and noticed this new problem. So I restarted the XBOX. Then opened "My games & apps" the update is there to download again 3GB. However noting downloads as I already did that. Back at home screen (press B) and relaunch "My games & apps" the update is back again, still noting to download. Stuck in this redownload update loop. As I got the game to start and by joining a server I also got stuck at Joining session. The XBOX is unable at this point to open any other applications (like system settings). After some time crash to home screen. Problem seams to be with Microsoft relaunching the client update. Since I downloaded 769.0 and played Official servers this morning. Regards, Ariana
  10. Kibble farming advice

    Hello, I use catwalks for my safes on PvE. One wall and one foundation higher than the floor so I can walk under them. The safes must be placed offset to center on the catwalks to be able to access the inventory from below. Needless to say I like small compact solutions. Fridges have this glow at the bottom so I try to build so that can not be seen from outside. As safes and fridges are PvP magnets, I use the landscape to plan my builds in PvP. In PvE most fridges have fert-eggs. Regards, Ariana
  11. Random Yelling

    Hello, I also have unpleasant feelings around some sounds in ARK. For very long time I could not listen to scorpions. Wolf's howling is not one of them since I am in the snow part of the map. The sound there makes sense to me and I finally got the super gear needed for the murder snow area on Ragnarok official PvE. Also some sounds are PvE specific since I never heard them in PvP (not tested at all). But that sound is for sure a wolf seeking out the alpha. My best regards, Ariana
  12. Do wild dinos need food to survive?

    Hello, There is much more to this. If you trapped it in the spawn area then it will not de-spawn. If a player is present keeping the area loaded it will not de-spawn (outside spawn area). After putting the dino to sleep there is a timer (hidden) so that it will not de-spawn. This timer will also fix the food for the creature so that when food is depleted the creature will die. There is differences between PvP and PvE, so game mode is also a factor. I think. As all this testing was, for me, long ago during now legacy servers. I can not for sure now say how long these times are, to be sure they changed since before retail launch and now. Best way now to have the area loaded in a server is to use a bed and use "Lay on bed" option. Hope this confuse you as it is very advanced. Only your own testing can be of use. Regards, Ariana
  13. Stop. Hammertime.

    Hello again, THERE is a client version update rolling out as well. So next week is already here Meaning that on XBOX you should see, after the update, 769.0 as well on the main screen. Update is indeeed 3.06 gigabytes GB. Regards, Ariana
  14. Stop. Hammertime.

    Hello, OMG. The confusion. FYI, Studio WildCard has two separate updates, one update concerns homeXBOX in certification process according to Jeremy (client version), the other update concerns the servers (server version) this is 769 as stated in-game on my official server. So there can not be a change to the main screen XBOX version number. It will read 768.5 until a unspecified time next WEEK. Server will read 769.0 after the servers are up again (can be viewed by hitting left right bumper). Hope this sort out the confusion. No comments necessary. Regards, Ariana
  15. What Has This Game Become?

    Everytime I said something in global PvP chat. The hunt for "Red October" started. Finished a week later with foundation wipe. Just my experience. Regards, Ariana