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  1. Most Useless Dino?

    Actually Dilos are one of the most valuable early game tames. They take no time and little effort to tame. A good size pack of a dozen or so can take out even a Rex, And they gather meat. They're actually one of my go to's for speed leveling. Get a few of them and 1 good trike and you can build and power craft narcotics & stimulants and level up to a crossbow in no time. Gotta go with the Pego. It's one feature is useless as everyone that has anything worth stealing has also been playing long enough to know they should always have berries in their zero slot and anything else of value in the hot bar.
  2. Stone Behemoth Gate Farming

    Oh you still need to worry. I usually run around 45-60fps, but my giant dino storage & breeding castle takes me down to 16fps in some parts of it. Large builds can kill your fps regardless of it being single player or a busy server.
  3. New Tek Items

    Oh mine were very intentional. Alphas are a great XP source and the Manticores are easy Element. 😋
  4. New Tek Items

    You can add all Scorched Dino's to any map just by adding the spawning commands to the spawners. Exactly how did you think the rag team did it? There's also several mods that add the code for you if you're not comfortable doing it yourself. I have them all on my Island servers and have since they came out. Even have alpha Wyverns and Manticores flying around in the wild.
  5. New Tek Items

    Pheonix will not be on Rag, WC own the map and have said it's a Scorched exclusive. Scorched content has always been free, the map is what you paid for up until the Pheonix. Everything else was available to all other maps from day one.
  6. Windows 10 release?

    SP data is stored locally. Not sure where this cloud crap came from. Servers store their data on the server, SP stores locally, Ark has no cloud infastructure at all.
  7. New Tek Items

    Ragnarok is free because it's a mod and not part of the core game... They're also not done with Scorched yet, we'll see more content. Not sure the last time you played Rag, it's pretty stable now. I will however wait till it's finished before making it my main map. It's good to set up a base on for now though. Especially for Black Pearl farming if you have a cluster.
  8. New Tek Items

    You don't need cross ark to travel, only to transfer items. You can still go to an obelisk & upload you character. Startup Rag after & download your character in the character creation screen.
  9. Cert Process

    Or for Microsoft to makes things impossible should they feel the need. Also similar in any other industry. 😋
  10. Cert Process

    Actually, Sony is far stricter on certification. They don't do different rules, all games are treated as finished titles. Ark was the first not to and got it's own unique set of rules. Jeremy and Jesse did an interview about it. Ragnarok is not part of the Ark game, it's a mod, and also still in beta, therefore it has totally different standards then Ark does as far as Microsoft is concerned. By Wildcards definition, and therefore Microsoft standards, the full release finished game is the Island and Scorched Earth. Soon Aberration will be added to that list. The Center and Ragnarok are modded maps. Officially supported mods yes, but mods, not part of the core game. Therefore different standards, different rules from Microsoft.
  11. Cert Process

    It's totally different for each patch, from just a quick look at the code to full on play testing with a team for hours/days. Just depends on what's being added/changed. And yes they miss stuff, it's still a bunch of Humans doing the job.
  12. Cert Process

    Early Access is actually a Steam term. When a game is in Alpha or Beta testing Microsoft will allow issues like the console locking up, poor optimization, game breaking bugs etc, because the game isn't finished. Once a game is in full release Microsoft will expect a minimum level of performance and optimization for it's players. Basically, it's considered a finished title, it better run well or they won't allow it on their platform.
  13. Cert Process

    Cert is part of the Xbox business support team so they run 24/7. However, just like any other customer support office, they will only have a skeleton staff on during weekends and off peak times.
  14. Cert Process

    As stated each patch is looked at individually and has individual criteria applied by Microsoft before it's given Cert.
  15. Cert Process

    There is no average. An important AAA game will get immediate priority. Other games can get shelved for weeks/months as Microsoft could care less. You can't take an average for Ark yet there's only been a couple cert patches so far. EA ones don't really count as Microsoft has a different standard for that period.