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  1. I checked how Long it takes to get a Reaper King Baby Born, 15 Mins for me
  2. Will you redo the Ice Wyvern Modell from Ragnarok as well as their Eggs and maybe the Ice worm too? they deserve a Little more customization, all other Wyverns look different, but this is a retextured Lightning Wyvern, and the Iceworm is just blue in Color. I dont mind the Lava Golem or the Polar Bear just being a reskin tho, but maybe you could Change the Ice creatures in the TLC pass?
  3. Me...i hate the Yutyrannus...he will be the plague for me...
  4. For me it Looks like a horse.
  5. It is related to Tapirs and Rhinos and his head Looks like a horse.
  6. Could you maybe make the Beelzebufo attack like a big frog in Real Life, like he will do a tongue attack for Bugs, but when he like wants to eat a Dodo or one of the smaller creatures that fit in his mouth he will just jump at it (like the Kapro) and drag it and slowly swallow it down, that would be pretty cool, you will may think that is something better for a modder to make... but just maybe you could add that in the TLC pass...would also be cool to see an Option to quadrupedal walk with the Gigantopithecus and like make that chest Punch Thing that the Megapithecus does...but this is all more like a Game suggestion rather than a question...
  7. Could you make the Eurypterid tameable with bug Repellent or maybe a Special underwater Invertebrate Repellent? And also give him the ability to properly swim around the water and crawl on Land, make him maybe also pick-up-able? That would be Handy to knock out ocean creatures, maybe make that the Repellent to tame him makes other creatures more interested in attacking you so it is more dangerous, because when it is easy no one would tame the "Electrophorus" later on.
  8. Any Spoilers for the next ingame coming Creatures of v.250?
  9. Will the Procedurally Generated ARK's have an Option to disable Alphas?
  10. So it sucks the Sap out of the trees and shoots poison gas, am i guessing it right?
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