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  1. Used to be in the sunken ship down there, moved off Ragnarok months ago, so have no idea if it's been moved. Can't find anything that says it has been.
  2. I miss the old Rex roar, the bounding run the Spino used to have and the way it sounded when they ran. Also miss the sound effect you used to hear when you crafted something. Sounded like a hammer tapping on metal.
  3. This is more of a waterbase location, below is my main base, across from Herbivore Island, on the ridge above the cave that has the artifact of the massive.
  4. On the Western coast, North of the Red Ob, right where the snow and beach meet, is a tall rock. Around that rock is lots of flat space to build a base. It's a dangerous area, but it's where I currently have my main base on the Island. It's close enough to the snow that Itchyornis (really annoying birds) rarely spawn there. It's more of a mid-late game base due to the amount of hostile creatures, but not much trouble at all once you have a decent Rex or two.
  5. The very first time I spawned in on our legacy Island server I was killed by a sarco. Still halfway through the spawn animation and I was getting munched on.
  6. Didn't say I couldn't find places to build, I had a nice base set up when that tribe joined the server and started laying pillars everywhere.
  7. Yes it is, I play it on Xbox.
  8. I scan the forums a few times a week on my lunch break. I'm usually to busy to check during work hours
  9. This is why I moved to unofficial. I didn't have a problem with people who pillared a little to protect their borders, but too many people pillar spammed and claimed huge chunks of land, then never used it. Or in one case right after I left legacy, a tribe pillared herbivore island, carno island and the footpaw. Then kept posting in global trying to sell it off to other tribes. Bought my nitrado server a few days later.
  10. PUBG (recommend playing with friends) Ark of course World of Tanks State of Decay 2 (recommend playing with friends) Older games I always have around Mass Effect Trilogy (Andromeda is an abomination) Gears of War Zelda Ocarina of Time Zelda Majora's Mask Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Elder Scrolls Skyrim Elder Scrolls Oblivion There's more, but I can't remember them all. Depends on what you're into really, I dabble in everything just about.
  11. Wife and I have returned to this game recently and have decided to make an outpost near green ob to store some of our "less used" dino's. I left her to make materials while I roamed around hunting for black and red dino's to tame. Found a black and red Griffin, level 95... Crap. Almost tamed him anyway, cause of how badass he looked but decided against it. Roaming the desert, I discovered a 130 purple and black Giga. I thought about it for a minute (usually won't tame anything under 135) and decided to head back to base to make a trap. Get back to base and notice an extra Rex in the group. Solid black and pretty sweet looking. Call out to R (my wife) and ask her about it. She said he wandered around the perimeter wall for awhile and she thought he looked pretty so she tamed him. I was very proud of her for tackling a Rex by herself. Also, Nihlus (new Rex) has great stats, so he will be added to my boss Rex group. Told R about the black and purple Giga and she helped me craft up a metal trap. Was getting late so we logged for the night.
  12. Recently unfroze my servers and returned to this game with my wife. I noticed when I was on my wife's One S, that the game seems to run worse than on my original Xbox One. Checked settings and all were the same. Any other Xbox users have this issue? Google search produced squat.
  13. First Charmander, now Tyranitar. I like it.
  14. I'm a Broncos fan, but don't mind the name. Had a Direwolf named Packers on my legacy server.
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