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So what did you do in ARK today?


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On 3/23/2020 at 11:55 AM, KurikDhark said:

I lost 2 Brontos and 3 Argys..... So I decided to get on here and ask for help. My tribe mates has been really awesome helping me learn the game, but after I lost all those dinosaurs, I feel like I'm a burden to them. Is there anyone who might be able to jump on our Xbox pvp server and either help me out getting a few things that would help them (I'm trying to make up for dino loss) or maybe even bring me a few things (crystal, sillaca Pearl's, black pearls) so I can build things for them? I'm not sure how I would be able to thank anyone who helps, but maybe there's something I can help with, or do. Thanks in advance everyone.

People make mistakes, especially people new to the game. You can still be helpful to the tribe by working hard at what you do know.  Gather resources or craft up needed things, like sparkpowder or narcotics, etc.   Show your tribemates that you aren't lazy and a noob, just a noob that is willing to learn and work hard.  Most will forgive you, and should take the time to help you learn more things.

As far as losing dinos.  I would strongly suggest working towards trading with someone to get yourself some of your "own" dinos. Then you don't need to put your tribemates dinos at risk anymore.

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Today: on Extinction tamed a carno (level 100 pre-tame, 140 post-tame). A nice step towards building a dino army.

On Valguero: finished hatching yesterday's tek rex eggs, killed the hatchlings because no new mutations, plus the only female inherited mothers low health. Half-raised the new bronto, killed the old one because I no longer need him (harvested his dermis, though - he really did have pretty colors, letting them disappear completely would have been a waste). Moved the new bronto closer to his mother (who is also his future mate). Half-finished raising the health mutated tek rex (still can barely believe that I really have him. I mean, HEALTH mutation! On one of my rexes! How awesome is that?)

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2 hours ago, Aushegun said:

People make mistakes, especially people new to the game. You can still be helpful to the tribe by working hard at what you do know.  Gather resources or craft up needed things, like sparkpowder or narcotics, etc.   Show your tribemates that you aren't lazy and a noob, just a noob that is willing to learn and work hard.  Most will forgive you, and should take the time to help you learn more things.

As far as losing dinos.  I would strongly suggest working towards trading with someone to get yourself some of your "own" dinos. Then you don't need to put your tribemates dinos at risk anymore.

Grats 1k rep man :)

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Completed Tek cave 2 of us with 10 rexes and a yuti between us! Forgot to put our gear on Dino's at the end but we won so yay..

1 loss as I brought out a basic old breeding rex who I didn't level anything into but he made it halfway through overseer fight. 

Island redone... Ab redone.. scorched redone.. starting a new toon on the center next still working on completing the whole game from scratch. Each map has its own toons we are just transfering to complete bosses. 

All in all a good couple of days on ark. 

Seriously bored staying in the house now. Can't game for more than a couple of hours I get bored too fast.


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Finished raising the health-mutated tek rex (his name is Beast, by the way. Real original, I know). Bred him with two of the females because the rest was on cooldown but I didn't feel like waiting. The babies predictably hatched without new mutations, so I killed them (and I will kill any that don't get a new mutation on health. Or melee). Aside from that didn't really do anything.

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PS4 - Unofficial Cluster - PvE


So today on my cluster's discord, the admins and owner talked up doing total map wipes, to try an improve performance, and to get rid of abandoned structures.


I literally have been on this cluster from day. (started in August 2019) and thus have my bases on each map in pretty much my first choice location.

So not only will I have to rebuild the bases, but I have to hope that someone doesn't beat me to it after the map wipes.


They said that they will provide a temp server for people to transfer their tames and resources to, before the wipe. But I literally have 500 plus dinos that are cryopoded spread out between the 6 maps. Character transfers are disabled on this cluster, so that means using the OBs and transmitters to upload and download hundred of cryos, plus probably 20-25 vaults of loot, armor, resources, etc.)


It will take me a week straight to do this, and I am NOT looking forward to it.


I understand why they want/need to do it, and the performance on maps like Rag and Val has been getting worse. But I already have been struggling the last 2 months to be excited playing ARK. and with Genesis such a horrible flop, I'm not sure if I have the willpower to rebuild. But I might just at least build a small warehouse on one map to store everything, and then I will only need to pop in and refresh every week for a minute, until I have to desire to rebuild.

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Well it started out as a horrendous day. My Tribe mate and I decided to do the Alpha Broodmother. We made a few Rookie mistakes and he was killed within the first 2 seconds of the match. I had to hop off the Daeodon and onto the Yuti by which time the Yuti was 90% dead. The Daeodon stayed near me and never healed the Theri army and while we got into the last 5% they fell fast. I never lasted much longer and we wiped. The Theri army isn't too much of a problem as I have the eggs but the saddles.....oh my the saddles. Asc 290 armour saddles. 

So in disgust (after I did 4 metal runs) I decided to raise my Fire Wyvren. I am happy now......these colours. Oh MY!!!Lava.thumb.jpeg.a2cc8f7e98d5ed0b46b71d25a61a126c.jpeg



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Today I found a rex saddle in a ringed red beacon that landed right near my base! That's pretty rare on its own, but the best part is it has over 60 armor! My best crafted ones have a bit over 37 (my blueprint is... Not the best). Obviously, I dyed and put it on Nightshade right away, because he's my best rex and deserves all the good things.

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Today on Extinction I tamed a pair of gachas, spent about three hours trying to find a way to the Sanctuary to upload them because that's what  I tamed them for, lost one of the gachas, tek parasaur and one of the pachys (as in, literally lost them. They're alive, I just don't know where), realized that all the ways appear to be blocked by people who look at a perfectly walkable path and think "yep, that's a prime base location right here!", and gave up. After all, I can live without gachas perfectly fine.

On Valguero I didn't do anything, because I'm tired enough from my Extinction adventure so actual playing has to wait. And feeding dinos doesn't have to wait but can wait anyway because I filled the troughs yesterday.

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We have been hatching lots of Rexes lately and I finally got one with a stamina mutation.  Not as good as a health mutation, but still a keeper.  I noticed that I get a lot of EXP from killing baby Rexes (all the ones with no extra mutations).  It almost makes me feel better about slaughtering the babies.  ?  We have a long way to go before we have Rexes worthy of the snow cave (ice cave?  whatever).   Our first trip into the snow cave resulted in nearly dying just killing the things that attacked us in the entryway.  We killed them all and then decided that we needed tougher Rexes since ours were down to about 1/4 health.  We may try to bring multiple Rexes in pods and just swap them out after each battle (I expect each "room" to swarm us like the first one).  We are also breeding Otters to help with the cold.

We completed the East cave (the underwater one) and it was a breeze with our Basilosaurs.  I cannot see how any other sea mount would let you survive with all of the jellyfish and eels swarming all over.  With the Basilosaurs, all we had to pay attention to was the various Alpha critters in the cave.

We are also starting a breeding line of Dimorphodons for the swamp cave.  We snagged a 145 male near the Redwoods and are looking for a similar mate for it.

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Not exactly "today" but the most interesting recent thing I did in ARK was hatching at the same time 19 eggs from different dinos:

four tek rex eggs (one mutation, on a male, bright red head, seems to be on stamina but I kept it for the color because I have another useless mutation with an orange belly and the corresponding color to my current breeding male's health mutation is dark red on the lights, so it makes sense to keep all them yellows, oranges and reds to later breed them together and get the ultimate beast with the stats and the looks), seven allo eggs (no new mutations, killed them all), four argy eggs (one new mutation, on oxygen, but the color is too pretty to kill), and four deinon eggs (no mutations, but one egg hatched all-female triplets that inherited one parents' good health and another's good melee. Kept them, killed the rest).

It is very rare for me to hatch so many dinos worthy of keeping at the same time. Usually I'm lucky to get to use even one cryopod of however many I take with me to the hatchery.

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Noticed that I mentioned wrong good stat on deino triplets. It's melee, actually. Fixed.
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Think Ill post my story here....Its a bit of a story to catch up to where Im at now, but what the heck:

A month{ish?} ago, right before the end of the valentines event ended, I was introduced to ark by accident. Kids got the game during Christmas, but they didn't wanna play it. I was getting rather sick of pubg, and while The Long Dark was keeping me tided over, I felt unfulfilled. My mom of all of the people in the house {she is 60} decided to play the kids game just to see what it was about. Clueless to the gamer slang, she fired up on a PvP server and begun a very panful run. Every night she would put in a few hours {yeah all noob + bob the builder ect. ect} all to be highjacked later on. So she started hitting me up for advice, structures advice, what to do here, how to safe guard that, what does this mean, and of course basic advice on what to do and how to progress? At this point in time, I haven't even seen the game or any gameplay. I was basically guiding blind. Finally I decided to actually do some digging into what this is and what its all about, so I fired up her character and went to investigating a foreign game. When I got into the list of servers, I immediately discovered her problem. The little star icon next to a PvP server. A good chuckle was held and I decided to delve deeper into the rabbit hole. Oh wow, she is truly bob the builder after six lines of coke and 12 energy drinks. ok, now what is the game about....dinos, building, crafting, hidden notes, ok. Kinda cool. Got her a parasour, hauling mountains of wood compared to her tossing 2 stacks of wood, taking a step, picking up and tossing it again, its all looking good, time for bed.
Next day, parasour is dead and all the wood is stolen....wow, k, need to get mom off this server. Long story short, we are now offline and working on two bases. And we are even playing super vanilla. No cheats, no creative, no value adjustments, just straight up "host, single player, start game" Only adjustment made was after we started, wwe had a titanasour spawn right next to our starting point. So I checked the feed tamed dinos box for the titanasour. When we get around to taming him up, will try to do a twitch stream just for the lolz. Anyways we started off on the southern easy spawn, the one in the middle with a point going towards the ocean and river to the swamp on one side and a buyo on the other.

Ever since mom got into this game, she decided she wanted to do a tree house. I decided that I wanted to build some heavy duty "one size fits all base"
Seems she has taken a likening to her tree house, its only a tri level and she is working on putting in a glass roof for the final touches, but its right next to the lagoon over by the swamp cave. Ill try to put a elevator next to it so she can get up and down, but for now its only accessible via argy. Its a very nice place to be at as when we do decide to hit the cave, our equipment will be right there and waiting on us if or when we die and got to go back XD
With that said, we did have bit of an issue with cementing paste, wound up getting a megatherium to farm up scorpions on carno island to solve that issue. Dureing the process of shipping it back and forth however, she decided to get froggy and check out herbivore island. After takeing a look at the wildlife and a dozen questions, she wondered what it would take to tame a Pteranodon. After a few arrows, waiting to take a shot when he lands, and a couple extordinary dino, she tamed her very first dino. A lvl 36 that once tamed, turned out as a lvl 50. Once we got that done, decided to see how hard it is to get beetles. Wasn't too bad, just toyed with the most southern cave and wound up snagging some there. Still haven't touched the swamp cave, but its on the horizon. But for now, mom the builder is happy.

As for my monster base, well its in its third evolution. I decided to take the entire point located at 17, 17 or by the north west snow cave which is kinda funny looking at it now. We actually decided to build next to cave's BEFORE we even knew that they was there. XD First base was stupid simple, just to get something to save equipment to and a bed to respawn. Second base was bigger,  tall enough for the industrial forge. After squirreling around a bit and messing with this and that, Iv discovered two things....first off, the screaming rex's and carno's are a dime a dozen, tamed a bunch of them up for yuty eggs. And secondly, everything is super pissed. I thought the swamp is bad, better put on your big boy panties for the snow biome! But now Im to the point in time where I want to do something massive...truly beyond anything any of us has pulled off. Its tricky, tricky like no one's business, but once I get it done, Im going to have a huge yuty egg farm, with argy eggs on the side, and will begin attempting to breed. Ill have an entire area dedicated to the breeding. But I will also have some extra room up top too when Im done. Id like to have room for a couple dozen argys. That way I should be able to deal with some boss's.....maybe the dragon? Maybe??

Now with this said, I decided to help us speed things up by acquiring a qutzel. Defiantly a two player task for sure, even if I did have to cheat a little. I have one mean set of argy's, all have melee above 500% but the one we used, I literally leveled all the way up to about 104 before we attempted the task, but with the melee, stamina, and health all bumped up to mighty levels. We set off to look for a quetzal that I had seen, but wound up looking for the whole damn day IRL instead of just a few minutes. x.x Just before calling it quits tho, boom. Just north east of the blue obelisk. She jumped onto the argy, I shot a grappling hook into the saddle, and off we went. It was only a lvl 3, so it only took 3 shocking tranqs, but just as it hit the ground, I knew it was over. 5 wolves, 3 hogs, all worked together for once in order to kill our hopes and dreams. sour at our bad luck, we died in vain, resurected, killed all the sobs, and went about being all grumpy about the deal, she went back to work on her tree house, me to my metal hill to unload the majority of the equipment......and then I stumbled into another quetz. kinda south of the eastern red woods. a lvl 4 this time. we went at it, knocked it down, and this time we had enough time to get the argy down. But this time it dawned on me as it was falling out of the sky. it landed in the swamp.

I kicked mom off the argy to tend to the quetzal while I hopped onto the argy and went on a murder death killing spree of anything nearby. A couple snakes, 10 piranha, a frog I accidentally hit, big gator, small jumping gator, 2 baryls, and the cream of the crop, an alpha raptor. yeah, dang good thing I brough the 104 birdie, cause if not, that would have been the final nail in the coffin, but now with a lvl 108 birdie and a clear spot to tame up the first quetzal, we could do our thing.....except I forgot the jellyfish jelly.
no narco, no mountains of narc berries, no jellyfish jelly, we was loosing this battle quickly, and Id have to pray that I accidentally made some narco up on the metal hill. After a non stop sprint from the quetz  to the hill in the middle of the red woods {thank god no leo's} Got lucky, super lucky, pleanty of narco, 150 waiting on me. But time was ticking, and I didn't have time to separate a specific amount, I took it all and got outta there. But while my lvl 108 birdie has adjustments made to her stamina, it wasn't enough and I had to wait a pinch longer before taking off. My controller made a cracking sound in my grip, but I finally filled the stamina "just enough" that I thought I could make it....it was not enough. My mom was gathering as much narc berries as possible to try and help me, she was raiding every single bush nearby in hopes of not being attacked, and getting "just enough berries to keep him down" till I got back and she was loosing the battle quickly. At about 100m my birdie ran out of stamina and I literally hopped off to run the rest of the way. I get to the quetz, I open up inventory, jam the narco in his inventory and force feed him 10 immediately. Just as I pulled the trigger to get him to take it, I look at the torpidity....47.2......I only had 47.2 torpidity before I hit him with the first narco. Good lord that was close!

With the narco takeing effect, I took inventory of what I had and what I could use to feed him.....One extraordinary kibble and prime meat from the raptor, well the kibble was good, but the prime would spoil soon....not a problem, couple of snakes and another croc, plenty of prime, and sure enough, we had our first quetz. 
Built a platform sadle, was cruising around, found another qutz on accident {only when your not looking for it will you find it. XD}, tried to use the flying cage technique, failed, said screw it and shot it while just riding the tamed quetz. Worked like a charm, tamed it up with just prime, and noticed I got lucky. They are male and female. I can breed them to make my own quetz army!
Got em home to the big base, and finally broke ground on the base I have been putting off all this time. Got to get it going as its going to take quite some time. With that said, half tempted to leave my second base up so I don't have to rebuild the industrial forge and fabricator and such. Dunno. In the meantime however, Im literally wipeing the area out of rock and wood.....gonna be fun...

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Spent some time on Genesis clearing out missions and breeding my therizinos. Still no luck on any good saddle BP so far. :(

Last 4 days were mostly 10-12 hours a day working on the developpement of the full-scale ice-themed map. Deciding what features I'll make or not, but mostly sculting the terrain. Here is a preview of the unfinished landmass with 2 of the 3 surface biomes sculpted:


Bottom left is the mid-game biome, which is essentially a mixture of arctic/tundra, fully covered in snow. The right side is the starter biome, based on a mix of tundra/boreal forest, mostly hills with rivers and lakes. The top section will be the hard biome, mostly an arctic desert with ice cracks and deathpits. The whole map (ocean included) is Ragnarok sized and my concept is fully nailed down.

General :
- Blizzard. Pretty much your favorite SE sandstorm, with proper VFX.
- ColdWave. Based on SE SuperHeat, but the opposite way. Expect on average a 10-15 C° drop.
- Frosbite. Condition gets worst as you are cold/freezing. Up to 50% drop in total weight/movement speed and ice overlay on the screen.
- Custom creature spawner with color based on their respective biomes.
- Jerboas will be on the map and detect upcoming weather events.
- Insulation values are changed for stone/metal structures. You'll die very quickly inside a metal can in the cold.
- Full drops revamp. You won't be getting "stone tools" or "parasaur saddles" in cave red drops anymore.
- Limited oil veins on the map.
- Perishables will last twice longer accross the entire map as cold environnements preserves food better.
- Each biome will have its corresponding "frozen" aberration cave system under.
- Artifact caves themed around the name of said artifact. For example, expect heaps of pack creatures for the "Artifact of the Pack".
- 3 artifacts per zone (1 land, 1 underwater, 1 aberrant cave).

Boreal/tundra (starter) :
- Abundance of basic ressources.
- Limited supplies of metal.
- Very limited supplies of crystal/obsidian.
- Rivers, lakes and beavers.
- More gentle weather overall. Cold when naked during daytime, freezing at night.
- No large predators.

Tundra/arctic (medium) :
- Stone is still abundant.
- Wood is rare. Bushes, small pine trees, dead wood.
- Metal/obsidian are more common.
- Limited supplies of crystal.
- 2 rivers, 2 lakes, no beavers.
- Colder weather. Basic fur set is mandatory at all time.
- Rexes are the largest predator roaming there.

Snow desert (hard) :
- No basic ressources besides stone.
- Metal/obsidian/crystal is flowing there.
- No water source.
- Freezing weather. High quality fur set required.
- Sole biome on which to acquire ice wyvern eggs.
- Full spectrum of predators, rexes, gigas, iceworms, etc.
- Hardest of the aberrant cave... murder snow temps (-50 to -70) from Ragnarok with radiation on top of it.

New features/items :
- Ice rocks. Can be mined for ice.
- Primitive ice melter. Can fill containers and connected reservoirs by filling it with ice. Uses wood as fuel.
- Industrial melter. Same as the primitive one, but quicker, gasoline powered.
- Industrial heater. Gasoline powered to greatly increase hypothermal insulation inside your base.
- Plant Species N (N for nitrogen). Fruits can be harvested and used as a freezing grenade. Fruits can be crushed for N Juice.
- N Juice. Used to make a cold resistance soup as well as special arrows/ammunition.
- N tipped arrows/ammo. Less dmg (on par with tranqs) but with a 3-5 secs stun component on players/creatures.
- Cryogun. The opposite of the flamethrower.
- Silverlight Brew. Made with N Juice to greatly boost hypothermal insulation.

New creatures (Part of their own mod, once the map is done) :
- Narval. Based on the basilo, the horn will inflict bleeding damage.
- Albertosaurus. Yutyrannus-sized rex hunting in packs.

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Today I forced myself to stop being lazy and finally go to the green ob with the materials, so now I have 22 more cryopods. And also witnessed someone's wyvern that was left on passive there getting slaughtered by a high-level wild therizino. I tried to save it, but I was on an argy and my argies are weight/stam ones (and low level ones at that), not fighter ones, so I didn't succeed.

Hatched some tek rex eggs, one hatchling had a new mutation, but it was on stam and the color happened to be the same as one of natural ones inherited from the parents, so I killed it. Hatched two ankylo eggs as well, one was male and inherited wrong melee so I killed it, the other was female, with the right melee (340-something), so I froze her and will raise her later.

That's all.

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