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  1. I thought that was old. Can't transfer anything off any server anyhow...don't care beans for Valguero. How did you determine that this was the patch since there is not a date to go by?
  2. what update am I downloading that is 22g So hard to find any info, everything is originally posted from ages ago.
  3. at least there is an announcement...but no eta....so..guess I'm not buying that season pass....
  4. Gah...well that sucks. Will there at least be an announcement on the forums somewhere whenever they are enabled?
  5. Nope extinction to rag or vice versa, same message your server doesn't permit transferring items. Official server.
  6. I cannot transfer items off any map on official. Never even been to Valguero.
  7. When can we transfer items off a server on official? How long before we can transfer items again....
  8. Can't find out when we can transfer items off an ark. I cannot transfer anything from any server to any other. All say your server doesn't permit. XBox/PC PVE official. Tried to take some dinos to extinction said my server did not permit transferring items, know it's temporary but for how long?
  9. does once in a while. Issue is it gets out of the pen....when you get it back in the cycle repeats itself
  10. Hmm..then I'm screwed have both.
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