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  1. Corrupted boot skin notes This one bugged? I 've been at all three twice, and the skin is not generating...
  2. Corrupted veins, spawns, and dinos Is it just me or are they gone....
  3. Cannot find how to submit to the QOL catalog so here.. My three ideas.. Move Tek Transmitter to Beta level unlock on all bosses Mutation change and target items (craftable or lootable). One increases the chance the other targets a specific trait. Decrease all Breeding timelines, it's just way to long. At this point it only delays new players from being on par.
  4. Chibi was fun but the drop distribution was not so hot. Coal and mistletoe drops amounts way to low. Present boxes fell outside map boundries on Valguero and Extinction often. Rest was very fun, thanks.
  5. Ah, we'll some of them are babies so clearly not a dupe I'd think.
  6. not duped.....where is this twitter response...
  7. NO rock Golems? I've transferred some Ice Wyverns and not others, it's really odd.
  8. Same here, 10 total ((wyverns and 1 Rock Elemental) permanently stuck in pods. Is it just on xbox?
  9. Cannot deploy?!?!?! Anyone else getting a cannot deploy error after putting dinos in cryo, the images changes to a Raptor and they no longer can be summoned.... have 10 like that now.,
  10. Tried all the empty pods I had, nothing happens... I'd try on other servers but Valuguera but login lock.....
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