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  1. Can you please fix the corrupted avatar skins for the season pass for Xbox.....been to them all waypoints twice now and not a single skin.... All my tickets get closed like this “ gee sorry I can’t help you devs are aware. I’m marking this as solved” ......
  2. Nothing the server I logged out has disappeared......
  3. Extinction NA Cross-server Xbox/PC 1072 missing So where is it?
  4. Can you fix the corrupt avatar skins? They've been broken for ages....
  5. No. Join a new server when they open.
  6. I bought it as well. I have the HLNA thingy, but none of the skins work an dall my tickets have been "sorry man, that sucks, marking this as solved". I cannot even login in right now. I've been asking how to get a refund for the season pass...to no avail.
  7. Yeah I'm not too excited as the skins for the season pass still don't work.
  8. Can you transfer tames? Hell If I can actually finally port off of scorched (if I can actually log in today), not sure if I want to even do gensis....
  9. We will be able to log in today right? Room does not exists, cannot retrieve access, blah blah blah....
  10. Honestly where do I go for a refund for the season pass? I cannot access any of the content I paid for.
  11. Ticket results classifications I suggest that WC add "unable to help" as a classification. I have tickets where nothing was able to be done, all marked as solved. That adds no value as they are not solved. I still can't teleport off of a server, I still don't have an of the skins I purchased and my dino's are still locked in cryopods. I could also help with tracking issues, having them marked solved servers no purpose.
  12. One more thing. My wife saw your forum avatar, she said they allow NSFW images by moderators?!?!?! ?
  13. We'll have to disagree. I see your point though. I have started multiple tickets the answers I get are basically sorry that sucks, we cannot help. Marking these as solved. Servers are part of the tech stack that enables the game so to me they are part of the product. I'm not asking for bugs, like clipping when you load in, ungodly random maturation timers I expect these they do not render the product useless. Bottom line there are long term existing "bugs", server instabilities and paid for content (DLC skins season pass) that are already not being delivered. That should be "fixed
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