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  1. Can you please fix the corrupted avatar skins for the season pass for Xbox.....been to them all waypoints twice now and not a single skin.... All my tickets get closed like this “ gee sorry I can’t help you devs are aware. I’m marking this as solved” ......
  2. Nothing the server I logged out has disappeared......
  3. Can you fix the corrupt avatar skins? They've been broken for ages....
  4. No. Join a new server when they open.
  5. tried to teleport of scorched for the 30th time, nope still stuck.
  6. I think something is borked with xbox and the servers. Spam twitter feed is my only advice. Login lock was designed to stop dupers but it really just pisses off the entire player base. try again in 30 minutes is my only advice for that. There are some like me that cannot teleport off of servers as well.
  7. Went to each corrupted avatar node to find out that they are broken....no skin for me after buying the season pass... ???
  8. I've taken aberant dire bears to rag then to extinction just fine not the island
  9. Why was this moved here? I'm not complaining about login lock....
  10. Can't port to Ragnarok, the island or Valguero from extinction - login lock Thought it was only five minute wait? I've waited 15 minutes 6 times in a row and host connection timeout after the login lock message. Xbox player, anyone know a workaround here?
  11. Regular Kibble Medium Egg 2x Longrass 2x Savoroot 1x Cooked Meat Jerky https://ark.gamepedia.com/Kibble
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