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  1. Good stuff all. Love reading this even if I don't even play!
  2. Yes exactly You can level your tames that way too, brother sits on tame he wants leveled, you kill a whack load of babies. Voila!
  3. Yes we've talked about this before. In my example I'm pulling from release (golden days~~~) thanks again
  4. Not often people actually test what they ask about. Props to you!
  5. I can ensure you there are better ones. Nice try with the silent Ninja discord promotion Edit it out
  6. You seem like you're entitled to something ""Secondly, as a client already having a bad experience I AM BEING ASKED TO HUSTLE MY OWN INVESTIGATION AND TAKE THE TIME TO EVEN UPLOAD CONTENT ON THIRD PARTY WEBSITES?"" Yes. Cheaters suck. This isn't Walmart. You can't just Karen your way to a ban. You need to provide actual proof rather than possibly doctored photos. Now you know for next time- they can't go based on your word. Get proper proof.
  7. You tell me to not base my opinion on one thing (being a fan boy) yet your assumption that servers are unreliable is based off ONE server you played on. Of course it happens enough to notice, there's thousands upon thousands of servers. I feel you're just a bit defensive because I slagged the terrible official servers. On unofficial you get to actually play the game instead of the lagg fest and bullpoop you see on public servers. Will see you in SWDYDIAT thread OP
  8. What? Where did I say I was complaining about land? You are a drop in the bucket comparison to my old holdings. You over pillared. Your stuff got deleted. It's how its been like I said, since the start. GMs came to my server within the first few months of playing because someone built too many structures, same as they came to another server for the same reason 4 years later. Its always been around just in varying stages of need based on community outcry.
  9. It is 4x. 2x current rates which are 2x more than the real rates (vanilla)
  10. @CamCam123 You are off the mark on so many of these. I get you want easy mode breeding and game. Not going to happen. You act like you are some seasoned vet - who are you?
  11. To every post like this - there's dozens of long term servers whom care about their community. Its unfortunate that you base this opinion on joining one server. I've never had a server vanish that I've spent time into. On unofficial you get to experience the game, instead of fight the official updates and bugs / server crashes. Official servers are WAY worse than unofficial ones for lagging and disconnects.
  12. Hello, If you are interested in posting your doings to a community that has similar interests we have a community thread running "What did you do in ARK today?" You'll find it here in General. We post our daily stories and get a good chance to read about others' experiences too! Great way to learn without feeling like following a guide.
  13. The change was implemented because pvp more than likely. Like most updates and nerfs.
  14. No it isnt how it has worked since day one. I've been playing since day one and it never was like that. Over zealous land takeovers has always been against CoC. They even patched to try and fix it (ladder pillars) and yet you continued to do it. So if you truly played since day one you would know it is, in fact, not within rules.
  15. Actually the original value was 1. Then they DOUBLED it made it ezmode and recently they're getting doubled again. So were at 4x now, how much easier do you want it? The major changes in the right direction were the maturation / incubation changes for specific dinos. This is a huge step towards a more balanced environment. I dont feel putting rates to permanent 4x is doing *anything* except making it more laggy. This was a bad move on their part. Unfortunate that any new ARK players will have to play on 4x spoiling their experience with it being so easy.
  16. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most negative of them all? It's the ARK community. I just read over them myself and I'm excited for you guys. Looks like itll be a game changer!
  17. So have about a dozen others. Check SE forums, that's where countless posts about reworks go to die. As to the TLC - I'm disappointed in the posters. I wouldn't expect any TLC to be done right now. "This is all they have after SO LONG" oh sweet summer child..worrying about deadlines is for the winter. You are but a summer child! The floodgates always open when a TLC is done, itll get the community juices flowing and a lot more will get done than just solely those 2 proposed dinosaurs (((Read carefully: Proposed TLC Dinos)) I just chose to quote Scribe, it i
  18. No problem I think it's the neat thing about this thread - you learn new styles of play every day. Didnt mean to come across pushy. You probably arent ready to farm titans for hide haha, loads of other options though !
  19. Didnt you say you're on a map without titans? Did you disable titanosaurs? As to pego- it stole food from you and that's how you tame them.
  20. I dont understand what you want.. you want the game to be catered to you because you cant be bothered to put the time in to get to endgame? For the record: I did it all solo on official up to Abb. It's not hard you just need to actually work.
  21. Chainsaws/Theri specced is your best hide friend. If you have the means, Titans give like 8-10k hide or so with a decent chainsaw (level melee damage if you want more yield) and Titans are pretty easy with any giga (bonus if imprinted) just bite and walk backwards. The biggest challenges are: Not getting stomped on (stepped on not stomped - will enrage giga QUICK) and the second challenge: Not over biting once titan is dead and eating body with giga Otherwise if I'm lazy / dont have a chainsaw I'll take two theriz out. One specced melee / power one melee weight delicate. Power the
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