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  1. Yeah sure, on it. They will fix it with literally no information given.
  2. Is the teleport on weird ground / glitched in terrain? Is noclip enabled? Private? Official?
  3. Enjoy man im going the opposite direction haha.. Was a PC gamer, then onto Xbox to chill out more, onto mobile now to chill even more. Have fun with all those cheats, I mean mods
  4. Page 4?! WDYDToA crew slacking!
  5. You're comparing two different games (ARK EA vs Current ARK) Current ark is a LOT more laggy (look at turret tracking, particle effects, TEK, etc)
  6. "Ill take 'What is total bullploop' for 1000, Alex."
  7. Contrary to popular beliefs having lower dinos actually makes the game harder. The only time it doesnt is when you arent using dinos at all
  8. Thanksgiving was over in October.
  9. Just do it on single player. I mesh plebs all the time on singleplayer (Spoiler: the pleb is myself)
  10. I also disagree with Roo's weight. Yet another thing PvP ruined for regular ARK players & unofficials. Their draw was their compact size-weight-carryable ratio. I think as a compromise if they plan to class it as a 'heavier dino' they should also increase its own carry weight. I mean: allow roo to carry bigger dinos in their pouches / imprint longer. (Nothing too crazy - say dilo or raptor size)
  11. Two things will help a LOT: First and easiest: Tame a spino. Also stand around plant z plants (every minute they drop 1 seed) and use those to tame a few throwaway bulbdogs. If you can manage it, make a karkinos trap (use catapault) and get one. Super handy for taming and travel. Carries tames, carries wild (grab a light pet, walk off its back down its arm and tame it while in claws) or grab say... anky and push it ((WITH LEFT CLAW)) into a closed trap. Knock it out and as it goes unconcious it will fall out of claws for an easy tame
  12. Im sorry to hear man. We put a lot of hours into that game. You were an awesome Tribe mate and its sad to hear the literal longest nitrado hoster (DJ) is calling it quits. I wish he was still on forums to properly thank in a public manor. Maybe we will have to link up on Facebook or something I had to temporarily disable Discord but when my new phone arrives ill load it back on and we can catch up! Good idea @Cymas i bet the admin would let us, too. I know for a fact Saltire has major sentimental attachment to those lines ha ha
  13. Board the Nostalgia train! First stop: I 'memba town!
  14. I sure don't miss your posts
  15. There is no Alpha Dragon on any map except Island. The rest are easier mash-up bosses
  16. Ehh thats what I get for taking discord msgs as law haha
  17. Dunno where this double comes from. It isnt mentioned anywhere. In fact the bonus is 20%. Gigas its weird because of its' pretame stats but again, not doubled.
  18. Omg I was thinking the whole read "Meh cant be that bad..." then i saw the pictures..wow
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