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  1. Final render of the upcoming steppe bison.
  2. Currently uploading the newest update. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/795844434506940437/857738715731197952/glacius_0_1_0.jpg
  3. The largest buildable cave to date. Beware of bloodstalkers if you intend on claiming it!
  4. Although we have very little information as of now to properly make a judgement in that regard, I wouldn't mind if the game is 100% primitive. There are plenty of ways to make a primitive gameplay more compelling without falling in the classic resource grind. Let's take tools for example. We could see different materials, increasingly harder to get, but also better overall as you progress. - Stone - Copper/Bronze - Iron - Steel Taking inspiration on the tier system seen in Primal Fear, it would be quite easy to implement it, so that you can't skip to the best quality tools immediately. Besides, adding coal to force players to refine iron into steel (as in prim +) would be a good idea and justify the efforts in acquiring the tools as you could farm anything thereafter. Aditionally, they could add different qualities, starting from "crude" -> "rough" -> "refined" -> "pristine". - Crude tools would basicaly be made like our ancestors did by smacking rocks together in order to chip them. - Rough tools would be built by grinding the components together with water (thus requiring containers) in order to shape/polish them. - Refined tools would imply hammering down metal to shape, thus requiring primitive tools. - Prisitine tools would require more advanced tools and even a proper smelter in order to achieve better quality of the required components. Anyways, those are just some random ideas, but it clearly shows that with a bit of imagination, a more primitive gameplay is possible.
  5. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/File:Glacius_map.jpg
  6. A high definition picture of the handheld map can be found on the steam workshop page. Unless you want a picture of the actual terrain from the ADK...
  7. Coming from Atlas to join Glacius' creatures, the Snow Hare. Will you be quick enough to tame that elusive critter in the next update?
  8. Couldn't help myself and decided to give a shot on Gen 2. Did most missions and all of the gamma ones. Went on today and defeated the final boss (gamma). Apparently, you can cheese gigas in, which in turn made the fight interesting, yet trivial.
  9. Currently uploading the new version to Steam. Should be up in a few hours.
  10. Final version of the acrophoca is around the corner.
  11. I absolutely love the theme for gen 2 and it gives me the chill! Looking forward to it.
  12. Now that the latest update is out, I'm focusing on a few custom creatures. Among them is the acrophoca!
  13. Still working on Glacius in the ADK. Now that my new version is fully released, I started to work on some new & cool stuff. On top of my list is to create a first new unique creature along with a new structure tier, as per popular demand. They'll be made of pykrete, which is basically an ice allow made of, you guessed it, ice with sawdust/woodchips. The real thing essentially has concrete-like mechanical properties, but I won't spoil everything yet with my own version as they'll offer something different to shake up the PvP meta. Oh, here's a promo image of my new update. Cheers!
  14. Final render of the Harrowing Steppes and a teaser of the snow carno. v0.0.8 should be released within the next 2 days.
  15. One of the ferox caves. Yes those blue-hued rocks are element based and will yield some dust when harvested.
  16. The Harrowing Steppes (at least a first section) is coming along nicely.
  17. This is still part of Fall Hills. As soon as that is done, I'll be working on the region with ankys.
  18. @ShadowRazvan Have you tried this one? https://discord.arkmodding.net
  19. While some resources are outdated, they can still be relevant. However, the best would be to join the Ark modding discord.
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