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  1. Only thing you lose is any element picked up during the overseer fight
  2. Just to boost. Renting with them for quite some time now and never had issues! Support is amazing and goes to great lengths to resolve problems.
  3. Unofficial hosts code of conduct

    Thank you for not reading the arguments. I said I might, I said I might not. There is no simple answer to the question you posed. Don't try to paint a pictured from a biased response.
  4. Thank you for continued disappointment

    Thing is unofficials can outlive the officials. However this entire discussion is pointless. Those of us playing unofficial do it for a reason, same as those playing official do it for a reason. In the end we all play Ark, and nobody is better than someone else, regardless where he is playing.
  5. Thank you for continued disappointment

    Most of us did. It's the reason we play unofficial....
  6. Unofficial hosts code of conduct

    Honestly that depends on a lot of factors. If your goal was to simply join, wreck poop up and then leave then yes I'd be inclined to remove you before you finish your crusade. If however you're staying around and are simply a guerilla PvP player that seeks to challenge him against tribes, then they need to defend better. It's a really tough call to make, and does not have a simple "yes" or "no" answer in most cases.
  7. Unofficial hosts code of conduct

    Things I have set up as rules on my cluster: Main/Global chat is English only No pillaring/foundation bombing/sealing off areas. You want an area, claim it and guard it No abusive/toxic/harrassing behavior No abuse of known/reported bugs That's pretty much it. We run PvP, so any disputes can sorted. Cave Building is disabled, and we've enabled the clipping so people can build properly. No mods whatsoever. Rates are like on official regarding difficuly/growth of dinosaurs, only breeding and taming we make easier. But that's something for every server themselves to decide.
  8. aberration Problematic Zip Lines

    And thanks to Jen we now have it confirmed as bug Thanks for the feedback on this wildcard. Looking forward to the fix.
  9. Thank you for continued disappointment

    @Masurao Yes, you are right. Unofficial servers can dissappear when the administration gets fed up with it. But that usually lies partially with the people playing there as well. As pointed out by ranger, a good server / cluster attracts people. I habe a small one, with vanilla settings except breeding. And I have people joining, I have people leaving, I have regular and friends playing. And they offered to help pay now and then. And we all play or own thing, but we also help one another. Even if it's pvp. There are great communities out there.
  10. Thank you for continued disappointment

    But Bacon.....My opinion IS the correct one. The rest just doesn't know it yet. I'm not arguing with people either. I'm just telling them why they are wrong.
  11. aberration Problematic Zip Lines

    Second zipline not showing up:
  12. Hey Wildcard, We've noticed that the zip lines are being problematic, but so far I haven't figured out why. There's situations where I simply cannot get the target crosshair to pop up to jump on them while I'm riding my ravenger, and there's zip lines where it works perfectly for me, but completely doesn't work for my girlfriend. So far it mostly seems to be happening to the natural occuring ones. Going to post all screenshots here with coordinates of the ones that experience this behavior.
  13. Thank you for continued disappointment

    Sorry but I can't fully share your sentiment on the last one. We get people on our servers daily, and there's huge community clusters out there. You probably don't find the hundreds of connected servers like Official does, but there's definitely good clusters amongst the unofficial ones that allow you to travel between them like on Official. Don't knock it till you tried it.
  14. Thank you for continued disappointment

    And you are 100% sure this is a problem with your server? You can vouch that everyone is getting disconnected at that point cause the server is messing up? Or is it simply your Internet connection?
  15. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    wooooooo our drawing made it in