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  1. We've had that as well. Heck I don't even trust the timer being displayed. Pretty sure it's a lot shorter than that the HUD shows you.
  2. @Pellao : What kind of helmets did you guys use on your Ferox, and how many veggy cakes?
  3. Thanks for the input Pellao, we're going to start breeding some Feroxes ourselves and take a jab at it with the info we go out of your video.
  4. Oh I appreciate the video, please don't misunderstand. It actually gave us some ideas we want to test now with Ferox, in the hope that it leads to a viable tactic for mini-tribes. Not everyone is part of a mega-tribe There's no way in hell I will trust a stranger with one of my dino's Your post about it not being multiplayer is just ridiculous, multiplayer has no "minimum count" We play on our own server, so there's no "randoms to invite" Every expansion and boss fight has always been tuned to the amount of people entering the arena. Why they decided to ditch
  5. I asked for a 3 man fight to be recorded, not 5 or more as that's the whole point of the discussion
  6. I want to see a video of this
  7. Let me just install some bot software to get 6 players that know how to do a boss fight....
  8. There's more weird stuff going on Genesis that I can't explain compared to before. Whether it's just Genesis or changes they made to the game, I can't say. Our best shot was with Therezino's on veggie cakes. They lasted way longer than our Rexes did and we all died before they did. The difference between Gamma and Beta is the boss health, nothing else. The summoned avatars are identical between the fights. However I have noticed inconsistencies between boss-fights on the same difficulties, related to what spawns where and how fast. It's probably just lousy RNG on our part, but I've
  9. These are the setups we have tried so far : 1 Squeakysaurus + 19 Rexes 20 Rexes 20 Tickle Chickens 20 Kento's
  10. We actually attempted a full Kentro army loaded on veggy cakes, but they didn't prove to be useful at all for us. Their damage is simply too low to be able to kill anything, and we even lost some before reaching the final fight. Their pack-bonus is capped at 4 (unofficial server so I can see the numbers), and their damage isn't even enough to take out avaters fast enough. Yes they take reduced damage from alot of the sources, but the bleeds will still wreck them, and the reflected damage is a joke.
  11. That's the thing. You need so many people to be able to get through the phases fast. From all video's and clears I've seen, 5 people or more makes the fight manageable. because you have more key collectors, thus you can finish the fight faster and take overall less damage. Three man tribe? You're simply screwed for this fight, as you cannot collect the keys fast enough without either loosing the dino's or the gears. Hence why this fight needs to be tweaked to support people playing in mini tribes. But like always Wildcard isn't giving a poop. This has been clear since they did Extinct
  12. We've done three attempts now with just random Tek Rexes : 30k Health, everything else in melee. Saddles ranging from Mastercraft to Ascendant with around 150 armor. They die. They simply die in the final phase of the boss fight. The furthest we have gotten so far is with Therizino's and then we ran out of time. Riot gear with around 750 armor per piece and decent durability also lasts that long, and that's the core problem in this fight. It's not so much the dinosaurs going down, as they last way longer than we do, it's us not being able to dismount at some point because we just get
  13. Yeah good luck on that. Even with a small group we struggle to beat Beta ones....
  14. It's more than that. Everything in this new DLC is becoming more of a frustration every single day. The same problem as with Extinction, it's too unbalanced, there's not enough fixes/changes going on to address this, and at the end of the day it just pisses of people in my tribe, refusing to play or even invest time/effort to achieve goals. Everything is always tweaked for purely their official servers, and even that is questionable. There's basically no explanation on how to tweak and configure stuff there's no possibility to make small changes to certain settings. It's constantl
  15. Logged in, died from asteroids on Lunar map, logged out again. This game is becoming more frustrating every single day
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