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  1. I honestly don't know. I've been trying to find out what the limit is, but so far been getting mixed information. 10 dino's is totally fine, I've seen a video where someone said 20, but I've also seen reports where people couldn't get teleported either with their dino's. So....don't know yet
  2. I wonder if it's al the scripted content and stuff that's being spawned in at a fast pace. Not so much the sheer amount of the tentacles, but the constant spawning of the purple tentacles, mobs etc and replenishing stuff that the client/hardware can't keep up. Because lowering the quality made no noticable difference, it's as if the client just bottlenecks at loading the required assets fast enough.
  3. Yeah and the majority of people don't have this kind of setup, nor can afford one. The game itself runs fine on medium hardware pretty muhc anywhere except this area. Wildcard needs to adress this poop
  4. We put the majority of our dino's on Neutral and just let them had their way inside the room, didn't even bother to control them. We just made sure everyone had one dedicated mount to get out and avoid damage. Then constantly hop between mech and mount. untill the slideshow killed us
  5. I absolutely agree that tactics/content wise, the fight is a joke. We took 4 rexes and 6 Shadowmanes inside, and they utterly destroyed those tentacles in a matter of seconds, wiping out the entire room without much effort. However due the survivetheark.pptx experience, we simply couldn't shoot properly with the mechs and react to the poison puddles fast enough what caused our death. Too much freezes and 1-2 FPS scenes simply makes our clients not react fast enough to what happens on the server. So until this gets addressed by Wildcard, we're probably not going to bother with this fight anymore.
  6. Did our first attempt at Rockwell Gamma. Interesting PowerPoint presentation. Even on lowest settings, this area is unplayable.
  7. Right, so we attempted the Rockwell fight. This is just ridiculous to be honest. The game turns into a complete PowerPoint presentation when attempting this area. Has this poop even be tested, or do you expected everyone to be playing with a few 3080Ti's in SLI for this area? Like, seriously?
  8. Hello, We're currently preparing for the Rockwell Prime fight. But does anyone know how many dino's you can take with you in this fight?
  9. "Early Bird" title : Post count below 10: Hyperbole about the game being destroyed:
  10. Logged in, died from asteroids on Lunar map, logged out again. This game is becoming more frustrating every single day
  11. Yesterday we finally gathered the courage, means and people to attempt the Gamma version of the King Titan. Sadly, it also meant mostly the end of Ark for us. We're a small tribe, 3 people online on average, 5 or 6 if we call in all friends and actually plan things properly in advance to get something done. We've been playing like this on our private server since Ark entered early access on Steam. We've played through all the expansions as they came out, turned our server into a cluster even to experiment with the transfers and evolve our tribe as we cleared once DLC after another, sticking as close as we could to the original server settings. We honestly think that Aberration was the best expansion for Ark. We thoroughly enjoyed playing on that map, collecting all the new dino's, preparing for the boss fights and ultimately clearing it on alpha difficulty using our reaper kings, rock drakes and ascended gear. It took a lot of effort and work from the tribe, but we pulled it off, preparing everyone for Extinction just a few weeks before it's launch. And sadly, we feel as if Extinction has taken a wrong turn somewhere. All the content is gated behind group content. Sure, we can do the blue drops and easy element veins. Even the yellow ones are doable now with our newly bread Giga's, but it's a risky undertaking. The red ones are manageable if we get lucky with the wyverns, and they swoop in low allowing us to bite them with the giga's without taking too many breaths. But the titan fights are a pain to do with small groups like ourselves. Not because the fights are hard or complex, but the insane amount of materials you need to simply prepare for these encounters. The sheer amount of metal that goes into constructing MEKs for just the basic models alone takes us pretty much a whole day of collecting to build a single unit. Let alone constructing up to 6 of them, or even going for the higher quality ones. Add the materials needed for canon shells, weapons and the element to keep them running through the fight, we need weeks of preparation just to do the titan fights. This compared to the previous expansions is simply too much. Then we finally got the King fight. It started out good. We had MEKs to deal with the crystals and spawns of the boss. We had the Forest Titan for tanking the boss We had the Ice Titan for damaging the boss It all went great till the meteors came in and randomly started killing us. We could soak several meteors without any problem, no damage against the players, but the next one would randomly kill you. This randomness screwed us over so badly that we simply threw in the towel right there. I don't mind executing mechanics, I don't mind the farming as preparation for the fight, but to get screwed over by a seemingly random mechanic that can't make up it's mind whether to kill you or ignore you is too much. Ark was fun, even with the bugs and issues that made me beat the keyboard numerous times, it was overal fun. But our patience has finally run out to keep dealing with this.
  12. Pero puedo agregar varios DLC a la vez 

    1. Olivar


      Si. Comprar el Season-Pass

  13. This is what we did today: Took us roughly 5 hours to complete the cave and fight, but it was so worth it in the end small mini tribe, now owning the big sky bus
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