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  1. yea...but now they update to .68 again. Either wildcard rolledback, or this is Sparta (madness)
  2. Update: After a bit of testing, I reset the Dino Harvesting Damage Multiplier to it's original default value, and changed Harvest Amount Multiplier to be 4 (instead of 1). This has reset dino harvesting to the same levels before the patch. The side effect is that manual harvesting is now 4x. The hypothesis is that Wildcard's patch to remove the Easter 4x rates reduced core harvesting by 1/4 instead of just changing their own server configs.... and also somehow broke the Dino Harvesting Damage Multiplier. Edit: I was originally modifying the Dino Harvesting Damage Multip
  3. No I'm on unofficial. Again all the rates and server configs are exactly the same as last night before the patch. I'm open to this being my fault, but I don't understand what got changed to fix it.
  4. Yep, Jerboa spawns are broken, they're all popping as dodos.
  5. Dinos Harvesting Less? Is anyone else having an issue with dinos harvesting basically the same amount that a human character would harvest? After the latest patch, my 700 melee Ankylo is harvesting 50 metal total from rich metal nodes. It should be 2 to 3 times that at least. Same ankylo, same metal nodes, I run them everyday.
  6. Agreed, on private server I have wiped wild dinos multiple times and they wont' spawn.
  7. Don't watch youtube. The tubers all wipe out wild spawns and the end result makes it look like you're egg picking in empty areas. Those areas are NOT empty. You can do it safely with 2 spinos at 100+ level with decent saddle. If you do it with 1, you'll want it max level and imprinted. 1 Reaper can kind of do it, but you are in danger of death if you get rock drakes to your rear, which is likely. Head on a good reaper can handle the swarm. You can cheese the egg stealing with your own rock drake - i.e grab and run like hell, but that's about the only cheese method that wor
  8. I was pretty low health when I found myself off the cliff. I was also in the sunlight. I had med brews but since I was falling I couldn't use them. So, it was probably the sunlight that killed me. Either way, spawning right inside of a rex + defense unit pack on foot with 0 counter play is some bullpoop. Might as well just teleport me in the volcano during an eruption. This is gaming 101. You don't spawn your player on top of enemies.
  9. Lunar Biome Teleport Insta-death You know what's fun? Teleporting to the lunar biome in Genesis and landing right on top of 2 tek rexes, 3 defense units, I (think) a couple raptors, and before I'm even loaded they knock me and my animal off the cliff into space with no hope of recovery. It's fun right? This is fun?
  10. Kayin

    For the devs

    For the devs This is something that I've found very useful through the years. I strongly encourage every developer to purchase and read. https://www.amazon.com/Agile-Testing-Practical-Addison-Wesley-Signature-ebook/dp/B001QL5N4K/ I know you guys have hired a lot of people without a ton of development experience. That's ok! You can always learn. The lack of automated testing in game development is really only due to a lack of tooling. Get creative. Heck, Grab a screen recorder and go nuts. Don't worry about the architectural elegance of a test harness. No test harness on this pl
  11. Ferox duplication + Ferox despawn mid tame I was trying to tame a ferox today: 1. When the ferox transforms from it's big form back to it's little form, it sometimes duplicates itself. I had a level 90 ferox surrounded by 4 dino gates just outside the ferox cave. Upon transformation, I opened the gate and found 2 identical level 90s each with equal taming meter. I fed 1 another element and when it transformed back again, I found myself with 3 exact copies: 2 with the same level of tame, and 1 with the previous. This would have been great and everything except I had a hard tim
  12. Searching the Frozone Is it just me, or do you have to have to have a blood stalker to climb over the mountain to beat this thing?
  13. I accidentally ate a 150 Magmasaur egg. my tribe was not happy with me
  14. Is Procoptodon sleeper OP? I mean... It outruns absolutely everything - can grab magma eggs then jump and run like it's nobody's business Can get around in most biomes via jumping easier than bloodstalker webbing. Hilarious to super jump in the lunar biome More tanky than Bloodstalker Jump kick can get you out of tight spots when you're surrounded. Can carry friend with shotgun in pouch Berries Downside: Can't swim. I guess there's that.
  15. It's really not that bad of an idea. I'm spinning up 3 new Ark maps for my privately hosted cluster. That's going to double my running costs. I am also going to be hosting some online get togethers and advertising to my friends and local area to encourage them or their kids to stay at home and play. (Also if you want to join pm me) It's not a "business opportunity". This is costing me money, but if it keeps people at home and contributes in any way to minimizing exposure then it's worth it. I don't care how much all of you will minimize it after reading this post. It's still wor
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