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  1. The nests are visible. It does take a few for the nests to spawn though. Just chill in a corner and microwave some popcorn. When it's done there should be a nest or 2. -K
  2. It disappears because the egg sat so long in the nest it spoiled. That's the normal game mechanic, not a bug.
  3. Yea. There are lots of posts. This is a known bug. Use a whip on the middle of the nests to collect the egg. They’re there, just invisible.
  4. I can confirm the most recent patch did not fix the issue. The bug is still present.
  5. I can confirm the most recent patch did not fix the issue. Eggs are still invisible but can be picked up by a whip
  6. So... basically you use them for storage and transport too
  7. Yea just read the forums and the patch notes. 103 had a ridiculous number of game breaking fixes. They had to do a rollback. Etc PvP balance > egg visibility in WC eyes.
  8. We discovered yesterday in another thread that you can harvest the invisible egg by using a whip and targeting the center of the nest. also - WC is more focused on extinction right now and the huge utter mess they created with that release. Other maps are less important. I’m sure they’ll get to this eventually.
  9. Yea that's a kick ass trick. I will not forget that. Fortunately, out of habit, I backed my drake into the nest for easy escape, but yes the surprise of retrieving an egg was short celebrated as I saw a wave of invisible drakes storming for me. I was all the way in the back of the pit at that lit up area with the nests above ground. The pit was completely full, I didn't clear anything as I seriously did not expect that to work. The one time I wish I was recording lol I made it out though. The only downside is I can't see the level of the egg until its in my inventory, so if you're being selective - you're SOL -K
  10. I just did this. I can confirm that it DOES work. I got a rock drake egg from an empty nest using a Whip! and oh my holy lord did I have to run for my life because I was NOT expecting that lol.
  11. Just confirmed the new patch 103 did not fix the egg problem.
  12. There's a post in the Aberration bug forum about it, I've submitted a bug report. I'm assuming others have as well. Just submit bug posts and keep talking about it. They'll get around to it.
  13. the patch did something that killed the eggs. We've been farming drake eggs every day. The day of the extinction patch this problem began. The day before we picked up over 10 drake eggs. One even respawned within minutes.
  14. Agreed, same problem. No Rock Drake eggs. Nests are all over the place but no eggs. I ghost myself all over the place and no eggs anywhere or under the map. I am 100% vanilla private server with 0 mods. -K
  15. How much HP did you have? @Cito
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