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  1. Aberration solo series : - Defeated Gamma Rockwell under 12 minutes as a warm up for the alpha. - First batch of reaper clones is coming along very well, yet very costly in terms of shards. - Started to bred spino which are far cheaper. Current line is around 5.6k hp / 380% dmg (pre-imprint). Recorded a few more solo bosses fights: - Beta Megapithecus. - Alpha Megapithecus (not published yet). - Beta Dragon. Here are some of them : Gamma Overseer Beta Megapithecus Beta Dragon I'll try to upload the gamme tek cave this week (already recorded 108 GB file...) Cheers!
  2. Crazy stats are not needed for either rexes, nor therizinos. As a matter of fact, the entire gamma/beta bosses/tek cave/overseer can be done without any mutations and ok stats. Saddles and proper planning is all that matters. You can check out my fights on my YT channel here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH2Fxw6bED9cV2X_1DREAVg?view_as=subscriber Everything has been done solo on my unofficial cluster (with official settings). I'll post the beta dragon tomorrow (lost 2 theriz, that's it...). Cheers.
  3. Well, yesterday's cummunity crunch clearly stated that a patch was coming in regards to the overspawn issues. Knowing how game-breaking the situation was, I'm not surprised to see the patch less than 48 hours away from that statement. As for the size of the patch, it really depends on which file is being edited and also how the map (Valguero) in our case was built within the dev kit. If the file that was modified weights 2 GB, you'll end up with a 2 GB patch, even if you only changed minor things. Regarding how the map was built, creature spawners are usually a sizeable chunk of a map file and thus could partially explain the size of the patch. As a matter of fact, the whole Valguero map weights in at around 3 GB, so 4 GB is nothing to be surprised about.
  4. Or a single toilet to rule them all! Nice little greenhouse of yours btw. Have you considered stacking the crop plots to save on space?
  5. @TargetOne I did notice as well.
  6. I wouldn't dare say they are overpowered as they fill a very niche role PvP-wise, which is spam/structure clearner. Yes they indeed gives very good advantages to the pilot in terms of protection against extreme temperatures and/or the ability to go underwater unhindered. However, they are a slow, large (and easy target to snipe) and weak in terms of HP, no matter the quality. They are a laughable joke in actual PvP combat and get melted down by anything remotely good. They still take massive radiation damage and thus can't really help itself in Ab's red zone. As for being able to reach you in muder-snow, YOU gambled to build there despite the current cave meta. Besides, building there also requires massive resources and very specific base designs. I'll remind you that cost is also a major factor when crafting meks. If you really want everybody on board with a poll, how about the stupid desert titan? The thing is the only flyer than can enter Aberration and actually fly around wrecking havoc... Let's also not talk about how easy the tame is...
  7. You are entitled to your opinion, but don't expect WC to spend much time on that request with Genesis around the corner. Besides, maps like Ragnarok/Valguero/Center despite being nicely done removes most of the challenging aspects of this game via over abundant resources, high level creatures and easy-mode bosses. Despite all its flaws, the Island offers the Tek Cave which is yet to be seen on other maps as well as some of the hardest bosses of the entire game (minus King Titan). I'll give you credit on SE being a lackluster map, yes. It does lack severly in terms of challenge and creature variety and everybody but WC knows the DLC is not finished. The map is also very small and offers hardly any viable build spots PvP wise.
  8. @bigfish502 The manipulation implies to basicly add the possibility of the creature to spawn among a pre-existing spawner, so the creature will spawn on its own without further human interaction. However, as you mentionned, the whole mechanics won't follow as they are exclusive to The Island/Scorched Earth. I can see the logic of adding them to other very popular maps such, but I'll have to be against the idea. Maps like Ragnarok single handly destroyed Scorched Earth, so having the dodowyvern exclusive to the map is fine and another incentive to go play there. As for Aberration, the map is already extremely small and the only suitable place besides the surface would be in the green-zone already crowded with plenty of creatures, let alone gltchy spots to get the dodorex stuck. The same could be said regarding Extinction with its Sanctuary/Underground.... Besides, with the current overspawn fiasco with Valguero (and other maps such as ISO Crystal Isles), do you really want WC to mess with the event and possibly make matters worst?
  9. FYI, administrators on unofficial servers can easily add dodorex/dodowyvern spawns via ini files.
  10. It's still happening as of now and it's not limited to raptors... I've seen it on my valguero server for raptors, ravagers, gigas and brontos.
  11. It's not against the CoC for a PvP server. However, that would be banneable on a PvE one.
  12. Here is mine : It went through a few OS wipes since 2015 but still a hefty folder....
  13. Worked a bit on my solo ascension series on Aberration. Tamed one of my best anky since I started the game in EA. A 135 female which came out at 370% dmg post-tame. To make matters ever better, her very first baby hatched with a dmg mutation (380%). Also tamed a 145 crab. Reaper cloning is coming along very well. In terms of video recording, I did : Full gamma tek cave run (±35 mins) legit, solo. Gamma Overseer (±10 mins), solo. Both are yet to be published as the tek cave alone takes a whopping 13 GB. Cheers!
  14. They can't be tamed. You can only kill them for the skin.
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