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  1. On consoles maybe, not on PC that's for sure. You can say bold and loud you are hacking/meshing and nothing will be done to you.
  2. It can be done, albeit at a great cost in ressources. Will it happen for Ark? I seriously doubt it since we've been using the same UE4 version since 2015 and it's not been upgraded by WC since then. Besides, that would implies lots of changes with the core game itself. I won't even start talking about the dev kit and the impacts on the modding community. I suspect it will be used for Ark 2, which we know is coming despite no official announcements yet. Jess is as good at keeping secrets as Tom Holland is with MCU movies....
  3. Been asked by a friend to join his tribe on an freshly wiped unofficial PvP cluster I won't name here (PM me if you want the cluster name). There was some drama here and here in the global chat from 2-3 players, but nothing bothering me that much. Things were going well for us and the plan was to go hell on everybody, including one of his former tribemate, which I later learned was the admin's wife. I was also told she tribed up with the 2 drama queens in the global chat...great. I knew from this point on, stuff would go south rather quickly. We decided and prepared to raid a base not far from ours despite the ORP being on. We knew very well it would take us hours to get in because of the x4 on turret dmg and structure hp. Nonetheless, we proceeded and quickly found out that all turrets were set to players only. From there we moved on the slapping C4s on dodos and throwing them directly on top of the turrets which worked well to some extent. Since dodos are not well-known for their resistance to explosives, we quickly ran out of dodos to send into their base and thus sent a tribemate to tame more of them. So the guy went on and while taming, 2 newcomers joined the server and started to attack him (you spawn with full flak sets btw) to which point he defended himself. Problem is since he was near a spawn, these 2 bobs kept on spawning and attacking him, getting murdered by my tribemate each time (global broadbast each time someone is killed and by whom). Both guys eventually dropped out of the server at which point the admin started to blame my tribemate for driving players off his cluster, blabla... (drama in global for 1+ hour at least) Cluster rules clearly states you can't harass/grief/raid starter bases but open world PvP is fine. Besides, if you start hostilities, don't expect the victim to hold on because you are hiding behind your newbie protection. Anyways, we also found out the base we were raiding had mesh turrets, to which point I sent a private message to the admin asking his stance regarding said turrets (nothing written in the rules). He said they were not allowed but never acted when I told him we came accross one. At no point the name of the tribe we were raiding was mentionned to the admin or in global chat. Speeding up an hour or two later, we soaked most of the turrets with gasbags/trike and and were getting started on rockets/LoS the remaining turrets, at which point the admin started to call us out in the global chat because we were offline raiding an ORP base and that was toxic behavior on our end 3 days only into the wipe (x20 rates servers btw), blablabla. I understand you have to use the spectator tools sometimes but deliberatly watching us, then blaming us after we did it.... I don't want to debate about offline raiding, but let's simply say that if you advertise your servers as PvP, expect offline raiding to happen at some point. If you don't want it to happen, manage your clusters properly, put rules in place and for god's sake, enforce them.... I usually stay silent but the admin and his wife really tilted the hell out of me with their badmouthing about offline raiding, so I told him my 2 cents about his management of his servers. How he failed to enforce his very basic rules such as "no trash talking, drama, ect." , failed to realize my teamate never broke any rules killing these 2 bobs, failed to act about the meshed turrets and how biased/unprofessionnal his attitude was when he called us out in chat. His excuse being he will do as he see fits and that "rules can be changed at anytime without notice" to ensure the health of his cluster (10 players at peak time, amazing servers...). Off course, the admin's wife tells the two toxic guys in global to join her in a private Discord call. No less than 15 mins later, these guys shows up to counter us, and guys from the tribe being raided magically shows up to defend.... We were not fully inside the target base yet and were only behind the outer turret wall (100% soaked) and still had to deal with a few internals before proceeding. We held our ground for a good 30-45 mins in a deathmatch against defenders + counter party. Grieffed most of the tames of the defending tribe and clapped the outside bobs a few times before calling it quits. We decided this server was a waste of time for us from this point ont. We stayed on for another 2 hours expecting the admin's wife and the two toxics to fob on us, but they never did. These bobs waited a few days and offline wiped us because the admin's wife offline raiding is fine, but others is acting like p****s. Fun enough, I saw later in our tribe log the admin force-joined our tribe and left after we were wiped. His excuse being our ORP timer was bugged... -------------------------------------------------------------- On a more positive note, I spent some time on the ice-themed map. Still texturing the starter area (boreal forest) but it's coming along very well to my taste. Also started to learn using Blender in the meantime for upcoming structures/creatures. Here's a view of the current progress so far :
  4. Thx for the kind words and I'm a guy. The greyscale is a result of your computer processing the required shaders to properly display the painted texture. Despite being older, tutorials from these 2 folks will greatly help you get started. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpsHRl7OhFzALLCl0CgiUqg/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2_InTPwjljppMrQ74GzpFA As for water, I usually start with the waterplane, which can be placed very precisely. For post-process and volume, I link them together for ease of movement, then resize them bigger than my actual needs. I will then proceed to place them as close as I can to the waterplane. Once that is done, I will play with the vertical size for micro-adjustments until I reach the perfect height.
  5. I'm actually developping an arctic-themed map with the main landmass (260+ km) being the size of ragnarok (244 km) with its ocean. It will have a fairly deep ocean all around (similar to Genesis) and a frozen aberrant cave system the size of ragnarok under it. Plenty of ideas and concept that have been in the works for a few months now. Trying to report my progress on that project in the Ark daily thread. **** Edit : Terrain sculpting is done, which is among the tedious part of the process, besides texturing (currently being worked on). **** Disclaimer => Work in progress, texturing is weeks from being done. Starter area themed around boreal forest/canadian tundra. Green obelisk in the distance : Medium area themed around winter/arctic tundra. Blue obelisk located there : Hard area themed on antarctica/snow desert with glacier cracks, etc. Red obelisk far back on the ice wyvern island :
  6. A few things I've learned over the years of playing Ark and reporting these kind of issues : 1 ) You'll need video evidence most of the time. If you can't provide videos, evidences that can't be debated in any possible way such as a screenshot of a floating base or player inside the mesh. Arguing with the WC staff about "it's impossible to be shot 8 times in the head" will never work. What if your opponents were coordinating shots via Discord? I'm not saying it's the case but that's the kind of answer you could get with that. 2 ) Ark PvP community on Official is among the most toxic I've ever seen in online gaming. I'd say on par with the likes of Rust/LoL. 3 ) Losing an account is nothing as most of the PvP players have mutiple accounts ready. 4 ) Devwiping does nothing against an organized tribe if no accounts are banned. It simply set them back a week or two. That is especialy true on high rates servers such as SmallTribes. On an additionnal note, I noticed over the years that europeans and asians players tend to group up together in regards to their objectives. Players from americas tend to be more individualist in their approach as per the usual attitude "I'm better than my neighbour", and thus fail to unite most of the time against a major threat.
  7. I think he meant that you can't enable familly share, log off your current account and log with a second account on the same PC. That's been blocked years ago to prevent the alts spamming. You are forced to buy another copy of the game for each account you want to use on the same PC.
  8. If you want to do it legit with what's available on the island without bringing stuff from other maps, here are my videos : and yeah, I have no problem to brag about having done it solo on official settings since less than 10 players (SP doesn't qualify as legit) on YT posted videos of the feat.
  9. Problem is that on PvP, you are at disadvantage using higher graphics => foliage, ground clutter, render distance, etc.
  10. The debate regarding transfers occured years ago when SE was launched and WC's position never changed since then. Trying to bring this up again is a total waste of time. A global wipe won't fix anything, even for new players. Vets like me can easily get to level 100 and unlock tek within 24 hours of a fresh wipe, so new comers will still get their rear ends destroyed, no matter what. A good step would be to enforce an actual mutation cap and heavily restrain tribe size and teaming.
  11. I get your point mate and I never said once the game as well as these are not P2W. I simply provided an example of how the blackmarket system (what the OP mentionned) can be ruined if the devs are willing to invest time into a proper solution. I agree with you that P2W ruins gaming and thus shall be limited to cosmetic items only. For me P2W is where you can't have specific items/access to certain aspects of the game unless you pay. In just about every MMOs, you can reach the end-game content without spending a dime on in-game currency. On the flip-side, games like EVE pretty much requires you to buy in-game money/skill injectors. If you don't you will never reach end-game on your own as learning every skill in the game requires ±20 IRL years. Another good example are World of Tanks and World of Warship. The tank one has premium vehicules which are known to be far superior to what's available to non-paying players, thus is a P2W mechanic. In the ship game, you have premium ships that only gives you extra credit per game, but have no significant advantages over normal ships, thus not P2W.
  12. A GM once told me that even if people admit doing banneable stuff in chat, it's not a proof in itself. I reported so many players who braged about cheating in chat and nothing has ever been done, same for teamers on small tribes. WC simply won't do anything unless you have video evidence or rocksolid screenshots, like floating bases (found a few over the years, all devwiped) for example. Not because Blizzard fails at doing it means everyone else can't. I've been playing Everquest since 1999 and they delt swiftly and efficiently with the issue. Players were selling specific quest items and in-game money for IRL one. Even raids for hard quests were being monetized by the community at some point. Verant/Sony (pre-Daybreak) applied a massive insta-ban policy on the matter. If you were even suspected, you were banned permanently with no possibility to play that account ever again. A few years later, they pushed the idea further by adding their own in-game item (krono) bought with IRL cash that can be traded to other players for in-game money. The item can also be consumed at any time to add +30 days to your in-game subscription. We could debate all day long on the impacts on the in-game ecenomics regarding that specific item, but my point is, it can be done.
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