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  1. Now that the latest update is out, I'm focusing on a few custom creatures. Among them is the acrophoca!
  2. I usually create small packs of 4 and whistle said packs individually around tight corners.
  3. Still working on Glacius in the ADK. Now that my new version is fully released, I started to work on some new & cool stuff. On top of my list is to create a first new unique creature along with a new structure tier, as per popular demand. They'll be made of pykrete, which is basically an ice allow made of, you guessed it, ice with sawdust/woodchips. The real thing essentially has concrete-like mechanical properties, but I won't spoil everything yet with my own version as they'll offer something different to shake up the PvP meta. Oh, here's a promo image of my new update. Cheer
  4. Every now and then we hear that Ark is dying, yada yada. Steam charts says otherwise. Also keep in mind that the vast majority of the playerbase is now on unofficial servers.
  5. 100% agreed. For example, just imagine having no timer whatsoever on servers like hardcore. This would mean that you can effectively bypass the perma-death aspect of the gamemode by storing characters, goods and creatures.
  6. Can it work? Yes. Is it efficient? Hell no. Save yourself some headache and build a proper trap to lure the thing. You don't need to build anything crazy, 3-4 metal dino gateframes will do. As mentionned by others, check out YT videos in that regard.
  7. No worries. For a good second, I was like... eh, my answers to the stuff posted by the OP are mostly backed up by facts (with a touch of personnal opinion) and yeah the forums can be finicky at times.
  8. @SunsetErosion You should have quoted the original post and not the one with my answers in it. Right now, I don't know if you are calling the OP dumb or me...
  9. As sad as it might sounds, the main channels of communications in regard to Ark are Twitter and Discord.
  10. Or you can simply join the official Ark Discord and get informed as soon as something is happening, like most of us do anyways.
  11. Final render of the Harrowing Steppes and a teaser of the snow carno. v0.0.8 should be released within the next 2 days.
  12. One of the ferox caves. Yes those blue-hued rocks are element based and will yield some dust when harvested.
  13. While the data from the ADK is indeed accurate, we can however question how it is taken and understood. A good example is the dragon fight and herbivore fire-resistance. Unless you have a solid understanding with said ADK and a few IT basics, the average individual could misinterpretate some informations as valid when other variables might change the outcome. Don't get me wrong. I think the wiki has a lot to offer in terms of information, but saying "I take my data from the ADK" isn't a fullproof guarantee the data is correctly understood, thus displayed on the wiki.
  14. I usually whistle my creatures in small packs of 4, then rince & repeat. Check out my 3 tek cave vids for a good example.
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