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  1. Couldn't help myself and decided to give a shot on Gen 2. Did most missions and all of the gamma ones. Went on today and defeated the final boss (gamma). Apparently, you can cheese gigas in, which in turn made the fight interesting, yet trivial.
  2. I absolutely love the theme for gen 2 and it gives me the chill! Looking forward to it.
  3. Still working on Glacius in the ADK. Now that my new version is fully released, I started to work on some new & cool stuff. On top of my list is to create a first new unique creature along with a new structure tier, as per popular demand. They'll be made of pykrete, which is basically an ice allow made of, you guessed it, ice with sawdust/woodchips. The real thing essentially has concrete-like mechanical properties, but I won't spoil everything yet with my own version as they'll offer something different to shake up the PvP meta. Oh, here's a promo image of my new update. Cheers!
  4. @ShadowRazvan Have you tried this one? https://discord.arkmodding.net
  5. While some resources are outdated, they can still be relevant. However, the best would be to join the Ark modding discord.
  6. From the Discord : v324.16 - 03/05/2021 - minor version update - Reworked TEK Helm to function like the shoulder cannon so that tapping 'E' no longer cycles visors instead holding 'E' will bring up a pinwheel which players can use to toggle or cycle the visor. - Corrupted Dinos no longer damage player structures on PvE - Made some tweaks to the Artifact system in single-player to resolve some scenarios where some artifacts (such as Skylord) would spawn/respawn unreliably. - Fixed invisible bees. - Fixed a bug that allowed players to escape through the ceiling barrier on some maps - Fixed a client crash related to movement - Fixed a client crash related to attacking with creatures - Fixed a bug where the Colour ID was displaying incorrectly on Cryopods - Fixed an exploit that allowed players to avoid turret damage - Fixed a bug where enemy creature floating HUD names would still cost client performance even when not rendered - Fixed a bug where the Shoulder Cannon was targeting allied creatures on PVE - Fixed a server crash
  7. Still working on it, I'm just very focused and don't play the game much these days. Here's a few shots of the first cave (not 100% finished)
  8. That's for the TV show, not the actual game.
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