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  1. Worked on SE, bred some more rexes and still looking for a decent yuti. As promised, I created a fresh character and started to record videos for each and every boss of all difficulties, done solo. I'll upload the gamma monkey tomorrow. In the meantime, here is the gamma brood :
  2. Good job ignoring 90% of the post I made. Most of your initial post is "the island is not the easiest" and then went bitching PvP players for no reasons. Besides, the OP clearly stated he was looking for advice for solo PvP. Maybe if you look under my name, you'll see I spent quite a great deal of time on these forums.
  3. There are no rules regarding holding someone captive on official PvP servers. and devs also stated long ago that players were considered a resource (for blood bags). I wouldn't hold my breath regarding floating jails as I did it very often and never even got a warning for that. Besides, with the current hitbox/building mechanics, it's almost impossible to fix it, so yeah...
  4. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Getting said desert crates requires level 80, which is far more tedious to accomplish on Rag than on the Island with a solid notes run/alpha kills. By your own admission, you played PvE only and didn't touched PvP. How can you even know what is happening on said servers? As for PvP being the loudest, only WC can anwser that, but I'll gladly remind you of all the tears/threads on these forums regarding the alliance war drama and the kitting matters, which btw are PvE related issues. I find it pretty arrogant on your end to assume PvP players can't do PvP activities as 90% of the playtime of a PvP player is actually farming/breeding/bossing to improve defenses and prepare for upcoming raids. Besides, playing PvP greatly improves the way you approach the game when starting fresh as you are forced to think ahead in terms of positionning, resources managements and tames. How can you tell if player A ever did bosses and player B didn't? Again that's assumptions pulled from your rear end. Besides, bosses are so easy nowadays and it requires minimal investment to get started on gamma ones. Yes the solo/smaller tribe might have a harder time to do bosses on official as per the nature of said servers, but that dosen't make them inferior players. For the record, I have well over 6k hours under my belt as of now since EA day 1 (6k actually playing the game, not hours logged on the menu or starring at dinos maturing). Of those, 5k were on official and 3k were spent on official PvP hardcore and I even did boss fights in here, which is by far the hardest way to play the game. The vast majority of the Ark playerbase wouldn't last in that gamemode more than 1-2 hours before giving up, so yeah keep telling me we suck at doing PvE related stuff.... Yes PvE removes the risk of being destroyed by other players, but we both know that kitting is still happening on a regular basis on official servers. Let's also not speak up too loud about the dino cap and pillar/foundation spam. If players really wanted to play the game as per the "lore", they'd start by doing the island without server jumping to other maps in order to get creatures/items to make it easier. I'd love playing on a cluster where you have to beat the bosses in order to unlock the other maps, even in a PvP context. Again, assumptions out of nowehere. Yes some of us do play on unofficial, but most stick with official because admin abuse is not only a real threat, but also very frequent, even on the famous MTS cluster. Besides, most unofficial servers enforces retarded rules such as "don't over PvP", "don't grief tames" and other non-sense from a PvP aspect...
  5. Swamp Cave automatically spawns a blue, a red and a yellow (or red if lucky). If you walk a room away from the blue/red, they'll respawn for a second time.
  6. @Sancudo There are plenty of good options available to you in terms of solo PvP. You just need to clearly define your needs and your goals going solo into this. The Island : - Easiest map of them all. - Explorer Notes. - Plenty of alphas from leveing/tools/x bows. - Limited amount of oil/pearls on the map. - Lower amount of CP from dams => compared to Ragnarok/Valguero. - Creatures tend to spawn at lower levels. - Tek cave for extra 15 levels. - Bosses overall harder compared to duo/trio setups. - Hardly no defendable on-land spots. - Map is so well-known you'll have a hard time hiding anything. - Scattered resources. - Small map. Scorched Earth : - Ghost town servers 99% of the time => Because of Ragnarok. - Explorer Notes. - Manticore is among the easiest boss to farm. - Limited avaibility of creatures compared to other maps. - Plenty of hidden locations. - Water is a constant problem is you don't build near an ob. - Spoil timer. - Limited pearls. - Unlimited oil supplies. - CP is cancer without a chem bench. - Electrical Storm makes base defense much harder. - Infestation of carnos, yutis, tapes, wolves, sabers, golems. - Creatures tends to spawn at higher levels, but nothing on par with Rag/Val/Center. - Wyverns. - Easy access to Deep Sea Loot Crates. - Limited amounts of metal compared to othe rmaps. - Small map => Smaller than the Island I believe. Ragnarok : - Largest map. - The most popular/crowded map. - SE assets & creatures. - Easiest Deep Sea Loot Crates to acquire. - Easy black pearls spawns near the SW shores. - Plenty of sneaky/hidden locations. - 2 spots to get wyverns eggs. => NE & SW. - Ice wyverns. - Griffins. - Lava Golem & Ice Cave for easymode drops. - No Explorer Notes. - Creatures tend to spawn at higher levels. 140+ are very common. - Insane amount of CP from dams. - Plenty of resources. - Easy mode boss fight for TP/Transmitter tekrams. The Center : - Large map. - No unique creatures. - No oil veins. - No Explorer Notes. - Still popular, but also a mesher's paradise. - The best map for an underwater based tribe. - Flyers are mandatory. - Plenty of solid build spots. - Abundant resources, but key ones such as obsidian are limited to some locations. - Easiest map imho on which to tame gigas, as they instantly respawn when killed/tamed. - Easy boss fight for tek turrets. - Creatures tend to spawn at higher levels. 140+ are very common. Valguero : - Large map, bigger than Center, but smaller than Rag. - Very crowded and popular map right now. - Same beaver dams models as seen on Rag => Easy CP. - Plenty of resources. - SE & Aberration assets/resources. - No Explorer Notes. - Plenty of sneaky/hidden base locations. - Aberration zone which doesn't allow flyers => solid base defense & countless build spots. - Ice/chalk golems. - Creatures tend to spawn at higher levels. 140+ are very common. - Insane loot crates overall compared to other maps. - Trio boss fight for more tekgrams at once. Aberration : - Hardest map to start on if naked (Don't spawn at the Portal, ever. Most retarded spawn as you commonly see raptors/basilisks there). - Unlimited supply of metal. - Same as SE. CP has to be made the old way. - Very dependant on water pipes to grow your plants. => More problems to conceal a base. - Near limitless amount of sneaky/hidden base spots. - Best map to farm black pearls/organic poly. - Rock drakes, reapers, crabs, ravagers, basilisks.... - Rockwell => Easiest way to unlock that +15 levels. - No flyer map (Except for the Desert Titan...). - Cliff platforms. - I'd say that the creature level range is pretty even. Extinction: - Unlimited sulfur SW of the city for your burning instincts. - Corrupted creatures. Makes building more interesting, but also way fun to kite around opponent bases. - OSDs. - Gachas, snow owls, manas, velos.... - Decent amount of metal on the map and from secondary sources. - Plenty of build spots. The underground, not so much as a lot of areas are flagged as "cannot place structure there". - Titans => easiest way to unlock some tekgrams. - Easiest map on which to farm element/tek gear. This is not a complete list, but more a list of things from the top of my head. Cheers!
  7. I'd be tempted to say each unique biome in Genesis will have some new and possibly OP creatures. However, based on the Genesis livestream and the trailer, I would say the lava dragon could potentially be a gamebreaking creature, depending on its hibox size, drag weight, etc. It was stated it would become more and more powerful as the temperature rises up. With that being said, imagine the following if : - It could swim in lava. - Survive on the surface of aberration during daylight time. - Fit inside the tek cave. - Fit inside the dragon arena. If the temp => strength mechanics does make it to the actual game. You could also drop a few oil jars, light them on fire and park the thing on top of it, thus boosting it to tank turrets for example.
  8. Why not stay longer? It's prolly the healthiest PvP experience I had on official for a while. Regular officials => megatribes, duping, meshing... Small tribes => teamers all over the place Arkpocalyse => players exploiting the transfer system to store characters/tek gear bypassing the wipe. ----------------------------------------------------------- Wiping said servers won't change much honestly since reaching level 44 is a matter of minutes. Once that is done, get some honey and a fishing rod and you'll get all your BPs back in no time, including stuff you are not supposed to have such as argent, gigas, quetz saddles. Need x plants for defense? Abuse the toilet trick for unlimited fert.... ----------------------------------------------------------- In it's current state, these servers are still broken in many ways. The only reason I ceased to play there is because I got bored and my main base got meshed by chinese players because they couldn't do it legit. I had gigas, cryos, flak armor, modern guns, etc.... If they really wanted to fix Beginner servers, they'd need to do the following : - Disable fishing. Flying an argy on beginner is broken OP => Doed/anky farm runs. - Disable loot crates or revamp them. (No more metal bases) - Disable special events. Xmas for example gave us cryopods as well as pump shotgun BPs. - Disable boss arenas. As of now, you can breed like a madman and beat the gamme/beta brood for tek stuff. - Disable taming of creatures such as gigas/arthros. - Remove alphas. To restrain access to high quality tools/weapons. - Disable building in resources spots to prevent foundation/pillar spamming of resources. - Fix the toilet to prevent players from gettings hundreds of ferts in minutes.
  9. 15k, 400-500 dmg rexes will get you gamma/beta monkey easily with prim saddles.
  10. Depends. If you are doing it in SP, yes you'll get very far. On official settings on an actual server (official/unofficial), I can guarantee you'll wipe on the gamma dragon with 20k hp 600 dmg rexes. Said dragon fight is no joke. I usually lose 2-3 theriz (20k hp, 700 dmg, 120 saddles, 15 cakes ) per fight on gamma level (solo - unofficial server) and I don't mess up whistle commands ever...
  11. Small hiatus from posting here. Solo series is working well as I am almost ready to tackle the manticore on all difficulties. Still need to get my hands on a proper yuty.... As for the ice map, I started to test out with an independant mod to apply my custom weather/engrams and it seems to be working so far. A few things needs to be fixed such as the player UI disapearing, among other things.... In the meantime, I also finalized my concept for snow structures : - Essentially, you'll need to harvest Ice Chunks and crush them down into Flake Ice. - Once that is done, you'll need one of the 2 new crafting station, either the primitive or modern press, in order to process a specific amount of Flake Ice into Snow Blocks. - Snow structures will cost the same resources as stone, but the stone component will be replaced with aformentioned blocks. - Structures will share the same damage table as wood for balance purposes, but also yield the best insulation values against the cold.
  12. You can do gamma brood and up to beta monkey with rexes equipped with prim saddles from what I tested.
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