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  1. Work is still going on the map. Here's the finished redwood warm spot beneath the green obelisk.
  2. After a few months and well over 1.5k hours, I finally have a first playable version of my Ark map... however it's a 20km2 section, out of the 270km2 of the whole thing... Also prepared a public server for play testing, see this post for connexion infos :
  3. I finally launched a public server with the map available for all, enjoy and stay warm! [Official] Glacius Public
  4. After several hours of local testing (for what it's worth as devs are usually the worst testers of their creations), I finally uploaded a first playable version on Steam. For now, only people from my friend list on Steam can access and play it. As soon as more testing is done, I'll switch the map to public visibility. If you want to test it, feel free to add me on Steam... oh and get ready to freeze to death!!!!!
  5. Nothing we players/modders can do really, especially if you play on official servers.
  6. I just looked in the dev kit, out of curiosity... The whole nest/egg mechanic is based entirely on the beaver dams spawn system, believe it or not. While implementing beavers in my own map, I encountered a similar issue in how the mechanic caculate the collision in relation to the world in order to spawn said dams. It might be worth checking out and see if it might be related to the ongoing issues. FYI, eggs don't spawn if nests are in stasis... Can also confirm the box appereance of the fertilized eggs is also a thing in the dev kit (as of v313.1). All eggs inherit their mesh f
  7. Darkholis


    I'd push the idea further and implement a mechanic where every creatures under a certain size (drag weight) would be one-shotted by a swallow attack added to the mosa. Also, I'd nerf the basilo a LOT. It basicly has no weaknesses besides being slow.
  8. This statement can go 2 ways. Either he'll change the ship course, which I doubt or he implies he'll take over the destination as a whole.
  9. I suspect the December 10th most likely will be an announcement for Ark 2, since it's been hinted for easily 2+ years now. However, I wouldn't be surprised if yet again they bring up another series of DLCs to further enrich the lore of the game. I mean, Extinction was supposed to be Ark's last DLC and here we are, with Gen 2 around the corner. Regarding a potential Ark 2, I'm hopping they haven't started developpement pre-UE5 engine or we'll be stuck with the same problems (current game uses an hybrid of UE4.5 mixed with 4.7) and a missed opportunity to support next gen GPUs...
  10. In traditionnal sci-fi as well as in actual ship designs, spheres are used for fuel storage such as oxygen/hydrogen. Hey, they might surprise us with a kind of biosphere, who knows... Based on my assumptions made in my previous post, I'd say the ship is above Mars in the trailer.
  11. Let's go over some facts, shall we? 1- We killed the King Titan, thus the main hivemind of Element on Earth. 2- ARKs were craddles harboring life to restore Earth once the Titans/Element were removed. 3- ARKs also doubled as a pulse-kind weapon to purge "every last bit of Element from the soil" as stated by Helena. 4- Aberration crash-landed on Earth during the Reseed Protocol. 5- Arat Prime is located on Earth and a key (if not THE key) location behind the ARK project. My toughts : 1- Arat Prime is indeed the design/building/launching point of the ARKs. 2- Given the a
  12. Also took the time to create custom meshes for all my snow structures... let's say that applying a white skin on existing stone structures looked terrible... Here's the new result with photos to compare to the previous versions in my former post.
  13. Fun fact, those 2 structures were the very first things I did in Blender as I'm still learning it. However, I worked for years with Solidworks/Catia, so I have basics in 3D modelling, so to speak.
  14. Quick update : Both the primitive/industrial press are completed. Just finishing up the player map + logo and I'll release that bad boy.
  15. You might want to open up the Beaver_Character_BP blueprint and look at some of its properties. Check for the following and tag your biomes accordingly : Also, open-up the "Graph" section and locate the following : The float value in red is the cooldown timer between dam spawns. Just lower it to a convenient testing value, let's say 10 seconds, compile & save.
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