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  1. The last section of Fall Hills (v0.0.7) is coming along nicely. No need to say I'm eager to get started on the Harrowing Steppes, which will be much more challenging for players.
  2. If I understand your approach correctly, you are using a creature with a drag weight higher than the megalos to coerce the dragon AI into chasing you endlessly. Clever, but a bit cheesy tbh.
  3. Not gonna lie, the quality and passion of Nekatus & Trappel can cleary be seen in what they do. However, I'd like to remind you they are not the only ones bringing new quality content.
  4. Update v 0.0.6 is currently cooking and will be available in a few hours. Here's the version preview : Patch notes for 0.0.6 New content/additions: - Introducing the Cave of the Pack. - Introducing a new mini-boss system in order to acquire artifacts. - Adding two new ice variants -> Kaprosuchus & Dimorphodons. - Adding new plant species Omega (Phase 1, more to come). Bugs & Adjustments: - Fixed collision issues with ocean rocks. - Fixed more cases of improper trees/rocks placement. - Fixed primitive/industrial press refusing to craft when the invento
  5. Les rock drakes ont été retirés de la carte lorsque celle-ci est devenue officielle. La même chose est d'ailleurs arrivé avec Valguero.
  6. Still working on it, I'm just very focused and don't play the game much these days. Here's a few shots of the first cave (not 100% finished)
  7. v0.0.6 is coming along nicely. 75% of the first cave is completed and the 3D models for the new plant species are finished as well.
  8. From OSDs I'm not 100% sure but they do drop from titans.
  9. Won't fix the probem because we all know how terrible AIs can be. This game is all about adaptation. If you can't fix it, find a way around the problem as WC hardly bother with their own forums anymore. Bitching here will solve jackpoop. That being said, I'm still baffled by how people still can't be bothered to make traps for their tames after 5 years... Jeez, I still see peeps taming gigas on the lose, running after it like headless chicken...
  10. Or you can simply trap it and never be bothered with the issue again.
  11. As much as I respect and value your opinion mate, WC themselves stated multiple times over the years that the vast majority of the playerbase is PvE. I can't blame them for following where the money goes...
  12. This post should be in the tribe recruitment section, not in ARK 2...
  13. Facial scans have been attempted by several studios over the years with terrible results each time. I remember when SOE were so hyped to announce they wasted millions in development for a feature that was never used in Everquest. I'd rather see some actual stuff done right than wasting time on such pointless crap (face scan).
  14. I did the gamma/beta solo on official settings. I also know a friend who did the alpha one solo. Trick on stage 4 is to focus gigas/reapers as they spawn with tek rifles and run a cactus broth for reduced aggro. Sure you'll lose tames but helps tremendously for your own survival.
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