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  1. You'll get demolished in seconds. The alpha golem hits for 6k+ dmg with ascendant saddle on your tames.
  2. Plants can be easily dealt with using a catapult from quetz. If you are careful, 1 shot = 1 plant. As for foundation spam, if it's not protected by turrets, athro, C4 or mek. You can also tame a golem an easily soak most, if not all their turrets.
  3. I know the feeling as I lost countless characters on hardcore servers because their game is poorly optimized to this day and there are still random assertions still in the code. Their official response as always been that they can't recover characters on hardore servers, as per the nature of the mode. Dying/losing a character because you did something stupid, I can live with it. When it happens because they can't seems to program/test properly is absurd and THEIR fault.
  4. In generel, 20 cakes are enough for alpha fights. Feel free to look up my YT channel for each boss individually.
  5. @Monde No need to get beyond 20k hp on therizinos, which is the key value for maximum healing on cakes. Put everything else into melee.
  6. You can always fish saddle BPs and bypass most of these issues. That is how I got my argent/rex/giga saddles when I was alpha on beginner... until chineses meshed us...
  7. Spent some time on Genesis clearing out missions and breeding my therizinos. Still no luck on any good saddle BP so far. Last 4 days were mostly 10-12 hours a day working on the developpement of the full-scale ice-themed map. Deciding what features I'll make or not, but mostly sculting the terrain. Here is a preview of the unfinished landmass with 2 of the 3 surface biomes sculpted: Bottom left is the mid-game biome, which is essentially a mixture of arctic/tundra, fully covered in snow. The right side is the starter biome, based on a mix of tundra/boreal forest, mostly hills with rivers and lakes. The top section will be the hard biome, mostly an arctic desert with ice cracks and deathpits. The whole map (ocean included) is Ragnarok sized and my concept is fully nailed down. General : - Blizzard. Pretty much your favorite SE sandstorm, with proper VFX. - ColdWave. Based on SE SuperHeat, but the opposite way. Expect on average a 10-15 C° drop. - Frosbite. Condition gets worst as you are cold/freezing. Up to 50% drop in total weight/movement speed and ice overlay on the screen. - Custom creature spawner with color based on their respective biomes. - Jerboas will be on the map and detect upcoming weather events. - Insulation values are changed for stone/metal structures. You'll die very quickly inside a metal can in the cold. - Full drops revamp. You won't be getting "stone tools" or "parasaur saddles" in cave red drops anymore. - Limited oil veins on the map. - Perishables will last twice longer accross the entire map as cold environnements preserves food better. - Each biome will have its corresponding "frozen" aberration cave system under. - Artifact caves themed around the name of said artifact. For example, expect heaps of pack creatures for the "Artifact of the Pack". - 3 artifacts per zone (1 land, 1 underwater, 1 aberrant cave). Boreal/tundra (starter) : - Abundance of basic ressources. - Limited supplies of metal. - Very limited supplies of crystal/obsidian. - Rivers, lakes and beavers. - More gentle weather overall. Cold when naked during daytime, freezing at night. - No large predators. Tundra/arctic (medium) : - Stone is still abundant. - Wood is rare. Bushes, small pine trees, dead wood. - Metal/obsidian are more common. - Limited supplies of crystal. - 2 rivers, 2 lakes, no beavers. - Colder weather. Basic fur set is mandatory at all time. - Rexes are the largest predator roaming there. Snow desert (hard) : - No basic ressources besides stone. - Metal/obsidian/crystal is flowing there. - No water source. - Freezing weather. High quality fur set required. - Sole biome on which to acquire ice wyvern eggs. - Full spectrum of predators, rexes, gigas, iceworms, etc. - Hardest of the aberrant cave... murder snow temps (-50 to -70) from Ragnarok with radiation on top of it. New features/items : - Ice rocks. Can be mined for ice. - Primitive ice melter. Can fill containers and connected reservoirs by filling it with ice. Uses wood as fuel. - Industrial melter. Same as the primitive one, but quicker, gasoline powered. - Industrial heater. Gasoline powered to greatly increase hypothermal insulation inside your base. - Plant Species N (N for nitrogen). Fruits can be harvested and used as a freezing grenade. Fruits can be crushed for N Juice. - N Juice. Used to make a cold resistance soup as well as special arrows/ammunition. - N tipped arrows/ammo. Less dmg (on par with tranqs) but with a 3-5 secs stun component on players/creatures. - Cryogun. The opposite of the flamethrower. - Silverlight Brew. Made with N Juice to greatly boost hypothermal insulation. New creatures (Part of their own mod, once the map is done) : - Narval. Based on the basilo, the horn will inflict bleeding damage. - Albertosaurus. Yutyrannus-sized rex hunting in packs.
  8. I usually cage them as if I was going to tame it, but instead spam it with a good pump-action shotgun. Whole ordeal last less than 3 minutes.
  9. Basilos are immune to eels and jellyfish which are the absolute cancer of Island oceans.... As stated by gojinki, they can't be grabbed by tusos.
  10. Here are a few of the options available. By hand/whip : - Ragnarok, near the SW spawn. There are a dozen clams to be collected by hand. - Aberration, on the shores of the element lake all the way down the rad zone (next to drake nests). - Genesis, inside the volcano. There are a few spots during the trip down to magmasaur nests as well as surrounding said nests. Killing : - Dolphin is immune to torpor and thus a good way to easily farm eurypterids. - Mass murdering trilobytes in aberration green zone rivers. - Basilo and farm alpha mosas in the easy underwater cave on the Island. (West one). These stupid IAs hardly ever attacks you and the whole cave respawn within 15 mins. - Basilo to kill alpha squids on any map with an ocean.
  11. The entire mutation system is long due for a complete overhaul honestly. No offense intended to those who spents countless time stacking them. My idea would be to have an independant mutation count per stat, rather than globally per creature, with a drastically lower limit. I'd cap the whole thing at 10 mutations per stat. The whole idea is to limit the power creep of mutated creatures to something more manageable/balanced with the rest of the game. You know something is wrong when a rex can go on 1 vs 1 against a max lvl wild giga and kill it...
  12. If you plan to solo bosses, therizinos are superior to rexes in most aspects. Therizinos Pros : - No need to level up health beyond 20k hp. - Sweet veggie cakes healing. - Herbivores => Easy breeding. - Saddle BPs are easier to acquire. - Solid DPS, but lower than equivalent rexes. - Smaller hitbox, which is very useless for circling opponents like the broodmother and clearing the tek cave. - Minimal mutations required for alpha bosses. - Single yuti roar required to buff them. Cons : - High upfront costs in narcotics + kibble. => Kibbles are mandatory to tame. - High levels are somewhat harder to get than rexes. - Being smaller means they can get kicked around a lot while fighting creatures like the megapithecus. Rexes Pros : - Fairly easy to find. - Low upfront cost. No narcotics needed if tamed with kibble/mutton/prime. - Superior DPS compared to therizinos. - Solid health pool. - Large hitbox, makes them less prone to being kicked around. Cons : - No passive healing. - Carnivores require slightly more planning to breed. - Saddle BP is the single rarest item in the game, sometimes taking months of farming drops/caves. - Very high mutations count is mandatory for most alpha bosses. - Large hitbox. Painful to easily circle opponents like the broodmother. - 3 yuti roars required to fully buff. Here are videos of heavily mutated rexes against the hardest Island bosses, compared to my personnal therizino setup, doing the exact same bosses : Alpha Dragon Alpha Overseer
  13. If anyone is interested, I have no problem to take the time (got plenty with the stupid COVID-19) to configure one server in full PvP primitive OR no-tek (depending on what most want) without mods, etc. I wouldn't be playing it, but simply managing daily issues that goes with it and setup a custom support email for it.
  14. Regular primitive was killed when WC officialy released the game. I know since I was the alpha tribe on hardcore primitive 475... real slap in the face as we never EVER had the chance to transfer anything anywhere like the rest of the playerbase had... because there was no place to go to anyways... As for raiding on primitive, I could raid just about any bases with catapults/harpoons honestly. Gigas made the process easier, but were not required most of the time. ** Edit ** If anyone is interested, I have no problem to take the time (got plenty with the stupid COVID-19) to configure one server in full PvP primitive without mods at official rates, etc. I wouldn't be playing it, but simply managing daily issues that goes with it...
  15. All difficulties of the race can be done on PC, at least with some efforts regarding the alpha one.
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