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  1. d1nk

    Revamping the Game suggestion part of the forum

    I agree. They would need a limit per day for this though - or those salty people will just downvote all day "Some people just want to watch the world burn."
  2. What you think you've played longer than me or something? FYI Rag wasnt released 3 years ago Your statement isnt true. It isnt more difficult to add anything to Rag nor do any updates come to Rag later. They're all deployed at the same time. The only reason if something wasnt added to Rag would A) They overlooked / forgot or B) It was designed so.
  3. d1nk

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    ARK has always been toxic. Even before server transfers. It just wasnt as wide scale because people had to move servers if they got caught to much
  4. d1nk

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    Same has rung true for every single balance update ever on ARK - The vocal minority. I also think a lot of dinos are overdue for a nerf (or see: Rebalance) but I think for us to have any common ground (us I mean - PvP vs PvE) they would need to be seprate based upon the needs / wants of each mode. You make good points usually I just dislike the PvE-hate you spew.
  5. d1nk

    Revamping the Game suggestion part of the forum

    Also a way we can copy paste / link the old suggestions or even a 'rebirth thread' option
  6. d1nk

    Favorite Small Dinos?

    Also doubles your dps! Some small.dinos (thylo) are close enough to its frontal attack that a shoulder pet (on attack my target or aggressive) will aide you killing stuff Was killing the ice queen the other night and my bulbdog got the kill (works great in swamp cave vs those annoying bugs that fly above your head fyi)
  7. d1nk

    Revamping the Game suggestion part of the forum

    Yeah.. thats not cool. There was some good suggestions in there.
  8. d1nk

    Spray Painter

    Post this to new game suggestion forums.. I will go over there and upvote it when you post. Good idea
  9. Would fall under personal responsibility. If a person made enough posts to get 1000 posts they're not some forum troll (usually) That being said its only human nature to recipricate your friend's
  10. d1nk

    Separate PvE and PvP balances

    I agree with the topic but not the flier nerf bit. It was needed and shouldnt be put back in.
  11. Hey all, I think it'd be good for devs to implement an .ini option for server hosts to manipulate the cryosickness timer (either to make longer / shorter, remove completely or change for a specific dino) This has been asked before but I figured with the new suggestions' forum it would be a good time for a new thread
  12. Yes it is interesting. Outside it 'being nice' for us players it does seem a tad out of place though. This whole kibble system is jarring imho. No progression or anything. Exactly the point. If I wanted to I could just have a Yuty farm and tame any dino in the game en masse with 0 worries. To me it seems like pre-flier nerf level of creativity. I like balance - even if it affect me personally I can see this being changed (with a lot of backlash from regular players)
  13. d1nk

    Ark isn’t dead

    Its a sandbox survival game man, not Overwatch. Thats the point of ARK - there is no point outside layed out progession (bosses / ascension) even PVP is completely Sandbox..
  14. Whaa? If this is true doesnt it server the whole kibble progression moot?
  15. d1nk

    Mutation Stacking Questions

    Its easier to think of mutations as a modification of THAT dinos's stats. Your male rex isnt 9000+mut its now 9400 +mut counter if that makes sense? So yes, you could get another hp mut and stack them (assuming rng lets you - you will need them on 2 seperate breeding partner lines since you inherit one OR the other - not combined)