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  1. Ugh i hate those traps (no offence) Im a good ole proper trap builder. The most flexible traps are drop traps. Ive got a wicked one i've made with a Tek Behe gate infront thats never failed me
  2. Well not really.. you can trigger the chance for a new rex to spawn (which in turn *could* be an Alpha..) but were talking semantics now hehe. I just don't want the fellow confused. @Zapha When you attacked the Rex - maybe the Alpha was near, mateboosted or otherwise and targetted you for killing a Rex. You were standing on your base, it couldnt reach you so it aggros your building. Ive seen that happen whilist luring dinos into drop taming pens
  3. If you plan to call people out on posts best to use @ feature so we know Good luck man hope it gets sorted for all these people here
  4. I thought you could only pincode on offical?
  5. Sounds like someone stole em.. how is it WC's fault? What kind of server do you play? Official? Private? SP?
  6. Cross platform ici Windows 10
  7. DM would be useless as you dont have access to PM's yet. This isnt reddit, its called a Private Message! These dang kids and their wrong acronyms!
  8. Those sneaky underwater longnecks. Need me one of those
  9. You're going to have to fight @AngrySaltire to have Pokemon as your avatar. Lets get rrrrreadyyyyy to Rrrrrummblee!
  10. New event: Original turkeys + fear evolved + random dodorex spawns + winter event "All of your bases are belong to us"
  11. Go to reddit. Maybe look in Cross Ark forums here too (go back out of general, find your section (pc, xbox etc) and look there)
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