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  1. Are you an english mother? That was so passive aggressive its unreal
  2. You mean like the thread where they do just this?
  3. I introduce: The gigamana. Have fun PVPers. That is all.
  4. I dont know why you were downvoted for this. It's a very true and honest answer. New people like the OP will always cry about it. Do they think they *should* stand a chance against a tribe that's been fortifying their position for literal years? Can a small booth compete against Walmart? No.
  5. Those are generally known as pvp player traits. Besides the toxic behaviour which is usually accompanied. For the record: xmad is still wrong. Just hate misinformation being spread.
  6. That's new isn't it though? I got real good with the console keyboard controller attachment lol. Reminded me of my old super stylish sideways slide Nokia phone from when I was younger.
  7. There's some obscure censors.. I remember one of the wyvern levels is censored (like 175 or something) .. so strange. Nothing worse than typing a long paragraph on console then one stupid phrase erases it because filter. I quickly bought a controller keyboard when first playing ARK. Was a life saver.
  8. Nope it wasn't done intentionally. Some of the risks you take playing. Your only hope is to submit a ticket but likely you probably wont get anything back. Updates happen.
  9. ARK General. The game you're looking for is Ark Mobile. Completely different game with microtransactions and other jibberish. Navigate the top of forum tab and keep going back you'll find general chat for Mobile
  10. Yes. He wasn't "on" the teleport pad he was floating as if he jumped
  11. You both clearly never played official when ARK was huge a few years ago. There were so many bases and players it literally broke dino spawns. There's a fine line between too many pillars and a healthy server
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