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  1. Well to be fair was very informative actually.. lots of info was given on both sides. Until WC releases a definitive yes or no on lots of these quirky "features" its all we have to go on.
  2. Yes you should. If you cant wait for the release you must be tired and irrational. Get some sleep
  3. What? There are....in Aberration
  4. Bear trap his house, thank me later XD
  5. They would be banned so fast on our server.. what the actual bleep....Why would someone do that lol
  6. This. Even a beach noob can understand! Valg would be just fine with its map specifics
  7. Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?
  8. d1nk


    Id say you can download it when its released I bet.
  9. Commenting on a thread about dinos, pointing out people's playing preferences? You must be one of those <took word out for posterity> we always hear about on the Internet! Favorite dino? Allo. Never use em much though. Favorite for looks? Argentavis. So nice after rework
  10. Throw 30 AC under ceilings in a huge area, mass hatch
  11. Get the whole server to keep filling out tickets. Best way
  12. Full TEK protects from radiation and all spores.
  13. Was a productive day last night! Started off puttering around the base. Did a big metal run then hit up the surface near Fertile. Came back and went around the river killing crabs and such for poly. Spotted a 135 abb spino and decided to tame it. Kited it to the public trap near and knocked it out. I dont like this trap lol, pitfall trap but without a gate to stop ravagers from jumping in. It tamed out with 5.7k hp, higher than our Ab line! I was out leveling my reaper waiting for 90% nights and happened across a 150 crab! Ran back to base and made up a catapault turret, some gates and finally installed the crab trap ive been meaning to do. As usual this trap rocks and got the crab out with 0 problems. Tamed out with really high weight and better melee AND HP than my current crabs! Score! Threw that baby to the center to get cloned. Hopped over and premade a bit of tek stuff. Cloned the crab and made a transmitter to help my next plan: Red Zone surface teleport! Went back to Ab and prepared. Headed down to the Rad zone and after a long while of being lost (hate this place) i made it to the surface entrance. Placed my teleport and a small hut half way up the wall and went up for a quick bit because it was still a few hours left of 50% night. Hopped back to base to wait for a 90% night. The ARK gods werent in my favour and I hit 3 90% days in a row! 3 hours waiting finally hit 90 night. Headed out and got lucky with two 90% nights on the best surface area after. Came home with an awesome haul, mustve hit over 30 drops! Good loot including: a 350+ pump bp, asc karkinos saddle bp, asc basilisk saddle bp and other goodies! No luck with a drake saddle but now with some experience at rad surface ill get it in no time!
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