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  1. my mom has literally been running without anything. x.x Im constantly telling her she died cause of the lack of armor, and its not cause she doesn't have any. Stupid? na. Lazy, perhaps.
  2. Looks like you having a good run, bout time to hit the ocean. However you could also smash a few more caves, prep for some boss fights by getting more high level rexes and breeding them, or trying to go for some of the more unique tames such as a yuty, thylacoleo {tree kitty}, or maybe some tek guys. And last but not least, the quetz....If you have one in mind, here is a vid on the topic: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1010676837?t=1h9m17s As for my opinions, get your feet wet.....you will probably die, but its still early game, your not going to loose much.
  3. yes, you need a saddle, and no, you must knock them out the old fashioned way......slingshots are a choice KO weapon for turtle. Walk backwards and fling stones
  4. this is correct and yeah, its probably the problem. Untill food is in it, its unclaimed. So starve taming is super risky online. Had it happen to me once, I asked the guy why and he replied back that he thought my parasaur was KO'ed from a snake. He was kind enough to repay me with a raft tho.
  5. Welp, Iv just done something Iv never done.....ok mom did, but I was there too. We got an ascension theri saddle! Came out of the swamp cave at the final leach puddle. But here is the weird thing, it only has 31 armor value? Granted, I did not think it would offer 150-200 armour like many of the other ascension saddles I have found before, but then again I recall finding some seriously top tier dino saddles and blueprints before, with well over 50 armor value....Giga at 52, quetz at 120, heck I have thrown BP's away for mosa with 213 armor.....So whats going on here? Did I get ripped off,
  6. Its how Iv fixed it since day one, and it works.
  7. Iv personally done the konga line before.....trick is to have them follow each other closer than medium.
  8. Yeah, this is an old old old thing......some say its on purpose, to push people to explore the map. Others say its a bug that wild card never cared enough to fix. . To fix this, go into your settings menu, go to advanced settings, and find the slider for "resource respawn period" Turn it down from 1.0 to .50 or such. Good to go
  9. Basils can be good, but Iv found that untill you get them up to 50k health and 500 melee, its kinda dicey. Even then, do not dismount or you will regret it. However if you was to add a shark crew with your basil, well. You may not be able to take down an alpha squid or mosa, but alpha sharks, meat runs, oil runs against other basils.....yeah, its a force to be reckoned with. Typically on the water cave, even when I was online, you have GOT to get that basil over 50k health and 750 melee, if not 800 melee....You will have to slowly enter the cave, kill the first wave of critters, stop, ea
  10. I would add a deadon, with 50k food stat.....boom like dat
  11. Can't argue. Typically its when I do the argy, its just farming at that point. Need meat? Argy, Poly? argy, gonna tame something. argy Hell, I get the right ones, breed em right, and slap some notes with the final product, Id argue I could take down alpha rex without issues.
  12. Yuty boss run.....hmmm, not a "bad" idea, a bit different, but hey. Its possible. So the yuty's are much like rex's. Power and health is comparable, however the yuty has a bit of a drawback from its attack animation is rather slow. A rex just leans forewords, bites, and stands back up. The yuty reaches back, lunges foreword, bites, then resets itself before it starts the attack animation all over again. Due to this, a rex is best because it has a much quicker animation. Also, a fight with the alpha dragon might be rather dangerous as they cannot eat veggie cake to heal with. The alpha drago
  13. they are pretty much the peak of the crown for online and especially pvp, however on pve, or offline, they are extremely questionable....they lose an insane amount of health, their melee goes into the dumps, you got to breed them to get anything of real value back, and in the end, its a monster than can turn on you if things get rough. There is better alternatives when you consider all the stuff that goes into getting a proper giga going. First the trap, then the darts or arrows, then the constant monitoring and narcos, finally breeding and all that. And thats before you can consider it to be
  14. Ok, the storyline goes: The Island, Scorched earth, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis 1, finally Genesis 2 Non story maps goes: the center, ragnarok, valguero, and crystal isles. do be careful tho as some maps have certain rules. For instance in aberration, unless you cheat them in, you cannot bring many different kids of dino's in via transfer. We was fighting that map tooth n nail without cheating and finally got around to getting to an obelisk to transfer in my rex's and argies. finally got the cryopod, finally had the chance to pop open a argy, and "dino not allowed"......wait.....what?
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