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  1. I never did that, especially with a lvl 130 theri on the 2'nd day of playing the game
  2. I hate agre'ing with joe, but Im gonna agree with joe on this one......why all tames? Your main mount, ok, but all of them???
  3. also you guys are bad.....The best way of doing it is to walk up to them and then to activate the speed tameing method, you need to hold Alt+F4
  4. Don't do this, you can' tame alpha creatures. I know cause I tried. Hell I even had a name for him, too bad sizzler didn't wanna join the party. x.x
  5. Soloing a titano with the Thylacoleo bleeds attack was fairly unique. Sadly the kitty did not get the exp for it, but hey. Super kittey!
  6. I agree, the crossbow is prolly best, however that steggo might work too if you can position it ontop of a very steep hill and time your attacks with the knock back effect. However never underestimate an alpha if your not too familiar with em....If you want, you could spam a couple stone pillars, foundations, spikes just under a cliff, start attacking the carno from the top of the cliff, and if your lucky, he might start attacking those spam structures, letting you farm him.
  7. try adjusting your settings, dumb the graphics down and such. See if that helps
  8. I agree, that sucks! Might want to check your options both in game and at the menu sceen, see if something shows up there that you can adjust. Hopefully you can fix that cause gross.
  9. Good news is you really don't need kibble, and to catch, trap, and tame a deadon is just a simple stone foundation with 4 doorways.....Its a bit tricky dropping one into a small enclosure, so if you wanted to go with a 4x stone foundation with doorways, thats understandable. But as for kibble vs meats, Iv allways went with meats. Granted, Im persistent enough to look for a ovis for the first feed run, but because the deadons absolutely plow through any kind of food you give them, I still needed to find extra meat two or three more times. Other than that, its a fairly easy deal.
  10. Agreed, snow owl is best. Heck, I don't even give it any food. Granted, they quit producing pellets, but if your not worried about a gocha farm, then its just spam healing till rex's are full health. Much faster/easier. That is if you have the ability.
  11. The best way to heal with a deadon is to actually take the time to actually use it..... The best food is simple kibble, best meat is to use mutton if you have a sheep farm, but the laziest method is to fill the deadon with random meats per nearby meat run, hop onto the deadon and turn on super healing. Super healing will drain its food stat surprisingly fast, depending on how many dino's you are healing and how much they need to be healed, but will cause the rex's health to be recovered in a MUCH quicker time that just sitting there and watching as they eat full trough loads of meat. Its also faster than force feeding the rex's. But if your trying to recover the health on 20 rex's or so, you will need to do MULTIPLE meat runs to heal them all up full. It could take up to an hour'ish. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I typically do is as follows. First, acquire food for rex trough. This is to prevent them from starveing while you work. Next, I would go out and gather a rather insane amount of meats. Doesn't matter if its prime, mutton, or cooked. I would then take 1 rex away from the feeding trough and away from the others, uncryo the pig with saddle, and hop onto it. {I also want to point out that all of my pigs have >80k food stat} I then turn on super healing, and watch the rex's health tag slowly rise. I run super healing until the pigs food stat is fully drained I put as much meat onto the pig as it can hold, fly away until it unrenders, then fly back. The pigs food stat will have regenerated as much as the meat in its invetory will allow {raw prime works best} If the food stat has refilled completely, repeat everything from turning on super healing. However if not full, repeat from putting meat onto the pig and flying out of render till filled again. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Its not fun, but its guaranteed to refill the rex's health and without worrying about them dieing.
  12. Im not exactly sure if this is the place to be asking help directly from wildcard. This is more of talking to other players and see if they delt with the same problem, have advice on certain topics, or want to post interesting ideas. No one from wildcard actually see's any of this. ntop of that, Im fearful you will get the run around....."Not our problem, you need to contact playstaition not us, so forth and so on." And to be honest, it does sound like a playstaition issue here as they are the ones to give you the game to play, and if its not working correctly, it may be their fault, or can guide you to get it properly installed.
  13. Iv seen attempts with titano's, the problem with them is stamina drain. Plants drain stam, and not enough stam = just a fat target for the plants to whittle down. However if you was to hit with multiple creatures at once, or could sneak up to them {sneaking on a titano, Lmao} before they start taking shots, can prove to be good against multiple plants at the same time.
  14. Sorry, trying to think outside the box......sounded good in theory. Maybe high qual sniper for sneaky sneaky attacks or tank em with some high level dino's I guess. Maybe a couple steggo's, bronto's, ect. ect.
  15. veleno maybe? Distance attack, doesn't require ammo, might be able to hit it from out of range for the plants?
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