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  1. no, but its how it is working currently. Everytime this happens, just spend those points in speed again and pretend it never happened.
  2. The zombie wyverns are permanent and I think the zombie dodo's are too....Same with the chibi's and the emotes, however if you want to keep the skins, you better make some extras in case you loose one while out and about. You can't remake them later once the event is over.
  3. actually Im not much for the christmas event, but for you Ill make an exception.
  4. true, but they have been on a closer scheduel for things lately....will have to wait and see I supose, but even if they don't get it done on time like they said they would, it means they really won't be in the mood to work on a new event.
  5. Drakes are now breedable and mutatable, even on vanilla. As for your current drakes, you should have the ability to turn on mateing in its behavior wheel. If not, try to cryopod, and then uncryopod them and see if anything changes. Also make sure they are near each other. Most people do a face to face set up to get them going.
  6. Well that comes naturally, but since this is the last year for ark 1, there is only a few extra chibi's and skins???? Id thought we would go out with a bang, not a whimper. =/
  7. I have noticed that certain skins only pop up in certain situations......Im thinking you have to kill a reaper in aberration before this skin pops up in your inventory but I could be wrong.
  8. sadly in aberration, the only real solution is to either build on a water location, or to run as many reservoirs as you can. And Im talking about other things that can store water too.....crop plots are kind of like their own reservoir, so only built large. Cookers, maybe even canteens and such.....more or less, you got to have the ability to have water on hand for this, that, or survival. With that said, no you do not have to have direct water source for the cooker. But it is nice to have when you go into mass manufacturing foods. Say you want to cook up 100 cakes and then 1000 med brews,
  9. since they went to the lengths of making a trailer and such for it, my hopes was a little higher than normal.....but I supose with the state of the game currently, yeah. Prolly was expecting too much here.
  10. Not being rude, but since this is possibly the last year of Ark 1, I was hoping that this year would introduce us with a new Halloween boss to fight, maybe a dodoreaper with a zombie baslisk army or something, but apparently its just 5 new skins and 5 new chibi's. Anyone else feel like this?
  11. It had to have been like that for a month Im guessing. On official, I could understand cause the server never shuts down, and just a couple of weeks is all it would take to mess em up that bad. But since Im on single player it shuts down ever time I log out of the map, or play other games, Im suspect that its been unpowered since I put it in or something. But the cable is yellow and flows power and the cryo fridge has a wire coming from it to the outlet box. Its the weirdest thing Iv ever seen.
  12. I had an issue the other day on my single player run. I noticed my cryo pods was half depleted. o.o I put in a tek gen right after that, so far so good on any power issues, but those half depleted cryo pods are taking forever to recharge.
  13. Iv spent 50 points into speed of my quetzal and while it is noticeable, its not exactly breathtaking. I was hoping breeding would be the key to that, but now I am imagining if I spent every last possible point I can into speed on any creature now, the improvement would just be "ok" =/ Tropaganathis is truly the king of speed of any creature and nothing else will be able to touch it with a jet pack and a full tank of gas. Oh well, guess Ill breed argies for weight and melee, then divide the points up for health and speed.
  14. oh yeah, thats a good one too....even though they are babies, you still get the full amount of exp as if you killed an adult.
  15. well that sucks. I wanted a dung beetle to be able to keep up with my thylo
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