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  1. Meat runs shouldn't be too difficult, Id suggest running around with a wil tamed giga or rex. Wyvern is ok, but not as good. Heck even an allasour is better......You might wanna get bunch or rare flowers to help. Fly out in the middle of a bunch of big dinos, eat the flowers, everything will come to you. Wash rinse repeat. However if your on the island, or someplace with water, Id also suggest a mosa with the same strat, but be careful of the jellys. Good news is with a mosa, you can build a small metal base on their back and put down a gen with a couple fridges, and a industrial cooker. Whil
  2. I know going inland is scary, but you gotta get a thylo. Their ability to jump and climb walls help smash caves, including the lava cave.
  3. titanasour does the same thing, thought to myself, oh god that looks painful as heck
  4. I could be wrong, but the way I have always found how it works is this: One veggie cake every 20 seconds. 500 health regain {either all at once, or over the course of those 20 seconds, I unno.} After 20 seconds, they will eat another. I have also heard that they will only eat them after they have received 20% damage or more. However I have seen them eat the veggie cake without any damage and even though they was in a trough area while the trough was full of mixed berries. I have also seen multiple carnivores eat the cakes as well. Argentavis, thylo, and rex to name a few, however they did
  5. no one on wildcards side replies.....not even a premade copy paste job.....I just feel like they are pretty much done with ark 1 and this is what we get.
  6. You will need some veggie cakes, and you got to get on the piggy and ride em to get the good healing effect. Otherwise he is a total wasted slot.....What I like to do is in solo, I will ride the deadon, have the yuty set to follow me on passive with the auto courage roar on, and I will tell the crew to go attack the spider. With them attacking the broodmother, I will slowly ride up behind them and turn on the healing effect till I start seeing major chunks of the deadons food stat dropping out. Oh, and my deadon has 80,000 food stat. Add in some veggie cakes for the theri's, and some high g
  7. So I just noticed the devs put up a new post about how to report bugs. Submitting a Bug Report: New Process Enhancement My question is simple, will the bug reported actually be fixed, updated, looked at, or actually be commented on? If so, I will proceed to create a full blow bug guide video in an effort to assist the developers on solo or single player bugs that effect the game play. From the never spawning skylord artifact on the island, dino's that sometimes spawn under the ground, orbital supply crates that deploy outside of the game area, and finally improperly meshed areas. If
  8. wizard03

    Ark bugs

    Yeah, this seems to sum it all up https://fb.watch/v/45ewpG9fi/
  9. why do people complain about how hard it is to get meat for their dino's? One quick swim around the island, and I could have enough fish meat to kill 20 tek troughs. o.o
  10. Id guess turrents, but as a bob?....interesting problem, but I suppose you could go with a thylocoleo pack.....or maybe a carno pack......More or less anything that does the bleed damage to just drain em dry.
  11. I sea a lack of water creatures on said list....perhaps breeding up a cave smashing basil, a mighty mosa, or maybe something more personal. Manta or a anglefish? I like my mosa the most, especially since I get a bunch of saddles from the ice cave.
  12. Fair enough....Iv not much time online let alone pvp, so I was assessing this from a point of "I just busted into this guys base, things was good, and then all of a sudden I found 90,000 element, then I got worried about all the other stuff I already took from said base"
  13. If you get something that is suspicious {500k mutagen for example} then leave it alone. If its something a bit more legit looking, then you should be good.
  14. Iv sorta noticed this before hand, had a couple times where my game didn't save on shut down and the eggs I tossed out earlier was still the same levels, colors, genders, and one in particular had a oxygen mutation. Im guessing the eggs have a hard code of whats inside as soon as its laid
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