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  1. was on the island myself, found a lvl 135 basi....got health to 50k, started work on melee.....its a dam good tame. v.v
  2. Im not sure of total exp he earned, but I had a tribe mate start a fresh account and we hit the swamp cave after letting him bust open a couple notes and injected the broth just as we entered the cave.....yeah, the exp might have been halfed cause he was on a frog, but in less than 20 minutes, he was over lvl70
  3. Dude, my head is starting to hurt.....I have attempted to fix my NAT with everything I could, and sadly thats not very much.... I tried your method @Joebl0w13, none of it was availible. Iv tried the "clear out blueray cache", restarting, different ports, all the usual such....However as I was doing all of this, I kept asking myself why this is important, Iv allways had double NAT.....I unno why, probably because of the internet offered in my area, but its never effected my gameing.... Long story short.....Iv followed the directions as closely as I could, and its still the same. No change...
  4. I tried that for a minute or two, but jack squat. Couldn't find anything, hence the swamp cave run.....I would have thought that with the boost effect that I would have been getting much better stuff.....I was still finding generic materials in the green drops....flint, stone, narco.....that loadout.....where the heck was a fancy saddle or maybe a random metal tool or something.
  5. sounds like typical loot crate RNG......tamed a Liopleurodon a couple weeks ago and went on a loot crate smash a thon for the next 6 hours.....best thing I got was a ascendant dire bear saddle blueprint while in the swamp cave on the island. Next day I got a ramshackle 173 simple rifle....something actually useful and didn't require the sacrifice of my shark. x.x
  6. Id be tempted to go with a pack of both. Run in with the allo's first then after they are busy, back em up with the carno's.......Of course if they are then bumped with a yuty.....thats going to shred some soakers for sure.
  7. Im up in the north on the island, let me tell you something, some weird stuff goes down sometimes. Gates are good, but guns are gooder.
  8. Allright guys, Im in a bit of bind here and quite upset as everything I have tried has yielded zero results. So let me post the whole story here and hope that someone has already been down this road....there is hope, as the problem Im having appears to be 4 years old... So Im on an xbox one x, SSD via USB 3.0, hard line, 20mbps down, 5mbps up, and so forth. My current run is on Official legacy server EU-644. About last Saturday I got a new hotspot device to run the internet to the house and attempted to play ark....first day I think, everything was good and then we had the update....now anyt
  9. Honestly I hate how it causes underwater visibility to go from awsome to C.S.S.
  10. Im kinda in the same boat here.....I got a huge suspicion that our problems are damn near Identical. "Cannot retrive address" i assume?
  11. If you can use the argy to lure it away and to water, there is a chance you can drown it.....also if your good enough to hit a target as it drowns, you can earn all the extra EXP from an alpha rex
  12. Yeah, bees can be a pain in the rear. Kinda like kibble farms.....unless your actually there with them, actually sitting and waiting, or goofing around at the base with them nearby, they don't produce anything like they do on a server.....My best advice to this situation, set up 3 different hives next to each other......Its gonna be slow going at first, however once they do finally get going, your gonna be set for whatever you want.
  13. Yeah, that exclamation mark looks really off sometimes. But like everyone else has been saying, use bolas.......My first go to tames are <lvl 20 parasaur and raptor......Ill unlock the bola and club at the same time, then go hunting....As long as they are lower than lvl 20, I can trap them, run to the side of them, then knock them out by beating on them with a club. Had help one time while trying fresh characters in scorched earth, and we was able to knock out a lvl 30 dire wolf useing this technique with a freind. Both out clubs broke at the same time, only a little bit of time left bef
  14. Been having problems the past couple days, every time I try to log into "ANY" servers, I keep getting a "Could not retrieve address" error message. Im in the middle of a hard uninstall and reinstall right now, but Im curious if this is or has happened to anyone else out there? Videos of my situation: Attempting to join my normal official legacy server: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/110558716 Attempting to join a random official server: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/110558336
  15. xbox mate, no mods for us even though we really need em. =/
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