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  1. I honestly never build either one, and because of this, typically the free revolver that I typically find out of drops is the only thing I will use if I even do use a handgun in the game. Otherwise its either the long neck or the shotgun. Long neck cause of tranq abilities and shotgun to mean business. With that said, the few times Iv used an ascendent revolver, its very nice. Powerful enough for "average" creatures, and I find the animation nice as well. "Feeling lucky, punk?" XD
  2. Ok, Im not perfect with my conversions. Lets just say I bash my head in doorways. x.x
  3. Well, depends on who you are. Im 7 ft tall {2 meters} And 250 lbs {113 kilo} So Im a big guy and while the older original xbox controllers was too big for me, the updated and mOdern controller fits me much better than the PS controllers. As for the playstaition exclusives, yeah I feel ya there. Granted Im not too much into the playstation gameing library anymore, some of the older one's really make me wish I had the ability to at least play some of them that has been brought onto the next gen systems. I used to be an older armored core geek. The new ones are kinda meh, but the older ones I kept replaying them over and over.
  4. That is bizarre o.o With that kind of setup, you should be looking at a 60 fps minimum. Unless all of your settings are at "ultra". Please double check as ark does love to reset its own graphic's settings practically all of the time......or if you have a base large enough to accommodate all of the titanosaurs in the game. I must say that on my xbox one with the external SSD trick, any large bases or 100+ dinos sitting out in the open drags my game down hard. Prolly a RAM issue for the older system. As for optimization of the game, well yeah. One could say it could use some TLC. lol. But the series did receive some love. Not a lot, but me thinks they decided to tweak the graphic settings. As for the PlayStation controller on xbox, I think its possible? I swear I seen someone doing it before. Not sure if its an adaptor, or had to run with it plugged in all the time. Maybe a modded controller?.....either way, I think it is possible, might wanna do some research on the matter. Yes, the good news about buying the Microsoft version is that if you get it on PC, the purchase transfers to the console. As for cooling, its actually good. Multiple outside reviewers did tear downs on the series x and again gamer nexus went above and beyond in their review by creating a custom rig to actually capture and record how the heat vented out of the console during operation. Cooling is good and the vent is out the top and is pushed out with I believe a 130m fan, so plenty of air movement.
  5. I do not know everything first hand, so you may want to look on for others to help with answers, but.....Currently ONLY xbox series x has no tethering. In fact as far as I know, only the xbox series x got any improvements/no tethering. Resources seem to be respawning, however Id still strongly suggest shortening the respawn timer a smidgen anyhow, just in case. Yes, that bug still occurs, however the devs have made adjustments and it does show, however it is still present. Best thing I can tell you is to shorten the respawn timer, and do your metal harvesting when you first log in for the day. Its not a bad thing to do online either, kinda like a daily chore list.....Fill feeding trough's, harvest metal, let the metal burn while checking babies, ect. ect. Then actually do what you want to. Caves, fishing, hit beaver dams for past, whatever. Xbox series x got the improvements for all the graphics and such and there is a very noticeable improvement, however I can not confirm anything personally......If I had to guess, its better foliage coverage. Ray tracing. And more "stable" FPS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the best looking, fastest FPS, and mods, the only way to go in that department is PC. With the introduction of the new CPU's and GPU's last year, the ultimate experiance is PC. If you want to spend $2000 on a system, you can buy the parts to peice together a very decent system with the latest ryzen CPU, and 3060 or even a 3080 GPU if you can get a deal going. However do be very wary on buying any "prebuilt" systems. Alienware is a very bad prebuilt PC example, and you can look up GamerNexus on youtube to see why. As for mods, the only version of ark you can buy that offers mod support is with Steam. However if you ever want to play online with other console users you will need to buy the microsoft version.
  6. last guy that did this got all of the tames that was parked at his base, the best part was they was boss worthy rexs, so yeah justice is quick to be served.
  7. You might try the sand dunes on SE......while they would be a pain to deal with as they are not absolutely flat, its easy enough to pillar then place a ceiling tile on top in order to get a perfectly flat area. Plus they are mostly barren to begin with if your online. As for those particular maps, best one I would think of is on crystal isles on the beach's?
  8. yeah, when you level them up in nothing but health, you need to have a healer on standby. Either a daedon or a snow owl is good, but supposedly the tek pistol set to healing will even help.
  9. I got the same problem, there is no tek fabricator in the regular fabricator. Was this a bug or a new feature?
  10. Have you never seen a video of a guy with a rhino or thyla?
  11. Yggdrassil is correct. Its mostly a render bug. I have had it happen to me on SP mode so many times its a joke. Luckily I tend to come back to my babies just in time as their health is the only thing to have saved em, but its always the same case every time. Full trough, empty bellies. Best advice I got is to max out their inventories with meat just before you leave rendering for a time.
  12. Honestly its nothing too crazy, its still a chore to do the run of the mill this n thats, but at least you can handle it on your own instead of depending on your team mates to help. You can knock out creatures easily, you can tame creatures in a single session, harvesting is ok, nothing way over the top and makeing the game easy, but then again you will still feel the crunch for metal, hide, and poly. And when it comes to babies growing up, it is MUCH easier, but you will still have to have the proper foods on hand. Wyvern milk, sulpher for magmasaurs, ect. ect.
  13. I absolutely agree.....The small ruins in the middle of the river on lost island looked so close to being something like that, I just wish it could all be rebuilt. Like even if it asked for insane amounts of resources to be rebuilt......the church, the houses, especially the blacksmith! Maybe there can be some sort of passive benefits to rebuilding it too. Town Smithy requires 15% less resources to build with, or maybe has an extra 150 slots to work with. Church allows faster healing. I even seen a small ruins in the swamp region to the south in Lost Island ontop of a cliff side. Thought to myself that that would be a really cool place to have rebuilt for a single player! Sadly it seems only people with the ability to mod things can do that. =/
  14. yeah, so it isn't the 25k I thought it was earlier, but it still chainsaws through a titano pretty easy.
  15. Oh yeah, it wasn't fun......well, actually it was ok for me, but I can tell you that there is some risk of serious burnout after awhile. I turned my settings up way hard for breeding. But other than that, its all default single player mode. Ok, after hopping on, seems my giga is a 800% melee, not 400% as mentioned earlier. Might have been as a baby they was at 400? And as for damage, Im getting a constant 4000+ on creatures without any modifiers. Mate boost, stego damage reduction, ect. ect. Here is settings: http://www-.xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/157853263 Advanced settings: http://www-.xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/157853242 Stats and Action part 1: http://www-.xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/157853250 Action Part 2: http://www-.xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/157853312 And action part 3: http://www-.xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/157853338 Sadly no nearby bronto's to pick on and everything was low level, but yeah one shotted everything.
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