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  1. Yeah, don't get me wrong, we do have some horsepower compared to the old CD day of the PS1 and such, but between the different codeing, they possible demand on GPU's vs APU's, and the speed at which things are done compared to PC, we still ain't got much to get things to work right. That and the options for control and graphics are so very limited, and often those options do not even function. They are just placebo options. >.>
  2. xbox series x single player. I have gotten "into" a server useing that method, but that was about it. Literally, all I could do was "Oh hey, I think Im and no no.......yep its crashed again" same deal with single player. Can't even get into character creation
  3. My go to is 20-25k health, 1000+melee, and 10 cakes each.......also deadon and yuty. Saddles is nice, but hard to find. Also, I ride the pig and it usually has 100k food, I will tell the yuty to passively follow, not too closely, and while using super healing, Ill shotgun the dragon from afar......close enough to heal and yuty boost, but far enough away that if the dragon decides to pay attention to me, he can't touch me.
  4. I still can't get past character creation screen without it just crashing on my series x......Owned ascended since day one, still have not been able to pick up my first stone or punch my first tree. v.v
  5. Daaaang, you guys made Raasclark cry......Not missing anything myself, it still insta crash's at the character creation sceen. Well, at least Im not invested in it anymore, but still. You guys made the only one who still held out hope for this mess, to cry
  6. well he is obviously new. Otherwise he would have my attitude by now
  7. I think Iv had a female with 4k health and a another female with three hundred something melee.....was a pain to breed em out with a crap male, but the result was a solid base breeding pair.
  8. Nah, they easy to cheese. All I gotta do is make a bow and 100 arrows. Wait for em to kill a dodo and just the arrows fly. Good news is if I throw an explore note in there, Ill be level 60 in ten minutes
  9. Visited one yesterday, kinda looking for that "fresh" experiance, but if I gotta start off on a deforested beach being ruled by a 150 alpha raptor and a bunch of decaying bases, then I guess so be it
  10. So out of a bit of boredom, I decided to try and log into an older evolved player server......and it worked...... Looking for advice on where to go to for server hosting thats NOT nitrado or if anyone has a server, but is looking for peeps? Non boosted, vanilla, older evolved version
  11. Oh yeah, don't forget that yuti. NEVER forget that yuti!
  12. I dunno about the beta version, but for me its always been Tree sap Honey Veggies {I think carrot and potato, but to me if I do one, I do them all} Stimulant Fiber And of course water The pain in the butt was getting the veggies going {which I think is easier now} And trying to cook the cakes themselves. It might be easier too, but not exactly sure
  13. The normal rex is looking good, but the tek rex is literally 1 or 2 mutations away from being better...... Do remember, when it comes to fights, melee might seem good, but more health always wins
  14. No prob, if your worried about loseing stuff, I actually found the waterfall area to be a nice "outpost" location. A little stone box with some storage, maybe an extra smithy, couple beds, boom. Got a back up base to help you in case you die and need a secound chance
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