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  1. I say it depends on the map.....Argy island, wyvern SE, rock drake aberation......the list will grow Im sure
  2. Yeah, everyday I get on and Im partly dead on weather or not I wanna play as all I gotta do to win is click one button......If I can get going Im usually good, but then one supply drop into the ground where I can't reach "ghost mode" Honestly, the settings I adjust is taming rate, tamed dino healthy level up is adjusted by just one tick, tamed dino melee is adjusted one tick, and I think I got breeding turned up rather higher, and the maturity is either adjusted one click.....can't remember.....The way I got it, reaper queen impregnation only lasts a half hour, and then it is mature in an
  3. Keep in mind, the babies health is just as important as their food stat.....your crystal wyverns not only had a bunch of their food stat availible, but they also had their health stat nearly filled as well. With this in mind, you also have the variouse parental stats that can be transfered to the baby as well. I personally tried to leave all my yuty's I bred out overnight and only one survived, it had a much higher food stat AND health stat than the rest. So with that said, there isn't a really good formula other than attempting to play it by ear really. -------------------------------
  4. yeah, anytime I go out on an argy, everything turns into roblox x.x I grant it that the graphics would probably be kinda crappy anytime you slam the consoles with 2 separate worlds, but a completely missing engram on a separate player is code work.
  5. why did this topic pop up then? o.o me thinks I need to start checking the dates
  6. So me and mom are on aberation now, been doing a bunch of this and that and now we have noticed a bit of an issue......I can craft gas with congealed gas and green gems in the chem bench.....she cannot, it doesn't even offer her the option to. No engram or whatever you wanna call it......whats going on here? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/123340937
  7. While I can agree to a degree, Id argue that useing a bear is still possible. Multiple hives on the island are on the ground and can be gotten to without the need of a platform. However its when you add a quetzel with a platform saddle that things get spicy....Add a gen, fridge, and bear, and boom....never need a hive again.
  8. I would suggest taking all three and getting used on how to get tames to follow you if you plan on trying the ascent ion cave later. Trust me, practice makes perfect when you do that. Ontop of that, they will get the pack buff, and if you have both sex's, you will also get the mate buff as well. As for which caves will wolves do good in....the cave of the hunter is a very good on to try and tackle. It has a short cut to the right that you can grapple back up but you might be able to hop up the sides if your lucky. Next Id say the cave of the pack is ok, but you might wanna use grappling
  9. I have noticed a loss of quality too. Im experiencing dips in FPS to the low teens. I know console peeps are used to low FPS, but not game breaking FPS! For right now, the best I can help you with is to try and kill all the graphics with console command and settings. =/ Either that or start "cleaning up" by cryo podding your dino's and if that doesn't work, you might need to downsize your base. Either way, after the christmas event, I must have lost 10-15 FPS and its not due to a big base or extra dinos just laying around
  10. My best guess is a cryopod with a dino in it....of all the dino's I could think of that a new player would get the most use out of, Im thinking the doedicuris...they gather stone automatically when parked next to a big rock, have fair health and melee, curl up for defense and are ignored when they do, and they will only gather what they can carry before they are too overweight to move. This way a new player can gather large amounts of stone to build a base with, use it to make spark powder and paste, and other usefull tools and equipment that a new player will need before getting metal unloc
  11. well, a theri army is always handy, but if you got nothing but rexs, might wanna try and split up and take different roles. Since you got a couple peeps, Id suggest two of you take the lead and destroy anything that gets in the way, the last guy focuses solely on bringing everyone in all nice n safe. First guy on a rex has tek saddle, pew pew pew, second one has a ascendant grade BP to tank damage when things get up close and personal. Same for third, but just to make sure they are fresh when you finally get to the overseer. You might take your time and do a quick heal up with a deadon i
  12. THATS a scary picture! "Im just gonna, OHCRAPWTFBBQSAUCE!?!?!"
  13. I played on a legacy official EU 644. It was a little tight on the beach, but the snow zone up north was very empty. Got my prime set up area and was doing pretty good. People seemed decent, obviously veterans of the game, and one of them even helped me tame a giga.....Not going to say everyone is awsome and great, but they seemed decent for the most part.
  14. I feel ya on the single player thing, especially with the bugs in the game. If I had to guess, I would say that ark one servers are still good a year after release, there might be an ability to move dino's over, but not sure. Last but not least, there would probably be some sort of gift to older players who stick around.....Or something to encourage old players to keep playing.
  15. Sadly not much experiance with it. However I do know that in Aberration you can use it to catch and tame lamprey eels in it, then you can use the eels later to help avoid takeing radiation damage......I think its the devs way of helping you get down to the red zone to get your first good haul of red gems.
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