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  1. In this game, other than cheating, Ill use every exploit available at my disposal!
  2. tamed one up the other day.....OOF! goodbye health, goodbye melee, goodbye the next 6 hours hitting explorer notes just to get a percentage of those stats back. x.x
  3. Yeah, the ability to level up a tame after you tame it never changes....you could have a level 1, it will take the same amount of xp to level up another level as a level 100.....hence why getting a higher level is so sought after. Not only does it have all those level up points already in it, but then you can level it up just as easily as a lower level. you got to be carefull though. Even though you might have a max lvl tame, there is a chance all of those points are in junk stats.....been many a time Iv tamed up a really good high level, just to find out the points are in its food or oxygen. x.x Cool, a level 130 argentavis!......with 600 oxygen. x.x
  4. honestly I feel like the best way of leveling up is to slap a couple notes, then hit the hard caves.....can't really get full blown 100 very easily, otherwise it wouldn't feel like a challenge.
  5. Just shoot em a couple times first.....trapped one nooblets style, shot it a couple times in the leg with a junk rifle, waited for it to starve heal, then couple kibbles...…..took less than a half hour on a lvl 60 and normal tameing rate.
  6. I noticed that too, its good thing I got an organic polymer farm up and running otherwise Id be super peeved. "Grind up something you don't need for stuff you do need, but oh wait. Better use it in ten minutes or you loose it!" To me, I just use it to resupply my stock.
  7. yeah, kinda sad....you got to BRING the metal with you at all times if you want something on the fly. And sadly there is no real way of cooking metal into ingots on the fly, unless you got a phoenix. You would think that they would allow repair work on the argy if nothing else, to help cut back on the amount of metal needed to be carried.
  8. Can confirm, my polymer farm is dumping eggs there constantly.....Out of 100 penguins, 25 others will be born at 50, 50....Ill constantly have to swing by there and slaughter the mass of penguins who pop there.
  9. Have to say, the cliffs on the ocean over by the skylord artifact on the island is very buggy.....the ground looks like you can walk here and there, but then you will clip through the ground and interact with a misplaced clipping.....Been more times than not, Id go to farm the metal nodes to the south of the supply drop spawn and then just magically fall right through the textures. One time it caused my anky to fall through to the water underneath where it proceeded to drown. =/ If players could get familiar with it, they could essential hide all sorts of stuff through the map and it wouldn't be discovered unless someone seen him clipping through the textures or if they somehow cheated.
  10. I did pump a bunch of them up with 5+ health stats, but the amount they healed up wasn't very impressive. only like 1kish well damn that sucks.....good thing Iv been tearing through the ocean biome on the island.....Iv got fish meat falling out of my ears.
  11. deadon nerf? so recently I went to use the deadons passive healing ability to try and heal up my boss crew from some heavy duty leveling up in their health stat and I noticed the deadon went through all of its food reserve in only a few seconds compared to the minute it used to be. I have put nearly all of its points straight into food and a couple points into health, and with over 30k in food, it usually takes a minute for him to run out of reserves. But with the latest update, now he seems to run out in only a handful of seconds. And the speed at which he drains his food reserves is rather shocking.....nearly 5k food per ripple of health.... Did the piggies get nerfed?
  12. can confirm….just did a run on the skylord artifact, it did not spawn in. no draggy fight unless I admin command. =/…….you think of how often we have to use those commands, they would just make a way to use all of them without having to type everything out.
  13. Im rather curious as to what exactly is going on here.....are you on solo or official? How much food are you putting in the trough, are you forcing them to eat, or leaving food in their inventory? I find that tamed dino's do eat, but not at an extremely weird pace.....a 100 count stack of berries in a horse should last a day on official, or a couple days on solo. O.O Are you sure the starveling icon was the animals? And if you are on extinction, it might be the icon for increased food consumption rate, not actually starving.
  14. got done with the update today, can confirm.....once every half hour on a xbox x Its the system cache, it fills up to the point where when it needs more data, it has no place to store it. When this happens, boom. Crash.
  15. ran into this problem myself the other day....Killed an alpha mossa and got an ascendant shotgun blueprint...….not happening with organic poly unless I get the tek fab....
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