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  1. I honestly don't know. I've been trying to find out what the limit is, but so far been getting mixed information. 10 dino's is totally fine, I've seen a video where someone said 20, but I've also seen reports where people couldn't get teleported either with their dino's. So....don't know yet
  2. I wonder if it's al the scripted content and stuff that's being spawned in at a fast pace. Not so much the sheer amount of the tentacles, but the constant spawning of the purple tentacles, mobs etc and replenishing stuff that the client/hardware can't keep up. Because lowering the quality made no noticable difference, it's as if the client just bottlenecks at loading the required assets fast enough.
  3. Yeah and the majority of people don't have this kind of setup, nor can afford one. The game itself runs fine on medium hardware pretty muhc anywhere except this area. Wildcard needs to adress this poop
  4. We put the majority of our dino's on Neutral and just let them had their way inside the room, didn't even bother to control them. We just made sure everyone had one dedicated mount to get out and avoid damage. Then constantly hop between mech and mount. untill the slideshow killed us
  5. I absolutely agree that tactics/content wise, the fight is a joke. We took 4 rexes and 6 Shadowmanes inside, and they utterly destroyed those tentacles in a matter of seconds, wiping out the entire room without much effort. However due the survivetheark.pptx experience, we simply couldn't shoot properly with the mechs and react to the poison puddles fast enough what caused our death. Too much freezes and 1-2 FPS scenes simply makes our clients not react fast enough to what happens on the server. So until this gets addressed by Wildcard, we're probably not going to bother with this
  6. Did our first attempt at Rockwell Gamma. Interesting PowerPoint presentation. Even on lowest settings, this area is unplayable.
  7. Right, so we attempted the Rockwell fight. This is just ridiculous to be honest. The game turns into a complete PowerPoint presentation when attempting this area. Has this poop even be tested, or do you expected everyone to be playing with a few 3080Ti's in SLI for this area? Like, seriously?
  8. Hello, We're currently preparing for the Rockwell Prime fight. But does anyone know how many dino's you can take with you in this fight?
  9. Requiring the entire Tribe to do all the missions is just ridiculous. They are way too laggy and riddled with bugs that simply makes it impossible to clear for certain people. Only the one summoning the boss should have it all unlocked.
  10. NA : New America Wait, does that mean everyone is migrating back to the mainland ?
  11. Just loot one from a drop
  12. Can attest to the low stryders. We have a level 35 one, and 30 minutes of harvesting gives us thousands of metal for example.
  13. Only if they die/get destroyed. Tames are otherwise teleported out like you. (Assuming it's a VR)
  14. We've been slowly working through the missions, and we have mixed feelings about them. Like several of them are easy to do, despite the server lagging like crazy. Others take a few attempts to get used to. The space dolphin one took us three attempts to get right and clear on gamma. But now for example we are struggling with the Code Red and Life Support missions. We ran out of time mostly after learning the encounters. We simply cannot clear them fast enough. We're going to give it another go with more shotgun shells, better rexes etc, but we honestly don't see much chance aga
  15. Hello, is there a command, that I as server admin can run, in order to ascend the people on our server? We basically only run the Genesis 2 map, but we don't have the previous ascensions since we created new characters for this map. Can I run a command that would give everyone the previous ascensions, allowing us to reach the final engram unlocks?
  16. Hello, Does anyone know the Engram Entity for the Tek Bow? Couldn't find it on any wiki..... Even better would be a complete list with all Engram Entities for the new Genesis 2 items
  17. we got it working, guess server was just weird.
  18. So, quick question about the Tek Stryder and sending items to a dedicated Tek Storage. Is it supposed to only work when you're in render distance of the storage box? I've seen videos online where they transfered items across great distances, but our Tek Stryder only allows item transfer when the storage box is in visible range.
  19. Did you start the server with the required mods enabled?
  20. Looked into the server logs: [2021.06.08-16.46.41:439][999]RaceMissionSetup [2021.06.08-16.46.41:439][999]TeleportPlayers [2021.06.08-16.46.58:848][408]TeleportToStart [2021.06.08-16.46.58:849][408]AddedPlayerToMission [2021.06.08-16.46.58:864][408]SpawnedMissionDino [2021.06.08-16.46.58:867][408]RaceTeleportedDino [2021.06.08-16.46.58:867][408]GetSpawnPointsForStartingLine [2021.06.08-16.46.58:868][408]GetSpawnPointsForStartingLine MissionServerSidePoint_Race_StartingLine_HoverSail [2021.06.08-16.46.58:868][408]GetSpawnPointsForStartingLine Locations: 2 [2021.06.08-16.46.58:871][408]Missi
  21. I'm not sure whether I can formulate a coherent response yet to this question. There's definitely things that I enjoy and like about this DLC, but there's a lot of major problems that make it really hard to enjoy this DLC at the same time. I'm actually curious whether this DLC was thoroughly tested for running on medium systems, as not everyone can simply afford the high-end PCs. There are a lot of loading issues, freezes, stuttering and actual breaking bugs that cannot be excused for the release at this point. But I'm looking forward to try out all the new stuff. I'd just appr
  22. Tried the Velosaur hunt mission with a tribe member. Server completely froze up on final part of the mission, not even responding to ARKON connections or anything.
  23. Yeah double check your settings. But keep in mind a high view distance is pretty taxing on your system.
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