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  1. On PS4 i can confirm it does work.
  2. you should prolly move this one to bug reports for primitive+
  3. nothing official has been posted about it but I've noticed them fealing less tanky.
  4. Today I found these beautiful ruins on ragnarok with my only tame, my trusty argi. it was beautiful and i was looking for something to prey and eat from. then i looked up and there were 4-5 dragons above my head!
  5. I think making either breedable would be too strong although there is a case to be made with making at least gryffins breedable. wyverns too op imho.
  6. works just fine on pc. I imagine it's going to get fixed on xbox rather soon most likely.
  7. I think overall that build should enable you to run the game somewhat smoothly. ofc it depends on the settings you plan on playing on.
  8. today my friends tamed an argi for me. it's my first mount and i really love it.
  9. i agree to disagree with you chase
  10. i love the fact that it does what it does. adds thrill to the game
  11. not sure if this is a good idea
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